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Mens Clothing - Casual Jackets

These Mens Clothing - Casual Jackets are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Levi's BDU Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $70.17
- was $107.95

Go to war at the skatepark and battle tricks in the streets with the Levi's Men's BDU Jacket. The tough ripstop fabric is abrasion-resistant so it doesn't get shredded when you take a spill on rough concrete, and a regular fit allows you to wear it over a T-shirt or hoodie and still be able to skate comfortably. more...

Undefeated Strike Varsity Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $59.37
- was $107.95

Maybe you're just captain of the JV cereal-eating team, but the Undefeated Strike Varsity Men's Jacket looks dope whether you're shoveling coco crunchies down your gullet or getting on the bus to the championship game. more...

Vans Stinson Mountain Edition Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $49.25
- was $109.45

The Vans Men's Stinson Mountain Edition Jacket takes its styling cues from button-down shirts and hoodies to create this semi-shirt, semi-jacket piece of water-resistant fashion. Quilted construction adds the coat cache, and the classic fit keeps the sides in check. A palm print lining makes it easy to dream of riding waves when it's storming outside. The 650mm-rated fabric won't let you run through the rain, but it will keep you a bit drier while you seek substantive shelter from a deluge. Flip more...

Volcom Blaston Jacket - Men's

Your dad always wanted you to join the army, but the closest you really want to come is wearing the Volcom Blaston Men's Jacket. Even if you're busy conscientiously objecting, the Blaston's military-style cotton canvas and patch pockets will look badass, and the ribbed internal cuffs will keep your wrists warm on the long, cold drive to Canada. more...

Altamont Scanner Jacket - Men's

Even protesters at Berkeley will appreciate the quality and design of the military-styled Altamont Men's Scanner Jacket. Durable cotton slub canvas comprised the main body of the jacket, while satin sleeves lend an element of contrast and style. A generous helping of pockets give you plenty of room for storing the essentials like candy bars, snacks, and perhaps a brew or three. more...

Billabong Shelter Tech Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $49.48
- was $109.95

If you're gonna buy an everyday jacket, why not go for the brand that clearly knows its stuff? The Billabong Men's Shelter Tech Jacket pretends to be casual, but actually carries some pretty hefty features; the plume taffeta and stretch twill is surprisingly breathable, yet contains insulative properties due to its quilted lining. The front zip is bonded completely to prevent any water leakage, while the snap collar adds a bit of extra style to the package. more...

Brixton Mast Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $49.48
- was $109.95

Like a hero from a cheesy western, the Brixton Mast Jacket is ruggedly handsome on the outside and soft and fuzzy inside. The heavy twill shell fabric can stand up to years of abuse, and the soft Sherpa fleece lining insulates and feels good against the skin. more...

Brixton Watson Jacket - Men's

Like more and more of our favorite pro athletes these days, the Brixton Men's Watson Jacket has a performance-enhancing substance inside to make it better than the competition. Only in this case it's a quilted polyester lining instead of steroids that makes it comfier and cozier than other flannels. more...

Carhartt Sandstone Sante Fe Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $71.47
- was $109.95

The Carhartt Men's Sandstone Sante Fe Jacket keeps you warm on chilly afternoons spent roofing your garage, blustery days at the outside work site, and dirty jobs hauling construction materials in your pickup. This durable jacket features a tough outer shell made of cotton sandstone duck that withstands hard labor and serious work when the going gets rough. The cozy quilted-flannel lining shields you from the onslaught of freezing temperatures when you're outside for hours at a time. more...

KUHL Burr Jacket - Men's

The KUHL Burr Jacket dishes out a rugged style that works whether you are wearing it with jeans for a night out with the guys or rocking it over a dress shirt on your way to the office. If your office happens to be outside, this jacket will block cool fall breezes, plus the articulated sleeves won't restrict your movement. more...

Matix Victory Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $43.98
- was $109.95

Slide the Matix Men's Victory Jacket on and accomplish your daily goals with style. Matix made this jacket out of nylon to withstand run-ins with tree branches, pavement, or the neighbor's cats. When you want to cover up your head to hide a bad haircut, you can just pull up the hood. more...

Roark Revival Seafarer Anorak Jacket - Men's

The Roark Revival Men's Seafarer Anorak Jacket was inspired by the seafaring people and harsh weather of Iceland. It has a water-resistant fabric, an adjustable hood, a 1/4-zip front to protect you from winter squalls and stormy seas, and a clean, stylish design to keep you looking good from Reykjavik to Rochester. more...

Carhartt QuickDuck Woodward Active Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $82.49
- was $109.99

Toasty-warm on the inside and water-shedding on the outside, the Men's QuickDuck Woodward Active Jacket will be the first thing you reach for when you head out the door on a cold morning. Carhartt built this jacket with heavy-duty seam construction and soft but durable fabric so you can wear the Woodward for chopping and hauling wood or taking a hike. more...

RVCA Sil III Jacket - Men's

Styled for the streets, the RVCA Men's Si III Jacket blocks the breeze with its cotton-polyester shell and fully lined interior. Loaded with plenty of storage, the jacket's slant zip chest pocket and side-access patch pockets stash daily items and accessories when you skate cross-town or bike to the local pub. more...

Dark Seas Dreadnaught Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $75.37
- was $115.95

Is it coincidence that the Dark Seas logo looks like the San Diego Padres logo in reverse? Likely not, since founder and pro skateboarder Adrian Lopez hails from this nautical California city, and this logo represents the more mischievous side of southern California sport. Whether you're SoCal born and bred or appreciate the underbelly side of life, stay warm in style with the Dark Seas Men's Dreadnaught Jacket. With Dark Seas logo branding on front and back and a cool contrast fleece collar you more...

Loser Machine Clyde Jacket - Men's

Kids these days need a positive role model to show 'em the ropes. That role model is not you, but the Loser Machine Men's Clyde Jacket with its classic coaches' style might help you look the part. The nylon shell is a great defense on windy days, and the full fleece lining will keep you warm while you pace the sidelines. more...

Waters and Army Sea Cliff Mountain Parka - Men's

Rainy days in the city call for a stylish jacket that will keep the moisture out but keep you still looking good. The Waters and Army Men's Sea Cliff Jacket is built with a waterproof nylon outer that will keep drizzly rains at bay when you make a quick trip down to the corner store, and it's made with a fit and style that won't leave you feeling like you're about to head out to sea. more...

Vans Tanka Mountain Edition Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $59.73
- was $119.45

The Vans Men's Tanka Mountain Edition Jacket is less jacket and more heavy shirt. Waxed cotton on the outside and woodsy flannel on the inside make this shirt easy to wear over T-shirts and workout tops. Quilted construction in front and a smooth back view offers a hint of city-style. For early fall hikes or all-day tailgating when kick-off isn't until 4 o'clock, this top and a relatively clean pair of jeans will keep you going until the final seconds of the fourth quarter. more...

Burton Freelight Jacket - Men's

Originally launched in '91, the Burton Men's Freelight Jacket represents the resurgence of retro shred style, updated with modern fabrics and new-school technology. This casual jacket repels light precipitation with its DryRide Durashell (2-layer), also blocking the breeze on chilly spring days and crisp fall mornings. Staying true to its retro roots, the 1/2-zip design features a side zip for easy on and off, as well as a double Stormflap to seal out moisture. The jacket's roll-away hood stows more...

Brixton Troubadour II Jacket - Men's

Survive winter in style with the Brixton Men's Troubador II Jacket. It has a DWR coating on the outer fabric to repel light moisture in case you get caught in a drizzle or flurry, and the flannel lining will help you stay warm on chilly nights. more...

Burton Rapid Flannel Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $47.98
- was $119.95

Like to show off your manly skills by chopping firewood and building campfires? The Burton Rapid Flannel Jacket's cool with that. In fact, go ahead and throw a little rain into the mix. This jacket's DryRide treated, cotton flannel fabric is water-repellant, dries quickly, and wicks moisture away from your skin. And if you think that's not enough to keep you dry, the DWR finish on this jacket's shoulders, back, and front give you an extra layer of protection. So you can get in touch with your ma more...

Burton Steadfast Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $41.98
- was $119.95

The workwear-inspired Burton Steadfast Jacket is your ticket to blue-collar badassitude. Classic button-front styling and a streetwear-specific fit make the Steadfast an ideal choice for looking good and staying warm when you're off the hill. more...

Element Rye Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $41.98
- was $119.95

It's hard to keep up with today's fashion standards unless you have the Element Men's Rye Jacket warming you up in late fall or early spring. This jacket blends the boundaries between a long-lasting classic design and retro styling to keep you looking cool at school and casual at work. The cotton shell has a wax coating to mimic the old-school approach to protecting you from wet weather. You might spend more time feeling the smooth moleskin accents than actually stuffing your hands in the pocket more...

Huf Quilted Work Jacket - Men's

Fight through the cold and get your trick with the Huf Men's Quilted Work Jacket. It has a quilted nylon fabric with lightweight polyfill insulation to protect you from cold, wind, and light rain so you can focus on skateboarding instead of shivering. more...

LRG Research Collection Jacket - Men's

The LRG Men's Research Collection Jacket is a little bit like a mullet for your body. The jacket is made of classy cotton twill, and the hood has the laid back style of a cotton hoodie. This button-up has two button-flap pockets with side entry and a zippered chest pocket, so there's plenty of room to stash all your goodies. The hood has a drawstring closure, so you can hide from the cold or from any prying eyes. more...

Nike Dimension Flannel Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $65.97
- was $119.95

The Nike Dimension Flannel Jacket packs jacket functionality into the laid-back look of a shirt. Zip up in this warm, lightly insulated jacket when you want to keep the fall chill off your back, but you aren't quite ready to bring out your down parka. Nike Sphere Thermal fabric uses 3D construction to trap warm air against your skin sort of like a waffle knit but without the tell-tale texture. The tightly knit face fabric keeps wind and cold air out. There's even a media port to keep your cord u more...

Nixon Rider Sherpa Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $53.98
- was $119.95

Every serious man needs his leather jacket. If you don't want to drop the bucks for the real deal, get the next-best thing with the wallet-friendly Nixon Men's Rider Sherpa Jacket. This faux leather jacket toughens your look up while the cotton Sherpa fleece lining and flannel sleeve lining soften things inside. more...

Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson Active Jacket - Men's

Built to withstand demanding work conditions, the Carhartt Men's Quick Duck Jefferson Active Jacket will withstand everything from weekend cabin trips to spring cleaning around the house. The 8. 5 ounce Quick Duck canvas won't easily tear, and with a DWR finish, it isn't going to absorb moisture when it starts to rain. Insulated with 80g 3M Thinsulate insulation, it'll keep you warm on cold fall and spring days, and the attached hood keeps your lid warm when you forget your beanie. A grip of poc more...

Analog Conference ATF Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $68.17
- was $123.95

Get snow-ready protection with street-worthy style in the Analog Men's Conference ATF Jacket. Varsity jacket styling and a long, slim cut provides a casual look for off-the-hill antics, while a DWR coating repels moisture to keep you dry when you're lapping the park. A polar fleece lining helps you stay toasty when the wind is whipping, and an anti-microbial treatment wards off stink so you don't smell like a shoe after a sweaty day of slushy laps in the spring sun. more...

Burton Compass Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $56.23
- was $124.95

You'll be looking like you walked right out of the Summer of Love when you step out in the Burton Men's Compass Jacket. Corduroy fabric and peacoat styling give it a vintage look that you can rock just about anywhere. more...

Burton Dorset Down Shirt Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $68.72
- was $124.95

Less is more, and two-in-ones are both less and more. The Burton Men's Dorset Down Shirt Jacket is a slick-faced, low-profile piece that gives you dressing options and that keeps you cozy. Down offers a hit of warmth when your hardshell alone won't cut the mustard. Baffled construction isn't confused--it's a bunch of diamond-shaped seams that prevent the down from shifting and twisting so you stay warm all over. The button-down shirt style makes it easy to stay warm at your buddy's tailgate, and more...

Carhartt Muskegon Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $93.71
- was $124.95

Keeping you comfortable in chilly weather, the Carhartt Men's Muskegon Jacket features a rugged shell made of cotton sandstone duck that blocks the cold and withstands serious punishment from outdoor work sites. The sherpa-lined interior and hand pockets provide a cozy refuge from blustery weather and core-cooling temps, and the internal storm flap keeps light moisture from seeping through. In addition, this jacket features a secure Napoleon pocket for on-the-go extras and multiple interior pock more...

Volcom Avengance Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $43.73
- was $124.95

There's not a man alive who doesn't look super-fine in a leather jacket. You can get the same rebel look without breaking the bank in the Volcom Men's Avengance Jacket. This midweight faux leather jacket looks and feels like the real deal, but it won't feel like a sack of soggy potatoes in the rain or rack up spendy cleaning bills when you get ketchup on it. Rib knit at the cuffs and hem give you a comfy perimeter, and a hidden full zip keeps the look sleek for extra coolness. more...

Levi's Commuter Series Hooded Trucker 2.0 Jacket
On sale - now $57.58
- was $127.95

We admit it, denim isn't the obvious choice for cycling. However, if you're anything like us, your time out of the saddle is seen through "denim-goggles." Not surprisingly, Levi's observed our daily style and forced the question on us, why not wear denim on your commutes? And with its new Commuter Trucker Jacket, we find ourselves asking the same question. Why not? This isn't some run-of-the-mill, one-off attempt at appeasing a subculture. Instead, Levi's worked closely with cyclists in multiple more...

Levi's Commuter Series Trucker 2.0 Jacket
On sale - now $57.58
- was $127.95

We admit it, denim isn't the obvious choice for cycling. However, if you're anything like us, your time out of the saddle is seen through 'denim-goggles.' Not surprisingly, Levi's observed our daily style and forced the question on us, why not wear denim on your commutes? And with its new Commuter Trucker 2. 0 Jacket, we find ourselves asking the same question. Why not? This isn't some run-of-the-mill, one-off attempt at appeasing a subculture. Instead, Levi's worked closely with cyclists in mul more...

Patagonia Shelled Synchilla Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $77.4
- was $129

Not only did Patagonia bring back the classic Shelled Synchilla Jacket, but it made sure that it's equipped with the features necessary to help you weather the cold while staying true to your rugged style and roots. This bomber-style jacket ecomes in handy whether you're hunkered down in camp or heading downtown with some friends. more...

DC Fernwood Quilted Tech Flannel - Men's
On sale - now $58.48
- was $129.95

Your early '90s grunge rocker uncle would be proud. The DC Men's Fernwood Quilted Tech Flannel offers all the waterproofing protection of a lightweight DWR-treated flannel and all the style of a Seattle-based dirtbag band. A chest pocket helps you keep it classy while the media pocket allows you to rock out to deep tracks all day. more...

ExOfficio FlyQ Parka - Men's

Loaded with an innovative 11-pocket travel system, the ExOfficio Men's FlyQ Parka is great for far-flung adventures and everyday wear. This parka has wind and water-resistant fabric, giving you protection from light precipitation and breezy conditions. Plus, its nylon-spandex blend delivers unbelievable durability and just enough stretch to move as you please. Most impressive with the FlyQ Parka is its feature-packed interior storage. Offering 11 total inside pockets, this parka helps you breeze more...

High Society Ryder Jacket - Men's

Feel kinda like your world's over when the snow's melted and the jumps have turned to mushy lumps? Never fear, because with High Society's Ryder Men's Jacket is down to help you find mischief and adventure no matter the season. more...

Holden x Stussy Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $58.48
- was $129.95

The snow-loving cats at Holden teamed up with the beach-goers at Stussy with the intention of building gear that could go from snow to surf, and ended up building the Holden xStussy Men's Jacket, a casual fleece that's made to layer under a shell or wear when you're sizing up waves at your favorite break. It's made of warm and soft sherpa fleece, boosted by a water-repellent nylon hood and shoulder panels to keep the mist off your back when you're sizing up the swell. more...

DAKINE Benny Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $60.73
- was $134.95

The Dakine Benny Jacket for Men has a split personality: it wants to be both an insulated mid-layer on the mountain and a stylish casual piece off the mountain. The best option is just to let it be itselves. The polyester microfill insulation lends itself to a great mid-layer during those frigid days on the slopes, and the DWR-coated twill is sure to keep out any moisture that gets past your shell. The classic lumberjack style makes for a great look when you peel off that outer layer, while the more...

DC Rob Dyrdek DCUSA Stadium Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $54
- was $135

Help your look graduate with a degree in style with the DC Men's Rob Dyrdek DCUSA Stadium Jacket. This classic varsity-style jacket features a wool blend fabric for warmth and comfort, and DC logos ensure that no one mistakes you for that guy whose glory years revolved around getting blackout drunk at high school football games. more...

KUHL Impakt Jacket - Men's

From side streets to the trails, take the force out cold winds with the Kuhl Men's Impakt Jacket. In addition to being sleek and soft, the polyester Softschell fabric offers windproof and water resistant protection against the elements. Plus, the grid fleece backer beneath the arms improves ventilation for when you work up a sweat. more...

prAna Bronson Jacket - Men's

Wear the Prana Men's Bronson Jacket for your walk in the park, and if that little stroll turns into an all-out hike in the mountains, so be it. Lightly insulated, durable, and with a little bit of stretch to the fabric, the canvas Bronson Jacket is ready for just about anything. The Bronson's casual good looks and three zippered pockets might just make it the most versatile thing in your closet. more...

prAna Rhody Reversible Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $62.53
- was $138.95

When you want a chill, rugged look, wear your prAna Rhody Reversible Jacket cotton-side out. When a light rain catches you off guard on your way home from work, turn your Rhody inside out, and smile as the precipitation beads up and runs right off the nylon face. When a chainsaw-toting maniac approaches you, just run--that's one thing this jacket can't help you with. more...

Vans Rutherford Mountain Edition Jacket - Men's

When dusk falls and parking lots empty as commuters head home, grab your board and the Vans Men's Rutherford Mountain Edition Jacket for a little bit of unrestricted skating. This bomber-style jacket resists spits and drizzles so you don't get wet before the party's over. The oversized pouch hood hides your head from the weather and lets you sneak in before your better half even notices you were gone. Ribbing at the cuffs and hem keeps the jacket down when you're learning new tricks, while the t more...

Kavu Lumber Jack It Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $97.97
- was $139.95

You don't want to go out and fell forests--you prefer saving trees and supporting the use of recycled paper. Pull on the Kavu Men's Lumber Jack It Jacket when you're heading out for the Sunday paper on a drizzly October morning. Robust cotton twill sports a wax coating so the spits of rain won't soak your soul before you've even had a cup of coffee. Easy wearing style means you can throw this jacket over a sweatshirt on lazy weekend trips to the used bookstore or present a ruggedly urbane front more...

KR3W Nicholson Jacket - Men's

Rise to the top with the sophisticated style of the KR3W Men's Nicholson Jacket. This cool, casual jacket lends an urban feel with its denim-like, black pigment resin coating. Its durable duck canvas withstands daily wear and tear, while its cozy flannel lining keeps you comfy on your brisk morning commute. In addition, this jacket features buttoned chest pockets for stashing your daily accessories. more...

The North Face Insulated Darion Jacket - Men's

The North Face Men's Darion Jacket uses soft fleece and Heatseeker insulation to keep you warm throughout winter. Heatseeker retains its warmth in wet weather, too, so you won't have to worry when the snow starts to fall. more...

Volcom Waxed Insulated Tech Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $62.98
- was $139.95

When you ride in warmer weather, The Volcom Waxed Insulated Tech Jacket knows you don't want heavy layers to weigh you down. Its waxed canvas fabric is lighter than other snowboard jackets, but keeps you dry and warm against the elements with its water-repellent treatment. The drawcord cinch hood offers extra protection when Mother Nature breaks out a late-season storm, and the music pocket and zip hand pockets will keep your hands and phone protected. Add the comfortable standard fit, and you'l more...

WeSC Eskil Hooded Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $64.78
- was $143.95

The WeSC Men's Eskil Hooded Jacket is for those who enjoy old-school windbreakers but prefer modern styling. Good-looking details throughout, such as a WeSC icon twill patch at chest, WeSC necktape, and Y/D striped rib at bottom hem and cuffs, provide a modern look and slick style. A hooded design and front zip closure keep the elements at bay during chilly fall skate sessions or blustery spring days. more...

Burton Ackley Flannel Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $65.23
- was $144.95

What's better than the feel of a flannel on a cold day? A flannel with soft, fluffy down insulation in the sleeves. The Burton Men's Ackley Flannel Jacket features the evil genius idea of combining a thick wool-like flannel material on the body with quilted down-fill sleeves for warmth and style you can count on from the backwoods of Vermont to the streets of Chicago. more...

Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $88.77
- was $147.95

Similar to the 501, the Trucker Jacket has become synonymous with the Levi's label over the years. It has evolved significantly from the jacket once worn by the big rig drivers who helped solidify its place in the Levi's archive, and today it continues to serve those on the move. The Commuter Trucker Jacket was designed specifically for an urban cyclist's needs, all while maintaining the classic Americana style embodied by all things Levi's. This version features several design updates from the more...

Dakota Grizzly Derek Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $59.58
- was $148.95

Derek Jacket - Men's more...

KUHL Alpenwurx Jacket - Men's

Whether you find yourself clasping brews with Bavarians this fall or just getting up into the high country to enjoy the changing leaves, the Kuhl Men's Alpenwurx Jacket will fit the bill with its 100% mountain-folk inspired look and feel that is nothing but plush. The polyester heavyweight fleece is warm and insulating, and the suede microfiber fabric on the shoulders and elbows gives it a vintage look worthy of the Alps. Precision-Swiss-made Riri zippers make for a quality zipping experience, a more...

KUHL Rigor Jacket - Men's

Whether you need a classic look for traditional routes in the alpine or simply believe in the virtues of wool, be sure to zip up the Kuhl Men's Rigor Jacket. The wool acrylic blend provides warmth even when it's wet and naturally manages moisture for comfort on steep sections of trail. more...

Hurley Protect Bomber Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $59.78
- was $149.45

Protect Bomber Jacket - Men's more...

Burton Battery Puffy Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $52.48
- was $149.95

The weather outside is frightful, but the Thermacore insulation in the Burton Men's Battery Puffy Jacket is so delightful, and a DWR finish repels moisture to keep you dry when you step into the storm. The Battery Puffy also has a Bluesign-approved ripstop fabric that meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility, consumer safety, and resource conservation so you can feel good about what you're wearing. more...

Helly Hansen Jotun Flannel Reversible Jacket - Men's

Half shirt and half coat, the Helly Hansen Jotun Reversible Men's Flannel Jacket's perfect for fall walks, wood chopping, and fire-building. One side is polyester flannel, while the other is a water-resistant plain weave, and sandwiched between the two is warm and light PrimaLoft Black synthetic insulation. Each side has two chest pockets, so you can keep stuff in one side and things in the other, and the YKK zipper keeps you bundled up against the fall chill. more...

O'Neill Angled Hyperfleece Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $67.48
- was $149.95

Spring's just around the corner and the last thing you want to do is wear your winter coat while you hike the park, but it's just too damn cold for a T-shirt. Luckily, you can keep warm in the chill without all the restriction and weight of a parka with the O'Neill Angled Hyperfleece Jacket. The thick wool-like fleece is super comfy and the DWR treatment will help keep you dry if things get slushy. Add to this the sleek styling and chill color combos, and this do-it-all layer is just as comforta more...

Oakley Sheridan Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $67.5
- was $150

Just because you're older doesn't mean you stop for the weather. The Oakley Men's Sheridan Jacket faces fickle fall weather so you can skate, hike, and walk without instantly getting waterlogged. The combination of Hydrofree fabric and polyurethane coating blocks out shiver-starting drizzles. The full-length zipper lies beneath a snap-close placket, and hook-and-loop cuff closures prevent wind and weather from winding up inside the jacket. Sherpa fleece loves your body and keeps you cuddled in w more...

Horny Toad Butte Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $69.73
- was $154.95

Horny Toad constructed the Butte Jacket with a soft flannel lining, sturdy twill exterior, and plush poly insulation in between. The result is an excellent around-town jacket for cool autumn and winter days. Plenty of pockets give you spots to stow smaller items, and the jacket's classic, rugged look goes with whatever clean jeans you find in your dresser drawer. more...

NAU Amble Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $116.21
- was $154.95

Nau made the Amble Men's Jacket from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester; if you wear it while you're weaving your bike through traffic on the way to work, you'll feel so good you won't even need to throw up middle fingers at inconsiderate motorists. Not only is the Amble environmentally friendly, but it's been treated with a DWR coating to repel water, and has a snap collar and hem for some stand-out style. more...

Loser Machine Sparkbrook Jacket - Men's

Bundle up for chilly spring skate sessions with the Loser Machine Men's Sparkbrook Jacket. The tough cotton twill shell can take a beating in the streets, while the quilted taffeta lining adds warmth so you're not distracted by the cold. When the wind picks up or a drizzle comes down, attach the removable hood and carry on like nothing happened. more...

Dakota Grizzly Bison Jacket - Men's

The only way the Bison Men's Jacket could exude more whiskey-drinking, jackrabbit-shooting mountain-man style is if it were made of actual buffalo hide. Wisely, however, Dakota Grizzly opted for a flannel wool and polyester blend that's durable and stylish, suitable for outlaws and sheriffs alike. The Bison is lined with Sherpa fleece to keep you warm when you're doing chores on frosty mornings, and has hidden-snap chest pockets to hold keys, phones, or extra bullets for your six-shooter. more...

Burton Shelter Tech Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $87.97
- was $159.95

The Burton Men's Shelter Tech Jacket seamlessly combines street style and premium function to create an everyday piece that's not afraid to brave the occasional snow storm. Classic styling and a cotton blend fabric give it a vintage workwear look while Thermacore insulation keeps you warm and a DWR coating repels moisture to help you stay dry. The rollaway hood stashes in the collar when skies are clear, and an internal sound pocket allows you to listen to tunes without worrying about getting yo more...

High Society Blazer - Men's

Anyone can shred the park, but only a true secret agent wearing the High Society Blazer can hit huge kickers with a highball glass in hand, slide rails with a beautiful woman on his arm, jib off the heads of several bad guys, ski past the line at the front of the club, and take a seat in the VIP section like it's no big deal. Of course, the Blazer's also made of water- and wind-resistant softshell with an internal neoprene media pocket so you can blast Secret Agent Man as you're setting the part more...

Horny Toad Flatiron Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $63.98
- was $159.95

Unless a PhD hangs on your wall, you probably can't pull off the hallowed tweed jacket. Not to worry, though, as Horny Toad's Flatiron Jacket exudes the sophistication of a professor, combined with the casual style of an outdoorsmen. Whereas traditional wool tweed is known for its scratchy finish, Horny Toad's Tweedy is substantially softer. Basically, Tweedy is a New World interpretation of tweed that features a blend of organic cotton, hemp, and polyester. The design was inspired by a sport co more...

Kavu Remington Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $95.97
- was $159.95

From strolls across the sandy beaches of the midwest to hitting the bar with your buddies, the Kavu Men's Remington Jacket brings the warmth in a casual style. Woolsey Knit works a polyester face for long-lasting durability and a wool back for breathability and complete comfort. It also has odor-resistant qualities that keep the jacket smelling fresh even though you're too laid-back to wash it. more...

Nixon Captain Hooded Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $71.98
- was $159.95

Zip up the Nixon Men's Captain Hooded Jacket when you head out to rally the masses. This military inspired wool jacket keeps you warm while you plot the downfall of capitalism. When you find that no one's really interested in your plight, pull some cash out of the pockets and start bribing. more...

Horny Toad Viggo Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $107.22
- was $164.95

You don't have to hail from the Highlands to wear Scottish tweed. Horny Toad took the eternally dignified fabric and recreated it in an Eco-friendly blend. The Viggo Jacket is less stuffy than its predecessors. A New World interpretation of tweed, the organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester of the Viggo jacket, is less scratchy than traditional wool. It was named Tweedy. And, unlike a sports coat with elbow patches, the Viggo jacket exudes casual style. The fabric was given a double-box qui more...

Icebreaker Transit Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $90.74
- was $164.99

Cut a wide swath through the crowds in the stylish Icebreaker Men's Transit Jacket. Designed for the urban landscape, it's ideal for travel, training, or a night out. Made from midweight stretch merino in a form-fitting and fashionable cut, its natural antimicrobial properties and resilient and forgiving fabric will keep it crisp, clean and looking fresh for multiple wearings and a variety of uses. It's a quietly sophisticated piece that can take you anywhere you choose to go. more...

prAna Ogden Jacket - Men's

Unless you prefer to sit inside on your weekends, your days usually involve facing the elements. And unlike your leather jacket, the prAna Men's Ogden Jacket can handle these elements without blinking. A water repellent DWR treatment covers the Stretch Zion shell fabric, composed of nylon with a touch of spandex. Naturally resistant to abrasion, it handles daily wear and tear with ease. A touch of synthetic insulation adds protection against chilly weather. The Ogden is a great option for those more... Immersion Bonded Wool Jacket - Men's

If you're going to strip down and dive headfirst into the deep end of the icy pool called adventure, you better have something soft and warm waiting for you when you come out. The backcountry. com Immersion Men's Bonded Wool Jacket boasts a heavyweight wool blend fabric and bonded fleece lining designed to keep you warm and comfortable after days of knuckle-shredding climbing, quad-burning biking, or mind-bending desert exploration. While your buddies are huddled up around the fire, you'll be st more...

Eider Roc De Chere Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $84.95
- was $169.9

Eider may have made its Men's Roc De Chere Jacket for casual outings in bad weather, but that doesn't mean it cut back in protective features. On the contrary, a Defender Cloudy Natural membrane with fully taped seams gives this two-layer jacket waterproof protection that's just as good as that of most rain jackets. Meanwhile, the polyester-cotton blend lining keeps the comfort levels high with a decent breathability rating. This jacket also features an adjustable hood that you can remove for th more...

Kavu Woodsman Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $127.46
- was $169.95

After the wood is chopped and the campfire started, throw the Kavu Men's Woodsman Jacket over your flannel for comfortable warmth and a look that fits in with the pines around you. This jacket's tough, heavyweight cotton moleskin fabric holds up if you're bushwhacking against sharp branches or if you accidentally hook yourself on your fly rod, and the 90g polyester fill provides toasty insulation for crisp mountain night air. The antique brass zippers and snaps contribute to the jacket's timeles more...

Burton Dorset Down Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $87.47
- was $174.95

Unless you're on an expedition to Denali or dog-sledding across the frozen tundra, an expedition-weight jacket is overkill. After all, the Burton Dorset Men's Down Jacket has all of the features that you'll need for a weekend at Telluride without adding any of the bulk. The shell was constructed of a ripstop polyester/nylon fabric, and it's insulated with 500 down fill. The body and arms were then given a diamond-pattern, quilted stitch. And although it adds visual interest, more importantly, it more...

