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Halley 16th Feb 2006 - webcam image

FIDS, Halley Bay - Base Z
75°35'S, 26°34'W

Occupied from 15th Jan 1956 to the present
Built on the Brunt Ice Shelf and slowly moving towards the sea
The Halley Bases

Halley base from the air - picture courtesy "antarcticash"
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Halley VI

Halley VI - picture courtesy NASA
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Trying to find... To use this option, fill in the registration form, but include your own name and email as a contact, requests kept online approx. 2 years.

Halley Bay- Z

Barry Heywood - Signy, Rothera, Halley, John Biscoe, JCR - (1962-1997)  email  Oundle

Don Taylor (Rothera, Halley, Signy, Faraday, South Georgia - 1984/85, 1993-2004)  Willingham, Cambs


Mick Blackwell (1959) - Marlborough, Wilts    Chief Scientist 1959 party (on secondment from Met Office), which took over Royal Society IGY Base for FIDS and continued IGY scientific programme as IGC.



Tony Baker (1964/65/67) - Warrington UK  email

John 'Bro' Brotherhood - Signy & Halley (1966,1967) - Sydney, Australia  email  Signy 1966; 2nd year of the new base hut,? first year of skidoos, appendicectomy on Kista crewman, the 'wind' of the 'wind (Brotherhood) and piss (Hillier)' medical research - project title courtesy of Steve 'You Want Bovver' O'Shanohan, great tucker by Nigel Bacon, Christmas 1966 on the John Biscoe, Perla Dan via SG to Halley for 1967 and build Grillage Village.

Liz Edwards Dave Edwards daughter (Halley Bay, Kista Dan 1960-61) - High Peak Derbyshire UK   My Dad was a joiner on the expedition 1960-61 and I am compiling an archive of all his materials from his time in the Antarctic for future generations in our family. e.g. Antarctic Holiday

Chris "Ceeje" Gostick (1966/1967 & 1969) - London, UK 

Dudley Jehan (Cuddles - 1961/64) - Guernsey, Channel Islands  email  Wintered at Base Z Halley in 1961, 1963 and 1964.

Rod Rhys Jones (1965-66) - London  I am working with the Antarctic Monument Trust which has been set up to honour those men and women who lost their lives in British Antarctic Territory in the pursuit of science. We are placing a memorial tablet in the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral London. We have commissioned a monumental sculpture, part of which will be in the grounds of the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge and the other part will be sited in the South. Most probably in Stanley, Falkland Islands. See more here

Tony Haynes, (1965/1966) Sydney Australia. email

Bjørn Larsen (Kista Dan Halley Base Z - 1960) - Denmark   I want contact with people from Falklands island ,and Halley base Z, and people there know ,and had see Kista Dan 1960/61

Bob Lee, (1961-1962)  - Bloomfield Hills. Mi. USA  email

Dave Petrie "DavemacP" - Halley Bay, Adelaide Island, McMurdo - 1963-65,66/67,69/70,73/74, Yetholm, Scotland  Beastie man etc. 2 years Halley Bay. First ice depth radio echo sounding by aircraft, Adelaide island. First Hercules flights radio echo sounding from McMurdo, discovered Lake Vostok. Fleming glacier radio echo glacier velocity experiments.

Pop Pitts, (1968) - Penzance   Amateur radio G3GYE since 1950. Halley VP8JP 1968. Oman A4XGC 1975- 1987. Interested in news of VP8 from Halley using own Station

Chris Ruffell (1962) -  PO Box 415 Bridgetown Wa 6255 phone 0897612504. Mob 0414497011 - Retired good health 70

Mike Skidmore, (1967/69) Stoke on Trent.  email  Worked as a geologist. Summer visits to South Georgia 1966 and 1969. Whilst at Halley Bay tried to dog sledge overland to Shackleton Range 1967-68 via Theron Mountains but work proved impossible due to distance. Finally got there with US airlift to the Shacks for 8 weeks geological recce in 1968-69.

Hugh 'Dick' Strafford, (1965) Louth, Lincs. email To see what I'm currently doing look at Queen's Airman



Steve Chambers (1976/1977) - Ting, UK and Canada.  email

Graham Chambers (1974, 1975) - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  email  Meteorologist on the last of the underground bases.

David Clark (1970) Pembrokeshire  email

Ted Evans (summer 72/73 - South Georgia, Halley, Signy) - Yorkshire   Worked on south G slipway with Big Al..then new base at Halley,& then to Signy (genny shed base) where I broke my leg & had a nice voyage back with my leg in plaster.

