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T Shirts Generic Geek - School and Educational Supplies

T Shirts Generic Geek - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

A1A Car Wash Blue, S

Have an A1 daySupport family-run businesses in Albuquerque like A1A Car Wash. Providing an excellent value for the money, A1A promises to clean up any unsightly problems you might have with your vehicle. Just drive right on up, and you'll be greeted by ou more...

Admiral Ackbar Black, L

"It?Ęs a shirt!Hardly ever says that, "It's a trap!" Then cheer him on, through these Wars so Starry, Our favorite Adm'ral Mon Calamari! Then cheer him on, through these Wars so Starry, Our Adm'ral Mon Calamari! That quote, of course, is from the great Gi more...

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Charcoal, L

"No weapons or alien tech beyond this pointOur opinions of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are mixed at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ. There are those who are not enamored. For instance, this Facebook status update from one of our biggest Marvel fanboys, preceded more...

Anti-Laundering Kit - One Week of Shirts L

Wash Your Hands of This ChoreWe've taken some of our most popular shirts and bundled them together to provide you with an entire extra week of laundry-avoidance for your torso. You're going to have to deal with the pants and underwear situation on your ow more...

Batman American Flag Logo Black, L

And Justice (League) for all.A lot of people think Superman is the most American of all superheroes, but that's just not true. Think about it: Batcopter, Batmobile, Batarang, etc. Batman is the most American because he knows how to merchandize! Show your more...

Boba Fett Helmet Tee Black, L

"Schooled by a six-year oldAs adult (or almost adult) geeks, we consider it part of our duty to educate the younger masses who tend that way in The Ways of The Geek. Guide them. Nurture them. So this past weekend, t-shirt girl was visiting with her colleg more...

Breaking Bad 8-Bit Black, L

We're sorry, Heisenberg, but your methylamine is in another labIn Super Mario Bros. 2 , magic potions allow the player to go to go through a door to Subspace to find gold coins and mushrooms. Yep. That's pretty much how they work in Breaking Bad , too. Mi more...

Challenge Accepted Heather Blue, L

"This shirt is legen- (wait for it) daryLet your friends know that you're going to out-trivia them on all matters HIMYM-related. Or even go so far as to extend it to all matters NPH-related. But be sure you're ready to accept the challenge before you wear more...

Cookie Monster Gnaws Navy, L

"We're gonna need a bigger cookie jarDid you realize Cookie Monster has opposable thumbs? Opposable thumbs are important for getting into challenging store-bought dessert packaging and for opening the cartons of milk needed to wash down said cookies. They more...

Danger Zone Grey, L

"What more could you want, people?You know, the entire fifth season could have been 80s movies redone Archer-style, and we would have been okay with that. At least based on the awesomeness that was the Top Gun trailer for season five. Sterling Archer in h more...

Doctor Who Gamer Black, L

Wakka wakka doctaIn a lot of ways, an episode of Doctor Who is like a game of Pac-Man. The Doctor follows a seemingly orderly progression of data collection while avoiding the bad guys and then suddenly warps sideways through some tunnel of space or time more...

Everything is Awesome Black, L

"Let's Party 4EVA!If you saw The LEGO Movie , we probably just got this song stuck in your head again. Sorry about that. Except we're not, of course, because it's AWESOME. And infectious. And airborne. So... good luck with that. LEGO minifig Emmet stands more...

Ewok Big Face

Wicket!Ewoks. Either you love them or you hate them. Since you're on this page, we're gonna assume you're in the former camp. But since not everybody is, you might want to carry a spear with you while you're wearing this, in case you have to defend the ho more...

Exclusive Kryptonian Translator Charcoal, L

"Message from the home planetSometimes we wonder if Penny from The Big Bang Theory would benefit from a translator when talking with Sheldon. Or vice versa. Of course, that's sort of what Leonard is. So never mind. There's one already built-in. Sheldon's more...

Feed the Zombies Black, L

Sponsor a zombie today*cue Sarah McLachlan music and video panning around sad-eyed zombies* Here at Feed the Zombies, our mission is to provide food and necessities to those turned away by society. Those without life's essentials. The needy undead. Many d more...

Geek and Proud

"We few, we happy fewWhose idea was it to make smart "uncool?" Some dimwit, we'll wager. Somebody who reads books only because they're assigned. Somebody who has higher bowling scores than SATs. Somebody who thinks "rooting" has something to do with the g more...

Goonies Astoria Heather, L

Goonies never say die!It's rumored that a hidden treasure map exists in Astoria, OR. It's told that it leads through dangers untold, through hardships unnumbered, through the caverns underneath a discarded seafood restaurant, and eventually to One-Eyed Wi more...

