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Whaling Cards  21-25
Ogden's 1927 Cigarette Cards as a summary of the whaling industry at the time

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21 The "Diana"

The "Diana" another boat sent out from Hull, is seen here lifted out of the ice by the enormous pressure of the pack-ice, an ordeal that tests both vessel and crew. The crew are seen arranging their boats and stores to make themselves as comfortable as circumstances allow. After passing through this ordeal the "Diana" was wrecked on the Lincolnshire coast in 1805
22 The "Kathleen"

The "Kathleen" might have figured in the annals of whaling had it not been for her tragic end. A whale had been harpooned but the iron had "drawn" and the enraged monster hurled itself at the ship, smashing its massive timbers at a blow. The "Kathleen" filled and sank, and the disaster would have more complete had land not been near.
23 The "Harpooner"

The special interest of the whaler in the "Harpooner" lies in the prominence given to the special construction known as tumble home or barrel-shaped appearance of the sides of the vessel. This type of construction was specially designed to withstand the pressure of the ice, the old-time whalers having good reason to dread the crushing of the ship's timbers by ice.
24 Modern Steam Whale-Catcher

The day is long past when whales were chased in small boats and killed by means of hand-thrown harpoons. Whale hunters are still of sturdy Scandinavian stock, but they work in steam driven vessels, from 150-180 tons, with a speed of 14 knots - something between steam trawlers and ocean-going tugs - able to withstand the strenuous seas of the Antarctic. Mounted forward is the muzzle-loading gun , firing a one hundredweight explosive harpoon. Our picture shows the "Southern Princess" belonging to the fleet of the Southern Whaling and Sealing C. Ltd., Liverpool.
25 Modern Whaling Ship - C. A. Larsen

The modern whaling industry is conducted on scientific lines with an efficiency which would astound the older generation of whalers. In 1923-4 Capt. Carl A. Larsen led the first Norwegian whaling expedition in the Ross Sea in the Antarctic. The mother-ship, the Sir James Clark Ross - virtually a floating whale oil refinery - was accompanied by five steam whale catchers. A second expedition in 1924-5 proved even more successful, 32,000 barrels of oil being obtained. Our picture show a a whaler of modern type (named after the famous Capt. Larsen) fitted with a large door in the bows, through which whales are drawn to interior.

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