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T Shirts Frustrations - School and Educational Supplies

T Shirts Frustrations - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

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Any Fool Can Use a Computer Black, L

"Many do.We asked, and you answered. Counting the votes between the four social media platforms where we posted the question, Timmy tells us this is the saying you most wanted us to offer as a shirt on ThinkGeek. Nick E. posted, "As a Help Desk employee I more...

Binary People Black, L

"Stumps Them Every Time...Do you enjoy watching the desperately puzzled faces of your co-workers day in and day out? Then we are sure you'll enjoy being the source of their frustrations as you stride down the fluorescent hallways with this fine koan of a more...

Do I Look Like a People Person? Black, L

"Does Not Play Well With OthersThere used to be a commercial for some sort of career services company that started out with a half a dozen people in mock interviews saying, "I'm a people person!" with great enthusiasm. And the theory was that everyone can more...

Do Not Want Black, L

"New version with 50% less lolcat!Face it -- there are so many opportunities in your life for this shirt. We made it just for you, because we feel your pain, your need to cry out, "DO NOT WANT" to so many things. Do Not Want is part of our tribute to LOLC more...

Drop Everything Black, L

"Because, clearly, my job here is to serve you.These sorts of folks think they're more important than you. Know how we know that? No matter what you're doing (which was saving the world, BTW, not that they asked), it's less important than whatever they ne more...

Enough Social Interaction Charcoal, L

"Go AwayGeeks: we're one big group of loners. Most of us are not much good at the whole social interaction thing. In fact, we've trained our whole lives to be Not Good at it. From playing house alone to petitioning to be the project manager, technical lea more...

Flipping Tables Black, L

Rage quit in three... two... one...Flipping tables is one of those things that works better on the Internet than in actual practice. In real life you have all sorts of variables, like the weight of the table, its placement, whether or not there's stuff on more...

How About Never Black, L

"Is "never" good for you?Cartoonist Bob Mankoff came up with this witticism back in 1993, as the result of being snubbed repeatedly for a meeting and immediately realized it had humor potential. But he had no idea it would take off like it has, to become more...

I have my reasons. Black, L

"Get on the squirrel. There's no time to explain.You have your reasons for doing things. Maybe you can't explain it. Maybe you can but you don't think you need to or should. We'll remind you that no amount of justification or rationalization in the world more...

I see the assassins have failed. Black, L

"Disappointing. Going to have to hire better ones.We get a lot of suggestions through the Bounty Program . A handful of us pore over several hundred of them each month (including the half a dozen each month that suggest something about "this new, awesome more...

I'm Here Because You Broke Something Black, L

"Just don't touch anything else.You know what prompted this shirt. One too many incredulous "What are you still doing here?" (emphasis on word of choice, all equally annoying) from the boss. Here's the mental conversation you get to have at that moment: " more...

Incomplete Data People Black, L

"Which Are You?Well, we know which you are. But which is the person reading your shirt? You can probably figure it out by the lag time before the reaction.0-1 second: This person recognizes that you frequently wear amusing shirts and didn't actually take more...

It's Not Me, It's You Black, L

"This is hard to say...You know when you're in a group of folks and you all slowly come to the realization that there's one problem child who's creating chaos? The boss who doesn't get what's going on. The kid on the group project who didn't do the assign more...

Loot Black, L

"Remember, pillage THEN burnEverybody knows this person. There's one in every adventuring party. Doesn't map. Doesn't take notes. Basically useless in every way except combat, because that's how you get the drops. All of which, somehow, this character mir more...

meh Black, L

"Apathy is hard work.As seen on The IT Crowd!Writing these amusing and pithy product descriptions you see on is harder than it looks. Take our new 'meh' shirt, for example. Writing copy shouldn't be as hard as coding a first-person shooter i more...

mine. Black, L

"I could see the squirrels...In today's corporate world, you often have to sign an agreement that says you don't even own your own thoughts while employed by said Evil Corporate Overlord. That makes even the littlest things at work count. For instance, li more...

Random Encounter Black, L

"Perfect for Gen ConOh, the old Wandering Monster Tables, the safetynet of many a poor-planning GM or a thinking-outside-the-box group of PCs. It's been a long time since we've thought about you and taken your name in vain, Random Encounter Table. So many more...

Shirt of Ultimate Disambiguation Black, L

"No Plus No Equals No" - TMBG, "No!" As seen on The IT Crowd! We offer this shirt of ultimate disambiguation for your confused friends and colleagues. It's truly versatile. Works in a wide variety of situations.While you're there, I was wondering if you'd more...

SQL query Users- Black, L

"Vent Those Luser Frustrations, SQL StyleToo bad you can't use SQL queries in the real world. We suppose it's also too bad that reality (whatever that is) doesn't have a command line mode. Or does it? And if it did, would we also have access to replicatio more...

Taunt Black, L

Come at me, broAhh, the glory days of IRC and the first time we encountered the magic that is /me. Who knew it'd grow into something every fighting game and lots of multiplayer experiences had to have? It's occasionally good to /cheer, but everybody loves more...



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