Hwfa Jones (Hoof - 1969 - 1972) - Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside  email

Paul Jones (1972) - Haltwhistle, Northumbria UK. email Bellister Castle, Haltwhistle, Northumberland NE49 0HZ  tel: 01434 320557  fax: 01434 321085  Also resident in Edinburgh & Paris

Ken Lax (1974, 1975, 1977) - Shrewsbury / Tbilisi / Baku  email

Graham Mawdsley (1975/76) - Bromsgrove, Worcs.  Meteorologist in the 'underground station'. Keeper of the kennels 1976.

Clive Palfrey (1972, 73). Adelaide South Australia  email

Mick Roscoe (1979, 1980, 1986) - Andover, Hampshire  email

Jay Rushby  (70-72) - London  email  Halley Bay / Signy Island

Andy Smith (1971,1972) Bradwell, Peak District  email  worked for BAS until 2005

Clive Sweetingham (1975/1976) - Stratford-upon-Avon  email

Chris  Turner (1975/1976) - Kings Langley  email

Tony "Winkle" Wincott,  (1972 - 1974). Northampton email  Currently working for Bovis lend lease and visit the Falklands frequently. Married to Janet with daughter Louise and son Mike.



Len Airey (Faraday & Halley - 80's and 90's) - New Zealand  A few names I recognise - how are you all? On Antarctica will be available on Kindle shortly or hard copies of the book direct from me if you are interested in re-kindling a few memories. I lost touch with Joffs, Pint, but if I find his address I will let you know. Best Regards, Len.

David Maxwell "Maxi" (Halley V and RRS Bransfield, 1989) - Ellesmere Port, Cheshire  

Dave George (1988 & 1989) - Cambridge - Halley V rebuild  email

Tim Godsmark (1980/81) - Buckley   I wintered at Halley Bay in 1980 and Rothera 1981. Happy days at Rothera despite the accident etc. I miss those dogs! Hello to anyone who new me.

Tom Lachlan-Cope (1978,1979 - Halley, 1980 - Signy)  email  Cambridge

Mick Roscoe (1979, 1980, 1986) - Andover, Hampshire  email



Patrick Mc Goldrick (1990/1992)  Co. Kildare, Ireland. I'm getting myself ready for another winter south at Halley station 2002/2004. If there are any "Old Winters" out there that know me get in touch it's been a while. Good Luck - Patrick Mc Goldrick  email

Jonathan Herbert (Halley 5 - 1990/1991) email  Newport Pagnell.  I was part of the summer team on the Halley 5 build.

James Hurley (Big Jim and Abe) - (Signy, Halley & Bird Island - 1988-1991, 1996, 1997) - Bristol, UK   

Stephen McKenzie (1997 / 1998) - York  email I was very lucky to work at Halley with the summer maintenance crew 97/98.

Jon Oldroyd - JonO (1996 - 1997) Portsmouth.  email



Ahmad Begg aka Miami (Halley V and VI, 4 seasons) - Cape Town, South Africa  I worked for Morrison construction company on Halley 6. I was fortunate of being one of the guys to have built Halley 6. I was down in the Antarctic for 4 seasons. This was one of the best life experiences. The 4 years that I been going down there I got to meet so many different nationalities. The place itself is mind blowing. To think that you part of such a historic project and you were chosen out of hundreds of applicants. The travelling over there is an experience on its own. I had the   honour and the privilege to voyage with the Earnest Shackleton. The whole project was mind blowing

Joe Corner (Halley, Bird Island, Signy - 2008, 2010, 2011) - Crewe Cheshire    I am from Crewe in Cheshire, and wintered at Halley in 2008, Bird Island 2010, and summered at Signy 2010/11. I was electrician on all 3 bases.

Hannah Deakin - 2008 - Gloucestershire  

Wayne Ellsmore - 2000 (Halley V / Ernest Shackleton) Saxmundham, Suffolk  Base Summer cook, during the millennium.

Wayne Ellsmore (Halley 5 - 2000) - Saxmundham   I was lucky enough to be a member of the millennium crew 99/2000 on the maiden voyage of RRS Ernest Shackleton, and a summer worker at Halley 5, amazing to be among a very few to have been on the continent for the last days of the 1900s and the first day of 2000 and will never forget my time there.

Richard Turner - (2000 / 2001 - Halley 5)  North East England  



Michal Krzysztofowicz (2014, 2016) -   After a few months in the real world, I came back to the Halley Station, once again working as the Data Manager. I've kept the blog running - have a look at and I've also been doing a photo a day photography project, which you can follow on

Anthony Lister (2014) - Halley VI is my live blog about being down at Halley 6 I am the current Z electrical services tech.

Z- Fids - Halley Bay website

BAS Club at the BAS website

Memories of Antarctica

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