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Men's Polo Shirts
Country Clothing

Classic styles, value for money and great quality clothing.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

American-Flag Polo

Our best-selling pure cotton pique makes this men's polo shirt breathable and comfortable; an American flag embroidered on the chest pocket makes this shirt an instant summer classic. Rib-knit collar. Chambray-colored hemp/cotton trim inside the button pl more...

Box-Stitched Pique Polo
On sale - now $64 - was $85

A unique take on the traditional polo, this pique-knit polo is defined by box stitching throughout, a distinctive touch that adds rich texture and character. Blended with a touch of spandex for added comfort, this shirt features a constructed collar, whic more...

Brushed-Cotton Knit Polo Shirts
On sale - now $34 - was $59

Incredibly soft, our 6.5-oz. knit cotton polo shirt receives a lightly sueded finish that results in a sturdy, luxurious feel akin to traditional moleskin. Offset shoulder seams for a casual look. Rib-knit trim. Elbow patches ensure long wear. Knit polo s more...

Cotton-and-Linen Polo
On sale - now $44 - was $59

The first thing you'll notice about this polo shirt is its weight-or lack of it. A special blend of inherently cool-wearing linen and pure cotton results in a fabric that's lightweight and breathable, yet remarkably soft as well, making it ideal for summe more...

Cotton/Silk/Cashmere Long-Sleeved Polo

You'll love the soft hand and easy fit of our famous tri-blend. Cotton and silk offer breathability and rich coloration, while cashmere adds a plush feel and a touch of warmth. Classic long sleeve men's polo shirt has a three-button placket. Washable. Imp more...

Kahala Makena Slub Short-Sleeved Polo
On sale - now $54 - was $69

A reversed tropical print lends this polo shirt the look of a sun-washed favorite. Self-fabric collar, three-button placket. Side slits with a longer tail allow the shirt to be worn comfortably tucked in or left out for a more casual look. Polo shirt for more...

Light-Heavyweight Polo
On sale - now $54 - was $79

A distinctive take on the traditional polo, our men's safari-style polo shirt is crafted in a pique weave and has been thoroughly garment washed, offering a well-worn, broken-in look and feel from the very first wearing. Washed-poplin collar, button-throu more...

Men's Cotton Jersey Polo
On sale - now $39 - was $49

Refresh your polo shirt collection with our cool summer classic. This men's polo in super-soft cotton jersey knit has a three button placket, short sleeves, and a classic longer tail to wear out or tucked in. Pure cotton. Washable. Imported.Sizes: M - XXL more...

Montana Morning Polo

When it comes to comfort, our men's Montana Morning polo shirt scores high marks across the board. Pigment dyed for a well-worn look and feel, it sports rugged details throughout, including a canvas collar and placket lining, Orvis jumping-trout buttons, more...

Montana Morning Vintage Polo
On sale - now $24 - was $49

Soak up relaxing afternoons in the breathable comfort of our newest cotton polo shirt for men. Made from 7.75-oz. pure cotton in a classic jersey knit, this shirt has a broken-in look and feel that you'll love with jeans or shorts; richly detailed, this s more...

Our Softest Sweatshirt Polo
On sale - now $59 - was $79

You've never felt a pure cotton sweatshirt this soft. The superfine ribbing adds to the softness and lends a supple nap to this most comfortable of sweatshirts. The rib knit permits a slight give to keep you even more comfortable. The perfect complement t more...

Pima Interlock Polo

Sourced directly from Peru, the Pima cotton in this polo shirt exhibits a softness and quality that is simply beyond compare. Tailored with a comfortable raglan sleeve and straight sleeve openings, it offers a dressier look than a traditional polo shirt, more...

Safari Polo
On sale - now $54 - was $69

We utilized an innovative blend of linen and cotton to create a fabric that's destined to become an instant favorite. Rugged, lightweight, and garment washed, it offers the perfect balance of durability and comfort, making it ideal for this safari polo sh more...

Sailwash Polo
On sale - now $54 - was $69

Our Sailwash Polo undergoes a thorough prewash, giving it the look and feel of a shirt that's spent countless summers leaning into offshore breezes. Nautically inspired details abound, including a rugged canvas collar and placket with tough rubber buttons more...

Sanded Tencel Raglan Polo

A light sanding of our Tencel /polyester-blend fabric results in a silk-like surface and a supremely soft hand. Combine these qualities with the raglan-sleeved construction of this polo, and you've got a non-binding shirt that pairs superior comfort and a more...

Short-Sleeved Knit Breton Stripe Polo
On sale - now $44 - was $59

Our popular Surfwashed jersey fabric was the perfect choice for this Breton Stripe Polo. Lightweight, cool, and casual, the shirt feels like a well-worn summer favorite the minute you put it on. Three-button placket, self-fabric collar. Reinforced side ve more...

