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T Shirts Pop Culture - School and Educational Supplies

T Shirts Pop Culture - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

10th Doctor Costume Tee Brown, L

"Be Tennant's DoctorI was once asked for my autograph in the shower on one of my rare visits to the gym. I was washing my hair, facing the wall, when I was tapped on the shoulder so already it's quite inappropriate. I turned round and there was another na more...

10th Doctor Galaxy Silhouette Black, L

*swoon*In the eleven-or-so Doctors we've encountered, David Tennant is the most swoon-worthy. Is it the hair? The trench? The Chucks? The way his Doctor has an English accent but his real accent is Scottish? Doesn't matter. There is something about the ma more...

11th Doctor Costume Tee Brown, L

Just add sonic screwdriverWe at ThinkGeek love Matt Smith's doctor. He's fun and sad all at the same time?plus he's got that neat jacket and his cool bow tie. We're more casual, though, and prefer wearing t-shirts. And that's why this shirt is perfect! Y more...

42 Ringer Shirt Mustard/Blue, L

"The answer you've all been waiting for. As seen on The IT Crowd and Transformers: The Movie! Most of us have spent some time wondering why we are here. What is the point of existence anyway?What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Well, more...

Airspeed Velocity Black, L

African or European?Aerodynamics was never our strong suit, so it's a good thing the Keeper of the Bridge of Death didn't ask us this question. We're going to rely on an old xkcd thread which says that this equation has to do with compressible subsonic fl more...

Akatsuki Clouds Black, L

"Naruto Fans, rejoice!Akatsuki means "daybreak"-but not in a sun-is-rising, good-things-are-coming, cheery-and-fun sort of way. Especially not for Naruto and his friends. The Akatsuki Organization is mysterious, its members are dangerous, and its fashion more...

Autobot Logo Black, L

Transform and rise up!Being an Autobot is a tough job. They have to not only defend their own kind, but also the members of other species. They have to work extra hard to make sure that everybody lives in a free world. Decepticons always outnumber the Aut more...

Bazinga! Red, L

"The Bazinga Saturation HypothesisHere at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, we are huge fans of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory . We would like to posit a hypothesis we have developed re: its popularity: the number of viewers is directly proportional to the q more...

Better Call Saul Heather, L

"That's not my tiger!Did falling debris or body parts strike your home, your car, or your place of business? Did you or a loved one lose income opportunities in the present, in a potential past, or a possible future?It's everybody's favorite personal inju more...

Blue Sun Military Green, L

Live Life with Blue Sun!In this crazy 26th century, Blue Sun is the company you can depend on. You probably know us through some of the universe's favorite foods, including Blue Sun Cola and Fruity Oaty Bars, but we do more than that. Much more. We go whe more...

Boba Fett Drop Black, L

Cool guys have jet packsIn the Star Wars Universe, the coolest characters have the fewest lines. R2-D2 doesn't speak English at all, and you know he's the best droid in the galaxy. By that logic, and for a lot of other reasons, Boba Fett is the best. He's more...

Bow Ties Are Cool Navy, L

"No tying required.There's a long history regarding bow ties, neckties, and doctors. Did you know that pediatricians wear bow ties to avoid being strangled by grabby babies? In fact, neckties are such a danger to doctors and patients that British hospital more...

Bowling Pins Black, L

Mark it zeroSo for the Lebowskifest celebrating the 10th anniversary of the film (yes, there is such a thing as a Lebowskifest), Dax Norman created bowling pins that looked like The Dude, Maude, Saddam Hussein, Mamot, the Corvette owner, Walter, severed t more...

Bring Out Your Undead Black, L

"None Shall Pass You're pretty safe with this one as long as the dude doesn't argue that he's not dead yet. And for the most part in this scenario, the only thing your dead guy is likely to say is "Braaaaains." And with the Black Knight by your side, bell more...

Browncoats Serenity Valley Brown, L

"The right side of the warCommander Harken: I notice your ship's called "Serenity". You were stationed on Hera at the end of the war. Battle of Serenity Valley took place there, if I recall. Independents suffered a pretty crushing defeat there. Some say t more...

