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Word Skills - School and Educational Supplies

Word Skills - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

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Some things just go together: peanut butter and jelly, movies and popcorn, Sonny and Cher. When you combine dominoes and Scrabble, you get the smart and delightful game of Appletters. Part wordplay and part matching, Appletters challenges players to make more...

Become a Word Wonder

So you think your muscles are the only part of your body that need a regular workout? Well, drop and give me twenty! Minutes, that is -- with a brain-bending puzzle from Become a Word Wonder. While physical exercise keeps your body fit, mental exercise ke more...


Once upon a time in a Brooklyn basement, there was an 84-year-old inventor who tinkered away creating one failed invention after another. Then one day (80 failed inventions later), he was cutting up plastic tiles and came up with the idea for Dabble, Crea more...

Flip to Win Hangman

Stack cups as fast as you can in various combinations.Engage visual and motor coordination centers, and refine your hand - eye coordination.The only cups approved for use in World Sport Stacking Association sanctioned events.Yes, friends, there is indeed more...

Keep Calm and Crossword On [Paperback]

When the going gets tough, the tough solve crosswords! Based on the British WWII poster, "Keep Calm and Carry On", this lighthearted collection is sure to make every clever crossword fan smile. This book packs hours of solving into a portable paperback wi more...

Mind Puzzles Crossword

Send your eyes across and down the grid and hone your brain power with fun and challenging crosswords puzzles. This collection features more than 85 brand new puzzles. Easy, medium, and hard puzzles are scattered through the book, so you never know what t more...

Off Your Rocker

Think you need your head shrunk? Well, here's your chance to play both psychiatrist and patient in a laugh-out-loud party guessing game. The patients pick one of 800 quirks they all will play, such as thinking they are stuck in a bottle or believing they more...

Pocket Posh Word Roundup [Paperback]

Fashionistas with a love of words and a thirst for brain health will go ga-ga over the oh-so chic Pocket Posh Word Roundup puzzle book. This smart book flaunts a modern, tactile design that goes with anything and a handy 4" x 6" size that fits almost anyw more...

Pocket Posh Word Scrimmage [Paperback]

Fashionistas with a love of words and a thirst for brain health will go ga-ga over the oh-so chic Pocket Posh Word Scrimmage puzzle book. This smart book flaunts a modern, tactile design that goes with anything and a handy 4" x 6" size that fits almost an more...

Pun Amok: The Word Game with Crazy Clues [Paperback]

Solvers get a small handful of punny clues, like "Mug shot" for ESPRESSO, and a bunch of letter tiles. When the tiles bearing the letters of each clue answer are eliminated, the remaining tiles can be arranged to answer a bonus clue. These demented puzzle more...

On sale - now $16.14 - was $18.99

Snatch-It happens to be one of the all-time favorites of Lindsay Gaskins, our brainy leader, president and CEO. She's one smart cookie so, naturally, we can recommend it without equivocation. This competitive and fast-paced word game challenges players to more...

Table Topics

This four-inch acrylic cube comes packed with 135 question cards to inspire engaging party conversation that will leave you thinking long after the last bottle of wine is emptied. From "what did you get into the most trouble for when you were young?" to " more...

Talk Wordy to Me Bundle

Words are the currency of all communication. In fact, they're so valuable for young and old alike that we created three Marbles-exclusive games to help you develop language skills that would make an Ivy League English professor weep. Then, we wrapped them more...

The Anthology of Really Important Poetry

Required reading from great poets of our time. Drew Barrymore: "Upon Pondering Breasts." Tom Cruise: "An Exegesis on Psychiatry." Ann Coulter: "My Kind of Fun." And Trump and Sheen and Snooki, John Boehner and Michelle Bachman, Miley and Ke$ha. Hugo Chave more...

The Economics Book [hardcover]

From Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, to Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes, to the top economic thought leaders of today, The Economics Book is the essential reference for students and anyone else with an interest in how economies work.Easy-to-follow graphi more...

The Philosophy Book [hardcover]

Using innovative graphics and creative typography to help demystify hard-to-grasp concepts for those new to philosophy, The Philosophy Book cuts through the haze of misunderstanding, untangles knotty theories, and sheds light on abstract concepts. Aimed a more...

The Politics Book [hardcover]

From ancient and medieval philosophers such as Confucius and Thomas Aquinas, to revolutionary thought leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Leon Trotsky, to the voices who have shaped modern politics today - Mao Zedong, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, and more - more...

The Psychology Book [hardcover]

Clearly explaining more than 100 groundbreaking ideas in the field, The Psychology Book uses accessible text and easy-to-follow graphics and illustrations to explain the complex theoretical and experimental foundations of psychology.From its philosophical more...

Word Freak [Paperback]

SCRABBLE may be truly called America's game. But for every group of "living-room players" there is someone who is "at one with the board." In Word Freak, Stefan Fatsis introduces readers to those few, exploring the underground world of colorful characters more...

Word. 144 Crosswords that Prove it's Hip to be Square [Paperback]

Created by Natan Last, a senior at Brown University, three-time intern with Will Shortz, and in 2008 the youngest person to have a puzzle published in the Sunday New York Times, Word kicks the crossword puzzle squarely into the 21st century for a new gene more...



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