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Toys - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

"8" Vinyl "Do It Yourself" Sentry Turret"

"A new model for home defenseThis Portal Sentry Turret is currently camouflaged for the Arctic Wasteland environment (also works in D.C. as we're writing this). If you're not currently in said environment, feel free to redesign the exterior of your own pe more...

"Adventure Time 10" Super Posable Action Figures Finn"

"10 inches of algebraic fun!There are lots of giants and giant creatures in the land of Ooo. From the Gumball Guardians, to the monster with the teddy bear party raging in its gut, to Billy (hey, he's pretty tall), lots of things exist that are taller tha more...

"Game Of Thrones: Iron Throne 7" Replica"

"Iron Throne on an iron budgetWhat's that you say? You wanted the life-sized Iron Throne but you just didn't have a spare 30 grand under your mattress? Or maybe you did have a spare $30k but wanted to spend it on something "sensible" like a car, child car more...

"Godzilla 24" Head to Tail Action Figure"

"SkreeonkThis Godzilla figure is HUGE. HUGE, we tell you. But, of course, compared to the actual Godzilla, he's tiny. He could smash the Barbie Townhouse, elevator and all, and eat all our 6" action figures. This Godzilla is 12" tall, 24" long, and 200% a more...

"Guardians Of The Galaxy 6" Figures Drax"

"Time to save the galaxy! Some people haven't heard of Star Lord yet. Those people soon will! He reminds us of another time traveler in a red coat: Fry from Futurama. Only, this Star Lord flies in space with a cadre of strange individuals. Wait, Fry does, more...

"Minecraft 3" Figures Steve with Survival Pack"

"Happy real-world crafting!These Minecraft figures are listed as "fully-articulated," which is pretty amusing. The lack of articulation is sort of the point of Minecraft. So we assume "fully-articulated" is what? Like maybe 5 points. Not 23. But these lit more...

"Minecraft 3" Hangers Blind Foil Packs"

"Full of surprisesMinecraft is full of surprises. Pick pick pick... emerald ore! Pick pick pick... abandoned mine shaft! Pick pick pick... lava! Oooh. Sorry. Say, what's that hissing noise? Is it coming from over there? Maybe it wants to be your friend? Y more...

"Minecraft 7" Plush Creeper"

"Have You Hugged a Creeper Today?Minecraft is all edges and 90?? angles, so although it's really popular with the kids, it's just never been very huggable. Until now. Hug your favorite Minecraft characters, both good guys and bad. Choose Creeper, Enderman more...

"Pacific Rim 18" Gipsy Danger Deluxe Action Figure Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger"

"The Steel TitanSince Jaegers are oversized mechas, it only seems right that their action figures should be oversized, too. Most 18" action figures are 1:4 scale. By our math, this version of Gipsy Danger figure is 1:192. Think about that for a sec. That more...

"Pacific Rim 18" Knifehead Kaiju Deluxe Figure"

"Do not mess with KnifeheadThe Knifehead Kaiju is here to kill all humans, and, if you're not careful, his action figure can, too. See, when you scale up a Knifehead to 18" that head becomes a deadly weapon, so be careful with this one. We highly recommen more...

"Ron Burgundy 8" Figure"

"Stay Classy Ron: Great story. Compelling and rich. Well, that's going to do it for all of us here at Channel Four News. You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy?Ed: ... Who typed a question mark on the teleprompter? For the last time, anything you pu more...

"Star Wars Black 6" Action Figures Greedo"

"Judge me by my size, do you?You don't need these. You've got the 3 3/4" from when you were a kid. Well-played with. Been through many a staged battle. Maybe you've got the 12" collectors-type figures still MIB. You definitely don't need these. But you kn more...

"The Other Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver from "The Day of The Doctor"

"Same Software, Different FaceThose are screwdrivers, not weapons. What are you going to do? Assemble a cabinet at them? - The War Doctor, "The Day of the Doctor"Spoiler alert: We're going to talk about the 50th Anniversary episode, "The Day of the Doctor more...

"Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters "Army Men" Figures"

"Aim the magnifying glass at their heads!The sweltering heat of the driveway asphalt is almost too much for Lt. Brass Knuckles and his platoon of fearless men. With news from Private Tex Hutchinson that the dog water bowl is only a few tosses ahead, a wav more...

14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

"These robots eat sunlight!The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, and it really wants to power robots. Good thing for all of us that robots are one of the things we love building most! But we don't want to just build one robot - we want the ability to bui more...

30th Anniversary Voltron Collectors Set

"By your powers combined...We loved Voltron when we were young, but our parents hated it. Why? Because we kept trying to get our cats to hook together and form a giant robot. We never did succeed in that (though we did get close once), but our love for Vo more...

3D Lord of the Rings Puzzles Citadel of Minas Tirith

"Return of the King's PuzzlesIf you were to build full-sized versions of famous Middle Earth landmarks, you'd have to have a much bigger house. In fact, your house would have to be the size of, say, New Zealand. But, because we know the urge to build 'em more...

3D Sidewalk Chalk Kit

Not just for teachersChalk has long been the demesne of teachers, but with this kit, you can make chalk a toy your kids can both play with and learn from, too. They get to mix it up themselves and dye it whatever color they want before they put it into a more...

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen ABS Essentials Refill

"The world's first 3D printing pen.Drawing is a fun way to make art. But when you use pens to draw, it's so two-dimensional. Time to take your art to the next level with the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen . This is one of the coolest inventions to ever be inven more...

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

"Sometimes Even Self-Rescuing Princesses Need FlowersWe raced across the finest retro gaming platformers to pluck these choice posies for your pixel-based enjoyment. The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet is guaranteed to never wilt and is the perfect gift for the old- more...

8-Bit Rose

"Trwooo 8-Bit WuvOnce upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a plumber with a fantastic mustache, a brave left-handed warrior with a pointy hat, and a bounty hunter whose suit allows her to morph into a ball and roll through small spaces. What more...

A Game of Thrones Board Game: 2nd Edition

Win... or die The monkeys here at ThinkGeek are HUGE fans of George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire . Like everyone else, we are super excited about the next book and the HBO series. Sadly, it always seems that we're waiting more...

Adventure Time Card Wars BMO vs. Lady Rainicorn

CORNFIELDS ARE AWESOME!Card Wars is THE card game of Adventure Time. The ONLY one that all the residents play. The BEST one if you are a dog named Jake. And... ok, so only Jake really likes to play it and that's mainly because Jake's a poor loser, so no o more...

Adventure Time Monopoly

Own the land of Ooo. Monopoly is a fun game that sometimes goes on forever and ends in tears. And then it leads to fights and sometimes wars in the home. And if those wars ever escalate to the point of another Great Mushroom War, well, then, all that's le more...