Captain Hammer T-Shirt Charcoal Grey, L

You don't go to the gym; you're just naturally like this.He's everyone's favorite narcissist: the dashingly handsome Captain Hammer, who craves adoration and is always ready to fight for what's right - as long as it doesn't muss up his hair. He's a multit more...

Cereal Killer Black, L

Let's put a smile on that face!Introduce a little anarchy to your shirts. Upset the established order of your closet. Be an agent of chaos. Because the one thing about chaos is... it's part of a daily, balanced breakfast! With a cup of orange juice and so more...

Choose Your Captain Black, L

Beam us all upIt's the question that's puzzled nerds and started Bat'leth fights at conventions across the quadrant for decades. Who is your favorite Star Trek captain? Is it the brash and charismatic Kirk? The intellectual Picard? The baseball-loving emi more...

Classic Star Wars X-Wing Light Navy, L

"Want the impossible!We Buy Junk and Used Starfighters! All Makes & Models! We Offer Free Pickup and Fast Service! When only the nose of your Incom T-65 X-wing starfighter is sticking out of a swamp, don't salvage the vehicle! Drop it off at your local Ja more...

Come To The Dark Side We Have Bacon Red, L

"Luke, it isn't kosher.It is a well-known fact, the reason there is a light and dark side is because Jedi are vegetarians. The Force is actually a dietary plan that evolved into a lifestyle back in the early days of the Galactic Federation. When some of t more...

Cyberman Ctrl Alt Del Heather Charcoal, L

Three finger salute!Being a human can be so boring. For starters, you're made of extremely vulnerable flesh. It's squishy, easily tearable, and it bleeds like crazy from the tiniest of head wounds. You're also stuck with a voice that does not inspire fear more...

Darth Vader Flower Print Terry Dress L

SithkuraWe used to carry some Japanese Star Wars tenugui, basically just because they were beautiful. We personally never used them as a towel or a headcovering so we couldn't really recommend them for that, even though that's what they were made for. We more...

Decepticon Logo Black, L

Beware Autobots!Imagine being able to transform yourself to any weapon or vehicle. What would you like to be? Think hard. Just remember the end goal: we've got to conquer Cybertron, get rid of the Autobots, collect as much energon as possible, develop som more...

Doctor Who Abbey Road Navy, L

Come together right nowHere comes the Sun! But it's all right, because I'm the Doctor. I have a sweet dream, some funny psychic paper, and that magic feeling of nowhere to go. You're the Impossible Girl, the kind of a girl that makes the News of the World more...

Doctor Who Dalek Invaders Navy, L

Get your quarters outMashups are fun and they're extra fun when they contain really cool Doctor Who references that the average Muggle would never notice. This shirt has three such tidbits... can you spot them all? Select the white space below for the ans more...

Doctor Who Logo Of Words Navy, L

"Words, words, wordsThere are a lot of things you don't want to hear from your wise, time-traveling companion. He's escaped a lot of tight scrapes, so when he gets worried, you know that's bad news for the passengers on the TARDIS. (This is much like how more...

Doctor Who Union Jack TARDIS Heather, L

Fly it proudlyNo matter which country you're in while watching Doctor Who, you have to feel at least a little bit of patriotism for the UK. Of course, it seems like whenever the Doctor is there, something horrible is happening, or about to happen... so it more...

Epic Beards from The Hobbit White, L

That Beard is FierceThe Hobbits are a clean-faced bunch. Do they have a deep love of razors and smooth, baby-like cheeks? No, they just can't seem to grow any facial hair, with the exception of the Stoors, of course. Besides, they have more than enough ha more...

Exclusive Smithsonian Apollo Lunar Module Black, L

"We love NASA to the Moon and backSet your brains to 50 years ago and the Apollo missions (it's okay if you didn't exist then - many of us are in imagination territory, too). Although this image reads "1969," that must be the date of the illustration or t more...

Fail Whale Stone Blue, L

"And the rest, after a sudden wet thud, was silence." - Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyBirth is probably traumatic on a little brain. You've been hanging out in this warm, wet environment for 9 months, and all of a sudden there are bri more...

