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Home Decor - Masks - Balinese
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Masks - Balinese are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Wood and copper mask, 'Royal Dancer' (Indonesia)

Gracious and graceful, this mask represents a member of the royal family. Golden color embellishes her serene features. Such pieces are typical of ancient Javanese dance drama. Carved by hand, this piece by Nenny Lukhita is finished with lacquer. It more...

Wood and copper mask, 'Royal Elder' (Indonesia)

An elderly man sports a long beard and imposing moustache. In ancient Javanese dance drama, the crown symbolized royalty. Carved by hand, this exceptional puppet mask by Nenny Lukhita is finished with lacquer. It stands on an iron rod on a mahogany b more...

Wood batik mask, 'Hypnotic' (Indonesia)

Thoroughly modern, this mask is steeped in the traditional arts of Java. Hely and Endang depict a serene personage whose features are surrounded with concentric circles. The beautiful motifs are created by hand with the batik technique. more...

Wood batik mask, 'Javanese Peacock Crown' (Indonesia)

By Hely and Endang, this dramatic mask depicts a person wearing a crown of peacock plumes. The regal bird poses on his head. Created by hand with the batik technique, Java's traditional parallel parang motifs flow across the forehead and cheeks of th more...

Wood mask, 'Anger' (Indonesia)

Brow creasing into an angered frown, this bondres mask is intended to represent the human element in Balinese drama. Bondres characters appear towards the end of a performance of a dramatic tale. Nyoman Naranata carves the mask by hand from hibiscus more...

Wood mask, 'Awaiting the Frog Prince' (Indonesia)

Lily pads and lotus buds caress the face of a mysterious princess. She seems to be awaiting the noble frog who will be transformed into a prince by the purity of her love. Nyoman Naranata carves this exquisite image by hand from hibiscus wood. This w more...

Wood mask, 'Big Nose' (Indonesia)

Nyoman Naranata carves the mask of an ordinary man whose salient characteristic is its rather long nose. This mask is intended to represent an ordinary fellow that brings comedic relief at the end of a dramatic performance. Carved by hand of hibiscus more...

Wood mask, 'Blossoming Woman' (Indonesia)

The natural beauty of Balinese women blossoms with surreal elegance in a mask from Eka. The mask is carved by hand from hibiscus wood, its clear grain enhancing the mask's mystical aura. more...

Wood mask, 'Comedy and Tragedy' (Indonesia)

A whimsical illusion pertaining to the theater world, this handcarved mask expresses happiness and sorrow with equal ease. An avid carver by tradition, Wayan Rendah works the crocodile wood with absolute finesse to create polarized sentiments with mi more...

Wood mask, 'Contemporary Man' (Indonesia)

Komang Sulaksana explores abstraction and modern artistry with this original mask. He masterfully carves it from albesia wood and paints it silver featuring a traditional headdress. The mask arrives on a wood stand. more...

Wood mask, 'Demon Menace' (Indonesia)

Baring ferocious fangs above his shaggy beard, a demon leers menacingly. This intricate mask from Oka Pastika and Ketut Mustika depicts a celuluk. In Bali, offerings are made not only for the gods, but for demons as well and, on the last day of the l more...

Wood mask, 'Dreaming Princess' (Indonesia)

A woman closes her eyes daydreaming of days of fun dancing in the forest without a care in the world. Wayan Rendah captures the essence of surrealism as he carves this spectacular mask from natural suar wood. Includes a jute cord for hanging. more...

Wood mask, 'Emotional Duality' (Indonesia)

Wayan Rendah transforms a single block of suar wood into two faces. Their expressions convey emotional duality, one is sad and one is happy. Rendah carves the mask by hand with skillful artistry as he sets the faces in a way similar to the traditiona more...

Wood mask, 'Enigma' (Indonesia)

Forest vines evoke tendrils of hair, enveloping this mask in mystery. From Eka, it depicts a woman with an enigmatic smile. Hibiscus wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus each mask is an absolutely unique work of art. more...

Wood mask, 'Expressions' (Indonesia)

This elegant mask encloses a range of subtle expressions as Eka explores the ups and downs of life. Carved by hand of hibiscus wood, the face is cheerful, skeptical and perhaps sardonic. Hibiscus wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus eac more...

Wood mask, 'Face of Piety' (Indonesia)

Peacefulness, piety and a humble spirit are expressed in this mask by Made Tresna. He depicts a praying monk on this Balinese prayer figure. "Balinese people believe they will reach a peaceful eternity after life, but all their sins should be washed more...

Wood mask, 'Face of Sadness' (Indonesia)

Bali's Nyoman Naranata is masterful at capturing human emotion, to then transform it into an admirable work of art. Using manual tools, Naranata carves an exceptional hibiscus wood mask that portrays the force of sadness.Hibiscus wood exhibits colors more...

