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The rule is simple - if the picture has a "watermark" in the bottom left -
it can be used free of charge according to the following criteria:

The " watermark" - the text at the bottom left MUST be retained as it is shown, it must remain readable if the picture is resized.
If the picture is used on a website, the picture must be DIRECTLY hyperlinked to using html.

Pictures must be accessible by all if they are published on the web. Use in any paid-for section of a website is not permitted. is free for all to use, I expect that free-use pictures from here will also be free to access elsewhere.

If the picture is used in any printed media, credit must be given in the form
"Use of picture courtesy Paul Ward -"

No more than 10 pictures from CoolAntarctica may be used in any context whatsoever.

Pictures may not be hotlinked from this site. Right click over the picture and select "Save picture as..." to save it on your hard drive before adding it to a website. This includes discussion forums and bulletin boards. If this is not adhered to, an alternative image may be supplied instead - you have been warned!

Pictures may not be sold or otherwise distributed, they may be used in commercial printed or electronic publications, but may not be sold on their own or as a part of a collection. They may not be used for decoration of any kind as a part of any commercial or non-commercial product - t-shirts, mugs etc.

If there is no watermark on the picture FREE USE IS NOT ALLOWED
- these are copyright protected and unauthorized use will be pursued through legal channels.

ANY usage beyond the above guidelines for free usage WILL incur a fee

It's always interesting to hear where and how these pictures are being used, so please email and let me know.

If you would like to purchase pictures for use without the watermark, there is a link on each larger picture page which opens up a form.

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This picture may be used free of charge

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This picture may not be used without prior written permission.
This will involve crossing my palm with silver.

There are 2 sizes of images available, one where the longest edge is 250 pixels and one where the longest edge is 1000 pixels. Smaller images are arranged 20 to a page in galleries by subject, these then link to the larger image.

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Scenery and People






Weather Phenomena

Research Stations

Base Life




Falkland Islands



Adelie Penguins

Chinstrap Penguins

Gentoo Penguins

Macaroni Penguins

Other Birds

Fur Seals

Weddell Seals

Elephant Seals

Crabeater Seals

Leopard seals
How these pictures are being used
  • I am using one of your pictures for my Antarctica Project, I am making a board game and this is going to be background, Thanks.
    Natasha Stanbridge

  • Hi I'm a 6th grader and I'm doing a project on biomes for science and I chose Antarctica as a biome to study. I love your site, and I'm using General Scenic 32 as the background for my poster. Thank you so much.

  • We are doing a continent day at our school in February. I am in charge of Antarctica. Thank you for the pictures that are copyright free. As I librarian, I need to teach the importance of copyright when getting pictures from the Internet. The pictures are perfect for what I want to teach about the continent.
    Tamara Teaff

  • I am a teacher in Southwestern Oregon. I am going to be doing a unit with my English Language Learners on the Polar regions and snow. I found the site CoolAntarctica and was very grateful to find that I could download up to ten pictures to use. My main source of pictures was National Geographic, but they didn't have some of the specific animals that you had available. I know my students will enjoy seeing the pictures. I will also recommend your site to them when the older ones do a report on a specific penguin breed of their choice. Thanks again
    Kandi Wyatt

  • Hi thank you for letting us use your photos . My daughter Alanna needs to make a front page news report announcing that her exploration team has reached Antarctica.
    Roza and Alanna (year 5 )

  • My son is going to be using these stunning pictures for a Powerpoint presentation in his 4th grade class.
    Jennifer L. Brown -Tennessee

  • G'day, Cool Pictures, our year 6 class (11 year olds) have been studying Antarctica, as part of our integrated studies. Love some of the pictures and have used them for class discussions, as well as writing stimuli.
    Gerald - Bulimba, Queensland, Australia

  • I love this site! I needed a resource for photos to use in centers in my classroom-one for each continent. This will help expose my students to the world and help increase their vocabularies. The pictures are beautiful.
    Becky Adames

  • I am a school librarian and we are using your wonderful photos to decorate the outside of the library for the Fall Bookfair "Reading Blizzard". Thank you so much for making your copy right procedures so clear and generous.
    Liz Arrambide, Hart Elementary, Austin, Texas

  • Thank you for the stunning pictures, it helped loads on my project for school, Marc in my class found this website and now we all are fighting over the class computer!!! thanks again and our teacher thinks this website is awesome!
    Abby yr 7  Edwinstree middle school

  • For my sons' nursery school "show and tell" on Antarctica!
    Silvia - London

  • Hello there, These are beautiful. The Country Women's Association of Western Australia is doing Antarctica as the Country of study this year I have found this web site invaluable
    Many thanks - Delyse

  • I am a teacher in New Zealand and am using your pictures with my class as we are studying Antarctica. Thank you, they are beautiful!
    Tabitha Jonson - Poroutawhao School