Farscape IASA Black, L

Frell Press representative: [explaining theory behind Farscape One project] Ladies and gentlemen of the press, at 26:14 on the flight clock, we begin the major experiment of this shuttle mission. Commander John Crichton will pilot a craft of his own desig more...

Firefly Class Transport Charcoal Heather, L

"You buy this ship - treat her proper - she'll be with you for the rest of your life."Serenity. Despite all the bailing wire and duct tape, it's a thing of beauty, majestic in its own way. Sometimes, you can just sit and stare, wonder at it. It represents more...

Firefly Serenity Space Charcoal, L

Take me out to the ... charcoal greyFor those curious, this is the star system depicted on the Alliance scrip that Malcolm Reynolds and associates liberated on Lilac, created by Serenity graphic artist Geoffrey Mandel. We wanna know more about that one or more...

Game of Thrones House Sigils Tee Black, L

Why choose?We all know the deal. When you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die. But even if you're just standing on the sidelines, you still want to be cheering for the correct team or you might find yourself on the dying side. Cover many bases wit more...

Give Me All The Bacon & Eggs Blue, L

"Meat (and Eggs) Tornado Wait, wait. I'm worried what you just heard was, "Give me a lot of bacon and eggs." And just how many eggs and how much bacon are we talking about? Looks like Ron's at a diner of some sort. We picked up some annual data from IHOP' more...

Go Bold Or Go Home Navy, L

"To boldly split infinitives...They should probably have an aptitude test before you get assigned to the USS Enterprise. There's sort of a specific sort of person who'd be happy inside the mission parameters. If your desire is to study the known universe more...

Gonna Need a Bigger Boat White, L

Two notes. thx, John Williams.Ahhh, the beach. The waves crashing. Your toes in the sand. It's the perfect way to relax. To think of nothing except the dime-store novel you have with you along with your SPF 900. Unless, of course, it's a Peter Benchley no more...

Graffiti Batman Heather, L

Graffiti from after The Dark Knight Returns?Without giving away too much, we'll just say at the end of The Dark Knight Returns , Batman has quite the underground posse. We sort of expect that some of them still like to mark territory they protect. Except more...

Grumpy Kitty Ice Grey, L

Grr, grrr, grrAnnoyed kitty, touchy kitty, grouchy ball of fur. Moody kitty, grumpy kitty, Grrr, grrr, grrr.Grumpy Kitty and lyrics on an ice grey, 100% cotton t-shirt. more...

Han Shot First Black, L

"Sometimes it's hard to tell.We knew this guy once named Han Liebowitz, and one day at a bar he and this other guy got in a fight, so Han shot him! Crazy!!100% cotton, heavyweight t-shirt in black with "Han Shot First" in white printed on the front. Check more...

Harley Q Red, L

Waddaya think, Mr. J?Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel. She was a model student, a talented gymnast, and gifted analyst. Then she became infatuated with helping one particular troubled soul. And somehow, in exploring his madness, she found her own. Celebrate more...

Heisenberg College School Of Chemistry Logo Grey, S

"Respiciunt Chemiae"You're going to see that underlying humanity, even when he's making the most devious, terrible decisions, and you need someone who has that humanity ? deep down, bedrock humanity ? so you say, watching this show, 'All right, I'll go more...

Heisenberg Laboratories Black, M

"The chemistry must be respected.Taken out of context, this quote from the professor who advises Breaking Bad on its science makes us giggle. We scientists knew this was a problem because enrollment (in science classes) had been dropping and so I thought more...

Hello Ladies Black, L

The Merc with a Mouth!Nothing can contain the awesomeness and madness that is Deadpool. Nothing! Not even his logo. Don't be surprised if one day you put this shirt on and Deadpool is totally gone from it. We don't mean faded, we mean walked off to anothe more...

Hill Valley CA 1955 Slate, L

"This shirt is your density.Ahh, beautiful Hill Valley of 1955 with its perfectly running clock tower and annual school dances. (Just don't get too close at the dance, or Mr. Strickland will give you detention.) Celebrate the past of tomorrow with this BT more...

