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This page is meant as a huge thank you to those people who make the effort to email me and say nice things about this site. The intention when I started it that this site would  be "finished" about 8 years ago now, some 4 years after I started it, but thanks to you my to-do list is longer than it ever has been.

You are all the reasons I keep on doing it.

Paul, webmaster

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  • Your web site is the best. It has all the info I need. Thank a lot. Love the pics you have and I really enjoyed looking through the site and found all the info I needed. Thanks again.
    Ash - Canada

  • We love the pic of the penguins.
    Jade and Steph - Bristol, England

  • Thanks for the information that was given on this website but more information was needed on this website like more on the Antarctica its self and more information on Whaling and more on this website of pictures of it too. I loved this website lots too because the pictures were so cute of the animals and I loved the Information that was on here and I also loved the Guestmap. It was cool too. But more work could have been done on the pictures page more pictures needed to put on it, but overall the pictures page was great. The Information page was great and it was cool and I thought that this website was Great, terrific, excellent and good and more great words I can't think of at the moment.

    I also thought that this website could improve with some flash games of the Antarctic on this website, because I would like to see some games on it too. Like some games with saving the whales from getting whaled by the Humans and also. 

    Megan Jones - Bardon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • I just loved this website for its exotic pictures it has & the marvelous information.
    Saman - India

    - I love the fact that someone from India thinks the pictures on this site are exotic! :o) - Paul, webmaster

  • I visited this website after reading about one of our locals going there to run a Marathon. The website was listed and I immediately logged on. I loved, loved, loved your photos. Someday, after kids are out of college and on their own I plan on visiting Antarctica. I need penguin feathers to add to my collection. Flamingo feathers were first and I almost fell into the flamingo display at Sea World in FLA trying to retrieve them, I did snatch up 3. Besides that, I'd just love to see a place in the world where there are no wars (maybe except for animal behaviors over their own proclaimed territories) and wildlife has been left to live as it was meant too, without human interference. My sister has been to the Galapagos and we both will someday venture to the last continent.

  • Thank you again for sharing such wonderful photos. I can't wait to show my high school students this website. I teach in Marlboro, Massachusetts.
    Linda Pardee

  • THANKS A MILLION this website was brilliant and it helped loads with my geography project. 
    Joe Murray - Hornchurch England

  • Love your website think you do an amazing job of letting me travel from the warmth of my living room to my dream location, could you possibly try and take some more images of icicles? and then when my children have left my nest I can out there for real and see it for myself...........
    Sandra, Hampshire England

  • Thank you. your site is great for the project I'm doing on icebreakers. It was really great to find a site with so much information. Thank you again.
    Wendy, Canada

  • My friend Lizzy and I would like to thank-you for your great website Cool Antarctica at the moment we are doing a project on conservationists in Antarctica and your site has been extremely helpful. Thank-you. 
    Lucinda Fraser and Elizabeth Lavarch - Queensland, Australia.

  • I really love this site the pictures are gorgeous and I love it wish I could go there and see it for real and not pictures.
    Sarah - UK

  • I really loved the Pictures on this website lots. Thanks. I also really loved the information on the animals. I really appreciated it.
    Megan Jones - Bardon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  • What began as a picture hunt turned into 2 hours of great reading! I thoroughly enjoyed ALL of your site, from the Q&A section to the food and clothing. I'm not a scientist, but I had to check the job section for fun -- WOW. Thank you so much for a fantastic, beautiful, entertaining, and highly informative site devoted to what I think is the most mysterious place on Earth!
    Jennifer B, North Carolina

  • I've been fascinated with Antarctica since my grammar school geography classes, and my interest hasn't waned. I was really just cruising for nice pictures of a berg for wallpaper when Google pulled your link.

  • I really loved this website lots. I want it be updated every Month and to have lots of pictures on it. I also would like more info on it.
    Megan Jones - Brisbane Queensland Australia

  • I found the site really helpful. It really bought my passion alive. I'm really passionate about animals and conservation. Its something I really care about and I truly believe this quote only if you understand can you care only if you care can you help only if you help can they be saved. I know conservation isn't just about saving animals its about saving their environment as well.
    Emma - New Zealand

  • Just arrived back from a tourist trip to Antarctica and discovered your website. Excellent - it covers so much dealt with in our lectures that I would not have had to take notes. Wish I had found it before I went. On cameras - the Pentax zoom I brought broke, the digital was a life saver and the pictures are excellent. I recharged the batteries as we went and there was no problem. I've printed some of your pages to include with my photo album and journal. Thank you for for all your work in putting it together.
    Phyl - USA

  • A really helpful website with gorgeous pictures. It has really helped me with my Antarctica project. Thank you!
    Zoe, Plymouth, England

  • I think this site is great, it has great pictures.
    Aaron, Australia

  • Thanx a lot! by the way your site is great! cya,  

  • I'm reading The Worst Journey in the World. So should we all!! Great web-site. Great fan of Shackleton , am I. One of my grand-father's colleagues was a Walter How. He was one of the crew with Shackleton on that fantastic journey across Antarctica and was one of those left on Elephant Island. A proud connection. More piccies of the peeps involved in all Antarctic travels, if poss.
    Chris Walker, UK

  • Thanks a bunch for your help!!!! The site gave me excellent info for my geography investigation. Ta loads and loads. luv y'all
    Eilz xxxxxxxxxxxxx Largs, Scotland

  • I really like your site it's 1 of the best !!!!!!!!!! (some exclamations suppressed!)

