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Fids Gallery - Signy 1985-86 - Thumbnails

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Signy Base in summer

Unloading cargo, summer relief at Signy

Summer relief at Signy

Summer relief 2

Last call launch, last contact with the outside world for 8 months sails away

Bye then, last call flares

Start of winter, time to get the boat in

Thin ice race - don't try this at home

A step too far, climb the rope to finish the race

Signy winter

Signy winter - a long way from anywhere

Picture postcard dusk

Off on our holidays

Manhauling the old fashioned way

Manhauling in front of a glacier

At the holiday camp - could have been warmer

In front of the base during the winter

A weekend retreat in the hills, Foca hut

Nightlife's not up to much though

Luxurious facilities by Antarctic standards

Digging through the ice foot to launch the boats

No fresh water so lets drag the remains of an ice berg onshore

Preparing a diving hole

Sorting the net after a fishing trip

Relaxing on the wreck of of the Tioga

Signy Winterers 1986

Antarcturus signiensis

Having a lovely time, wish you were here

Look mum, me and my friend in Antarctica

Whalebone - a relic of the past
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