Hogwarts Alumni Charcoal, L

Hogwarts graduates, represent!House loyalty is good and everything, but when you're hanging out with friends from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic or Durmstrang Institute, the important bit is that you're there representing Hogwarts. Make us look good. This s more...

House Stark Shirt Natural, S

"Always Good to Be Prepared"There are five pups," he told Father. "Three male, two female." "What of it, Jon?" "You have five trueborn children," Jon said. "Three sons, two daughters. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. Your children were meant to ha more...

House Stark Winter is Coming Heather, L

"Are you ready?The Starks and their bannermen always remember that Winter is Coming. Whether it's preparing for years of ice and cold or preparing to be betrayed by people you trusted, bloody times are always ahead. Grey direwolf sigil with the words "Hou more...

I Am The One Who Knocks White, L

He doesn't ring the bell.Knock, Knock. Who's there? Who shoots. Who shoots who? A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!I Am The One Who Knocks design on a white, 100% cotton shirt. Machine was cold. Tumble more...

I Have a Cunning Plan Black, L

"Stick a Tail on It and Call It a WeaselProbably many of our customers discovered Blackadder much the same way they did Doctor Who : late night PBS surfing. There's a smart comedy featuring folks with British accents. The TV listing says it's called Black more...

I Solemnly Swear Tee Black, L

"Wand not requiredFor those of us who are forgetful, it's always good to have a little something to jog your memory. Forget how to use the Marauder's Map? Read the front of your shirt. Forget how to hide the contents? Somebody else will have to read the b more...

I Win Red, L

"You're a naturalWe're always excited when we see shirts we recognize on The Big Bang Theory . Obviously, it's extra-special when it's a ThinkGeek shirt, but it's almost just as good when it's a shirt from a friend of ours, like the ever-talented rstevens more...

I'm not insane; my mother had me tested. Black, L

"If only it were that easy... An officially-licensed Big Bang Theory design exclusive to ThinkGeek. You guys have been asking for this phrase on a shirt forever. And the folks who have the license (hi, Chris!) had one, but it had Sheldon's face plastered more...

Imperial Crest Heather, L

"The Empire's New ClothesEven when you're not in uniform, it's always good to display your loyalty to the Empire. You still want to look all "Rah-rah! Go team! Oppress those rebels!" even if you're just kicking back in the canteen with Eddie Izzard (whom more...

Imperial Logo Black, L

Time to strike back!The Imperial crest. It stands as a beacon of hope to all who see it. It represents unity across the galaxy and firm-but-fair rule of a benevolent Emperor. Wear this shirt proudly, as you show your allegiance to the one true government more...

Jake in Pocket - Adventure Time Teal, S

What's in your pocket?Marceline: I've been meaning to ask you: what's with that pocket on your shirt?Finn: Oh, Jake's in here. 'Sup, Jake.Jake: (rolls over) pooot! And that's what Finn keeps in his pocket. And we totally understand where Jake is coming fr more...

Joker Leaves Arkham Black, L

"...The Joker was being released from Arkham Asylum."Not everybody loves Joker , the one-shot graphic novel from Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. However you feel about it, any bad feelings you have probably aren't because of the art. When you take someon more...

Keep Calm and Bring Grenades T-Shirt S

"A man's best friend Jayne: We're gonna explode? I don't wanna explode!Mal: Jayne, how many weapons you plan on bringing? You only got the two arms.Jayne: I just get excitable as to choice... like to have my options open.Mal: I don't plan on any shooting more...

Keep Calm and Don't Blink Royal Blue, L

For AnglophilesWe love us some good contingency planning. And Britain has that in spades. When everything goes all pear-shaped, there's a plan for that. Nazis taking over? Yep. We got the poster. London overrun by Weeping Angels? You bet. Get your caffein more...

Knights Who Formerly Said Ni Sand, L

"The Artist Formerly Known as The Knights Who Say "Ni"You know those holiday gift lotteries where everyone pulls somebody else's name out of a hat and tries to figure out what to buy that person that isn't, say, a set of festive holiday salt and pepper sh more...

