Pictures of Antarctica
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Antarctica Links

Homework  or school projects, these sites are particularly (though not exclusively) suitable.

Institutions / National Antarctic Programmes
Many sites are available in English in addition to their native language, some offer a choice of several languages.

Alfred Wegener Institute(Germany)

Argentine Antarctic Institute

Australian Antarctic Division

Australian Working Group for Antarctic Astronomy

Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic

British Antarctic Survey

Byrd Polar Research Center (US)

Canadian Polar Commission

Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica,

Chilean Antarctic Institute

China, Polar Research institute, Arctic and Antarctic

Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs

French Polar Institute

National Institute of Polar Research (Japan)


International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO)

Italian Antarctic Program

National Ice Centre US)

National Science Foundation (US)

Norwegian Polar Institute - Norsk Polarinstitutt

Russian Antarctic Expedition at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute includes Antarctic photographs

Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty established in 2004 to support the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) and provide information on the Antarctic Treaty system.

SCAR(Scientific committee on Antarctic research, international)

Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge UK)

South African National Antarctic Program

South Pole Observatory

Conservation / Environment
OneWorld International Foundation includes information on Antarctic conservation.

Natural History Museum - Antarctic Heritage and Conservation blog.

Ozone hole University of Cambridge, centre for atmospheric science


Protect the Wandering Albatross. Albatross are facing a decline due to illegal and unregulated long line fishing.  

The Antarctica Project conservation organization uniquely working exclusively for Antarctica.

Polar Conservation Organization
Informational sites
BBC Nature

James Caird Society Official charitable organization honouring the memory of Shackleton

WBUR, Boston news Antarctica section


Home schooling site - Winter Unit Study links page.

Australian Geographic

Nature, The World of Penguins  useful resource.
Photography and travel to other regions
My England Visit For visitors to England and the UK

Big Sky Fishing Montana fishing site with a great outdoors feel. Loads of pictures of rivers and lakes to plan just where you'll cast your rod from.

American Polar Society

Bill Spindler's Antarctica "This web site is an attempt to share a glimpse of the "old days" at South Pole and elsewhere in Antarctica".

Maps of Ireland fine quality county maps antique reproductions from 1837 originals.

North West Web Cams Webcams of the North American North Western states

Old Antarctic Explorers Association  US military involvement at McMurdo Base.

Exploring Nevada - the goal of this site is to showcase Nevada - in words and in photos.

Thermal, insulated underwear

Extreme Cold Weather Clothing

Lonely Planet travel guide Antarctica
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Frozen Planet
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The Endurance - Shackleton's Legendary Expedition
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Cool Antarctica Store - Pictures, Shirts, Calendars, Cards etc.

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