Adventure Time Munchkin

What time is it?Get ready for a totally flippin' awesome adventure in the Land of Ooo with this sweet new twist on the classic game of Munchkin. Play as Finn, Jake, Marceline, or one of your other favorite characters. With help from palls like Tree Trunks more...

Adventure Time Swords Finn's Sword

"Scarlet!!!For seasons one and (most of) two of Adventure Time , Finn and his Golden Sword (dubbed Scarlet in the Nintendo game) found themselves in sorts of scrapes, scrambles, and (it must be said) adventures. And using the swords keen(ish) edge and Fin more...

Adventure Time Vinyl Figures Finn

"Mathematically cute. While walking through the forest one day, we spied a frog sitting on the ground. It asks you for the password, and you yell, "Whatevers 2008!" But before you can correct it and enter Lumpy Space, you are transported somewhere new and more...

Alien Chestburster Plush

"Game's over, man! Let the fun begin! "Yes, Newt. Mommy was wrong. There really are monsters, and here's one you can cuddle up with!"Straight from your friends at Better Worlds Toys(TM), a division of the Weyland-Yutani corporation, comes the rebirth of a more...

Alien Egg W/ Launching Facehugger & LED Lights

"Not the fun kind of huggingThey mostly come at night. Mostly. -Newt, AliensThis detailed egg looks just like the ones discovered by Ripley, Burke, and Vasquez in the Aliens franchise, down to its otherworldly, creepy glow. Show the 4.5" tall egg to Xenom more...

Alien Facehugger Plush

He just wants to give you a kiss!Don?Ăt you wish there was someone, or something, at home that loved you unconditionally? The Alien Facehugger Plush can do just that! As soon as this little guy sees you he?Ăll try to jump up and give you a giant smooch. H more...

Alien Reaction Figures Ash

"In blister packaging no one can hear you screamIt must have been so frustrating for whomever designed these Alien action figures originally. You do all sorts of detailed sculpt work and it all comes to nothing... until now. We hope that person's (those p more...

Alien SD Vinyl Figure

"It hunts at nightCan you believe it's been over 30 years since the original Alien movie? Some of our younger monkeys weren't even alive when it came out - but that doesn't stop them from being major fans. Touted as one of the greatest movie monsters of a more...

Aliens Bishop Android Plush

"Queen Takes BishopBecause of her previous experience with synthetics, Ripley is loathe to embrace Bishop as a crew member, let alone embrace him literally, but you know better. Hang on to this plush as if he's sliding toward the airlock, and you're the o more...

Aliens Xenomorph Plush

"Hungry Hungry Alien Since Xenomorphs adopt the physical characteristics of their hosts, we have to assume this little guy developed inside a bunny rabbit or something equally adorable. Maybe it's part of a plot on the part of the aliens to get us to take more...

Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope

"Science at home As wee geeks, we loved our science classes. Science was always fun and hands-on and related to the things we interacted with in our daily lives. Getting to play with the microscopes fell in the category of Best. Day. Ever. Using a microsc more...

Apocalypse Snow Globe

"The weather outside is frightfulAt one time, the city in this snowglobe was bustling with tiny people. The elevators in its skyscrapers were always moving. It was mixed zoning, so some came to it to work and some came to it to live. Restaurants. Taxi cab more...

Aquafarm: Aquaponics Fish Garden

Just keep swimming!Growing pretty herb gardens inside your home is not only trendy and healthy, but a great way to start putting fresh home-grown ingredients back into your diet. There are lots of ways to grow herbs, inside or outside, but none that are q more...

Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

"Prepare for liftoff.We drink a lot of soda. We can't help it, it's yummy. And we always, always, always recycle the bottles. But sometimes, the path from our desk to the recycle bin goes by way of SPACE!!! Ok, so not quite space, but definitely about 100 more...

Archer: Pam's Dolphin Puppet Plush

"Plush HR Mediation ToolThis 12" mediation tool (phrasing!) is going to help you make your point without actually having to come out and say it yourself. Need to talk to that one coworker about his or her lack of turtlenecks? Have to have a conversation a more...

Aroma Revolution Flavoring and Pairing Kit

"You are what you... smell!Everyone knows smell is a very important part of eating. This is because your nose is capable of distinguishing between more subtle flavors, more than your mouth can. But what happens when you eat food? You smell it and then cra more...

Assassin's Creed Edward's Cutlass Latex Replica

"While you pray, we shall actThere was a time when I thought myself the deadliest scourge of these seas. But this man... he's like a fearsome dog. Feeds off trouble and turmoil. I seen him clear the deck of a Spanish galleon like it were nothing. - Blackb more...

Assassin's Creed Figures Benjamin Hornigold

"Arrrrrrrticulation, Matey!These Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag action figures are a different kind of online piracy: the completely legitimate variety. These figures are officially-licensed, which we think might make them technically privateers and not more...

Astrojax Orbital Ball Toy Blue

"Explore orbital fun.Some toys seem like they would be easy to make. Take the Astrojax Orbital Ball Toy here. Invented by an American physicist, it seemed easy - but the mathematics behind it actually took two years and hundreds of prototypes to get just more...

Attack on Titan Figmas Eren

"Only the victors are allowed to live"We admit it, we'd be scared to live in the world of Attack on Titan. Lucky for us, there are folks like Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman in the Survey Corps, ready to do whatever they have to do keep humanity alive... more...

Avengers Thor 1/4 Scale Deluxe Figure

"When all you have is a Mjolnir...What's up with the vagueness on action figures' points of articulation? NECA says this one has "nearly 30." What is that? 27? 28? 29? We've seen figures advertised with "more than 10" or "approximately 5 points of articul more...

Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird

"Now with more feathers!Remember the day that birds somehow found their way into the school cafeteria? People would scream and squeal as the terrified birds swooped up to the ceiling or made for the glass windows trying frantically to get out. Finally, a more...

Axe Cop Action Figures Avocado Soldier

"I WILL CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF!When we were kids, we remember asking for specific action figures at holidays and birthdays and being happy (or disappointed) about getting (or not getting) them. You have to imagine, however, that little Malachai Nicolle can ha more...

Axe Cop Plush Avocado Solider

"Move over teddy bearsQ: Dear Axe Cop, How did you become a cop? Was the training hard?? - anonymous. A. No. There was no training. I just took my axe to a cop station. There was nobody there. There was free sign ups. So I signed up. I put on my suit. The more...

Axe Cop Roleplay Axe

"I WILL CHOP YOUR HEADS OFF!"At the scene of a replica fire, a replica cop found the perfect replica axe. That replica cop became Replica Axe Cop. And then real Axe Cop chopped his head off because Replica Axe Cop was secretly an alien dinosaur warrior se more...