Legend of Zelda Puzzle

"Another Zelda puzzle, but not the kind you're thinkingWe generally don't understand people who hang puzzles on their walls. For us the point of puzzles is the journey, not the destination. However, we could make an exception for this puzzle. Why this one more...

LEGO Star Wars Abbey Road Brown, L

Once upon a time .....While walking along the road, they saw a crosswalk and noticed a building across from there where there was some beautiful music playing. They just had to walk across to get to that building. They walked across (like you see in the i more...

Let History Make its Own Judgments Grey, L

Ready to make history.Riker: Someone once said, 'Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgments.' Cochrane: That's rhetorical nonsense. Who said that? Riker: You did. Ten years from now. History is a curious thing, and more...

Modern Art TARDIS Heather, L

Artsy fartsy AND timey wimey!Looking to tell the world that you stand with one foot in the world of fine art and another in the world of a fine, fine timelord? This is the shirt for you! The Modern Art TARDIS is one of the most unique TARDIS shirts we've more...

Never Tell Me The Odds Black, XL

3720:1When you are facing a terribly sticky situation like fighting in a tiny rebel alliance to throw over a huge, powerful, evil galactic empire, someone telling you the odds of success is not going to help build morale. But you know what could? Team uni more...

Not That Kind of Doctor Black, L

"By Varying Degrees"Uh, it says on the passenger list that you're a doctor--" "I don't know what's wrong with him," said Rjinswand hurriedly. "It might be a different matter if he was a Magnox reactor of course." - The Color of Magic by Terry PratchettWe more...

Planet Express Heather, L

"Good News, Everyone!Here at Planet Express, we're always looking for fresh recruits to join our spaceship crew. Whether your permanent career assignment is in intergalactic navigation or accounting and administration, chances are, we have a slot open for more...

Rebel Logo Charcoal, L

A symbol of hope.The Alliance Starbird - a proud insignia symbolizing hope, courage, and the ability of overcome massive adversity. Some call it the Phoenix, seeing it as a symbol of a new galactic order of peace arising from the ashes of a galaxy at war. more...

Red Shirt Red/Black, S

"Not Even Dental Records Can Help You NowAfter sitting through four years of dull interspecies protocol seminars and tactical maneuvers groundwork, you successfully graduated from Starfleet Academy. As a newly commissioned Federation security officer, you more...

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock - American Apparel Lapis, S

"Throw DownWe'll be honest here. We hadn't heard of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock until that episode of The Big Bang Theory . You could say that prior to that day we were traditional roshamboists. When we heard Sheldon explain how it works and why it's more...

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Metro Blue, L

"Throw DownWe'll be honest here. We hadn't heard of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock until that episode of The Big Bang Theory . You could say that prior to that day we were traditional roshamboists. When we heard Sheldon explain how it works and why it's more...

Save Sriracha Red, L

"Save it... for me!We were so excited when we saw this job posting that included the sentence, "Applicants must be willing to work in Sriracha." Unfortunately, they're talking about a coastal city in Thailand (properly transliterated "Sri Racha"), not sta more...

Science Is A Beast Black, L

"Oh my stars and gartersDoctoral programs aren't easy, and they take a long time to complete. There are all sorts of entirely valid reasons to bail out that many people run into, but we have to hand it to Hank McCoy. Dude grew fangs, pointed ears, claws, more...

Serenity Schematic Black, L

The Tenth CharacterSure, to some it might be a flying piece of go se , but to a handful of folks it's home. And sure, the Series 4 is out, but who needs it? You wait until the 4 comes out, that's when you get a great deal on the Series 3. None of that dep more...

Sodium Batman Black, L

Holy Alkali Metal!In the periodic table of elements, on the far left side, restlessly sits the alkali-metal series. Their single valence electron is like an armored punch to the face of the elements on the other-side of the periodic table; the halogens. W more...

Spanish Inquisition Cardinal Red, M

"Fetch... the Comfy Chair!Nooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Our chief weapon is fear. Fear and surprise. Our two, two main weapons are fear, surprise, and a ruthless efficiency. Our three, three main weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficien more...

