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What Boots do I need to take on my Antarctic trip?

Bogs Classic High Boot

Men's   Women's
Boots for your Antarctic trip should be:

     Waterproof for those wet Zodiac* landings - these boots are waterproof up to the top of the collar

Warm in cold conditions -- rated to -40°F

Comfortable enough to walk for hours in - these boots have been extensively tested in Antarctica by expedition leaders

Rugged enough to protect your feet from rocks and ice

     Good traction to give you grip on a variety of surfaces.

We recommend these Classic High Boots, a modern take on the traditional rubber wellington style boot as fulfilling all of these needs.

They are great for for walking in, better than traditional wellington boots as the upper neoprene region fits closer to your leg making them cosier and warmer in the process.

They are waterproof up to the top of the collar, so you can wear them in the Zodiac, getting out into shallow water if necessary, wear them on your daily hikes and excursions and then back again in the Zodiac without having to change your footwear at all.

*Zodiac - small outboard engined inflatable boats used in Antarctica for making landings ashore.

Other Winter Boots for Men  Women

Outdoor Thermal Boot Sock

Socks - Men's   Women's

One or two pairs of thick warm socks, wool loop stitch (like toweling - but wool) or similar, a small amount of a synthetic material such as nylon aids durability and some stretchy material gives a snug fit.

The layering principle also applies here with more than one pair of thin socks being warmer than a single thick pair. Don't be tempted to cram too many socks on so that your boots are tight. Air is the insulator and squashing it all out means you won't be as warm. A bit of trial and error to see what works for you, Start with a thin pair as undersocks and then a thick pair on top and see how it goes.














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Shackleton's 1914-17 Trans-Antarctica Expedition on Twitter - follow us now to get the story 100 years to the day later.  @danthewhaler

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