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A presentation for use by teachers to start coursework or an extended project on Antarctica with pictures from this site. Questioning and helpful annotations. 7.1Mb download - 26 slides. Age 14 - 16

Antarctica Coursework Presentation
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7.1Mb - 26 slides

This was originally written for students in the UK by Rachael Peryer to help them prepare for their GCSE examination coursework. It can also form a good basis for any coursework / projects for the 14-16 age group from any educational system.

Adaptation is encouraged as long as the copyright guidelines below are adhered to (adaptation will be required for use other than OCR GCSE - supplementary materials will be required too)

Copyright: Material on these pages is copyright Paul Ward / or reproduced with permission from other copyright owners. It may be downloaded and printed for personal reference or public performance in an educational establishment as long as it is not for direct or indirect commercial use. It may be altered or modified, but not made publically available or transmitted to others in original or modified form without the written permission of Paul Ward / i.e. don't try and use it or bits of it to sell or claim are your own!

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Antarctica Coursework
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