SKYPRO Men's Casual Shoes and Sneakers

Men's fashion shoes, casual shoes and sneakers by SKYPRO. The kind of shoes that you'd live in if you could or if your boss, customers or clients would let you, then again, maybe they won't notice....

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Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

SKYPRO 1922 Cabral (Black) Men
SKYPRO 1922 Cabral (Black) Men's Shoes
On sale - now $129.6 - was $216

SKYPRO August Euler (Black) Men
SKYPRO August Euler (Black) Men's Shoes
On sale - now $81 - was $180

SKYPRO Frederick Baldwin (Black) Men
SKYPRO Frederick Baldwin (Black) Men's Shoes

SKYPRO George Cayley (Black) Men
SKYPRO George Cayley (Black) Men's Shoes

SKYPRO Louis Bleriot (Black) Men
SKYPRO Louis Bleriot (Black) Men's Shoes

SKYPRO Oleg Antonov (Black) Men
SKYPRO Oleg Antonov (Black) Men's Shoes

SKYPRO Otto Lilienthal (Black) Men
SKYPRO Otto Lilienthal (Black) Men's Shoes

SKYPRO Richard Pearse (Black) Men
SKYPRO Richard Pearse (Black) Men's Shoes
On sale - now $101.25 - was $225

SKYPRO Sully Sullenberger (Black) Men
SKYPRO Sully Sullenberger (Black) Men's Shoes

SKYPRO Wilhem Kress (Black) Men
SKYPRO Wilhem Kress (Black) Men's Shoes