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T Shirts Gaming - School and Educational Supplies

T Shirts Gaming - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

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1up Mushroom Charcoal, L

"Infinite Protection in One ShirtWouldn't life be a hell of a lot easier if it were a video game? Concrete goals like "Save the Princess" would make worries like "What college do I attend?" completely obsolete. No more confusion about who your enemies are more...

Bioshock - Welcome to Rapture Charcoal, L

I?Æm Andrew Ryan.Marx had communism, Davenport had eugenics, and Ryan had Rapture. Rapture was a city where the mind could roam free without the constraints of morality, without the government stepping in, without the limitations of the lesser man around more...

Chaotic Evil Black, L

"[insert evil laugh track]4E may have taken away half the alignment options, but Wizards of the Coast left us with one of our favorites: Chaotic Evil. Not always viable in a campaign situation, Chaotic Evil makes for a great one-night gaming-session all-o more...

Crest of Hyrule Black, L

May the Triforce Be With YouIt's good to be a Hylian. You've got a benevolent monarchy that rules over a land formed by goddesses. You've got diverse landscape for all types -- woods, swamps, deserts, mountains. You have lakes and waterfalls for vacations more...

Crit Happens Black, L

"There we were...That night when you're rolling well, when the dice are with you, when everything's going your way... those games are great. Better if it's going that way for the whole adventuring party. And stellar if somebody remembered that can of Rote more...

Crusader Kings 2 Logo Charcoal, L

Press all the claims!You know, dating and marriage would be so much easier in the real world if relationships worked how they do in CK2. You'd get a picture of the person you're interested in, along with an objective list of his or her attributes, traits, more...

Fear of the Beards Black, L

"Press e to pick up NorelcoWe dig the concept of Paradox / Fatshark's BBBC (Bestest and Beastliest Beard) contest. The idea of reproducing the look of a player in-game is a pretty awesome prize. Course, as females we couldn't really participate, but we th more...

Game Over Blue, L

"UnflappableSometimes you just need to relax. You need something simple, not mentally or physically taxing, to silence the chatter in your brain for a bit. For many folks Flappy Bird filled that need. Flap. Flap. Live. Flap. Flap. Die. But all the crazy e more...

Jakobs Logo Tee Charcoal, M

"Shoot for the headThere's nothing quite like a Jakobs. Each Jakobs weapon is hand-crafted using superior materials, which all revolve around one signature aspect: the wood. Using a solid wood stock allows for more power with much less recoil. Specializin more...

Kirby Black, L

Poyo!In our ongoing adulation of all things TVTropes, we'll share this trope based on everybody's favorite puff: American Kirby is Hardcore . Apparently cute is enough to sell Kirby to the Japanese but Americans want Kirby to be tough, or so the Japanese more...

Lag Kills Black, M

"Worst. Lag. Evar.What's the laggiest game you've played? And we don't mean the 90s when you were playing StarCraft on a dial-up or Doom and Marathon on the LAN. Here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, we have our own personal games we love to hate (or, mo more...

Magicka Fire Black, L

Wizards are highly flammable!Armed with just a sword, a staff, and your wits, you'll join with other wizards in silly, intense, and fast-paced PvP battles. That's Magicka: Wizard Wars! Maybe you're the type of wizard to combine the right elements for fros more...

Magicka Wizard Pile On Charcoal, L

Be the last robe standing.In Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet, it's a battle of wizard vs. wizard. Sometimes you play in teams of four, sometimes you?Ære battling true PvP. But no matter how you fight, each player competes to sit atop the leaderboard more...

Minecraft Periodic Table Tee Black, L

Created by Dmitri MinedeleevThus far, the Periodic Table of Minecraft has successfully cataloged 25 naturally occurring elements. It seems that all aspects of the universe can be split into Ore, Natural, Liquids, and Nether. But, it has come to the attent more...

Science To Do - Portal Shirt Black, L

"Three Tablespoons Rhubarb, On FireWelcome, . Thank you for participating in this Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment activity. As you know, science is very important, and we're appreciative of your dedication of yourself up to a more...

Stained Glass Link Tee Black, L

Saving the world is serious businessThe magical kingdom of Hyrule is known for its long rich history and a diverse cast of characters frequently memorialized in stained glass windows seen throughout the Zelda games. Take a piece of Hyrule history home wit more...

The Dice Are Trying to Kill Me Charcoal, L

"You've Got to Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Take a Double-Move ActionTable-top gamers tend to be a superstitious bunch. Maybe it goes hand in hand with the in-game proof that praying to the god of your choice can make your arrow fly more accuratel more...

The Way of the Dice Black, L

The dice giveth, and the dice taketh awayDespite the fact that tabletop gamers rely on dice explicitly for their stochasticity, we also believe there is some sort of predetermination in them. After all, something makes this set of dice in particular your more...

Titanfall IMC Logo V2 Heather, L

Formerly DBA Hammond EngineeringMorals, schmorals. Everything's going to be run by a megacorporation in the future anyhow, so you might as well go ahead and side with the winning one from the start. Militia? Pshaw. They're a bunch of lowlifes and bandits. more...

Titanfall Kodi Industries Black, L

Drop a Titan on itInspired by Titanfall , the award-winning title from Respawn Entertainment. Kodi Industries logo in distressed orange and white ink on the front of a black, 100% cotton shirt. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Importe more...

Video Game Cryptids Silver, L

There's a 'squatch in Wario's WoodsAnd in this room, the remains of creatures for which we have questionable evidence. None of these specimens has been recognized by the scientific community, so we anxiously await further evidence.Draconis nanusMus electr more...

Watch Dogs: Everything is under CTRL. Black, L

"Everything is under controlThe problem with centralized control is, of course, that it gives one centralized control. That's a feature when integration makes it more effective for the people intended to use it and benefit from it. That's a bug when the p more...

Watch Dogs: Skull T-Shirt Black, L

"I'm about to open your world."This shirt features the same ASCII-graffiti skull design worn by Clara Lille in Watch Dogs . Because DedSec are good people. If they're against universal surveillance and the CtOS, we're on their side. Just let us exploit Ai more...



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