Baby's Big Toy Set - 5 Pieces

These first toys will produce endless giggles and smiles! Ideal for developing fine motor skills creative thinking cause and effect hand-eye coordination and color and shape recognition. Ages 6 months and up. more...

Baby's First Toys Board Book

Bold and bright photographs coupled with identifying words will spark object recognition and encourage language skills. Young children will delight in the bright images while getting a head start on learning. The vivid photographs in this volume will be r more...

Back to the Future Lights and Sound Mark II Delorean

Who needs a TARDIS?When it comes to time travel, everyone thinks of The Doctor, zipping through time and space in his TARDIS. And sure, Doctor Who was around when Back to the Future was just a sparkle in the eyes of Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis. But reall more...

Back to the Future Vinyl Pop Figures Marty

"Great Scott! You need this!The McFlys may not have ever amounted to very much in Hill Valley, but that was nothing a little time travel couldn't fix. Imagine what you could change if you had a DeLorean with a flux capacitor and a little plutonium. Bettin more...

Badass Zombie Killers Card Game

Build a better boomstick.The zombies are coming, so you better get yerself armed. Sure you could settle for a pitchfork or a katana or a shotgun. But we like our zombie killin' weapons with just a touch more badass. Why have a shotgun, when you could wiel more...

Baldrick's Tomb Dungeon Crawl Game

"An intro into dungeon crawling.Our favorite thing to do in dungeons is crawl. We love the excitement, the monsters, the friends, the loot, and the way the dank ground squishes beneath our armored feet. There's nothing like the lessons learned whilst in a more...

Ball of Whacks Red

Whack Off at WorkYour boss wants a new proposal for the big presentation. The trouble is, she only told you about it two hours ago and the meeting is in twenty minutes! You open up a new window about ready to spill out brilliance, when you hear the sound more...

Batman - Black Costume Statue

"Cape. Check. Muscles. Check. Cue the fan.Discipline. Mystery. Smarts. And a the ears of a bat. You don't get to be Gotham's greatest hero without all of these things. And all of them are really helpful even if you don't live in Gotham, although we'd say more...

Batman Arkham City Riddler Trophy Replica

"Riddle me this!When it comes to violent sociopaths, Batman knows his stuff. Having fought the most violent, psychotic criminals of Gotham City multiple times, there isn't any foe that Batman can't take down. But, of those criminal masterminds, Edward Nig more...

Batman Quarter Scale Premium Format Figure

"That's one big Bat!The Dark Knight stands on the precipice. At the top of one of Gotham's tallest buildings, he roots himself on a gargoyle and waits. He has a lot to think about in the dark as he scans the city for unrest, 'Which cowl should I wear tomo more...

Batman: Arkham Origins - 1/4 Scale Action Figure

"Bat-tastic!Batman is a giant among those who protect the night. And lately, the Arkham series of games have been amazingly fun to play. Sure they weren't perfect, but they each had moments where one felt just like Batman (and it was awesome). Celebrating more...

Become a Laird (Lord) or Lady Gift Box

"There can be more than one!There are some very special people in this world. You are one of those people. And we want to make sure you can reflect that specialness in your title. We don't want you to be Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. You - we want you to be Laird or more...

Beemo Plush

"Who wants to play video games?Adventure Time is a little hard to explain to people who haven't seen it yet. You could be like, "Well, it's the adventures of a boy and his dog," but that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. "A boy and his dog" descr more...

Berserk Guts 1/6 Deluxe Figure

"Tell me whyIt's hard to believe how long Berserk has existed. Around the same time as the publication of the first volume, Home Alone hit theaters and Tim Berners-Lee started working on the web. As in this thing you're reading this on. Did not exist. So more...

Big Bang Theory Clue

"Sheldon has been Betrayed!Someone has meddled with one of Sheldon's sacred belongings and he isn't taking it lightly. He's sequestered 6 of his so-called "friends" and created a white board to analyze who did it, what heinous deed was done, and where the more...

Big Bang Theory Monopoly

Bazinga!When you're as smart as the folks on The Big Bang Theory, people stop playing games with you. Whether it's fear of losing or fear of being completely obliterated while having all their faults pointed out and mocked, we're not sure. Well, the one t more...

Big Bang Theory Sheldon Figures Batman Shirt

"Just Add Bazinga Raj: What do you think, Sheldon? Want an action figure that looks just like you?Sheldon: Would it come with Kung-Fu grip?Raj: No.Sheldon: Don?Ăt waste my time. - "The Cooper/Kripke Inversion"We think Sheldon was spoiled by G.I. Joe actio more...

Big Bang Theory Vinyl Figures All Three

"Get collecting!If you glance around the apartments of the geeks of The Big Bang Theory, you'll notice they all have figures. Superheroes, movie characters, cartoons. If you love it, you'd better have a plastic or vinyl representation of it to prove it! F more...

Big Lebowski Vinyl Pop Figures Donny

"The Dude AbidesIf you collect action figures, you know that one of the tricks is getting them all to work together. You probably keep them in one room, and you've got all sorts of fandoms and different scales combining in unholy ways that threaten to ope more...

Bioshock Infinite George Washington Patriot

"The Lord judges. I act.The BioShock series is one that never fails to entertain in its delightfully disturbing sort of way. Quick. Facts about George Washington? First president of the United States. Married to Martha. May have possibly chopped down a ch more...

Bioshock Infinite Prop Replica Sky-Hook

"Ride the rails of the skyCommuting is complicated, especially public transportation in large cities. Do you find yourself dangerously close to plummeting to the earth while trying to get across town via Sky-Line? What you need is a good, quality R.J. Pic more...

BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia Board Game

Play the war - and lookout for Booker!In our humble opinion, BioShock Infinite was a fantastic game. It had guns, flying around on Sky-Lines, cities floating in the clouds, Elizabeth, some plot twists and turns, and all this in the middle of a great big w more...

Blind Box tokidoki Cactus Kitties

"Hug Them All - MEYEOWCH!We think Cactus Kitties are Simone Legno's idea of what would happen if Tashirojima ("Cat Island" in Japan) were actually located in the southwestern United States. According to tokidoki, the Cactus Kitties zip themselves into cac more...

Blind packed DOTA 2 Plush

"Fuzzy Wuzzy returnsMaybe tiny plush isn't the first product that comes to mind when you're thinking of merchandising your multiplayer online battle arena game. "Aren't you just the cutest little Strygwyr EVAR? Yes you are. Who's Daddy's little more...