Wood mask, 'Fairy of the Forest' (Indonesia)

Eka evokes a mystical being, keeper of the forest and all its creatures. Carved by hand with abundant detail, the mask owes its unique coloring to the natural grain of hibiscus wood which includes capricious shades of green, gray, brown and cream. more...

Wood mask, 'Floral Surrealism' (Indonesia)

Part human and part flower, this mask captivates with its surreal design. Eka carves the mask by hand, expertly transforming the natural grain of hibiscus wood into a mask of admirable beauty. more...

Wood mask, 'Flower Spirit' (Indonesia)

Sleek and sensuous, this beautiful mask depicts a woman with a jepun or frangipani flower. Eka presents a hand-carved design of Balinese hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus each mask is an absolutely unique work of more...

Wood mask, 'Forest Lady' (Indonesia)

The beautiful Bawang closes her eyes in meditation as her song of hope reaches the heavens and brings her riches. One of many of Bali's legendary characters, hers is a story of moral underpinnings as her destiny surprises her. Wayan Rendah hand-carve more...

Wood mask, 'Frowning Man' (Indonesia)

Demonstrating his impressive skill, Nyoman Naranata carves this expressive, emotive mask. The visage is typically worn by the person representing the bondress character in a traditional Balinese dance-drama performance. The bondress represents the ev more...

Wood mask, 'Hindu Divine Trinity' (Indonesia)

Made Tresna transforms the unique grain of hibiscus wood into a mask of powerful transcendence. It depicts the Trimurti, or Hindu Trinity, featuring Brahma, god of creation; Vishnu, god of life; and Shiva, god of destruction and reincarnation. By por more...

Wood mask, 'Introspection' (Indonesia)

With eyes that look inward, a lovely lady contemplates the inner workings of her mind. This elegant Balinese mask is superbly carved by hand. From Eka, it showcases the unusual grain of natural hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and more...

Wood mask, 'Javanese Girl' (Indonesia)

Hibiscus wood reveals the smooth features of a Javanese woman. Caressed by forest leaves, the girl's innocent beauty is manifest. Bali's Eka presents the sweet image carved from hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus e more...

Wood mask, 'Javanese Princess I' (Indonesia)

Regal and powerful, this mask personifies a Javanese princess. By Hely and Endang, the stunning mask is carved by hand from pule wood and her face is vividly painted. She wears a stunning headdress accentuated with sequins that are painted over for p more...

Wood mask, 'Joy and Sorrow' (Indonesia)

"Happiness and sadness are like twins who are very close. Once you are happy, you know that whatever made you happy is something that will also make you sad. So we just have to remember that all feelings are finally the same," says Wayan Rendah. To e more...

Wood mask, 'Joyous Moon Face' (Indonesia)

A crescent moon laughs heartily in this composition by Nyoman Naranata. Evolving tones and grain patterns complement smooth detailing, executed by hand in the lithe perfection of hibiscus wood. Closed eyes accentuate the harmonious mood, as the artis more...

Wood mask, 'Ki Dukuh' (Indonesia)

In Balinese folklore, Ki Dukuh is an ancient man who lives deep in the jungle, accompanied only by his wife, children and the animals. Ketut Sarwa and Ketut Suarsana carve this piece from pule wood, the preferred material among Balinese mask makers f more...

Wood mask, 'Laughter' (Indonesia)

Although he tries, he simply cannot stifle the mirth that rises from within. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth wide with laughter. Nyoman Naranata portrays the man as a hibiscus wood mask. Hibiscus wood exhibits colors ranging from white to lig more...

Wood mask, 'Life's Ups and Downs' (Indonesia)

This elegant mask encloses two expressions as Eka explores the ups and downs of life. Carved by hand of hibiscus wood, the face can be displayed with a smile or with an expression of sorrow. Hibiscus wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus more...

Wood mask, 'Lombok Man II' (Indonesia)

The island of Lombok is renowned for its characteristic masks once decorated with seashell inlay. Balinese artisan Komang Sulaksana is inspired by these legendary masks and crafts an original version featuring an expressive face carved from albesia w more...

Wood mask, 'Lotus Goddess' (Indonesia)

Arising from the face of a beautiful goddess, lotus leaves surround a voluptuous floral bud. Nyoman Naranata carves the exquisite image by hand from hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus each mask is an absolutely uni more...

Wood mask, 'Lotus Life' (Indonesia)

Lotus leaves grow rampant as they envelop a mask of surreal artistry. From Eka in Bali, the hibiscus mask is carved by hand with exceptional artistry. more...