Burton Match Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $78.73
- was $174.95

Instead of layering hoodies and thrift store jackets like usual, simplify your routine and polish up your look at the same time with the Burton Men's Match Jacket. Luxurious Melton wool has a soft, heavy feel to keep you comfy and cozy, and workwear-inspired styling gives it a classic look you can take anywhere. more...

KUHL Stolkholm Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $71.58
- was $178.95

Whether you're looking the part on a Scandinavian vacation or simply headed to the office on a cool morning, zip up the Kuhl Men's Stolkholm Jacket. The polyester and wool blend has the feel of wool outside with a soft fleece backer for warmth, and a generous dose of stretchy elastane allows you to move whether you're sightseeing or hailing a cab. more...

Patagonia Lined Canvas Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's

Maybe you need to relax after a body-beating day of climbing, or maybe you need to unwind after a mind-draining day of work. Zip up in the Patagonia Lined Canvas Full-Zip Hooded Jacket and beat back the chill in heavy-duty, rock-solid style. This burly jacket will have you looking and feeling good wherever you are. more...

Mountain Hardwear Piero Insulated Jacket - Men's

The Mountain Hardwear Men's Piero Insulated Jacket is a nod to the old workwear style, but stretch fabric and Thermal. Q insulation proves that this jacket is as modern as they come. Its Salado stretch canvas is tough enough for construction work, yet the Piero is comfortable for any casual occasion. more...

WeSC Jejor Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $71.98
- was $179.95

You can't afford to have cold temps and harsh weather slow down your busy social life, so make it through the winter without missing a thing with the WeSC Men's Jejor Jacket. A Sherpa fleece lining keeps you cozy, and stylish details like a zipper-concealing front flap with oversized buttons keeps you looking good. more...

Fred Perry USA Checkerboard Cuff Track Jacket - Men's

Like the its iconic polo, Fred Perry's track jacket was born in the sporting arena, but has since crossed over as a street wear staple adopted by subcultures around the globe. This Checkerboard Cuff iteration was developed with the input of Mr. Wiggins, who, like so many others, appreciates the timeless style and good fit it delivers. The cotton and polyester blend was designed with a slightly longer body and sleeves than Fred Perry's standard track jacket, giving it a leaner and more athletic s more...

Oakley Braxton Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $81
- was $180

Grab the Oakley Men's Braxton Jacket when the air smells like expectant football fans and freshmen love hopefuls. This flannel-lined, waxed-cotton jacket provides a stylish alternative to the ubiquitous fleece. Self overlay quilt shoulder detail and angled back yoke give the Braxton an asymmetrical attitude so you don't just blend into the furry masses. Taffeta-lined sleeves make it easy to slip in and out of this jacket when the sun breaks from behind the clouds or you've finally found a seat a more...

Norr Svalbard Cotton Anorak Jacket - Men's

Norrona built its Svalbard Cotton Anorak Jacket with organic cotton and recycled polyester to be your go-to, eco-friendly top for spring and fall. Lightweight and comfortable, the Anorak features a front kangaroo pocket to stow a hat, sunglasses, or the medium-sized stuffed animal you win at the county fair. The 1/4-length neck zipper lets you circulate air on warm days, and the storm hood shields out high winds once the early-season, high-pressure system breaks apart. more...

NAU Atelier Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $138.71
- was $184.95

Simply because the designers at Nau patterned the Men's Atelier Jacket after a traditional French painter jacket doesn't mean you have to like painting, like looking at paintings, or be any good with a brush. All you have to do is wear this urbane utilitarian blazer and let others dabble with liquid pigment. The lines are sleek for a big-city feel but the eco-conscious fabric puts functionality at the forefront. DWR tells drizzles and drops to stay away. Five buttons keep your walking workshop c more...

Sitka Bighorn Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $83.23
- was $184.95

The Sitka Bighorn Jacket stays true to classic lumberjack design with its plaid mackinaw design. Four front pockets and two additional handwarmer pockets give the jacket a huge amount of storage, and a quilted cotton twill lining makes the jacket that much more comfortable. more...

prAna Argus Jacket - Men's

For some solid warmth and weather protection when you're on your way to yoga or strolling around town on a rest day, throw on the Prana Argus Men's Jacket. It's made of DWR-coated nylon canvas to repel water, and has contrasting polyester shoulder panels for some style and extra durability. The whole thing's been loaded up with 170g PrimaLoft Sport synthetic insulation, too, so you'll be toasty when you're taking a break from the crag and scoping out the fall harvest festivals. more...

Arbor Blackcomb Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $75.98
- was $189.95

Raise your level of sophistication with the Arbor Men's Blackcomb Jacket. Extremely stylish and durable, this wool blend jacket is appealing if you're looking for a polished and dignified appearance. Synthetic insulation and a recycled polyester fleece lining add a luxurious feel and mid-level warmth. Six different pockets throughout add subtle detailing, as well as room for accessories and daily items. more...

Sitka Mountain Trip Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $85.48
- was $189.95

The Sitka Mountain Trip Jacket pays tribute to outdoor wear of old, and proves that old school definitely doesn't mean outdated. The cotton/polyester blend is treated with a wax coating for weather resistance, and the lining is made of warm and durable plaid wool. Multiple pockets provide ample storage, and the hood will protect you if the weather goes south. more...

Pendleton Fitted Topster Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $128.67
- was $197.95

The Pendleton Fitted Topster Jacket channels 1950s Madison Avenue style to deliver an authentic vintage look that might make you feel like sipping bourbon at work or switching to a career in advertising (which is pretty much the same thing). The fitted shape is slim in the chest and tapers at the waist to create clean, athletic lines while the Utamilla wool reveals the timeless quality that can be hard to find in the modern world. more...

prAna Eureka Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $99.47
- was $198.95

The prAna Men's Eureka Jacket finds a unique medium between technical coat and casual piece, making it adaptable it to many outdoor and urban situations. A DWR-coated polyester face fabric repels rain while 100 grams of PrimaLoft insulation repels the chilly autumn air on the trail and on the street. This lightweight jacket also includes pockets for warming hands or storing music. With no sacrifice in style, the Eureka jacket sports the basic utilities ignored in most casual garments. more...

The North Face Greer Trench Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $109.42
- was $198.95

Zip up the North Face Men's Greer Trench Jacket as you slink out the office on your way to an uptown jazz bar. No matter the weather outside, the jacket's waterproof Hyvent (3-layer) membrane acts as an impenetrable fortress against the onslaught of rain and snow. At the same time, its snap placket closure provides a sophisticated appearance that's home in any cosmopolitan neighborhood or hip cocktail bar. An internal media pocket securely holds your favorite MP3 player or smartphone, and the co more...

Patagonia Nuevo Range Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $129.35
- was $199

Nuevo Range Jacket - Men's more...

Marmot Traveler Jacket - Men's

Take on the city with the 10K waterproofing and breathability of the MemBrain laminate and appreciate the coverage provided by the Marmot Traveler Men's Rain Jacket. It's nice and long, so you can sit down without the soggy consequences, and roomy enough to fit over a fleece on chillier days. Snap off the hood when the sun breaks through, and make a run for shelter before the next storm rolls in. more...

Norr /29 Wool Jacket - Men's

Designed to keep you comfortable, warm, and looking good, the Norrona Men's /29 Wool Jacket is your go-to when the cold temps roll around. The wool, nylon, and polyester blend keeps it durable and gives this jacket wool's ability to warm your torso when you're out in the cold without causing a sweat-out when you step inside the coffee house or pub. Its classic fit makes this jacket look right at home whether you're pairing it with some slacks or jeans. Zip up the front completely when it gets a more...

Spiewak & Sons Richmond Duffle Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $103.97
- was $207.95

The irresistible I Spiewak & Sons Richmond Duffle Jacket delivers chill-killing comfort in super-sophisticated style. This melton-wool looker features a shawl-style collar for extra coziness and the classy yet earthy toggle closure. A soft poly twill lining delivers next-to-skin comfort. To the pub, on a beach stroll, or to an uptown soireewherever you wear the Richmond Duffle, you'll feel ridiculously appropriate. more...

Arbor Buck Knife Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $94.48
- was $209.95

The Arbor Men's Buck Knife Jacket has enough zippers for you to form your own music-making zipestra band. But you probably won't. You'll probably just enjoy the recycled polyester fleece lining backing this wool blend shell, and zip off the hood and arms when you want to turn this jacket into a vest. more...

Fjallraven Greenland Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $142.97
- was $219.95

For reliable weather protection and a truly classic Nordic look, zip up the Fjallraven Men's Greenland Jacket. The burly G-1000 fabric blends vintage feel with modern performance while the dual hand and chest pockets provide ample storage space for all your daily essentials. more...

Arc'teryx A2B Commuter Jacket - Men's

Blurring the distinction between technical outdoor performance and casual everyday wear, the Arc'teryx Men's A2b Commuter Jacket combines high-tech fabric and features with understated streetwear styling to create a piece that fits in to city life, but isn't afraid to explore off the beaten path. The softshell fabric is stretchy for comfort and freedom of movement, and it repels moisture in case you get caught in a drizzle or flurry. A trim cut provides a slimmer silhouette that looks good at th more...

NAU Carry-On Blazer - Men's
On sale - now $101.25
- was $225

The Nau Men's Carry-On Blazer is a tailored jacket for all-weather commuters that goes from home to the train to the office, and back again, without looking worn. Roll it up in your briefcase when the sun is out, and when it starts to drizzle while you're waiting for the bus, unroll the blazer, give it a quick shake, and put it on for a crisp profile with a bit of water resistance. more...

prAna Oberlin Jacket - Men's

Prana's jumping into the casual-yet-technical side of the outerwear market this year, and the Oberlin Men's Jacket is leading the charge. It's a solidly waterproof insulated jacket, thanks to a 10K waterproof and breathable membrane, DWR coating, and 600-fill down, with a nylon and polyester herringbone shell that keeps the insulation locked down and moisture from messing up your flow. Inside, it has pockets for ski goggles and your phone, and the adjustable hood zips off for a more casual look more...

Fjallraven Travel Blazer - Men's

Instead of disappearing into the crowd with a homogeneous suit jacket, stand out and make the right impression with the Fjallraven Men's Travel Blazer. The durable G-1000 fabric lends a relaxed look and reliable weather protection while the classic blazer cut with lapels provides the class and style you need to seal the deal. more...

