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Home Decor - Vases - Art Glass
Artisan Crafted Gifts and Decor From Around the World

These Home Decor - Vases - Art Glass are available from Novica who in association with National Geographic bring a whole range of handcrafted items from small scale crafts workshops, often run by a single craft worker in the developing world.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Art glass vase, 'Tortoise Shell Cone' (Mexico)

Glowing like amber, this vase reveals the mystique of tortoise shell. Javier and Efren give it the versatile form of a cone in a superb example of Mexico's hand-blown glass tradition. Because each piece is handmade, shape and size can vary slightly a more...

Blown glass vase, 'Good Vibes' (Brazil)
Now $125.99 - retail $139.99

Lucid colors and a sleek, curvaceous shape distinguish this delightful blown glass cylinder. Hand crafted to bring good vibes to any setting, the vase comes from the creativity of Ivaldino and Odete. more...

Blown glass vase, 'Precious' (Guatemala)

Recycling glass, artisans from the Cooperative of Cantel create a vase of precious beauty. Bright colors caress the voluptuous jar, contrasting with a milky white background. Because each piece is handmade, shape and size can vary slightly and tiny b more...

Glass vase, 'Amber Patch' (Mexico)

Surging upward from a crystalline base, amber ruffles evoke a golden morning glory. Javier and Efren bring a patch of color to the gracious decor with this lovely vase. Because each piece is handmade, shape and size can vary slightly and tiny bubbles more...

Glass vase, 'Amber Reflection' (Mexico)

A tall rectangle of blown glass stands on a wrought iron base. Its radiant amber hue brings a golden allure to the translucent geometry. Designed and crafted by Javier and Efren, the luminous piece exemplifies their talent. Because each piece is hand more...

Glass vases, 'Amber Hurricane' (pair) (Mexico)

From the workshop of Javier and Efren comes this pair of vases in glowing amber translucency. The sturdy forged iron bases provide a dramatic contrast to the tinted luminosity of the hand-blown glass, creating a classic and magical feel. Because each more...

Glass vases, 'Amethyst Hurricane' (set of 3) (Mexico)

This superb trio of blown glass vases attests to the artistic talent of Javier and Efren. The forged iron bases provide a dramatic contrast to the tinted transparency of the blown glass, creating a rustic and magical effect. Elegant on their own or e more...

Handblown art glass vase, 'Black Volcano' (Brazil)

An incredibly seductive design, this vase combines modern design with glass-blowing techniques brought to Brazil from Murano Island in Italy. Its captivating contours enclose yellow and crimson in midnight black. The presence of air bubbles accentuat more...

Handblown art glass vase, 'Crimson and Amber Power' (Brazil)

Amber and crimson rivulets explore artistic spaces to reveal the power of color. From the Molinari Family, the spectacular design of this vase is achieved with time-honored blown glass techniques that are executed by hand. The presence of air bubbles more...

Handblown art glass vase, 'Eternal Fire' (Brazil)

Surging from crystalline air, the red sun blazes with eternal fire. Skilled glass artisans encase its glowing radiance in a smooth glass vase, employing techniques brought to Brazil from the island of Murano in Italy. Its stylish form encloses a perf more...

Handblown art glass vase, 'Fiery Topaz' (Brazil)

Golden topaz and fiery crimson surge upward from a crystalline base. Enveloped in crystal, the colors swirl in a vase of seductive beauty. Talented artisans craft it by hand of molten glass, employing glass blowing techniques brought to Brazil from t more...

Handblown art glass vase, 'Jade and Amber Power' (Brazil)

Amber and jade rivulets explore artistic spaces to reveal the power of color. The spectacular design of this vase is achieved with time-honored blown glass techniques that are executed by hand. The presence of air bubbles accentuates the nature of th more...

Recycled bottle, 'Autumn Leaf' (Brazil)

Sylvia Magalhaes recycles a glass bottle to create a beautiful decorative vase. Wrapped in cotton, it is perfect for dried flowers. Or it can stand alone to showcase a combination of rich, warm colors. more...

Recycled bottle, 'Lilac Buds' (Brazil)

Sylvia Magalhaes evokes shy lilac buds as she makes an affirmation for ecology. Wrapping a wine bottle in cotton, she gives it new life as a decorative vase. more...

Recycled bottle, 'Mediterranean' (Brazil)

Inspired by Mediterranean visions, Sylvia Magalhaes selects ivory, brown and mustard for this bold design. She recycles a champagne bottle by wrapping it with cotton cords. The result is a delightful decorative vase. more...



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