Ny Alesund, Svalbard - 10 - Please Mind the Terns

Svalbard / Spitsbergen pictures, travel in the Arctic

A sign on the dock at Ny Ålesund informing all visitors of what is expected of them and of the terns that can and will attack you if you get too close to their nests.

It's not a very friendly sign to be honest, surely a "Welcome to Ny Ålesund" wouldn't hurt before starting with the list of what you should and shouldn't do. Miserable sods.

While tourism isn't promoted in Ny Ålesund and the potential conflict with research is obvious I think a small courtesy would be welcome especially as the high landing fees charged to tourist ships bring in useful income.

More than 20,000 tourists visit Ny Ålesund each year.

78° 55' N 11° 56' E

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