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Antarctic Animal Encounters - Fur Seal 8 - You think you're so far away - you don't know how high I can jump from the sea!

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Being easily pleased and sensing victory, I of course then became very complacent. Thinking the seal now had to somehow get back to where he had been, I prepared the camera for a few more shots and just managed to get this one off of him launching himself back onto the platform I'd just chased him from.

Now I knew that seals were very fast and agile and could jump out of the water, but for some reason, shooting up over 1.5m from the surface and landing at my feet wasn't the expected outcome at least as far as I was concerned! For my fur seal friend here, it was evidently not only possible, but also an integral part of his cunning plan.

No pictures of him at my feet as it was my turn to high-tail it. Despite our now forming a friendship, I've seen enough fur seals play-fight with too much involvement from those teeth to want to go the whole hog with him. Getting away from tooth range was quite easy as you just run uphill, that puts the seals at a real disadvantage as they can lollop uphill, but not run. I had to stop before too long though as the uphill led to a smooth mossy area with many other sleeping fur seals which I didn't want to tread on.

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