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2013/14 Itinerary
Peninsula Cruise
10 days from $4,595
Fly over the Drake Passage then join your ship in Antarctica. Fly both ways or fly one - sail one options
Across the Circle
Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Circle, Historic Areas - kayaking, camping
14 days from $5,499
Ross Sea in the Wake of Scott and Shackleton
Ross Ice Shelf, McMurdo Sound
29 days from $18,700
Antarctica Peninsula to the Ross Sea
Wildlife and History
rarely travelled itinerary
31 days from $24,163


Helicopter Flights

Not all Antarctic cruise ships have helicopters, in fact it's only a minority that do. Usually it's the ice-breakers that have them as the helicopter can be used to scout ahead of the ship to assess if it's worth making the effort to break through ice on a particular course or go a different route. Breaking through ice is very heavy on fuel.

This has the advantage for tourists of a whole extra dimension to their Antarctic experience of being able to go places that otherwise they not be able to. If there are helicopters available there are often a set number of flights included with the cruise, but then with extra trips available as an optional extra. If there is a helicopter on your ship, find out what is included and what the options are before you go.

Picture courtesy of Mike Usher - Mike went on a Ross Sea expedition on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov in 2005.
You can purchase a selection of Mike's pictures here

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