Antarctic Fishing 10 - Summer fishing isn't as cold, but can still be very uncomfortable

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Fishing in the summer months means from small boats. While it wasn't as cold as winter fishing, the sea keeps moving about in a way the sea-ice doesn't. Sea-sickness is fairly quickly overcome, unless your job was to coil the rope into the rope bucket as it came in, which could be difficult in a heavy swell.

This was a calm day wind-wise, but there was about a 12ft (3.5m) swell and we really shouldn't have been out in it, but it was fun, especially as we would power up the waves as they came in and took off over the top of them.

It meant getting the net in was easier too. Pull in as much rope as you could when the boat went down into a trough, then hold onto it for dear life as the up-swell came and lifted the boat and net with it, that way the swell did the work and you didn't have to.

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