Pendleton Brownsville Barn Jacket - Men's

The Pendleton Brownsville Jacket's soft, tightly woven cotton moleskin is sheared on one side for a smooth feel. A grip of pocket space includes four front pockets, a chest pocket, and two large game pockets on the back for ample storage room--you can pretty much stop carrying a backpack or a briefcase. Corduroy trim and the traditional three-button front add a rugged aesthetic that is perfect for riding horseback through the woods or just walking through the woods if you lack a horse. more...

Fjallraven Greenland No. 1 Jacket - Men's

Based on the original 1968 design, the Fjallraven Men's Greenland No. 1 Jacket provides an ideal blend of vintage style, modern performance, and sustainability. The durable G-1000 Eco fabric shrugs off wet weather and is made from a recycled blend of polyester and organic cotton. more...

NAU Riding Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $159.22
- was $244.95

The NAU Riding Jacket marries the look of an uber-fashionable blazer with the technical performance of a weather-beating softshell. This is the jacket to wear when you're walking the streets of San Francisco and you want your look to be sleek and sexy but you need protection from the elements too. Plus, the wrinkle-resistant material means you can pull it straight from a suitcase and look like you just came straight from a tailor. more...

Arc'teryx Proxy Jacket - Men's

Whether you need something to wear to and from work when the needle drops or you need a stylish jacket for your next pub-crawl, look no further than the Arc'teryx Men's Proxy Jacket. This simple, refined jacket is made of 100% cotton slub twill, which is treated with a water repellent finish to help shed a bit of weather, enough to get you around town and to your watering hole of choice. To make sure you're comfortable and toasty, Coreloft insulation was added, along with a soft taffeta inner li more...

Spiewak & Sons Dugan Pea Coat - Men's
On sale - now $136.92
- was $248.95

Whether you're a salty sea dog, a greenhorn dock worker, or a yellow-bellied landlubber, the I. Spiewak & Sons Dugan Pea Coat takes the edge off winter's icy blast so you can focus on spotting ice bergs, off-loading cargo, or whatever it is you do. more...

Fjallraven Greenland No. 1 Special Edition Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $212.46
- was $249.95

The classic Fjallraven Greenland No. 1 Special Edition Jacket first debuted in 1968, and this reissue is true to the spirit and design of the original. The heart of this jacket is Fjallraven's signature G-1000 Eco fabric, which is a blend of 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton. The highly durably fabric is tightly woven and then impregnated with a treatment of Greenland Wax, which gives it excellent wind and water resistance while still maintaining breathability. The fixed hood, zipper more...

NAU Motil Trench Coat - Men's
On sale - now $162.47
- was $249.95

The NAU Men's Motil Trench Coat mixes technical fabrics with cutting-edge style to give you a smart, clean look that could easily hold its own at a post-fashion show champagne party. Plus, it will protect you from the wind and the rain so you won't be a weather-beaten wreck when you arrive. more...

Icebreaker Sierra+ Hooded Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $125
- was $249.99

Great for hiking, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors, the Icebreaker Men's Sierra+ Hooded Jacket keeps you comfortable through it all. Merino wool regulates your body temperature so you're neither too hot nor too cold, pushes moisture vapor away from your skin so you stay dry and comfortable, and it's naturally antimicrobial so the jacket stays fresh after multiple uses. Icebreaker made the sleeves out of polyester for better mobility during your active pursuits. And the entire jacket is water more...

Fjallraven Fjell Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $150
- was $250

Wearing a highly technical jacket around town can be a bit like driving your sports car to your next-door neighbor's house or wearing your full-face helmet skiing groomers: people will notice you, but they'll also think "Who's that jabroni?" Fjallraven designed the Fjell Men's Jacket to provide all the necessary features for a day of being outside--breathability, wind- and water-resistance, and full coverage--without the overly teched-out look. The G-1000 Lite fabric keeps you protected from mod more...

Fred Perry USA Champion Stripe Bomber Jacket - Men's

Think of the Fred Perry Champion Stripe Bomber Jacket as a revised track jacket. It wears much of the same styling as the iconic athletic zip-up, and it adds a little more substance in the way of pocketing, details, and fabric. Oh, and this version was made with the input of Wiggo himself, meaning that there are a few added "champion" touches you won't find anywhere else. The bomber was made using a polyester and cotton blend, which makes it both smooth against your body while simultaneously fen more...

Filson Short Cruiser Jacket - Men's

For a rugged-looking, durable, trim-fit jacket that helps protect you from the elements when you round up the horses, work on the house, or build a deck, turn to the Filson Men's Short Cruiser Jacket. Its Tin Cloth fabric features an oil finish that makes the fabric highly water repellent and wind resistant. Designed with a Seattle fit, the Cruiser has a streamlined cut that maintains mobility through the shoulders while sitting comfortably closer to your body. To ensure you have plenty of pocke more...

Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket - Men's

Inspired by early timber cruisers (surveyors), the Filson Men's Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket provides a classic-looking rugged jacket that stands up to wind and ever-changing weather. Its Tin Cloth fabric features an oil finish that creates a fabric that's highly water repellent and wind resistant. Designed with a Seattle fit, the Cruiser has a streamlined cut that maintains mobility through the shoulders while sitting comfortably closer to your body. To ensure you have plenty of pockets for your es more...

Mountain Khakis Waxed Canvas Field Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $125.98
- was $279.95

Whistle to the dog, reach for your Mountain Khakis Men's Waxed Canvas Field Jacket, and throw the front door open. Inspired by the upland style that was popularized by hunters and outdoorsmen alike, this jacket features rugged British Millerain Canvas with a waxed exterior. Both cotton and synthetic material line the inside of the body, and the sleeves have a slick taffeta lining for easy-glide, on and off. The smart, versatile style gives this jacket a look that's just as acceptable to wear dow more...

NAU Vice II Blazer - Men's

The Nau Men's Vice II Blazer blends the slim-fitting attitude of a shirt with the rugged sensibilities of a blazer to give your look a hit of urban appeal. Whether you're heading to Sunday brunch with the in-laws on a spitty November morning or screaming from center court seats with a client, this blazer keeps you dry and stylish. Recycled polyester gets taken down a notch by recycled cotton so the only shine you sport is off your shoes. DWR means the water from a light drizzle beads up and roll more...

Fjallraven Oban Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $203
- was $290

The Fjallraven Men's Oban Jacket seals out the elements when you hit the streets on your daily commute. This sophisticated, military-inspired jacket uses ultra-tough G-1000 fabric that's coated in Greenland wax for protection from passing showers. Reinforced, pre-shaped elbows prevent premature wear, and the action-cut backside allows you to move freely without restriction. In addition, this jacket features four front-flap pockets, which easily accommodate your phone, keys, wallet, and extra acc more...

Filson Short Lined Cruiser Jacket - Men's

When you need some protection in cool, rainy weather while you bang nails, mend a fence, or get the horses inside before a storm, count on the Filson Men's Short Lined Cruiser Jacket. Thanks to its cotton twill fabric with soy wax coating, the Cruiser provides enough weather protection to keep you dry and comfortable while you finish up the task at hand. For stellar comfort and lightweight warmth, Filson gave the Cruiser a Moleskin cotton lining while underarm grommets keep you well ventilated w more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Mackinaw Coat - Men's

Stormy Kromer crafted the Men's Mackinaw Coat out of virgin wool to keep you warm, regardless of whether you're in the windiest cities or the coldest mountain towns. more...

Stormy Kromer Mercantile Town Coat - Men's
On sale - now $134.98
- was $299.95

It doesn't matter if you live in a one-horse town or a big city, the Stormy Kromer Mercantile Men's Town Coat fends off chilly weather in the kind of classic style that looks good anywhere. Midwest winters and coastal winters are the perfect environment to show off a great look and put nature's greatest fiber to work. The virgin wool holds warmth without suffocating you, and the pleated back panel gives you room to move should you decide to walk home from work. more...

Hawke and Co. Heliograph Systems Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $165
- was $300

The Hawk and Co Men's Heliograph Systems Jacket provides a wind and water-resistant barrier against the elements when you spin through the city on your bike or simply stroll through downtown in search of good eats. The jacket's durable polyester shell resists everyday wear and tear, and the water-resistant DWR treatment repels light precipitation should you get caught in a passing shower. The zip-out fleece lining makes this jacket extremely versatile. Rock the jacket with the liner zipped in on more...

Hemp Hoodlamb Long P Coat - Men's
On sale - now $111.28
- was $317.95

Before your clients have you traveling into the foggy burrows of your old city, button up the Hemp Hoodlamb Long P Coat and class up your business trip. With the coat's double-breasted front, eerie fog, and old wooden buildings you'll swear you just stepped through a time portal into your city's Colonial era. Of course, it could have to do with the internal rolling paper dispenser and what you've got stashed in the coat's secret pocket. more...

Filson Cover Cloth Mile Marker Jacket SF - Men's

The Filson Men's Cover Cloth Mile Marker Jacket SF keeps you warm and dry through driving rain and whipping winds with its tightly woven, two-ply cotton cover cloth shell treated with a water and wind-resistant paraffin-based wax. The jacket's body features a supple, ultra-comfy cotton lining; the collar and hand pockets use moleskin lining for an even softer feel directly against your skin. To keep the elements from seeping into your jacket, the two-way brass zipper is reinforced with a storm f more...

Filson Cover Cloth Weekend Jacket - Men's

Filson's known for their casual sophistication, and the Cover Cloth Men's Weekend Jacket doesn't disappoint. Tightly woven to be water- and wind-resistant, the Weekend's a simple jacket with tons of subtle, high-quality details like a moleskin collar, inner snap cuff, and waist drawcord, all done with Filson's unmistakeable style and attention to detail. more...

Filson Tin Cloth Lined Ranch Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $240
- was $320

It's five o'clock in the morning, but there's work to be done, so you pull on the Filson Men's Tin Cloth Lined Ranch Jacket, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and walk outside to start up the truck. The Ranch's dry-finish Tin cloth helps the shell resist water and wear and tear. To combat chilly temperatures, Filson equipped the Ranch with virgin Mackinaw wool lining for added warmth. In addition, the wool supplies outstanding protection from the weather by absorbing 30% of its weight in moisture w more...

