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2013/14 Itinerary
Peninsula Cruise
10 days from $4,595
Fly over the Drake Passage then join your ship in Antarctica. Fly both ways or fly one - sail one options
Across the Circle
Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Circle, Historic Areas - kayaking, camping
14 days from $5,499
Ross Sea in the Wake of Scott and Shackleton
Ross Ice Shelf, McMurdo Sound
29 days from $18,700
Antarctica Peninsula to the Ross Sea
Wildlife and History
rarely travelled itinerary
31 days from $24,163


Killer whale - Orca - spyhopping

Killer whales or Orca's (a name which seems to be gaining in popularity, possibly because it sounds friendlier than "killer" - then again, what doesn't) can be seen exhibiting this spyhopping behaviour in pack ice. They are doing it to see if there are any seals or penguins on the ice that they can have for dinner. If there are, they may hang around waiting for them to enter the water, or they may try to tip them in by lifting the ice if its small enough, or by producing a wash of water by "charging" at the ice - see video below.

Picture courtesy of Mike Usher - Mike went on a Ross Sea expedition on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov in 2005.
You can purchase a selection of Mike's pictures here

Orcas trying to reach a crabeater seal on an ice flow

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