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Clothing in Antarctica

men's warm boots

Men's Winter Boots up to $99.99
Men's Winter Boots over $100

fleece jackets
Fleece Jackets
Men | Women | Boys | Girls
Snuggly softness

warm hats
Hats and Gloves

Keep the extremities warm and you can be active whatever the temperature

sheepskin coat
Shearling / Sheepskin Coats

Lighter than fur, warmer than down, more durable than cloth

Kids warm boots

Boys' Winter Boots up to $49.99
Boys' Winter Boots over $50

Down Jackets
Down Coats

Men's | Women's | Boys | Girls
Serious warmth for the whole family

harris tweed jackets
Harris Tweed

Quality garments from traditionally made woolen cloth

cotton twill pants
Zambezi Twill

Travel clothing in durable cotton, practical and smart

girls warm boots

Girls' Winter Boots up to $49.99
Girl's Winter Boots over $50

UGG boots
UGG Boots and Shoes

| Men's | Kids | Slippers
Shearling style, warmth and comfort

Moleskin Pants

Wonderfully comfortable, tough and hard-wearing cotton fabric

ventile clothing

The original performance fabric - in pure cotton