Hawke and Co. Wool Carcoat - Men's
On sale - now $208
- was $320

Slip on the Hawke and Co. Men's Wool Carcoat whenever a little brisk weather stands between you and the sports bars. The wool and polyester shell resists wind and water in case the weather gets worse, and the quilted lining brings the soft warmth you'll want in the shoulder seasons. Hawke and Co. also added a removable hood for the chilly but sunny days, two buttoned front pockets that are large enough for gloves, and a zippered arm pocket for security. more...

Filson Bell Bomber Antique Tin Jacket - Men's

The original tin cloth developed by C. C. Filson in the early 1900s was good enough for rugged prospectors headed to the frozen north, and dadgummit, it's still holding strong to that standard today. Given this, it's no surprise that Filson chose to use its original tin cloth in the updated Men's Bell Bomber Jacket this year. The paraffin-wax treated cotton fabric is designed to stand up to extreme weather, bear attacks, and y'know what, it'll probably work for you to go see your buddy's band pl more...

Filson Bell Bomber Staywax Jacket - Men's

If the Red Baron were alive today, he'd definitely hit the town in his little goggles, aviator hat, and the Filson Bell Men's Bomber Jacket. It's a water- and abrasion-resistant wool or cotton throwback (depending on color), with enough pockets that you won't even need to carry a bag, and enough style that you'll be able to pass yourself off as a WWII flying ace, if you get your mustache right. more...

Hemp Hoodlamb Classic Hoodlamb Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $147.58
- was $327.95

The Dutch are a bit ahead of the rest of us. But while you may not have hash bars up and down your neighborhood streets, you can be ready to roll at any moment with the Hemp Hoodlamb Men's Classic Hoodlamb Jacket. The jacket features an integrated rolling paper dispenser and multiple hidden pockets, while wrapping you in a cozy blend of eco-friendly fabrics. The jacket's water- and wind-resistant hemp and organic cotton twill shell works together with plush faux-fur lining to keep you dry, warm, more...

Hemp Hoodlamb Tech 4-20 Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $147.58
- was $327.95

Relax--it's 4:20, and you've got your Hemp Hoodlamb Men's Tech 4-20 Jacket to help make the rest of the day run smoothly. The jacket features an integrated paper dispenser and multiple secret pockets so you're ready to roll at any moment. You can easily and securely carry other essentials with you in the large front pockets or sleeve arm pocket, complete with convenient magnetic closures. The jacket's plush faux-fur lining offers cushy warmth, and the water- and wind-resistant shell protects you more...

Filson Wool Mile Marker Jacket SF- Men's

Be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way with the rugged durability and toasty warmth of the Filson Men's Wool Mile Marker Jacket SF. Made from ultra-soft Virgin Yukon Wool, this jacket keeps you insulated from freezing temperatures when you're splitting logs out back, unloading your vehicle in frigid conditions, or simply enjoying a mid-winter stroll through downtown. The heavy-duty, two-way front zipper and five-button snap closure keep out the cold, and the adjustable drawcord h more...

Hemp Hoodlamb Sea Shepherd Classic Hoodlamb Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $152.08
- was $337.95

Stoners can be conscientious, too, thanks to the Hemp Hoodlamb Men's Sea Shepherd Classic Hoodlamb Jacket. A significant portion of the proceeds from each jacket sale support the international Sea Shepherd marine wildlife conservation organization, a group that works to protect marine habitats and endangered marine wildlife. The jacket also features a blend of eco-friendly materials, including hemp, organic cotton, and recycled PET. If you weren't already feeling good enough about this jacket, i more...

Filson Wool Mackinaw Cruiser Seattle Fit Jacket - Men's

For unmatched durability, function, and comfort while you camp, work on the ranch, hunt, or take care of necessary housework, use the Filson Men's Wool Mackinaw Cruiser Seattle Fit Jacket. Originally made to protect timber cruisers during long days in the woods, the Mackinaw Cruiser features rugged Mackinaw wool fabric for protection against wind, rain, snow, and cold. Designed with a Seattle fit, the Mackinaw Cruiser has a streamlined cut that leaves room in the shoulders for mobility and sits more...

Fjallraven Greenland Winter Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $209.97
- was $349.95

When you're protected by the Fjallraven Men's Greenland Winter Jacket, walking your dog along deserted stretches of the pebble-lined shore of Lake Superior becomes enjoyable. Let the forlorn horns of distant ships be your soundtrack as the settling fog rolls off your shoulders. This weather-resistant workhorse keeps you warm whether you're heading out for a midwinter hike or trekking across the tundra. Reinforced at the shoulders and elbows, your pack won't wear through this heavy-duty jacket ev more...

Filson Explorer Cover Cloth Jacket - Men's

It's unlikely that your beard is quite as impressive as those of Filson's original customers, grizzled prospectors headed to Alaska to make their fortune. However, that doesn't mean you can't still look and feel the part with the new Men's Explorer Cover Cloth Jacket. Designing clothing for such a demanding line of work and environment meant that Filson needed to ensure its jackets could withstand even the roughest abuse. And it still ensures that today, 100+ years later. From a dreary January d more...

Arc'teryx Diplomat Jacket - Men's

A wool softshell makes the Men's Diplomat Jacket one of Arc'teryx's most luxurious jackets. This is the kind of jacket you'd like to be seen around town in, and it's the kind of jacket you'll want when windy weather starts to blow thanks to its wind-resistant construction. Arc'teryx also added gusseted underarms and articulated sleeves to keep the jacket in place whether you're walking to a fine restaurant or roasting marshmallows by a fire. more...

Fjallraven Eco-Woods Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $219
- was $365

Shield yourself from soaking rains and sudden thunderstorms with the waterproof, breathable performance of the Fjallraven Men's Eco-Woods Jacket. Made with environmentally friendly materials, the Eco-Woods Jacket uses a fluorocarbon-free polyester shell that withstands wear and tear from everyday use and hardcore hikes alike. The jacket's waterproof, windproof, and breathable Eco-Shell (3-layer) membrane keeps you dry from downpours and protected from howling winds when you're stuck outside for more...

Pendleton Kay Blazer - Men's
On sale - now $202.37
- was $367.95

The Pendleton Kay Blazer channels vintage style from a time when quality meant something, and people searched for a jackets so well made that you could wear them for the rest of your life. Fine virgin wool in a subtle pattern and elbow patches bring the kind of rugged masculinity that might make you decide to run for public office or at least spend more time sipping scotch and shaking hands at the country club. It's clean cut, classic and, as part of Pendleton's Thomas Kay collection, ties Ameri more...

Filson Shelter Cloth Westlake Jacket - Men's

Whether you're roofing a house in cold temperatures, winterizing the ranch, or pulling your buddy's truck out from a ditch with your vehicle, rely on the comfort, weather-resistance, and warmth of the Filson Men's Shelter Cloth Westlake Jacket. The rugged, mid-weight Shelter cloth features cotton duck fabric that's been impregnated with a paraffin-based wax to provide high water repellency and wind resistance. Softer than the Filson's Tin cloth, the Shelter cloth doesn't require breaking-in like more...

Pendleton Warren Jacket - Men's

The Pendleton Warren Jacket uses pure virgin wool and a vintage design to bring in a touch of old school American style. This hunting jacket from Pendleton's Thomas Kay collection turns foggy fall mornings into nostalgic scenes, the kind you'd expect to see in the soft-color prints of your dad's old outdoor magazines. more...

Filson Seattle Cruiser Jacket - Men's

There's a decent chance you'll never find yourself prospecting for gold in the Yukon territory, but that doesn't mean you still can't be prepared for whatever other prospecting you're doing in chilly weather. Luckily Filson designed the Men's Seattle Cruiser Jacket. This wool jacket's Seattle fit has a tailored, streamlined cut that maintains mobility through the shoulders while staying close to your body. The Seattle Cruiser is stylish enough for a night out but packs in enough rugged features more...

Spiewak & Sons Gridwax N1 Deck Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $259.32
- was $398.95

Featuring luxurious materials and details, and constructed by a company that has been around for over a century, the I Spiewak & Sons Men's Gridwax N1 Deck Jacket is no ordinary outer layer. When you want to get your luxury on, you'll revel in this jacket's soft wool pile lining and classic Martexin waxed army duck outer that's treated and woven to be naturally wind- and water-resistant. This special variety of cotton fabric is breathable and extremely durable, and it develops a seasoned patina more...

Icebreaker Legacy Trench Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $219.99
- was $399.99

Icebreaker backs the soft, breathable merino wool in its Men's Legacy Trench Jacket with a wind-resistant laminate to offer ultimate comfort on cold days on city streets. You get this comfort and protection along with sophisticated, cosmopolitan design lines that allow you to wear this jacket just about anywhere, from dart league night at the local pub to opening night of the philharmonic's season. This sleek trench has a topographical map print on its lining and plenty of practical touches like more...

Icebreaker Legion Jacket - Men's

Icebreaker lined its Men's Legion Jacket with merino wool for cozy comfort on your city strolls. Merino wool doesn't just keep you warm--it regulates your body temperature so you're neither too warm nor too cold. And it's naturally antimicrobial so the jacket stays fresh after multiple uses. Its hood is removable when there's nothing but sunny skies above you. Shaped cuffs keep the sleeves off your palms. And a storm flap behind the zipper seals out wet weather along with the water-resistant she more...

Fjallraven Eco-Hike Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $280
- was $400

The Fjallraven Eco-Hike Men's Jacket is an environmentally friendly rain shell that doesn't sacrifice weather protection to stay green. It's made of Fjallraven's Eco-Hike material, a two-layer recycled polyester fabric that's lined with recycled polyester mesh to keep you dry and comfortable and that remains waterproof despite the fact that no fluorocarbons were used in its productions. The hood is detachable and adjustable so you always have the fit and weather resistance you need, while the tw more...

NAU Wool Patrol Hooded Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $169.98
- was $424.95

Sheep roamed the earth long before textile engineers took over technical clothing. Since sheep don't talk, no one really knows if they stay warm on cold, damp, and windy nights. The crew at Nau can't communication with sheep, but they know the old-world new-world blend that is the Men's Wool Patrol Hooded Jacket will keep you warm, dry, and permanently in style. Clean lines lend themselves to a crisp silhouette, and texture balances tech for long-lasting, haute-couture comfort. Woven wool treate more...