  • I just happened upon your site by accident. The images are just beautiful. I truly enjoyed it.
    Rae - Miami, Florida

  • Wonderful to see such dramatic photographs especially having returned from a trip to Lemaire Channel etc. However I hope that this unique and extraordinary part of the world doesn't attract too many visitors in the future.
    Rory Carson
  • Great informative site for someone who is curious about Antarctica such as myself!!! Lots of information I never knew about. Thanks for such a wonderful site!
    Marl Albarillo - Chicago, Illinois

  • Man this site is great I had an assignment on Antarctica and this site was great!  :)  ;)  :D  he he he he :P
    Shayma Taweel - Sydney, Australia

  • Great web site helped with my geography proj but should get an a* now thanks so much!!! learnt loads cherz!!!! xxxxxxx
    Meg - UK

  • Thank you so much for the info it helped me understand more about seals. I'll tell all my friends about this website your website rocks. I luv this website it's the best. Great pictures also.
    Laura - Australia

  • Paul, It's a great site, very easy to use and follow - with lots of white space (sorry, no pun intended). I'm doing a lot of surfing at the moment for an anthology for primary school kids, and your site is a joy to read.
    Eve, Alphington Victoria, Australia

  • I just love this site it made me discover so much stuff and also made me figure out that Antarctica is a place we should all care about! 
    Aurelie, Paris / France

  • What a wonderful website! I went to the Antarctic in January / February and it has brought it all back. It is the most beautiful place on earth.
    Val, England

  • Your site is the best that I have found on Antarctica. All the information that anyone needs is located right here on this one website. Not only does it have text but it has pictures to go along with everything. This is the best website for someone completing a school project like myself. Thanks to your website I have really enjoyed learning about Antarctica and can't wait to present my class with all my information. Thank you very much for all the information for have given. I hope that one day I will be able to visit Antarctica.
    Katrina, Atlanta, USA

  • Wow what a brilliant website! It has really helped me do my school project. Thanks to you guys I got an A!!!!!! However it would be great to see some climate graphs on here in the future! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!! ps - some of the pictures of penguins were really cute, they are my fave animal by the way so keep them coming!
    Christine, Sydney

  • Your site was REALLY helpful for my Geography project on Antarctica and I just wanted to thank you for making it so accessible, informative, and quick to get to where I want to go. I am a year 8 student, and I could easily understand your information. So again, thank you for creating such a great site. May God bless any future journeys you take to Antarctica. Sincerely,

  • I needed some photos and information on Antarctica for my English negotiated study, and this site had the lot! This site has proven to be an excellent source in helping me with my study, thanks heaps! 
    Luke,  Australia

  • I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU for supplying the most beautiful pictures and interesting facts!!! you have helped myself and my two best friends, Kate and Emily, with our reports on Antarctica. on behalf of all of my classmates at school, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
    Isabelle, Brisbane, Australia

  • Great web site. It really helped me a lot! 
    Dean Carter, Cherrybrook, New South Wales, Australia

  • I REAAAAAAAALLLLLLY liked your website it has great pictures and awesome facts. Thanks for having it.
    Kaela, USA

  • Your website is really helpful with great facts !!
    Brittany, Australia, NSW

  • Congratulations to you on your fabulous web site. The information was very easily digested by my 10 year old daughter and myself, and I enjoyed your photos with written commentary. Well done on your achievements both on and off the ice, and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.
    Jessica Grant, New South Wales, Australia

  • Its great!!
    Rai, Australia

  • It is the best website I have been to. Bye got to go.
    Adelle - South Australia

  • I have had a wonderful time browsing your site - great work!
    Mary - Ireland

  • This is a superb site, I shall be directing Yr7 Geography students here for research into Antarctica.
    Steve Dann, Hinchingbrooke School UK

  • Great site! I love the pictures! :-) 

  • Dear Webmaster, Hello, my name is Lainey. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site. I've been trying all day to find pictures of fur seals so that I could make a poster for a school project, but no websites had any good photos. The ones I did find with good photos were all copyrighted, and I would have had to pay just to be allowed to use it on my poster! Then I found your site, and it saved my life, and my grade. Thank you!

  • Cool.
    Patrick Feary. Wiltshire, UK

  • THIS WEBSITE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????
    Fil, Finland

  • Your site is the best site! I am doing a project on it for 5th grade. And I got all the answers that I needed really quickly! I love your site! 

  • I love your website. I was doing a project for school on seals and you website really helped and paid off. Thanks a bunch.  P.S. And keep those pictures coming! 

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