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Antarctica Dogs - Huskies - 1

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Toste - a strong male

Many of the dogs used in Antarctica came from Canada, originally bred by the Inuit as hard-working cold weather multi-purpose companions. As a breed, they are thought to be over 1,000 years old, perhaps as much as 2,000. There are many local breeds and varieties of such dogs in and around the Arctic.

These dogs are as tough as you'd expect for an animal bred for such an extreme environment. They are intelligent, alert, affectionate and develop deep and loyal bonds with their owner/drivers.

They are large powerfully built dogs, weighing around 30-40 kg (65 - 85 pounds) for males and 20-30 kg (40-65 pounds) for females. Height at the shoulder varies from 50 cm (20 inches) for smaller females up to 70+ cm (28 inches) for large males. They have a thick neck, broad chest and strong, thickly muscled legs. Their feet have dense fur and the thick double coat is completely weather proof. Surprisingly perhaps, they have relatively little body fat, instead, it is their fur that provides insulation - they suffer in warm environments being prone to heat stroke.

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