Filson Guide Cotton Soy Wax Work Jacket - Men's

You wouldn't think twice when it comes to providing for your children's future. What if every piece of clothing you purchased could also double as part of their inheritance? Well, that's exactly what you're buying when you purchase the Filson Men's Guide Soy Wax Work Jacket. Over the past 116 years, the Filson company has gained a reputation for unsurpassed durability and quality of materials. Part of that is due to Filson's uncompromising adherence to the original standards set forth by its fou more...

Norr /29 dri2 Coat - Men's

Batten down against rainy weather and wind while you're out in the elements during daily outings in the Norrona Men's /29 dri2 Coat. The coat's cotton-canvas-style face fabric and geometrical lines are fashioned for city streets, while waterproof and windproof Dri2 fabric fends off moisture and protects against windchill. A DWR (durable water repellent) finish keeps water from penetrating the face fabric, while the soft inner lining offers a bit of insulating warmth. In addition to offering prot more...

Filson Guide Cotton Twill Soy Wax Work Jacket - Men's

The protective yet comfortable Filson Men's Guide Soywax Work Jacket is packed with pockets for hunters, fisherman, and field workers. Its twill shell has a soy wax coating to keep the jacket strong and weather-resistant while the fully lined interior feels great next to your skin. Its tailored fit features gusseted underarms to ensure a full range of motion. Pockets include a left angled chest pocket for your cell phone, a right patch, two cargo pockets with dividers, two front-loading game poc more...

Filson Packable Elkhorn Jacket
On sale - now $286
- was $440

As a purveyor of outdoor apparel since 1897, Filson makes premium outerwear for those who enjoy fine details and long-lasting performance. The Filson Packable Elkhorn Jacket takes this very same approach to delivering comfort and protection with its water-resistant, lightweight polyester fabric, tailored fit, and packable design. This jacket folds into its front-loading game pockets, giving you an easy carrying solution when you're traveling. In addition, the jacket's sidewinder pockets not only more...

NAU Treble Jacket - Men's

Taking a nod from the classic pea coat style, the Nau Men's Treble Jacket keeps you comfortable on snowy city streets. Its wool shell warms you up throughout winter and a DWR coating helps keep you dry when it starts to snow. Nau bonded the wool shell to a recycled polyester lining for maximum comfort that eliminates the need of a cumbersome liner, and an organic cotton trim adds detail. Nau also integrated stretch panels at the shoulders and a vent at the back for mobility. A waterproof front z more...

Icebreaker Legacy Coat - Men's

Icebreaker uses merino wool in its Men's Legacy Coat to regulate your body's temperature when you walk to work in winter. The naturally weather-resistant boiled wool is reinforced with a wind-blocking PU laminate for the ultimate combination of classy style and protection. The sophisticated design extends to the interior, with a stylish topographical map print on its lining. Featuring a storm flap, stretchy internal cuffs, and a large interior pocket, this coat will quickly become your go-to for more...

Spiewak & Sons Waxed N3B Snorkel Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $263.42
- was $478.95

Hold the wind and rain at bay while the ladies flock like the salmon of Capastrano. The I. Spiewak & Sons Waxed N3B Snorkel Jacket features a classic design, wool lined hood, and a Martexin waxed cotton nylon shell that leaves you impervious to the weather but an easy target for admiring stares. more...

Santa Cruz Strip Coach Windbreaker - Men's
On sale - now $36.71
- was $48.95

The Santa Cruz Strip Coach Windbreaker will shield your fragile mortal epidermis from getting chilled from cold breezes and chilly nighttime air. You should feel very lucky this blessing has been presented to you. more...

Filson Light Crusier Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $315.25
- was $485

The Filson Light Cruiser Jacket takes everything you love about the original Cruiser, but makes it a touch more appropriate for warmer climates. The cotton/poly blend on the hood and shoulders keeps water off your back, while the wool body provides the insulation and weather-resistance you'd expect from sheep. The light Cruiser also features a drawcord waist to make your profile a little more streamlined as you walk through brush. This jacket utilizes FIlson's Seattle Fit, which is a more modern more...

Brixton Clyde Windbreaker - Men's
On sale - now $42.46
- was $49.95

Shield yourself from chilly breezes and unexpected sprinkles with the Brixton Men's Clyde Windbreaker. Water-resistant nylon taffeta blocks out wind and repels light moisture to let you get your skate on, even when the weather is less than ideal. Classic coach's jacket styling keeps you looking fresh, and the brushed tricot lining helps you stay comfy and cozy. more...

Filson Wool Greenwood Jacket - Men's

Pull on the burly Filson Men's Wool Greenwood Jacket before you head out the door to grab an armload of firewood, shovel the walkway free of snow, or winterize your motorcycle. The virgin Yukon wool in this jacket will absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy. As a result, the jacket will handle light rainfall and retain your body warmth even when wet. For added comfort and warmth, the Greenwood features cotton Moleskin and polyester taffeta linings whi more...

Spiewak & Sons Aviation N3-B Parka - Faux Fur

It gets cold on the streets in the middle of winter, so stay warm while looking stylish with the Spiewak & Sons Men's Aviation N3-B Parka. It has a longer cut for extra coverage and lightweight synthetic insulation to fight the chill. more...

Helly Hansen Grumant Flow Parka - Men's
On sale - now $224.98
- was $499.95

You're getting jealous looks by cold polar bears, and your lady wishes that you'd bought the Helly Hansen Men's Grumant Flow Parka in a couple sizes larger so she could crawl in there with you. This super-warm jacket is stuffed with 700-fill European goose down and has a faux fur trim on the hood, so it's no wonder why everyone wants a piece of this jacket. Yup, it's as warm as it looks. The Grumant Flow parka is a down-filled wonder. Constructed from Helly Tech, a waterproof and windproof fabri more...

Filson Hacking Tweed Jacket - Men's

You don't necessarily have to smoke a pipe in order to wear the Filson Men's Hacking Tweed Jacket. Made from durable, comfortable 100% wool, this jacket offers superior weather protection and warmth without the annoyance of those swishing sounds from the synthetic materials you'll find in many all-weather jackets. This wool jacket's Seattle fit has a tailored, streamlined cut that maintains mobility through the shoulders while staying close to your body. Really, the only drawback to owning this more...

Spiewak & Sons Empire Systems Parka - Men's

Keep the wind and snow off your back while you walk to to work in the Spiewak & Sons Men's Empire Systems Parka. The coated canvas fabric repels light moisture and a parka-length cut provides plenty of coverage. more...

Element Cornell Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $35.39
- was $54.45

Stash the Element Men's Cornell Jacket before you head out for a cross-campus trek. You'll be feeling pretty smart if you're a long way from home base when damp, breezy weather descends; just pull this lightweight rain jacket out, zip it up, and carry on. more...

Volcom Blown Away Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $30.22
- was $54.95

Trends will come and go, but the timeless look of the Volcom Men's Blown Away Jacket will stand the test of time. more...

Filson Guide Bonded Wool Work Jacket - Men's

Made for felling trees, chopping firewood, bailing hay, and any other rough outdoor work, the Filson Men's Guide Work Jacket provides a rugged, practical jacket for getting the job done. Made with boiled wool bonded to cotton twill fabric, the Guide is naturally water-repellent because wool will absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy. As a result, it retains body warmth even when wet. In addition, its unique blend of fabric offers stellar warmth and c more...

Dark Seas Dark Ages Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $37.67
- was $57.95

Designed for fishermen, craftsmen, and everyday gentlemen, the Dark Seas Men's Dark Ages Jacket is fit for mischief-filled evenings at the local dive bar. The nylon shell blocks breezes and the polyester lining adds a cozy feel. more...

Volcom Watch Out Jacket - Men's

Walk the pier on a misty afternoon in the Volcom Men's Watch Out Jacket, and you're sure to turn some heads. The fishermen, the surfers, and the joggers are all going to be jealous of your classic windbreaker style. Volcom added its signature asymmetrical back yoke and a soft jersey knit lining to improve on a design that was pretty close to perfect as it was. more...

Volcom Bashi Jacket - Men's

A twill work-style jacket with a sweatshirt hood; what's not to love about the Volcom Men's Bashi Jacket? The Bashi features a full zipper, classic fold-over collar, and adjustable cuffs to shield you from chilly drafts. It borrows the hood from your favorite pullover, because a twill one would hardly be as comfy. Hand pockets and an angled, snap-closure chest pocket hold your goodies. more...

Volcom Faceted Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $38.97
- was $64.95

A twill work-style jacket with a sweatshirt hood, the Volcom Men's Faceted Jacket gives you the best parts of your favorite things to wear. This lightweight, all-cotton jacket features a full zip, classic fold-over collar, and adjustable cuffs to shield you from chilly drafts. It borrows the hood from your favorite pullover, because a twill one would hardly be as comfy. more...

Volcom Windstunner Jacket - Men's

Just because it's windy as hell outside doesn't mean you can't look good, so leave the poncho home and pull on the Volcom Men's Windstunner Jacket. With a zip chest pocket and two snap hand pockets, you can keep your knick knacks safe, and thanks to the snap collar you can batten down the hatches when things get too dicey. more...

Athletic Recon Stinger Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $44.17
- was $67.95

Block the early-morning chill as you head to the gym with the Athletic Recon Men's Stinger Jacket. Highly versatile, this jacket works great before and after training sessions or simply for everyday wear. The jacket's subtle logo details, color-blocked paneling, and stealthy aesthetics make it a great addition to your wardrobe. more...

Emerica Regiment Shirt Jacket - Men's

Snap to it in the Emerica Regiment Men's Shirt Jacket, which mixes classic button-down style with a military-inspired look. more...

Volcom Stomper Jacket - Men's

Hop on your hog or your pedal bike in the Volcom Men's Stomper Jacket, and head out for a day of ditching school. With a cotton twill body, the Stomper gives you the slick style of a denim jacket. Fleece sleeves and hood give you the comfort of your favorite hoodie more...

DC Dean Jacket - Men's

When your agenda for this fall day consists of loitering, skating, and staying cool, the cotton twill of the DC Dean Men's Jacket is right there with you. more...

Carhartt Thermal-Lined Duck Active Jacket - Men's

The Carhartt Men's Thermal-Lined Duck Active Jacket is the essential piece of equipment to getting a big job done. Its 12-ounce cotton duck fabric is triple stitched, so it doesn't tear on the face of the fabric, or at the seams. The polyester thermal lining provides just enough warmth when you're pushing to get done before the snow starts to fly, and the rib-knit cuffs and waistband help to keep heat in. Two large front pockets are great for keeping your hands warm, while the two internal pocke more...