Blobfish Plush Blobfish Plush Big

"Grumpy Cat of the seaIt seems unfair to vote Blobfish as "the world's ugliest animal" based on what they look like when we dredge them up from their natural habitat, over 2,000 feet underwater. It doesn't look like this at its proper depth. Plus, if the more...

BoomCo Clip Fire Blaster

"Stick it & Clip it!In an office war, the best thing to do is always have a blaster on you at all times. But that can be hard, since some of them get quite bulky. Enter the BoomCo ClipFire Blaster. The handle folds up against the body and the plunger has more...

BoomCo Dart Pack 16ct

Smart Stick dart refills!Smart Stick darts are tipped with something that only sticks to Smart Stick Targets and Shields (i.e., pop-up and removable targets integrated into the BoomCo blasters' designs). They're the product of 3 years of intensive researc more...

BoomCo Farshot Pistol

"Long-range showoff!Some people chose to win the office war by firing as many darts as they possibly can. Others choose their vantage point and wait. And watch. And watch and wait. These are the folks the BoomCo Farshot Blaster is made for. It's a single more...

BoomCo Rapid Madness

"BOOM!If you work in an office, a cool office, you know that part of your necessary daily needs is some sort of dart blaster. The old standards are great, but there's a new type of blaster on the market. This one is by the folks at Mattel, and they've spe more...

BoomCo Target set

BoomCo Target SetTime for a revolution three years in the making. We're talking about Smart Stick Technology! Smart Stick darts are tipped with something that only sticks to Smart Stick Targets and Shields (i.e., pop-up and removable targets integrated in more...

Borderlands 2 Swag-filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest

"A ThinkGeek Exclusive!Note: Due to the nature of DLC codes, we can't accept returns on this item.If you're Borderlands fans like us, you're going to need to wipe the drool from your face in about 30 seconds. You may have heard at PAX East -- or via tweet more...

Borderlands Gentlemen Caller Claptrap

"'stache Your LootSentience has a face... plate... and it's gotten even fancier since the last time you saw it! Behold, the Gentlemen Caller Claptrap Figure. Our favorite NPC has returned, and he's ready to keep all your stuff. For you, of course. Protect more...

Boskke Sky Planter

Turn your plants on their headsMost homes and offices have ceilings that are at least 8 feet high. They feature timeless decorating classics such as lights, ceiling fans and air conditioning return vents. Unless you are very tall or a member of the Na'vi more...

Boss Monster: Dungeon-Building Card Game The Game

Now, YOU are the end boss.In most dungeons, you enter as an adventurer and fight your way to the center. There, you defeat the big boss monster and win treasure or something. Well, enough is enough. It's time for YOU to be the big boss monster. It's time more...

Bravest Warriors Catbug Designer Vinyl Figure

"We're having soft tacos later.As soon as the little guy came on the scene, we knew Catbug was going to be a fan favorite. Really, what's not to love? He's a little cat, he's got wings, and he's voiced by an actual human child! None of those impostor huma more...

Bravest Warriors Co-operative Dice Game

Sugar peas!In the Bravest Warriors Co-operative Dice Game, you take on the role of one of the Bravest Warriors or one of their bestest pals. Working together, you will overcome Events and Encounters using your Portals and Special Abilities. Can you earn e more...

Bravest Warriors Plush Baking Catbug

"Aww. She loves you!"We love living in an age where television shows that are too niche for the general TV audience can go to cable TV and shows that are too niche for cable TV can become popular on the intarwebz. Let the creativity and craziness reign su more...

Breaking Bad 18in Teddy Bear

"Breaking BearThe pink teddy bear. So innocent and also so aptly representative of that plunge from innocence that Walter White takes. It's the perfect iconic prop from Breaking Bad . Fans will immediately know what it is. Non-fans will wonder what the he more...

Breaking Bad 8in Plush Jesse

"Breaking AdorbsIn the tiniest of labs beneath the littlest of laundromats, two snuggly criminals work diligently to create delicious rock candy to disperse throughout the city. Most would say sugar is bad for teeth and that this d'aww-inspiring duo must more...

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Figure

"It's good to be bad.Can you imagine any of your mild mannered high school science teachers transforming themselves into a drug kingpin? Running lab tests by day and cooking meth by night? It wasn't hard to imagine for the creators of Breaking Bad. Walter more...

Breaking Bad Vinyl Pop Figures Gus Fring

"Everybody's favorite meth dealers!So the names of some of these Funko pop versions of characters from Breaking Bad may be slight spoilers, but look. The show is over. If you wanted to watch it, you've had plenty of opportunities. So don't whine at us if more...

Bruce Lee Playing Cards

"The possession of anything begins in the mind."73 years ago, the Year of The Dragon, November 27, 1940, on the hour of the dragon, Bruce Lee was born. Known to the world as a martial artist, actor, and philosopher, Bruce Lee was a visionary, and continue more...

Bubble Copter R/C Blue

Flights of fancyEver get bummed out because your R/C helicopter only flies around (and then crashes)? Us too. We wanted a 'copter that could do something cool, like fly stink bombs into your little sibling's bedroom. After all, they're a pain in the butt more...

Bubble Wrap Suit

"Zoltan! *pop pop*We had a dream: a dream of space travel, of living amongst all the aliens in the universe. Of course, were were mocked when we started wearing the bubble wrap suits. They thought we looked ridiculous. But who's laughing now? We are! (And more...

Bunny Stapler

"Little Stapler Foo FooBabbitty Rabbitty. The March Hare. Roger. Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail. All these characters had one thing in common: crystal meth. Just kidding; they're all rabbits. The Bunny Stapler looks like a rabbit, too. But it's a stapler.R more...

Canned Dragon Meat

"Death for dinnerFans of Radiant Farms' Unicorn Meat are probably looking at this product and thinking, "Wait a minute, ThinkGeek! Isn't Radiant Farms in Ireland and don't the nuns believe in nonviolence and wait until the unicorns die of natural causes b more...

Canned Unicorn Meat

No foolin' - Unicorn meat is real!Excellent source of sparkles!Unicorns, as we all know, frolic all over the world, pooping rainbows and marshmallows wherever they go. What you don't know is that when unicorns reach the end of their lifespan, they are dra more...

Castellan the Castle Building Game Blue and Red Set

Keep your keepWe learned a new word today: castellan, who was the governor of a castle. It comes from the same root as chatelaine, so there are probably a lot of keys involved. Fortunately for you, strategic planning is the only key to Castellan. (That ma more...

Castle Panic!

"Why moats existedYou know how an acquaintance would approach you on a Monday morning and ask what you did over the weekend? You'd mention that you were gaming, and your acquaintance would ask, "Who won?" And then there'd be this awkward pause in which yo more...