Springfield Unathletic Dept. Heather, L

"What's the point of going out?"Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try." This quote is from Homer Simpson. He's the role model of anyone who doesn't want to leave their couch. He is the hero to the couch potato inside more...

Sriracha Rooster Tee Red, L

You're lookin' mighty hot!There isn't much of anything that doesn't taste leagues better with a dash (or six) of Sriracha sauce! Why can't the same apply for your entire torso? Originally, the t-shirt was made of wonderful blend of cotton, polyester, and more...

Star Trek TNG Uniform Tee Blue, L

Captain on the bridgeWe all have questions about Deanna Troi's uniform choices. Why doesn't she have to wear Starfleet standard issue? Why did she choose that weird asymmetrical blue dress? And why, exactly, is Enterprise the only ship in the fleet with a more...

Star Trek TOS Tunic Tees Blue, L

"Comfortable and colorful t-shirts from the Final FrontierIn the 23rd century, a sleek and majestic starship slips through spacetime. Inside this fragile shell of duranium, 440 crew members skitter about, each performing their assigned duties, mostly invo more...

Starfleet Academy Heather, L

Ex Astris ScientiaWe'll never forget where we were the day the letter was delivered by an owl. It had our name on it and told us we had just been accepted into one of the coolest schools in the universe: Starfleet Academy! That's where we learned all the more...

Statue Of Weeping Angel

"Also, it tiptoed."So yeah. We had the same questions you had after "The Angels Take Manhattan." And Steven Moffat's explanation was... interesting? Edifying, not so much. Although we kind of love to imagine the Weeping Angel version of the Statue of Libe more...

Stay Shiny Black, L

"Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret."Q. Where did the term 'shiny' come from? Who coined it and how did it become a Firefly catchphrase?A. I made up the word 'shiny' as a thing that is good because things that are shiny tend to be attractive and excit more...

Steampunk Snuff Dark Chocolate, L

Not imaginary anymore!Before he knew Big Bird, before he lived on Sesame Street, Mr. Snuffleupagus was the preeminent crime fighter of Victorian London. Sure, he was still only four years old, but he was masterful enough to be the actual inspiration for S more...

Steampunk TARDIS Black, L

"Imagine it. The Victorian Age accelerated."This steampunk TARDIS would go great with that secondary console room the Fourth Doctor used. With all the brass and wood back in the Mandragora & Deadly Assassin time frame? Fold-down console panels that made t more...

Sugar Skull Trooper Heather Black, L

"El Lado OscuroTraditionally, a sugar skull represents the soul of a departed loved one, so there should be an awful lot of Stormtrooper souls, especially after the destruction of the Death Star. Here, for your ofrenda or gravestone is a calavera just for more...

TARDIS Union Jack Glow Black, L

"It's Britain, but cottonMandy: You sound Scottish.Amy: I am Scottish. What's wrong with that? Scotland's got to be here somewhere.Mandy: No. They wanted their own ship.Amy: Hmm. Good for them. Nothing changes. - "The Beast Below" The Union Flag. The symb more...

The Ministry of Silly Walks Black, L

And now for something completely different.The Ministry of Silly Walks needs your help. With the government cutting funding on many programs, The Ministry of Silly Walks is looking for financial assistance from its fans and those who benefit from its serv more...

The One Who Broke the Promise Navy, L

"The Oncoming StormWhat would it have been like to have been the companion of The War Doctor? You get a doctor who doesn't eschew weapons, whose existence is centered around killing. A doctor who exists, too, for quite a number of years, if we are to beli more...

ThinkGeek Exclusive Ship Delta Black, L

"It's a matter of classScotty, you're my chief engineer. You know everything about that ship that there is to know, more than the men who designed it. If you can't tell the difference between a Constitution and a Galaxy-class starship, you're fired. - Kir more...

Time Lords Vintage Tee Black, L

"Take a ride in the TARDISIf all of the Doctors got together and formed a rock band, we bet David Tennant would play bass. Matt Smith would be on drums, and Sylvester McCoy... accordion? Naturally, their tour t-shirt would be this stylish vintage number. more...

