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Antarctica Dogs - Huskies - The Cost of Keeping Dogs

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Though Huskies might look like big soft fluffy balls of fun, like all dogs, they are carnivores and so need regular large amounts of meat, which however removed we are from the reality these days, comes from dead animals.

In Antarctica, the source of this meat was seals, mainly crabeater seals that had to be hunted (with rifle) by the "dog men". This was a job for the summer when seals were more plentiful, they would be stored through the winter and rationed to the dogs

Cutting up seal on base was a major exercise involving a chain saw and axes. Cleaning the chain saw afterwards was a nightmare as it was caked with partially cooked seal mince. In most cases the meat was frozen solid when we fed the dogs which was blessing as it stank to high heaven when thawed in summer. The smellier the better as far as the dogs were concerned! Most eco-incorrect to admit nowadays but we used to take about 150 seals a year to feed the 160 or so dogs at Stonners (Stonington)

Drummy Small - Stonington 1971 - 73

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