Catbug Squishable Plush

"Put a little fence around it!"Ever since he first popped on the scene, Catbug was an instant fan favorite. He's cute, he's mischievous, he's a cat, he can fly - oh, the reasons go on and on. Plus, he's got a fantastic imagination and can leap dimensions. more...

Chain Mail Gaming Dice Bag Standard Mail

Protect your dice from weapons, sharksChain mail came about after field tests revealed that arrows and other pointy things could split open tunics and leather armor. Add metal and suddenly, the casualties of war are much fewer. Win! Before you think that more...

Chains to Champions BrickWarriors Game

"Gladiators meet minifigs! In the olden times before the "Everything is Awesome" brick movie, minifigures were bought and sold and thrown into arenas to fight to the death for the joys of evil master builders. Well, it's time to relive those bricks battle more...

Chaos Bunny Blind Box Figures Blind Box Figure

"Mini Mr. Bunny!Chaos Bunnies reign supreme, Chaos Bunnies stay real clean. Chaos Buns are chunks of art. Chaos Bunnies sometimes fart. Chaos Bunnies really are art - designed by one of the greatest creators in the indie vinyl art movement: J.Led. Chaos B more...

Character Building: The TARDIS Mini Set

"Build your own tiny TARDISIf you drew a Venn diagram showing Doctor Who fans and brick construction toy fans, you'd see a pretty big overlap. Geeky folks are builders; geeky folks like Doctor Who. But up until recently, there were no Doctor Who themed co more...

Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment

As Seen By Thousands!On February 15th, 2013 at 3:20 UTC, a hunk of chondrite the size of a double-decker bus slammed into the Earth's atmosphere at roughly Mach 60. No doubt you saw all the YouTube videos. The shockwave generated from the heat of entering more...

Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

This classic wooden push toy for tots is loaded with entertaining motions and sounds to help advance gross motor skills and cognitive development as your child learns to walk. With every step three green gators take turns chomping and clacking. Ages 1 yea more...

Classic Simon

"Fun or frustration?Such a simple looking toy. So lovely and colorful with simple colors that appeal to your inner child. The game lures you in with its seeming simplicity. "Play me! Play me! I am an easy and fun game." Just use your memory to follow the more...

Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

Games make us jollyWhen the weather outside is frightful, the glow of our TV is so delightful. Whether we're playing as Mario, Chell, Commander Shepard, or Pac-Man, video games are the sure-fire way to make us shake with laughter like a bowl full of (ochr more...

Collectible Dragon Egg Box with Eggs

"Nest Egg(s)Generally you don't want to leave eggs just sitting around. If you've ever made the mistake of having an Easter Egg Hunt inside the house and miss one, you know why. But these eggs are different. According to Magister Illyrio, they're eons old more...

Cool Circuits Puzzle

"Circuit party time!Do you have a budding electrical engineer on your hands? Do you want a fun, visual game to play at parties? Check out Cool Circuits. You choose a puzzle card and then try to complete that circuit on the board using the 8 fluorescent ci more...

Critical Hit +5 Stones of Frost

"Roll the dice to see if I'm getting drunk!Of late i have been tasting each sort of whiskey to contrast and compare them. Although bourbon (kentucky & tennessee blended and straight), canadian. irish, and scotch are all fine, I have come to the conclusion more...

Critical Hit LED D20 Die

"Flashes red when you roll a crit!We have two audiences for this item, so we'll address you separately: PLAYERS: You know that amazing feeling you get when you roll a crit? The sight of the "20" on your die blasts straight up into the pleasure center of y more...

Customizable Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

"Testing the way you want itPlease note: This item is oversized and is excluded from free shipping promotions.NECA noticed that everybody loved their Handheld Portal Devices and decided to pull out the molds for one more amazing rendition of everyone's fa more...

Cute Dinosaur Plush All 3

Roar, wink!Who says that toys have to be complicated to be fun? Stuffed animals have been around for a long time, they are a classic. Know what else has been around a long time? (Or more accurately, what has not been around for a long time?) Dinosaurs! Fe more...

Dancing Groot Vinyl Pop Figure

"Wants You BackOur most popular Funko POP! Guardians of the Galaxy figure would like to introduce himself. Here you go. *hands over mike* "I am Groot." *hands back mike* Right, so now that that's out of the way, we'd like to point out that the original Fu more...

Dante Coats Large

"Ebony & Ivory not included.Dante's had a few different weapons during his time hunting demons in the Devil May Cry series, but one thing has stayed constant: his awesome jacket. It's long, it flows, and it's got the weirdest turned-up sleeves. And now, y more...

Darth Vader Stress Toy

Force-squeezeThere is a dirty little secret amongst the Stormtroopers on the Death Star. One day, when Vader was off-site at a big important meeting with the Emperor, they all pooled their credits and bought a boxload of Vader Head Stress Balls. Now, when more...

Day of the Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

"10th's Sonic "The Day of the Doctor." Perhaps not the 50th anniversary celebratory episode that all Whovians would have wanted, but it did try to pull a lot of magic from the entire history of the series. And, just like any time folks come back, the prop more...

DC Comics Batman Uglydoll

"Da na na na na na na na da na na na na na na na ICE-BAT!Presumably this version of Batman's archenemy is Mr. Freeze, since the body's Ice-Bat. Or maybe that means they're buddies. We don't know. We DO know that this version of Batman is the single most-h more...

DC Plushes Batman Plush

"Superplush!We saw a really interesting TED talk on the interwebz. In it, Amy Curry talks about "power poses " and how engaging in certain body postures can increase our confidence and increase the chances that other people will perceive us more positivel more...

Dead Space Isaac Clarke Statue

"?˘Stick around - I'm full of bad ideas.?÷One fun part about working at ThinkGeek is checking out all the sample products that people send us. Sometimes, we find awesome things and immediately snatch them up so we can share them with you. But sometimes, i more...

Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica Dead Space 1 Version

A word from the good people at Schofield Tools...We know you have lots of choices when selecting top quality equipment, that's why we're pleased to offer you the very latest in directed-energy mining tools: the Schofield 211-V Plasma Cutter. The 211-V Pla more...

Deluxe Alien FaceHugger Mask

"We're expecting!Sure, you could wear this mask around in October and call it your "costume," but we have a more creative use for you. What does a Facehugger hugging your face mean? It means that new life will come bursting from your body soon! Therefore, more...

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Little Desktop Of Horrors...Here at ThinkGeek, we truly understand you have needs. Especially at work where minutes often last hours and hours become days. You need to be entertained, you don't want your neurons to prematurely atrophy. You crave stimulati more...

