Ellesse Men's Casual Shoes and Sneakers

Men's fashion shoes, casual shoes and sneakers by Ellesse. The kind of shoes that you'd live in if you could or if your boss, customers or clients would let you, then again, maybe they won't notice....

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Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Ellesse Borgaro (Dark Blue/White/Red) Men
Ellesse Borgaro (Dark Blue/White/Red) Men's Shoes

Ellesse Borgaro (White/Light Grey/Orange) Men
Ellesse Borgaro (White/Light Grey/Orange) Men's Shoes

Ellesse LS-80 (Black/Red/Orange) Men
Ellesse LS-80 (Black/Red/Orange) Men's Shoes

Ellesse Massello (Off-White/Dark Blue) Men
Ellesse Massello (Off-White/Dark Blue) Men's Shoes

Ellesse Sparta (Dark Blue/Red) Men
Ellesse Sparta (Dark Blue/Red) Men's Shoes

Ellesse Tanker Lo (White/Dark Blue/Gum) Men
Ellesse Tanker Lo (White/Dark Blue/Gum) Men's Shoes

Ellesse Tanker Lo OG (White/Red/Blue) Men
Ellesse Tanker Lo OG (White/Red/Blue) Men's Shoes

Ellesse Tropea (White) Men
Ellesse Tropea (White) Men's Shoes