Signature Polo Piece-Striped Shirt

From the breathable pure cotton pique to the rib-knit collar and cuffs, this boldly colored shirt has all the features that made our Signature Polo a best seller; pieced stripes in a variety of colors lend a bright summertime look. Gusseted underarm for e more...

Simoom Polo
On sale - now $59 - was $79

Save the day that might otherwise be ruined by unexpected weather with our long sleeve polo shirts. Our hardy 12-oz. fabric boasts a luxuriously soft fleece interior and a sturdy twill exterior to make it a pure pleasure to wear on those unanticipated coo more...

Slub-Pique Tencel Polo
On sale - now $49 - was $69

The perfect polo shirt for summer weather. This shirt is made from a soft, breathable Tencel blend that wears well on its own, or paired with a sweater or sport coat. Knitted from slub yarn, this summer polo shirt's textured fabric is lightly sand washed more...

Suixtil Nassau Polo
On sale - now $79 - was $110

Widely considered the very first generation of auto-racing apparel, Suixtil was worn by professional race drivers throughout Europe and the Americas during the 1940s and 50s. This pure Pima-cotton polo racing shirt, inspired by the one worn by legendary B more...

Sun-Faded Jersey Polo
On sale - now $44 - was $59

The perfect summer shirt is all in the details. Sewn from a lightweight 5.9-oz. pure cotton jersey-knit fabric, this polo shirt is pigment dyed and garment washed for handsomely faded looks and softness. Self-fabric collar; embroidered contrasting chambra more...

Sunwashed Short-Sleeved Polo
On sale - now $44 - was $59

We don't employ harsh chemicals or complicated processes to obtain the unique look of these polo shirts. All that's needed is ultraviolet light-it gently and evenly fades the fabric, giving these short-sleeved polo shirts the look of sun-bleached favorite more...

Surfwashed Jersey Snap Polo
On sale - now $44 - was $59

Enjoy the relaxed look and feel of a cherished summer favourite-in bright, seasonal summer hues-right from the start. Our Surfwashed process gently fades the color and softens the jersey fabric, lending these men's polo shirts supreme comfort and an easy more...

Surfwashed Long-sleeved Polo Shirt
On sale - now $34 - was $59

With the soft, broken-in feel of a favorite shirt you've been wearing for years, this pure cotton polo is a perfect answer to summer weather. Pigment dyed for rich coloration and then garment washed for exceptional softness and a vintage look, the 5.9-oz. more...

Surfwashed Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt
On sale - now $39 - was $49

With the soft, broken-in feel of a favorite shirt you've been wearing for years, this pure cotton polo shirt for men is a perfect answer to summer weather. Pigment dyed for rich coloration and then garment washed for exceptional softness and a vintage loo more...

The Orvis Signature Polo
On sale - now $59 - was $79

Distinctive details let our polo outperform the competition with more comfort and character than any other polo. Start with the fabric: The soft, 8.9-oz. 100% cotton has substance. You'll feel its quality instantly, know it rates above any other polo you' more...

Tropical-Print Tencel Polo
On sale - now $59 - was $75

Bursting with tropical color, and perfectly suited for sun-soaked afternoons in paradise, this short-sleeved knit shirt's design was inspired by a popular print we offered years ago. An allover slub adds texture to the light, airy Tencel-and-polyester ble more...

Twill-Tape-Trim Polo
On sale - now $44 - was $69

There's more to this polo shirt than meets the eye: Contrasting twill-tape strips run under the collar, inside the neck, and down the interior of the placket-distinctive details that set it apart. Crafted in our Signature Pique, a legendary fabric known f more...

Ultralight Short-Sleeved Polo

Looking for the lightest polo shirt you can buy? You just found it. Constructed from our lightweight 4.6-oz. knit drirelease fabric, this shirt offers the style and fit of a traditional polo with the functionality and performance of technical wear. Ideal more...

Vintage Knit Polo Shirt
On sale - now $59 - was $79

Washed down and broken in, this polo shirt pairs easy-wearing comfort with a cool vintage vibe. Breathable pure cotton pique-a comfortable 7.7-oz. knit-offers versatility; two metal-shank, blue-jean-style buttons set this polo apart from the rest of the p more...

World Flag Polo

Worldwide comfort. Our pure cotton signature pique-breathable and cool-makes this polo shirt an easy choice for summer casual wear. Orvis-exclusive world-flag tape inside neck and at hem vents honors Orvis CEO Perk Perkins' around-the-world-in-a-Jeep trip more...



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