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Antarctica Power Point Presentations
The Last Continent - Introduction
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A presentation for use by teachers or students that gives an introduction to Antarctica with lots of pictures from this site. 16Mb download - 101 slides.
Pictures with captions. 2 versions, full text and easier text.
Age 11 - 16 / 5- 11

Detailed text - technical terms  Antarctica The Last Continent
Version 1 - click to download
16Mb - 101 slides - Suitable for students from about age 13 to 16.

Easier text, some technical terms   Antarctica The Last Continent
Version 2 - click to download
16Mb - 101 slides - Same pictures as above, but with simpler text, aimed at students with a lower reading age. Also suitable for TESOL / EFL / TEFL.

The pictures and text are deliberately displayed in a "vanilla" format with a white background and simple clickable slide progression. If you wish to apply a template please feel free, likewise if you have a desire for one of those irritating typewriter effects or spinning text as it appears then I leave it to you to break my lovely design yourself  ;o)

Copyright: Material in the PowerPoint is copyright Paul Ward / or reproduced with permission from other copyright owners. It may be downloaded and printed for personal reference or public performance in an educational establishment as long as it is not for direct or indirect commercial use. It may be altered or modified, but not made publically available or transmitted to others in original or modified form without the written permission of Paul Ward /

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101 Pictures?! - that's a lot! - I thought about making slimmer versions for various purposes, but decided to include them all, that way you can slim it down if required to fit your own purposes, just delete what you don't want.

Can you help? - I'd like to be able to offer other language versions of this if possible, but only speaking English means this is a problem (I always meant to become multilingual, learn to play the piano and tango like a demon amongst other things, but have eventually accepted the linguistic laziness that is my reality - I'm not proud of it)

If anyone could supply a translation into any language of this presentation I would be most grateful and present it here as an alternative download.

Sample slides

Rose - England
Role: student
Age of intended audience: 12 to 15

Good but you can upgrade it and tell as more Antarctica where it it what is like polluting everything you need to know about the Antarctica

D. Campbell - Northern Ireland, Belfast
Role: Student Teacher
Age of intended audience: 8

Very interesting and informative, however, very difficult to keep the class enthused over 101 slides, so found it easier to break the PowerPoint up and use it as a companion to the overall theme. Very good.

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