Hello! Also the Doctor Black, L

"Were You There?Of course, the three Doctors this shirt refers to are the three stars of the 50th anniversary episode, "The Day of the Doctor," the War Doctor, the Tenth Doctor, and the Eleventh Doctor. Were you part of the audience that earned Doctor Who more...

Hidden Hydra Navy, L

"Spoiler alert?"Hail, Hydra! Immortal Hydra! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place! We serve none but the Master - as the world shall soon serve us! Hail Hydra!" - The Hydra Oath from Strange Tales #135 (Aug. 1965) more...

Hulk Athletic Shirt Green, L

"You wouldn't like me when I'm sweatyHulk's shorts are awesome. Or, rather, Bruce Banner's pants are awesome. They manage to stay in place and mostly intact despite his body growing several sizes. Heck, if we eat a piece of cheesecake we have to loosen ou more...

Immune to Sarcasm Heather, L

"Wear the shirt, and you don't need a signLeonard: Yes! For God's sake, Sheldon, do I have to hold up a "sarcasm" sign every time I open my mouth? Sheldon: You have a sarcasm sign? Leonard: No, I do not have a sarcasm sign. - "The Big Bran Hypothesis" The more...

Keep out of Direct Sunlight Black, L

Geek Maxim #1As seen on MythBusters!Do you sometimes feel that you ought to have come into this world with some basic instructions? We frequently do. Life would be so much easier if everybody had a manual and everybody took the time to RTFM. Sure, as a re more...

Men's Hooded Pullover Tee with Thumb Cuffs Heather Charcoal, L

"It's all good in the hood.When we launched our Ladies' Hooded Pullover with Thumb Cuffs , the gents in the audience said, "Hey! What about us?" This is the dudes' version of that same shirt. Well, there are a some differences: this is straight cut (with more...

Mercennarium Ore Black, L

"Did someone say "chimichanga"?Enhanced healing factor is one of the lamer superpowers if you ask us. Basically, your super power kicks in once all the rest of the folks have used theirs against you. So, yeah, maybe you can live through the unsurvivable, more...

Neurodiversity v3.0 Black, L

"This is who I am.Everyone's brain is wired in a unique way. It's what makes you YOU. And your mind is our favorite part of you. It's what makes you our smart masses. So here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, we're all about embracing the differences in n more...

Night's Watch Tee Black, L

"A shadow of what it once wasNight gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the more...

Old School Genesis Controller Black, S

"Genesis does what Nintendon'tIn the Sega forums, they posted a poll to find out what everyone's favorite SEGA controller was. Almost half the votes went to the Dreamcast's controller, but the original Genesis controller took a respectable 24% of the vote more...

Only You Can Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse Cardinal Red, L

"Zombey the Bear says...We live in dangerous times. There are all sorts of dangers - biological, chemical, social. If one stupid human makes one stupid mistake, we could have the apocalypse on our hands in mere days. If you miss the signs, if you have you more...

People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies Black, L

"Zombies are not second-class citizens!At the most basic, zombie rights advocates believe that the living-challenged deserve the same treatment as we afford to living beings. Just because their desires are more focused now doesn't mean that they shouldn't more...

pi*z*z*a Red, L

"There's only four things we do better than anyone else: music, movies, microcode (software), high-speed pizza delivery." - Snow Crash by Neal StephensonPizza is the perfect food. It's got your grain, your dairy, your... fruit. Man, we make a face just ty more...

Punisher Athletic Shirt Black, L

For all your Punishing workouts The Punisher is a lot like some people we meet when we're working out. He's got one goal. Getting to it is going to be painful, and that's the way he likes it. He's dedicated. Focused. He doesn't care what other people thin more...

Punisher Dead Sight Black, L

Vengeance is sweetTimmy, our spokesmonkey, had a harsh meeting with reality when this Punisher shirt came in to our warehouse. That skull emblem seems... familiar somehow. The contours... the round little cheekbones. OMG. That's a monkey skull! Hey, Frank more...

Ripped Batman Black, L

Holy shirt, Batman. Bruce Wayne is ripped. When he wears t-shirts (always black, because it looks cool), he tends to get them ripped, too. And what does it look like when his shirts get ripped? Probably something like this shirt. Wear it, and you'll spend more...

Shirt of Smiting Black, L

"You see a large wooden door. You open it.You enter a dark cavernous conference room. There are whiteboards, notepads, and a speakerphone. The faint smell of dry erase markers and stale coffee hovers in the dank office air. The fluorescent light above you more...

