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Antarctica Round the World Race Recipe
Food from the Deep South

There is absolutely nothing authentically Antarctic about this recipe apart from its subject which cannot take place other than in Antarctica (or the Arctic).

In the absence of traditional Antarctic recipes and after a little brainstorming (thanks Niall) we have come up with some ideas with an Antarctic theme that can be replicated in many places across the world with no especially unusual ingredients.


The tradition and the recipe

South Pole Marker 2009, picture Nick Powell and National Science Foundation
Ceremonial South Pole Marker
replaced annually with a new design

The race around the world

On Christmas Day at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica (that's the big grey building you can see in the video above) of a race Around the World: 3 laps around the world (through every longitude), about 2 miles total. Walkers, runners, and every sort of conveyance allowed.


I'm a bit embarrassed to use the word "recipe" to be honest, it's more of just a list of ingredients put together with no cooking ability involved, though that may be a good thing.


Straw and flag to denote the South Pole in the middle of the next ingredient.

Meringue base, I bought a box of 8 from the supermarket for not a lot, you could make your own of course.

Small amounts of a variety of fresh fruits. I did this in August so there was a lot of choice, I used:


Cut them into pieces that look like they are pointing in the same direction and racing around the South Pole marker.

Icing sugar, I bought it in a shaker for about 4 times as much as a bag of plain icing sugar. I did this to avoid hunting in the corner cupboard in the kitchen for the sieve I am 50% certain we have. Use it as snow - obviously.

Double cream, to go in the middle of the meringue base, I like double cream, alternatives are available.

Plate to put it on, I imagine this would look very odd unless it was a white plate.

Why do this?

I like the simplicity and complexity of this.

It's an easy thing to make and pretty cheap too, if you're a teacher it won't cost much in resources, looks good, grabs the imagination and tastes delicious. It would act as a good introduction or end point to a number of questions that can go in a number of directions:

Round the world race

Why is it a round the world race?
This addresses ideas of the way the world is and the position of the South Pole on it.
How can you run around the world three times while only going 2 miles?
Why is there a base at the bottom of the world?
What must it be like to live there? South Pole Base Pictures

Have you tried making this? If so, please email and let me know how it went, any pics I can publish here would be good too :o)

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