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Tapes - School and Educational Supplies

Tapes - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

1/2 Colored Masking Tape - Set of 10

This 1/2W tape is ideal for creative classroom activities and perfect for teacher use. more...

3/8 Colored Masking Tape - Set of 11

Unmask your next creative project! This narrow colored masking tape is great for making pictures and cards or for creating learning games and chalkboard instructions. Set of 11 colors 25'L x 3/8W. more...

Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Make perfect little magnets for your refrigerator with this adhesive magnetic strip. Add to the back of photos or postcards place on the back of art work and attach to metal. 1/2W x 10'L roll of strong magnetic tape. more...

Best Value Tape

Matte finish you can write on. Tape roll measures: 3/4W x 108'L 2-1/8Dia. with 1 core. more...

Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape
On sale - now $0.99 - was $3.99

When the crime scene tape just says "crime scene," one always has to push past it. There could be supplies, ammo, or clues as to what caused this whole zombie apocalypse in the first place. But if that's the only crime scene tape you have, there could als more...

Colored Masking Tape

Decorate bulletin boards or label and color code classroom supplies. more...

Colored Masking Tape & Easy Loading Dispenser

Choose from a rainbow of colored masking tape measuring 1 x 60 yards or 3/4 x 60 yards. Decorate bulletin boards create colorful artwork or use to label and color code items! Partner with Easy Loading Tape Dispenser for ultimate convenience. Dispenser is more...

Colored Masking Tape - 1 Roll

Choose from 10 vibrant colors of masking tape measuring 3/4 x 60 yards. Colors include: more...

Craft Tape Super Pack - Set of 20

Get stuck on these colors! more...

DNA Tape

Tape holds things together. It give things structure and shape. And, if you think about it, so does DNA. So, DNA Tape is a natural marriage of the two. It's packing tape, with DNA all over it. If you were a forensic investigator, that might sound bad, but more...

Double Sided MaskingTape

Count on superior strength and adhesion. Double-sided tape is quick and easy to use for crafting and taping up classroom artwork. Apply to clean dry surfaces. Natural color. 1W x 36 yards. more...

Duck Tape - Patterned Colors

Duck Tape brand duct tape is the ultimate do-anything crafting tape! more...

Duck Tape - Set of 12 Solid and Patterned Colors

Duck Tape brand duct tape is the ultimate do-anything crafting tape! more...

Duck Tape - Set of 4 Patterned Colors

Duck Tape brand duct tape is the ultimate do-anything crafting tape! more...

Duck Tape - Set of 8 Solid Colors

Duck Tape brand duct tape is the ultimate do-anything crafting tape! more...

Duck Tape - Solid Colors

Duck Tape brand duct tape is the ultimate do-anything crafting tape! more...

Duct Tape DIY Supplies

Duct tape is perhaps the best invention after air conditioning. It helps us fix things and hold things together. But duct tape is much more versatile than that. All sorts of things can be made out of it. The first thing most of us made was a duct tape wal more...

Duct Tape Wallet by Ducti
On sale - now $7.49 - was $14.99

Made from Super Duct Tape (specifically engineered so that your wallet won't lift, peel, or get sticky), these duct tape wallets are one part high fashion, one part weekend warrior, and another part sheer cool. Super Duct Tape is tougher and better lookin more...

English/Metric Tape Measures - Set of 10

These sturdy plastic measuring tapes are ideal for measuring length units - with inches on one side and centimeter/millimeter scale on the other. Great tool for teaching estimation of different units. Grades 2-3. more...

Fabulous Printed Craft Tape - Set of 15

Wonderful and zany craft tape with patterns that can be used to create fun craft and art projects. more...

How Long Is It? Measuring Tape

This oversized measuring tape is scaled in inches and centimeters. With a large carrying handle rewind knob with a clicking action and a 36 tape young children will find it easy to manipulate and learn the skill of measuring. Durable high-quality plastic. more...

Mavalus Removable Poster Tape - Set of 3

This removable tape sticks to virtually any surface without damage - it even adheres to cinderblock! Hang your craft materials on brick drywall plaster and other hard-to-adhere surfaces. Comes in set of 3 brilliant colors: red yellow and green. 1W x 27'L. more...

Mavalus White Removable Poster Tape - Set of 3

This tape holds tight but removes easily. White color tape blends with neutral wall colors to hold posters charts banners and artwork. more...

Practical Duct Tape Projects

Duct tape has gotten a reputation as the quick-fix tape for every situation. However, did you know that you can use duct tape to create practical items for everyday use? Did you also know that duct tape now comes in a variety of colors, so your creations more...

Printed Craft Tape - Set of 10 Rolls

The assorted patterns of dots stripes and checks provide a variety of designs that add dimension and texture to classroom art activities. Easy to cut with a scissor or tear off the roll. Measures 1/2W x 32'L. more...

Regular Masking Tape

Our best value masking tape roll is 3/4 x 60'. Latex-Free. more...

Regular Masking Tape 3/4 - Set of 6 Rolls

Get maximum holding power and high quality combined in our all-purpose masking tape. Use for crafts taping up classroom displays and more. Natural color. Rolls measure 3/4W x 60 yards long. Latex-Free. more...

Repositionable Highlighter Tape - Set of 6

Highlighter tape is the smart alternative to highlighter pens! more...

Tape Dispenser

Sturdy bottom-weighted foam grip base dispenser. Easy spin center piece 7/8Dia. to accommodate 1 core tape. Includes metal cutting blade. Colors may vary. Dispenser: 7-1/2L x 2-7/8W x 3-1/2H. Use with Seal-It brand invisible strong bond tape refill. more...



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