Desktop Prism

"What does it mean?Science is so pretty sometimes, even when it's raining. The ways that light interacts with water, crystal, or this desktop prism, makes that simple beauty all the more clear. This desktop prism is great as a cubicle reminder of the awes more...

Despicable Me View Master

ViewMaster Eye Lasers (okay, not really)Sure, kids today have their $20-a-ticket motion seats with their fancy movies, but we used to have 3D that didn't make the viewer nauseous. You remember it. ViewMaster. We bet you can hear the noise of the reel as i more...

Despicable Me Vinyl Pop Figures Evil Minion

"WHAAAAAAAAT?Did you pick up one of the exclusives at SDCC? Then, it's time to round out your collection with the rest of the set. We didn't know the characters from Despicable Me could be any cuter, but somehow Funko has pulled it off. Select Agnes, Carl more...

Diablo III Action Figure - Diablo

"Devilishly attractiveYou just can't keep a good demon down, right? That's why there was a sequel to the game Diablo and a sequel to that sequel. And like all good demons, Diablo knows about merchandising! Lucky for us, lovers of monster action figures th more...

Diablo III The Sword of Justice Prop Replica

"Tyrael's bladeTyrael has a very special fork. It's called C'lsaey, and it is always with him. Tyrael has a very special shirt. It's a simple white button up, but it is always with him. He calls it L'zzz. Tyrael has a very special sippy cup. It's called G more...

Diabolo Juggling Toy

Kids will find this hard to put down! Toss and whirl the spool using the string tied to 2 sticks (one for each hand) in this modern version of an ancient toy. more...

Dinosaur Bone Fragment

"Hold the past in your handsYou want to know the real circle of life? Everything that was in the past becomes the tchotchke of the things that are in the present. That means, in the future, when humankind has evolved into space-faring, giant, monkey-chick more...

Discovering Arduino DIY Kit

Arduino-rific!The growing DIY movement is empowering people to take control of their products and environment. And not only do you want to take control over a product, you want to make it do what you want it to do. The easiest way to accomplish this is wi more...

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

"Cuddle-Up with the Un-Dead What happens when you take old broken plush toys and bury them in the woods by the light of the full moon while whistling the theme song from "Halloween"? Unfortunately nothing...which is why the skillful design monkeys here at more...

DIY - I Love You Bean

"Phyto-love People often talk about the "language of love" and the "hidden language and meaning of flowers and plants." Well the time has come to cram these two languages into one easy-to-grow, polyglot plant. We give you, the I Love You Bean . It's very more...

DIY Blood Typing Test Kit

Because Knowing is Half the Battle!How many times have you told your love that you would cut off an arm for them? Or give them a kidney or your own blood if they needed it to survive? Well, cutting off an arm is easy, but foolish. And giving blood or a ki more...

DIY Instant Underpants Two Pack Two Pack

"Re-hydrate for instant undies.If you know children or ever was one, you know that accidents happen. And some of those accidents happen in pants. Long story short: sometimes kids need new underwear in a hurry. For those children, there is now hope. And wh more...

DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys

"Electric papercraft . . . from SPACE!!The lights are dim. It is late. Suddenly a rumbling is heard. It echoes through the room and shakes the table. On that table are three Lunar Lander Bases; each one waiting for its Lunar Module. The Lunar Modules appe more...

DIY Modern Mobile Kit

"Do it yourself art!Alexander Calder was a ground breaking figure in the art world and the father of the mobile. And all by accident. See, his first workshop was in basement and one day that basement flooded. But Alex couldn't let all his stuff get wet, s more...

DIY Nixie Tube Chess Set

"DIY chess - with old school tech!Cold-cathode tubes were developed in the 1950s as a way for that time period to look more retro for those looking back on it from the future. And now that the present is their future, we can. YAY. Cold-cathode tubes, some more...

DIY Nixie Tube Thermometer Kit

"Surprisingly, not caffeinated!We offer a delicious caffeinated candy powder called Nixie Tubes. This kit does not contain anything edible. Seriously, don't eat any of this stuff, it will probably kill you. Real nixie tubes are the "LEDs" of yesteryear. T more...

DIY Pen Kit

"Just add heat Many things in life are better when you build them yourself. Normally the parts are better quality and the sense of accomplishment you get when you complete the build connects you in a deeper way to the construction in question. We love DIY more...

DIY Pocket Knife Model Kit Red

"Put it together; mix it up.When building that perfect con costume, many times weapons are needed. And many times, those weapons are knives. But knives are heavy and stabby and not safe in all hands or for all costume events. Well, have we got a little DI more...

DIY Print Fabric with Light Kits Blue

"Print with the power of the sun!Shirt printing is a really complicated process. First, robots have to be built that can make fully printed shirts from assembling random atoms collected from the exhalations of amused tapirs. And second . . . well, that's more...

DIY Solar System

Worlds of yarnAh, solar systems. Without them, we'd be a bit lost. Well, we'd still be on Earth, but once we got out a bit, it'd be hard to give directions to the interstellar taxi to get us home. And even if we didn't go out across the stars, we'd still more...

DNA Molecule Plush

"Cute and huggable nucleobases! C-T-A-C-G-T-T-C G-G-T-T-A-A-C-G C-T-A-G-C T-A-G-C-C C-T-G-G-A-T-C-G!Ok, so we like these DNA Molecule Plush so much, we had to write a DNA limerick. Each set of DNA Molecule Plush gives you four little plushies: one of each more...

Doctor Who & Star Trek Monitor Mates Collector's Set

"Captain Picard, meet The Doctor!Once upon a time, the TARDIS materialized in a holodeck on the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D. Once upon a time, Rory and Amy and the Doctor helped Captain Picard and pals fight against the combined metal threat of the Borg and more...

Doctor Who 10th Doctor Potato head

"I don't want to gnocchi."He wears skinny suits and has a long coat. He has floofy hair and a Sonic Screwdriver. And he lives in the ground and has eyes all over his body. No, it's not a genetically mutated David Tennant. It's the 10th Doctor Potato Head! more...

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Mr Potato Head

"Sonic "Spud"-driverDon't you think that "Mash" Smith was a fantastic 11th Doctor? We love his character: Doctor Who from Galli-"fry!" Should we stop now? Is it too much? It's somewhat appropriate that the Doctor is now Mr. Potato Head ?¨ he does change h more...

Doctor Who Adipose Plush

"The most dangerous diet everWe're a society that loves instant feedback. We want to teleport to work. We want hot meals and hot Earl Grey tea delivered through a replicator. And for some squishy geeks, we want to lose weight... like, yesterday. There are more...

Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy

"About those side effects... "The fat just walks away!" Gosh, we wish those Adipose pills had actually worked without the pesky side effect of death. We could have fit a lot more of us in those elevators at Dragon*Con. Sadly, we're just going to have to h more...

Doctor Who Blind Box Mini Figures

"Tiny WhoHow do you make Doctor Who mini figures? Easy! First, you build a TARDIS. It must be the correct size on the outside for this to work. Then, you throw the following into the TARDIS: Doctor Who action figures, construction bricks, a chameleon, and more...

Doctor Who Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

"You are the 12th DoctorThere's been a lot of speculation about who the 12th Doctor might be, including a vocal group insisting it be Helen Mirren. We're on the fence, mostly because we hope it's one of us. Of course, being the Doctor means having a parti more...

Doctor Who Character Building TARDIS Console Mega Set

Mega timelord funIf you drew a Venn diagram showing Doctor Who fans and brick construction toy fans, you'd see a pretty big overlap. Geeky folks are builders; geeky folks like Doctor Who. But up until recently, there were no Doctor Who themed construction more...

Doctor Who Dalek R/C Watch

Exterminate!Your phone tells you the time, so it's time for your watch to evolve into something cooler. Why not a Dalek controller? After all, if you're going to implement your nefarious plan to take over the world, you're going to need a couple dozen Dal more...

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor 8-Inch Action Figure Dr. Who 11th Action Figure

"Limited-time time traveler January 1st, 2014, Bif Bang Pow! posted the following announcement:Our license with BBC America to produce Doctor Who merchandise has expired.... No additional announced or unannounced items will be produced.Which means, basica more...

Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys TARDIS

"Extra squishy for extra stress relief.Having to protect all of space and time can be quite stressful at times. Sometimes, a regular foam stress ball just won't do. That's when the Doctor breaks out these Doctor Who Extra Squishy Stress Toys . There are m more...

Doctor Who Figural Holiday Ornaments Cyberman

"A Very Whovian ChristmasThe Doctor always has a Christmas special, so we assume he must celebrate Christmas. But knowing The Doctor and his love for all people, he probably also celebrates Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus... if there's an excuse for celebrati more...

Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head

"The Doctor's (St)Arch NemesisWould it make Daleks more or less scary if you knew they were controlled inside by big, sentient plastic potatoes? How long would a potato survive in space? And would it want to destroy Earth? We aren't sure. But we know this more...

Doctor Who K-9 Book and Figure set

"Affirmative!If dogs are "man's best friend," then robot dogs must be "Doctor's best friend." And so is the case with K-9, a robot dog who has watched over the Doctor and his companions through many regenerations. K-9's got antenna ears, a laser nose, and more...

Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush K-9 Plush

"Man's best plush robot friendDoctor Who is many things to many people, but one thing he is to everyone who knows him is a dog lover. He just loves his K9's, and he knows that a happy workplace is one with a dog (cyber or otherwise). And we wholeheartedly more...

Doctor Who Laser Screwdriver

"The Master's ToolBack on Gallifrey, in the year P (time was different back then), two young kids grew up across the street from each other. One liked helping people and the other was a big stinking bully. Every time the nice kid got a toy, the bully had more...

Doctor Who Monopoly

"Who passed GO?In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we have this collector's edition of Monopoly, which features artwork and references to 22 iconic episodes from the 50 years of the series. All 11 incarnations of the Doctor are featured, more...

Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS

"You provide the *vworp vworp*One small TARDIS, coming right up. No, really. Give us a second to maneuver it just right and .... there. TARDIS delivery service at your service. This 3" tall TARDIS is ready to navigate through your home or office. You'll h more...

Doctor Who Risk

"EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!The Earth sits and spins - a blue/green jewel in the grand tiara of the giant pixie that is space. We sit on it and go about our lives, never knowing the horrible things waiting out there in the darkness. Waiting, and hating us for existi more...

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 10th Doctor

Alien Tool!We here at ThinkGeek HQ just can't get enough Doctor Who. We all dress like different incarnations of the good Doctor, we pal around with robotic dogs, and some of us even sleep in our TARDIS (won it in a really strange poker tournament two yea more...

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor

"Better than fish fingers and custardWe'll admit it, we magically teleported to the UK to watch the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who before it aired in the US. We just couldn't wait. And there was The Doctor, so young, so new, so... was he se more...

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 12th Doctor

"Always have your Sonic ready.We'll admit it, we magically teleported to the UK to watch the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who before it aired in the US. We just couldn't wait. And there was The Doctor, so young and... oh wait, that was the 11 more...

Doctor Who Talking Plush 16 inch Blue Dalek

"A race of huggable DaleksThe Doctor's made several trips to parallel universes over his 900+ years, including one in which the Roman Empire got tired of conquering just Earth and started expanding to other planets and universes. We'd like to hope there's more...

Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Stress Toys Dalek

"Helps relieve the stress of time travel.When the Doctor is contemplating the latest Dalek threat, he gets a bit stressed. Sure he always figures out something and wins, but he needs something to get that stress out. Likewise, on the Dalek Command Ship, t more...

Doctor Who TARDIS Book Light

Read with the Doctor The Doctor always has a tool for every job. Usually, this tool is the sonic screwdriver. But let's not ignore the most powerful tool at the Doctor's disposal: the TARDIS herself. She's one sexy girl and without her, the Doctor wouldn' more...

Doctor Who TARDIS Play Tent

"Move over, kidsAlrighty, we know that this is a kids' tent. But it's 61" tall, which can accommodate some shorter adults and all sitting adults! So move over, kids. You're not the only ones who want to pretend that you're flying away with the Doctor. The more...

Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe for iPhone & Android

"Only you have the keyWe don't exactly have a real TARDIS or a real sonic screwdriver yet -- at least we have the TV remote one! -- but we do have these magical devices known as smartphones. They do all sorts of fun things like tell us how to get places, more...

Doctor Who TARDIS Water Globe

"Shake things up a bitIt looks like the synchronic feedback circuit and the multi-loop stabilizer malfunctioned when this TARDIS materialized. Either that or we've got multiple large masses whose centers of gravity are messing with the systems. Or, more l more...

Doctor Who Titans Blind Boxed Vinyl Figures 50th Anniversary Doctor Set

"Trust Me, I'm the DoctorYou know what your desk needs? It needs the world's best time traveler, his TARDIS, and some of his frightening foes, all arranged around your computer, helping you through your timey-wimey day. Each of these three-inch-tall vinyl more...

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit Travel Edition

"The perfect travelling companion.One thing about the Doctor's travels: there is a lot of down time. We only see what's condensed to be exciting, but there are hours upon hours of just sitting. Rory and Sarah Jane and Peri (to mention three) all have one more...

Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator

"Captain Jack's favorite toolWhile the TARDIS is an excellent mode of transportation, there's something elegant about Captain Jack's Vortex Manipulator. No keys, no crazy control room, no explosions, just a big wristwatch-looking gadget. All you need is a more...

Doctor Who Yahtzee TARDIS

"Happy 50th, Doctor!Rolling dice is fun. So is poker. That's why everyone loves Yahtzee - it combines the best of both worlds. Well, let's all travel through timey-wimey stuff and gaze upon this new version, just in time for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. more...

Doom Plush Pain Elemental

"Floating, one-eyed teefy monstersConfession time. The first time the ThinkGeek staffer writing this played Wolfenstein 3D , she screamed like a little girl. She was in college at the time, so there's really no excuse for that. First-person shooters were more...

Dota 2 Nature?Ăs Prophet Plush

"aka FurionAnd on the morning of the vernal equinox, before the rest of the forest had begun to wake, that last seed ripened and burst in an instant. From it stepped Nature's Prophet, in full leaf, strong and wise, possessing Verodicia's power to foresee more...

DOTA Shagbark plushie

"Courier Has Arrived!Shagbark is a trusty forest familiar who lives for the thrill of delivery. Fond of secrets and artifacts, he hopes you'll never finish farming.How can you NOT love Shagbark? He's freaking adorable. We'd pay twice what we currently pay more...

Dungeons & Dragons Clue

Tordek in the Dragon's Lair with the Flaming Battle Axe.It's a dark night, when the group assembled at the Archmage's castle. What started as a wonderful dinner party has turned into a ghastly scene. The Archmage has been murdered (by a doppelganger, no l more...

Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebooks Monster Manual

Edition the Fifth!Dungeons & Dragons is more than just a game; it's a way of life. As you play, you learn the importance of having the right equipment, the value of being on a team you trust, and the proper way to cook and season a cockatrice. You'll also more...

Edge Robotic Arm Kit

Flesh Based Arms are so 2008In the future every home will have a sophisticated robot arm. You know... to do the dishes, walk the dog, and assemble Lego kits for us. But waiting for the future always takes so long, which is why we recommend you pick up thi more...

Edible Chemistry Kit

Eat your scienceScience is hard work. We get hungry in the lab and after a while, flash-frozen bananas get boring. Why not do a little mish-mash of science and cuisine? Then you can fill your stomach and expand your mind simultaneously. Create over sixtee more...

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar Blue Morpho

"Butterfly in a jar - you can't fly so far.When we were kids, we liked putting butterflies in jars so we could keep them forever and ever. But sometimes they always died. It was sad - extra sad because butterflies (in our opinion) are like rainbows and un more...

Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

"No fish food needed.We love goldfish, but alas, we're also lazy and forget to feed the little dudes. And we're ever so tired of all the toilet bowl funerals. That was just a joke to mention toilets, as we would never fail to feed our fishy friends. But w more...

Electronics Advanced Circuits

"Where wee mad scientists get electrifiedHistorically, parents aren't too keen on letting their kids play with electricity. Sticking your finger in the light socket is generally frowned upon, as is licking batteries. (We did it and turned out just fine, b more...

EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game

"Become an architect of the universe.After the Big Bang, things moved quickly - and so must you! In EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game you and the other players will take on the roles of universal architects competing to shape the universe on a cosm more...

Exclusive Doctor Who 9th Doctor Titan Vinyl

"Fantastic!When we talk about the new, revamped Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston gets left out a lot. 10 and 11 both wanted to play in the 50th anniversary shenanigans, but 9 not so much. This makes him end up in an odd liminal space alongside Paul McGan more...

Exclusive Doctor Who TARDIS Pillow

"PULL TO OPEN"Advice & assistance obtainable immediately." Such a reassuring statement. When you're traveling through time and space visiting who knows where and who knows when, it's probably good that every time you exit the TARDIS and come back to it, y more...

Exclusive Star Trek Phaser Remote Replica

"Set phasers to chillSometimes after a long week filled with landing parties and surprise Klingons, you just want to prop your boots up and watch a little mindless television. Or maybe you're ready to catch the weekly adventures of those wacky kids onboar more...

Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Chess Set

"Hats make the chessman!When the troops from Reliable Excavation & Demolition and Builders League United aren't on the battlefield, they often unwind in the green room together. They sip sodas, eat cheese-flavored snacks, and play board games. But not jus more...

Exclusive Wooden Catapult Kit

"Fetchez la vache!Every office has them. Those folks who talk really loud in the hallways or on speaker phone with just one person or eat all your donuts or don't "collect 'em all" or steal your parking space when you just run to the store to get more don more...

Executive Building Brick Set (Chrome)

Building bricks all grown up We here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ have long been of the philosophy that building bricks are for all ages, but some people seem to think they're just for kids. These are the same sorts of people who give us the hairy eye more...

Executive Building Brick Set (Gold)

Building bricks all grown up We here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ have long been of the philosophy that building bricks are for all ages, but some people seem to think they're just for kids. These are the same sorts of people who give us the hairy eye more...

Fallout Bobbleheads Endurance

"Yes, I Play with DollsSo which of the Fallout 3 bobbleheads was the biggest pain in the butt for you? Note: if you haven't found all 20, the below may very well contain spoilers. Potential spoilers: (Drag your mouse across the below to highlight the text more...

Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

"Utterly addictive Ever find something that is so simple, but so fun that you lose track of time? That's how we feel about the CZ Ferrofluid Magnetic Display. At first, we were like, meh. Magnets in a bottle? Then we got our hands on it and it was already more...

Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzle Cage (Level 3)

"Tantalizingly Frustrating Puzzles to PerplexThese palm size puzzles are almost too deviously evil to inflict on you and your friends. The moment these solid metal precision crafted monstrosities arrived from Japan, productivity at the ThinkGeek world hea more...

Final Fantasy Plush Chocobo

No, no, Chocobo.When we were younger, we totally wanted a Chocobo. Who wouldn't want to ride on a giant bird and avoid random encounters? (Random encounters in the neighborhood were what made us late for dinner or otherwise in deep trouble with the parent more...

Firefly Clue

"I didn't think you'd come for me."The ship is quiet... too quiet. Something is off. Something is wrong. Someone is missing. It's River! Everyone checks again, but River is nowhere to be found on Serenity. She's not in the Cargo Bay; she's not in the Kitc more...

Firefly Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaurs with Sound

"This is a fertile land and we will thriveThese two dinosaurs may look familiar. That's cause they, along with their handler, Wash, are the stars of the the pilot episode of Firefly . The show may be long gone (*sniff*), but ThinkGeek has brought this Ste more...



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