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Jewelry - Bracelets - Tennis Style
Artisan Crafted and Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry - Bracelets - Tennis Style. Unique jewelry pieces, artisan crafted, personalized, always appreciated.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Blue topaz tennis bracelet, 'Love Forever' (India)

Sparkling blue topaz illuminates this lovely design by Mahavir. Evoking the glow of love, he showcases the gems in a sterling silver bracelet. The stones total 3 carats. .925 Sterling silver more...

Citrine tennis bracelet, 'India Delight' (India)

The November birthstone, citrine, sparkles with exquisite elegance in the design of this tennis bracelet from Alok Jain. Handcrafted with sterling silver, the bracelet is designed to gently surround the neck at the desired length with delicate beauty more...

Multi-gemstone chakra bracelet, 'Inner Glow' (India)

From Alok Jain, this sterling silver bracelet links colorful gems associated with chakras. Set in sterling silver, amethyst, iolite, citrine, peridot, garnet, blue topaz and carnelian total 7 gemstone carats. Clear and light purple stones are associa more...

Multigem tennis bracelet, 'Cascading Colors' (India)

Gently embraced by sterling silver, gemstone droplets link in a colorful tennis bracelet from Alok Jain. Faceted peridot, amethyst, blue topaz and citrine total 10.5 sumptuous carats. .925 Sterling silver more...

Peridot tennis bracelet, 'Nature's Gift' (India)

Peridot dazzles in a bracelet from Alok Jain. The beautiful verdant gems total 20 carats and are set in a sterling silver link bracelet. .925 Sterling silver more...

Smoky quartz tennis bracelet, 'Evening Mist' (India)

Set in silver, the eternal allure of smoky quartz conjures evening mist. The faceted gems align in a bracelet by Indian designer Hema. .925 Sterling silver more...

Smoky quartz tennis bracelet, 'Romantic' (India)

Sparkling with the excitement of romance, heart-shaped smoky quartz aligns in a declaration of devotion. Mahavir links the faceted gems in a sterling silver bracelet. The stones total 15 sumptuous carats. .925 Sterling silver more...

Topaz tennis bracelet, 'Sparkling Blue River' (India)

Sparkling topaz stones, The December's birthstones, flow like blue water in a serene circlet. Set in a sterling silver bracelet, the gems (approximately 25 carats) form a fluid design from Alok Jain. .925 Sterling silver more...

Tourmaline link bracelet, 'Translucent Contrasts' (India)

Tourmaline gems radiate colorful elegance from the exclusive design of this bracelet from Bhavesh. The gems' translucency is accompanied by the unique glow of sterling silver. .925 sterling silver more...



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