  • I am a Junior in College getting my Psychology degree. The class that I am currently in had the assignment on a term project involving a paper and a power point presentation. The broad subject was Team Dynamics which we had to narrow down. I narrowed down mine to Bioteams being looked at as a way to make organizational teams more successful. As penguins are a great example of a Bioteam I wanted to use them as a background on my presentation and was glad to find your pictures on Cool Antarctica. I am using the watermarked ones and as we use the APA citing system they will be fully cited. I wanted to thank you for your contributions with the site and I will probably use it in future presentations.
    Sincerely - Patricia Smith

  • Thank you for the amazing photos and detailed explanation across this site. My daughter (aged 6) is doing a homework and we discovered this site. What a great job. Hope humans can learn from the behaviour of this beautiful animals.
    Kind Regards - Javier Castelltort - Auckland, New Zealand

  • We are a group of 7 kids in the odyssey of the MIND program and in our problem, we have to visit 3 places, one of which is Antarctica. We have to color a background for the play but we need a real picture for the judges to see from where we made the background.  Your pictures re great. We plan to use one of them.
    Thanks - Anju Kotha

  • I'm setup a Montessori class for 3 Thru K children making Continent folders with what is in Antarctica. The children will enjoy them.

  • THANK_YOU !!!!  Although my son is 25, he is still a bit of a Momma's boy. He is helping to teach a teenage bible school class that starts... you guessed it... tomorrow night! Of course the prep work has been put off until the last night, he calls Mom to the rescue. The theme is Antarctica, so I found your website and felt like I hit the lottery. Thanks again, Great pictures and just what I/he needed.

  • Hello , my name is Norbert Spyth I am a Study Group Leader in the Society for Learning in Retirement . I am leading a Study Group on Antarctica in our Fall Semester in the City of Kelowna, British Columbia , Canada . We are a Group of Seniors who like to stay active by learning about many different subjects . Thank you for the free use of your beautiful pictures.
    Best Regards Norbert.

  • I've volunteered to represent Antarctica for my agency's "Diversity Day" event. The continents are all being covered and nobody signed up for this one. I'm putting together a small portfolio of pictures and information that I hope best represents the theme of the location. I work for the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Thanks for the cool pics!
    William K. Bryan

  • I'm editor of a blog at the University of Utah. One of our electrical engineering professors, Cindy Furse, is leading a group of students to Antarctica in November to do research on the ice. She has and will be blogging about the trip.  We found your photos and would like to use them to illustrate the pieces until she gets photos of her own. I have read the free use guidelines, and will adhere to them. Thank you.
    Valoree Dowell

  • My second grade daughter is doing a project on Antarctica and we are using your pictures for that. We think that your pictures are beautiful and we think that this will help out with the project.
    Thank you so much -

  • Hi, we live in South Wales, United Kingdom. My daughter is doing a half term project on global warming and we found your site while doing research.  She's using some of your fabulous pictures to illustrate her work. Thanks for a great resource.
    Suzie, and Lucy (age 10)

  • I am a schoolteacher in Australia. We are learning about Antarctica this semester and I am using your photos as stimuli for our children's' art making endeavours. They are wonderful images and very inspirational.
    Thankyou - Tina

  • What an amazing collection you have. Our Pre-K through 3rd grade school is studying Antarctica for the next two weeks and creating an Antarctica school-wide mural featuring their own art work of the wildlife. Your photos will give them plenty of inspiration!

  • Hi, I'm an 11 year old New Zealand) and I go to Putauaki Full primary. I've got to have a project with info and pictures to present in my classroom. These pictures will really help people to understand what I'm talking about in my info. There are so many breathtaking photos I couldn't decide which to use. Everything is great!
    Thanks - Ethan Richmond

  • Hi my name is Trevor and I will be using your pictures my project. I am 8 years old and I go to E'cole St. Philipees in Grande Pointe, Ontario, Canada. My mom has been helping me read all the cool things on your website. I didn't know how cold it was there.. My project is due on Jan 31, and on that day we have to present it to our teach and we get to eat a seafood lunch, kinda like the seals. I will let you know how I do and thanks for all the info.
    Trevor Lozon

  • I'm using the pictures for my daughters first grade class assignment on Cold Climates.
    Nichole Tanner

  • Hello, my name is Joellen and I am a member of the Country Women's Association in Kingston Western Australia. Each year we have a country of study throughout the organisation and this guessed it, it's Antarctica. We plan on using some of these photos and information on different things during the year as part of this activity.
    Thanks heaps - Joellen

  • Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I'm a Pre-K Montessori teacher and it's time to learn about Antarctica. Your pictures will help!

  • I am using your photos for a University assignment on Antarctica - multi-media lesson for year 6 students. Your photos and information were very useful - thank you very much.

  • Hi I am going to use your beautiful site and pictures for a power point presentation to my students .Thanks a lot for your compilation that was big help.

      Are you using these pictures for your project? please  and let me know

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