Emerica Regiment Camo Jacket - Men's

Grandpa always said some time in the army would be good for you, but Emerica's Regiment Men's Camo Jacket is probably as close as you want to get. more...

Quiksilver Waterman Brando 2 Jacket - Men's

If Marlon had known Quiksilver Waterman was going to name the Brando 2 Men's Jacket after him, he probably would've stuck around to wear it. Made of Dynasuede polyester and featuring a water-repellent DWR coating and mesh lining, it's a comfortable, low-key jacket for wearing around town or on vacation. more...

DC Munich Jacket - Men's

The oompah band's been blasting accordion music into your brain all night, but you're about five steins deep and wearing the DC Munich Jacket, so you're more inclined to get up and dance with the dirndl-wearing barmaid than head home and massage your temples. She's been flirting with you all night, anyway, or maybe she's just really into water-resistant quilted polyester. more...

Matix Stoneheart Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $29.58
- was $73.95

Soft stuff is for wussies. Toughen up and pull on the premium raw denim Matix Men's Stoneheart Jacket, with dry, ridged feel and rugged-man style. Antique gold and black threads plus gunmetal hardware show that even though you're tough you don't underestimate the power of good looks. Wash it when you feel like it. more...

Coalatree Organics Lumber Jack Bonded Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $33.73
- was $74.95

No need to grow a grizzled beard or yell "Timber." The bold styling of the Coalatree Organics Men's Lumber Jack Bonded Jacket should illustrate that although you are not a real lumberjack, you come from a long lineage of rough-and-tumble men. This jacket features a bonded polyester fabric and is DWR coated for protection from light precipitation. There's a slight stretch to the fabric, allowing for mobility when active or enjoying the great outdoors. more...

Volcom Lambo Jacket - Men's

Want a jacket that won't go out of style in six months? The Volcom Men's Lambo Jacket has a waxed canvas fabric and a snap closure front for a classic workwear look that will stand the test of time. more...

Brixton Cass Shirt Jacket - Men's

Whether you call it a Shirt or a Jacket, the Brixton Cass delivers. Since it can be worn as either, the Cass is as versatile as it is stylish. Does form come before function or function before form? It's tough to say with the Brixton Cass Shirt Jacket. more...

Matix Regions Jacket - Men's

Throw the Matix Men's Regions Jacket on over your T-shirt, and its sherpa fleece lining will feel like you're getting a great big hug from a furry sheep--except it doesn't smell like manure, and there's no angry sheep-herding farmer to chase you down with a rake. A quilted body and hood give roasty toasty warmth, while fleece raglan sleeves give you comfortable arm mobility. more...

KUHL Flakjak Jacket - Men's

It's a beautiful fall night with the moon hanging huge in the sky. You decline a ride home from the restaurant, slide into your KUHL Flakjak Jacket, and start the pleasant walk home. more...

Hurley CBTP Flammo Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $31.78
- was $79.45

Drawing inspiration from the surfer vibes of floral patterns and the classic Americana look of camo, the Hurley Men's CBTP Flammo Jacket has a look that can please surf bums and military men alike. The waxed-cotton and nylon shell repels light moisture to keep you dry in drizzles, and the adjustable hood shields your dome from the wind. more...

Hurley MVP Service Breaker Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $31.78
- was $79.45

MVP Service Breaker Jacket - Men's more...

Quiksilver Wound Up Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $31.8
- was $79.5

Wound Up Jacket - Men's more...

Burton Dover Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $31.98
- was $79.95

When spring showers threaten to delay your afternoon plans, slip into the Burton Men's Dover Jacket to protect yourself from the elements while remaining stylish with street-savvy looks. This water-resistant jacket is treated with DryRide Mist-Defy to repel light precipitation, and it features a micro polyester AirTech fabric for high levels of breathability. more...

DC Field Tech Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $27.98
- was $79.95

The difference between the DC Men's Field Tech Jacket and your oversize, hand-me-down windbreaker is a handful of super-neat features. DWR water-repellent treatment magically beads water, no shoulder-brush required (unless you want to). A sleek mesh lining supplies an extra layer of technical luxury to your life, while snapping waist pockets can be used for cold hands or extra storage space. more...

Emerica Slappy Bandit Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $51.97
- was $79.95

Andrew Reynolds describes his style as "what a dude would wear on a construction site, except our construction site is a set of stairs." His signature Emerica Men's Slappy Bandit Jacket captures that classic American workwear style with a rugged cotton twill fabric and a cozy Sherpa fleece-lined collar. more...

KR3W District Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $51.97
- was $79.95

KR3W added some polyester in the classic Men's District Jacket to bring some comfort to the denim jacket world. more...

Volcom Coaches Tech Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $35.98
- was $79.95

Don't be like your middle school phys-ed coach who wore t-shirts tucked into his too-short basketball shorts. Keep the chill off in style with the Volcom Coaches Tech Jacket. The nylon taffeta fabric and printed tricot lining keep the wind from forcing you indoors, and the Zip Tech jacket-to-pant interface lets you zip into virtually any Volcom pant without restricting your movement. Best of all, the standard fit and leather drawcord hem cinch make sure this jacket fits just right, so your frien more...

Altamont Termm Jacket - Men's

Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you have to dress for Antarctica. Wear the Altamont Men's Termm Jacket and stay warm without sacrificing your laid-back style. This quilted nylon jacket is super warm and comfortable, and it doesn't have those funky stains like the jacket you picked up at the thrift store. more...

Dark Seas Saltie Jacket - Men's

Hop ashore with seafaring style when you don the Dark Seas Men's Saltie Jacket. This distinctive jacket delivers a captain-worthy look with its cotton-canvas construction, chest and waist patch pockets, and button-down placket. more...

Matix Townsmen Jacket - Men's

Don't sacrifice your distinctive style just because the weather outside is a bit nipply. Throw on the insulated Matix Men's Townsmen Jacket, and keep toasty while still looking like your snazzy self. A quilted body fights the cold, and fleece sleeves don't limit your arm movement. A variety of pockets keep all your goodies safe and secure, while leather trim reinforces those good looks. more...

DC Dresden Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $33.98
- was $84.95

Not every Euro trip is going to be blessed with babes, beer, and beautiful weather, but you can still get up to all the shenanigans you can think up in the water-resistant DC Dresden Jacket, which has all the classic American style that the Euros can handle, with some skate attitude thrown in for good measure. The soft tricot lining will help keep you warm against the eastern Deutschland chill, and the cotton terry hood will shield you from light drizzle, while raglan sleeves, big snap pockets, more...

Carhartt Sandstone Active Jacket - Men's

Lose the grandpa coat and get down to business in the thermal-lined Carhartt Men's Sandstone Active Jac. This hooded jacket is every bit as rough and tough as your old work coat but has an up-to-date look that won't inspire honks from Lincoln Town Cars. Made from cotton sandstone duck fabric, the Sandstone Active jacket won't wear and tear for years to come. A relaxed fit provides a range of motion you couldn't get from your old denim straitjacket. more...

Element Bomber Fleece Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $26.84
- was $89.45

Bomber Fleece Jacket - Men's more...

Element Circuit Jacket - Men's

Stay warm while you hit the bar circuit with the Element Men's Circuit Jacket. more...

Airblaster Quilted Shirt Jacket - Men's
On sale - now $40.48
- was $89.95

With the Airblaster Men's Quilted Shirt Jacket, you can look cool without sacrificing weather-proofing. It has classic style reminiscent of your grandpa's old hunting jacket, but with a DWR-coated polyester fabric that repels moisture to keep you dry. 80g synthetic insulation helps you stay warm, and it's packable, making this jacket a great lightweight mid-layer for cold days, as well as a warm, water-resistant outer layer for slushy spring park laps. more...




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Toddler Boys Pants
Toddler Boys Short Sleeve Shirts
Toddler Boys Shorts
Toddler Boys Ski Jackets
Toddler Boys Ski Pants
Toddler Boys Sweatshirts

Boys Button Down Long Sleeve Shirts
Boys Button Down Short Sleeve Shirts
Boys Casual Jackets
Boys Casual Pants
Boys Casual Shorts
Boys Denim Pants
Boys Down Jackets
Boys Fleece Jackets
Boys Winter Underwear Bottoms
Boys Winter Underwear Tops
Boys Rain Jackets
Boys Ski Jackets
Boys Ski Pants
Boys Snowboard Pants
Boys Softshell Jackets
Boys Sweatshirts
Boys T Shirts Long Sleeve
Boys T Shirts Short Sleeve


Infant Girls Dresses and Skirts
Infant Girls Jackets
Infant Girls Long Sleeve Shirts
Infant Girls Pants
Infant Girls Short Sleeve Shirts
Infant Girls Shorts
Infant Girls Sweatshirts

Toddler Girls Down Jackets
Toddler Girls Fleece Jackets
Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Shirts
Toddler Girls Winter Underwear Tops
Toddler Girls Pants
Toddler Girls Rain Jackets
Toddler Girls Short Sleeve Shirts
Toddler Girls Shorts
Toddler Girls Ski Pants
Toddler Girls Sweatshirts

Girls Casual Jackets
Girls Casual Pants
Girls Casual Shorts
Girls Casual Tank Tops
Girls Denim Pants
Girls Down Jackets
Girls Fleece Jackets
Girls Long Sleeve Shirts
Girls Winter Underwear Bottoms
Girls Winter Underwear Tops
Girls Rain Jackets
Girls Short Sleeve Shirts
Girls Ski Pants
Girls Snowboard Jackets
Girls Snowboard Pants
Girls Softshell Jackets
Girls Sweatshirts


Sleeping Bags 30 to 55 Degree Down Bags
Sleeping Bags 30 to 55 Degree Synthetic Bags
Sleeping Bags 5 to 29 Degree Down Bags
Sleeping Bags 5 to 29 Degree Synthetic Bags
Sleeping Bags 0 to -40 Degree Down Bags
Sleeping Bags 0 to -40 Degree Synthetic Bags
Sleeping Bags - Kids

Sleeping Bags - Liners
Sleeping Bags - Stuff and Compression Sacks

Sleeping Pads Campground
Sleeping Pads Lightweight
Sleeping Pads Accessories

Tents 3 Season Tents
Tents 4 Season Tents
Tents Footprints
Tents Solo Tents


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