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James William Dell (ca. 1880 - 1968) - Biographical notes

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Seaman, R.N. Discovery 1901-04

Electrician, boatswain Quest- Ernest Shackleton 1921 - 1922

Jimmy Dell became an electrician/ maintenance engineer at the Chapel Cleeve Estate near Blue Anchor in Somerset. This was the home of Gerald Stewart Lysaght, an iron and steel industrialist, who had factories in Bristol, Newport, Wolverhampton, Scunthorpe and Melbourne, Australia. Lysaght was one of the major backers of Ernest Shackleton.

During World War 2 JW Dell, GS Lysaght, and Sothoron Lawrence, the Chapel Cleeve Estate Land Agent, were recruited to the Auxiliary Units Special Duties Section, and were involved in a clandestine intelligence gathering and communication organisation using hidden wireless sets, word-of-mouth, dead-letter drops and homing pigeons. This organisation was one part of the most-secret British Resistance Organisation.

Information provided courtesy of Tim Wray, Auxiliary Unit researcher, , Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

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