Wood mask, 'Man of Fire' (Indonesia)

Crowned in dancing flames, this enigmatic mask portrays a man of fire. Nyoman Naranata meticulously sculpts the elegant mask from Balinese hibiscus wood.Hibiscus wood exhibits colors ranging from white to light gray, dark gray or even black heartwood more...

Wood mask, 'One-Eyed Clown' (Indonesia)

A furrowed forehead, droopy mouth and twisted lip characterize this comical mask by Nyoman Naranata. It portrays Bondres. The much-loved clown in Balinese dance-drama, Bondres usually appears at the end of the performance to add a touch of comedy. Th more...

Wood mask, 'Queen of Cobras' (Indonesia)

A proud cobra crowns this beautiful woman, her portrait patiently coaxed from warm hibiscus wood. Smiling serenely, the elegant features represent a Balinese queen. This mask exemplifies the painstaking artistry of Nyoman Naranata. "The glory of lead more...

Wood mask, 'Quest of the Ibis' (Indonesia)

With wings outstretched protectively, a questing ibis rests its beak on a woman's forehead. Hibiscus wood reveals the smooth features of a lovely girl. Bali's Eka presents the sweet image carved from hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tone more...

Wood mask, 'Radiant Trinity' (Indonesia)

Wayan Rendah explores the concept of Trimurti, the Hindu trinity, in an extraordinary mask. The three silhouettes represent Brahma, god of creation, Wisnu, god of life, and Siwa, god of destruction and reincarnation. By portraying the deities within more...

Wood mask, 'Rahwana, the Demon King' (Indonesia)

Splendid with its intricate details, this mask shows off the design skills of Oka Pastika. It portrays Rahwana from the millenary Ramayana epic. Rahwana is the demon king from Alengka kingdom. He kidnaps Rama's wife, Sita, wanting her to be his concu more...

Wood mask, 'Scream' (Indonesia)

Elongated lips exaggerate the expression of this unusual mask by Nyoman Naranata. The low forehead and rounded cheeks confer a childlike sense, but smooth contours defy age. Carved of hibiscus wood, this enigmatic work is representative of Balinese a more...

Wood mask, 'Sleeping Miss Fan' (Indonesia)

Made Tresna presents the face of serenity and inner peace in this extraordinary mask. From Tresna's Kipas ("Fan") series, the mask is accomplished with sublime detail; though asleep, the face is admiringly vivid. Her head is adorned with three tradit more...

Wood mask, 'Smile Up' (Indonesia)

Beaming with delight, this mask by Nyoman Naranata invites a smile of complicity. Rounded cheecks and eyes that turn upward express unbridled mirth. The smooth grain of hibiscus wood is carved by hand to showcase Naranata's consummate skill.Hibiscus more...

Wood mask, 'Smiling Goddess' (Indonesia)

A crown of flowers graces her lovely locks as she smiles mysteriously. Serenely beautiful, the young goddess beckons with eyes and mouth. Wayan Rendah expertly sculpts this mask from Balinese hibiscus wood.Hibiscus wood exhibits colors ranging from w more...

Wood mask, 'Surreal Dolphin' (Indonesia)

Nyoman Naranata explores aesthetic surrealism with this mask of exquisite beauty. The shape of the mask suggests a woman's face, though the top of her head features a dolphin rejoicing in underwater freedom. Naranata masterfully carves the mask by ha more...

Wood mask, 'Surreal Harmony' (Indonesia)

Part human and part plant, this mask exudes surreal harmony. Eka presents this extraordinary mask, which is carved by hand from hibiscus wood. more...

Wood mask, 'Surreal Nature' (Indonesia)

Nyoman Naranata transforms hibiscus wood into an ode to nature with the design of this mask. Naranata carves the mask by hand featuring a butterfly in a quest for the nearest flower. Respectful of the wood's natural grain, Naranata carves the mask wi more...

Wood mask, 'Three Dimensions' (Indonesia)

This extraordinary mask with three faces honors Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity. Made Tresna makes an expressive depiction of Brahma, god of creation; Wisnu, god of life; and Siwa, god of destruction and reincarnation. By portraying the deities within on more...

Wood mask, 'Water Lily Princess' (Indonesia)

Crowned by lily pads, a beautiful princess has lotus buds for eyes. This elegant Balinese mask is superbly carved by hand. From Eka, it showcases the unusual grain of natural hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus each more...

Wood mask, 'Who Are You?' (Indonesia)

This mask of surreal beauty is designed by Eka. "After meeting so many people, it is interesting to see how many different personalities there are in the world," observes the Balinese artisan. The hibiscus wood mask is carved by hand, its unique grai more...

Wood mask, 'Woman of Ubud' (Indonesia)

Sleek and sensuous, this beautiful mask depicts a modern woman. Yet her roots are deep in Balinese tradition. Eka presents a mask hand carved from hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus each mask is an absolutely uniqu more...



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