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Boxes of Colman's flour preserved since 1911 at Scott shelter at Cape Evans

Even back in 1911 there was sponsorship, many of the supplies on Scott's expedition were given by grocers and other manufacturers hoping to gain publicity from shots of their goods taken in Antarctica and being associated with Scott's expedition.

It had been intended to remain in Antarctica for some considerable time after Scott and his South Polar party had returned from the pole and so there were considerably greater supplies than were used up. After the tragedy became apparent, the remaining men at the Cape Evans hut were taken home at the first opportunity.

Many of these supplies, well preserved over the years by the freezing conditions, had been as souvenirs over the years by various visitors to the hut. Today the hut is preserved as a category 1 historic site under the Antarctic Treaty and is actively being preserved by the Antarctic Heritage Trust

Pictured in 1978 - Picture courtesy NOAA

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