Timey Wimey Shirty Wirty 7-shirt Bundle L

No more raggedy!With every reincarnation, the Doctor has a signature style. Whether it's an ultra-long handknit scarf, a stalk of celery, or a red bow-tie, he always looks cool. Now you can too with this bundle of our favorite Whovian t-shirts. You: But, more...

Tree of Gondor Navy, L

"Gondor! Gondor, between the Mountains and the Sea!Gondor! Gondor, between the Mountains and the Sea!West Wind blew there; the light upon the Silver TreeFell like bright rain in gardens of the Kings of old.O proud walls! White towers! O winged crown and t more...

Trust Me I'm The Doctor Blue, L

o_OAs much as we love Doctor Who, we have to admit that if we were an average Joe or Sarah Jane and an oddly dressed dude appeared in our backyard and told us to trust him because he was The Doctor, we're not necessarily sure we could. We've seen a few to more...

Turtles Venn Kelly Green, L

"Dudes and Dudettes, major league Venn-diagramming is back in town!Math teachers are always repeating that "you're going to need to know this out in the real world" mantra. We'll be honest. We haven't ever needed to take the cosine of our lunch or find th more...

United Black, L

"Mutants unite!You know what would be easy? Being a cheerleader for Professor X's school. Because, when you ask the crowd to spell the Professor's name, when you get to, "Gimme an 'X!'" you're done! Here are six of the Institute's most famous members, all more...

United Federation Of Planets Navy, L

"Support the Federation!"A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars." - Captain James T. Kirk, 2269Here's some Federation history for you: The United Federation of Planets was a beautiful dream: founded by four species with the goal of more...

United We Stand Heather, L

"Storytime with Uncle Terry Much has changed about the Doctor over the years but much has remained the same. Despite the superficial differences in appearance, at heart, or rather at hearts (the Doctor has two) his character is remarkably consistent.He is more...

Valar Morghulis Black, L

"All men must dieA ThinkGeek Exclusive! Arya Stark may be the coolest, and most tragic, little girl in all of Westeros. Her family is in trouble and anyone she befriends is as well ? but she keeps learning, fighting and scheming through all of it. She al more...

Van Gogh TARDIS Shirt Navy, L

"The Pandorica Opensvan Gogh: Hold my hand, Doctor. Try to see what I see. We're so lucky we're still alive to see this beautiful world. Look at the sky. It's not dark and black and without character. The black is in fact deep blue. And over there! Lighte more...

Venom Attack Black, L

Gut dump!Before he made Spawn (and really cool action figures and then really cool action figures that were really statues and then really cool action figures again), Todd McFarlane spent some time illustrating Spider-Man. This shirt features his cover fo more...

Victorian Soundwave Silver, L

"As you command, good sir.Soundwave is here and ready to play all of Victorian London's greatest hits. Thrill to the tunes of Gilbert & Sullivan's operettas-in-disguise: The Pirates of Cybertron and The Energon of the Guard . Delight, as you tap your toes more...

What Kind of Computer Black, L

"They're going to say "a laptop"[in an electronics superstore]Random woman: Excuse me, do you know anything about this stuff?Sheldon: I know everything about this stuff.Woman: Okay, I have my own wholesale flower business, and I want to hook up my compute more...

Winter Is Coming Black, L

"Winter in Westeros?So, if you were planning on visiting Westeros, remember its almost winter time. So, we already told you what you will see if you looked over the massive block of ice, but if you still decide to look and venture on the other side, don' more...

Xavier Institute Black, L

Mutatis MutandisThere are some schools you go to and they are just a way of getting from one part in your life to another. And then, there are schools with teachers so incredible, you learn as much about yourself as you do the subjects that are taught. Xa more...

You Never Forget Your First Doctor Black, M

"Your First Doctor Holds a Special Place in Your Heart(s)We decided to make a shirt in tribute to one of the first traumatic experiences in life -- the visit to the pediatrician. It involves hanging out in waiting rooms with sick kids, toys you're not all more...



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