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Antarctic Animal Encounters - Fur Seal 3
Initial feint, come on then, lets play!

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As I walked along the rocky shore, there were seals just on the land side away from the rocks and the occasional seal asleep on the rocks. Most of the time I could sneak around these without them knowing I was there, but this was a young seal I inadvertently woke up.

To start with he made a run towards me as many seals did, then gave up as they realised you were walking away. For some reason though, this one wouldn't give up and kept following me - I put on a bit of a sprint to clear some space between us (they aren't very quick for very long on land), but still he kept following me. Eventually I did the same back to him, turned and ran towards him thinking that would be the end of it. You don't really want one sneaking up on you as their teeth and in particular the rich bacterial mix in the mouth can give you a lot of grief.

However, this one seemed to sense some fun in the offing and in a state of some excitement dived into the sea re-surfacing very close, giving me a fright and resulting in a quick sprint land-wards!

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