Antarctic Fishing 7 - Feeding the net and fish into a bucket in cold temperatures

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It was always good for some nice atmospheric pictures, fishing in this manner. You can just about see a pointy thing about knee-high to the left of the black bucket. This is a harpoon head taken from Grytviken whaling station on South Georgia that we used to get people to collect if they called in there on their way south. These very heavy iron tips to the harpoon would be filled with explosives and screwed onto a harpoon that would reach about as high as a mans shoulder. We just used them as weights to keep the net down on the sea-bed.

If it wasn't too cold, fish could be removed from the net on the ice and then the net re-set immediately. If it was too cold, the net would have to be taken back to base and then taken back out to be re-set. The difference about 2-3 hours work! We used to avoid taking the net back to base if it was at all possible. The alternative was that the fish would freeze and die which defeated the object of our kind of scientific fishing.

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