Star Trek TNG Never Forget Charcoal, L

"Picard out.[Engineering]La Forge: I can't hold the antimatter containment fields. Initiating emergency shutdown!La Forge: Coolant leak! Bridge, we have a coolant leak in the engine core! I can't shut it down. I estimate two minutes to a warp core breach! more...

Star Wars Athletic Shirt Black, L

Work out Star Wars styleThis shirt reminds us of a perfect summer day circa mid-1980s. A cloudless blue sky is above us and we just made our own rainbow using the garden hose. Back then we'd chase each other around the backyard, pretending that we were Re more...

Star Wars Falcon Black, L

Congratulations on your purchase of a YT-1300!The Corellian Engineering Corporation - what they're best known for is a tiny forgotten light-stock freighter - the YT-1300. You might not know the model number, but perhaps you've heard of the Millennium Falc more...

Steam Samurai Cream, L

The Way of the Metal WarriorWould it be easier or harder to live the way of the samurai if you were a robot? Would you be practicing bushido if duty, honor, and loyalty were programmed into you or is free will required for the lifestyle to be meaningful? more...

Steampunk Skeleton Black, M

From ThinqueGeek MercantileMaybe you're into the whole DIY bit of the Steampunk movement but you're not quite ready to replace your ribs with copper tubing and your lungs with bellows. That's where we come in. We've made a Steampunk cosplay t-shirt that l more...

String Theory Research Stone Blue, L

"Dis Particle Has a Flavor. Is Toona.You know how your cat pounces on something for absolutely no apparent reason? Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and then out of the blue you see your cat flying off the turnbuckle (sofa) delivering one little furry elbow d more...

Superman Smoke Logo Black, M

Faster than a speeding bulletIn cartoons, sometimes the characters move so fast leaving a room, that all that's left is a smoky version of their form. That's what this shirt made us think of: Superman leaving a room so fast (because he can) that all that more...

Survey Corps Black, L

Wings of FreedomWhen you join the Survey Corps / Scout Regiment, you know you might not come home. You'll get to see the world outside, but you might get to see a little too much of it a little too close for comfort. And if you don't make it we can't guar more...

TARDIS Hang Heather, XL

"Dangling MattifierThe BBC was very tight-lipped about the 50th anniversary episode beforehand. Some of our few sneak peeks at "The Day of the Doctor" were provided by the location shot in Trafalgar Square. It's hard to miss Matt Smith dangling in the air more...

The Walking Grads Black, S

"Everybody's going to want your brainsAfter four long years of shambling to class barely alive, you've done it! There were moments where survival wasn't guaranteed. Cramming at the last minute. Late night parties at Zeta Zeta Zeta. All night study session more...

The Winter Soldier Shield Black, L

"Whose side are you on?It ain't all fun and games being Captain America. You gotta figure out what this "disco" thing is. Also thai food. And sometimes you gotta make hard decisions about your friends who may not be your friends any more. Captain America' more...

ThinkGeek Exclusive Don't Blink Black, L

"Also, don't look in a mirrorYou know, occasionally we think the Weeping Angel's form of time travel wouldn't be so bad - sending people to the past. Sure, we'd miss all you guys, but there are a lot of periods in throughout history where we think we just more...

Triwizard Tournament Grey, L

Better than the Triwizard TrophySince the Triwizard Tournament is far from a regular occurrence - at this rate occurring every 200 years or so - it is unlikely that the average witch or wizard will ever get to compete in it as champion. If you were unable more...

Unicorns: Ponies With Party Hats Royal Blue, L

"Unicorn Parties are Epic!There are some times when our Bounty Program makes us really, really happy. This is one such instance: Last night my eldest child said to me "There are no unicorns, Mom; only ponies in party hats." I need a "Unicorns are ponies i more...

Vader Athletic Shirt Black, L

I am your... trainerUnless you're a Stormtrooper, if you live in the Star Wars universe you probably spend a lot of your time in flowy things easily caught in mechanical devices like paper shredders or rogue droids. Time to pick up something a little more more...

Venom Athletic Shirt Black, L

We are Venom When choosing a symbiote you find in space, you have a couple choices. If you have Trill blood, you could be joined with a symbiont that will give you the memories of multiple lifetimes. Or you could don Venom's black suit, which will make yo more...

Weyland-Yutani Corporation Tee Black, M

Building Better WorldsPlanets formerly inhospitable to man -- now safe places for families to live. Through our advanced terraforming technologies, Weyland-Yutani Corporation has opened up the universe to humanity. Do you love researching the unknown? Are more...

Zombie Identification Chart Silver, L

"The more you know...In case of zombie apocalypse, the most important thing is to know what you're working with. Identify your tools and figure out what type of undead you're up against. You might be prepared to tear a zombie in half with a machine gun. E more...



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