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Science - School and Educational Supplies

Science - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, and it really wants to power robots. Good thing for all of us that robots are one of the things we love building most! But we don't want to just build one robot - we want the ability to build different types of robot more...

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

Drawing is a fun way to make art. But when you use pens to draw, it's so two-dimensional. Time to take your art to the next level with the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. This is one of the coolest inventions to ever be invented. And you'll think so too, the fi more...

Acrylic Mirror Trays - Set of 6

What reflection! These top quality acrylic mirrors are perfect to use in reflection and light experimentation. more...

Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope
On sale - now $69.99 - was $89.99

As wee geeks, we loved our science classes. Science was always fun and hands-on and related to the things we interacted with in our daily lives. Getting to play with the microscopes fell in the category of Best. Day. Ever. Using a microscope was like look more...

Angeles Exploration Station

Encourage scientific exploration with our exclusive roomy Angeles 6-person sensory table. 2 of the panels are mirrored 2 feature dry-erase magnetic surfaces and 2 are magnifying. Make our Angeles Exploration Station a part of your science area today! more...

Animal Recognition Bingo Game

Children will be able to identify 48 different animals and match them to their names. more...

Aquafarm: Aquaponics Fish Garden

Growing pretty herb gardens inside your home is not only trendy and healthy, but a great way to start putting fresh home-grown ingredients back into your diet. There are lots of ways to grow herbs, inside or outside, but none that are quite as cool as on more...

Bachelor of Science Nursing Pin

This classic Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) lapel pin is jewelry quality with gold plating and cloisonné hard enamel colors. The pin design features the familiar Red Cross and Gold caduceus. Perfect for graduation ceremonies, special nursing te more...

Binary Dad

It is the natual evolution of things. We wreak havoc as kids, we grow up, get jobs (hopefully) and sometimes have kids of our own and complete the cycle to adulthood. Ok well maybe not the adult part. We all like to play with gadgets and toys, whether we' more...

Boskke Sky Planter

Most homes and offices have ceilings that are at least 8 feet high. They feature timeless decorating classics such as lights, ceiling fans and air conditioning return vents. Unless you are very tall or a member of the Na'vi tribe you probably aren't using more...

BSN Caduceus Lapel Pin

Bachelor of Science Nursing Caduceus Pin. BSN is proudly stated in red enamel on this 3D gold plated Caduceus. The caduceus is frequently used by the medical field, military medics and has become the unofficial symbol of medical professionals and medical more...

Bug X-Rays and Photo Cards - Set of 72

Kids will really get into bugs with these authentic x-rays! Printed on transparent heavy-duty plastic; excellent for use with light tables more...

Caffeine Molecule

As seen on The Big Bang Theory! You live and code by this alkaloid, why not wear your badge of addiction for all to see? Kind of like a scarlet molecule. Except it's green. Caffeine molecule printed in Matrix green on a navy, 100% cotton t-shirt. Think we more...

Capsaicin Molecule

The stuff chilis are made of, literally. Capsaicin is responsible for that bite and that pungency which makes chili peppers (at least the hotter varieties) such a challenge to eat. One word of advice, never touch a habanero and then use the restroom witho more...

Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment

On February 15th, 2013 at 3:20 UTC, a hunk of chondrite the size of a double-decker bus slammed into the Earth's atmosphere at roughly Mach 60. No doubt you saw all the YouTube videos. The shockwave generated from the heat of entering the Earth's atmosphe more...

Classroom Garden Set - Flowers

How does your garden grow? The blooming flowers will attract an array of butterflies and hummingbirds to your classroom garden. It's complete flower planting set! more...

Classroom Garden Set - Vegetables

Kids love gardening! Allow children to plant vegetables watch them grow then harvest them. more...

Color Mixing Glasses

Observe the world in new ways! Children can mix lenses to make different colors or add textured lenses (with or without colored ones) for kaleidoscopic fun! Unique kid-size glasses come with 8 interchangeable lenses: 2 each of blue red yellow and clear re more...

Colored Translucent Letters - Set of 26

Bright see-through set works beautifully with our light box. Translucent quality makes the letters a discovery in color and light. An engaging way to encourage language development and beginning reading skills. more...

Complete Nature Walk Set - 42 Pieces

What's more fun than exploring science through real field experiments on a nature walk? more...

Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks & Good Food (Paperback)

Are you the innovative type, the cook who marches to a different drummer -- used to expressing your creativity instead of just following recipes? Are you interested in the science behind what happens to food while it's cooking? Do you want to learn what m more...

Creepy Critters Paperback Books - 6 Titles

Simple rhymes and engaging imagery teach readers all about their favorite creepy critters. more...

Critter Cove

A whole other world! Clear see-thru acrylic tubs allow for easy hands-free observation. Use also as a 9 deep sensory table - just remove the cover. Air vent drain valve two storage trays locking casters. KYDZTuff finish. Assembly required. Lifetime warran more...


We spend an inordinate amount of our time here at ThinkGeek running reports to trying to predict what y'all are going to buy. Heads buried in spreadsheets with PivotTables. 30 day sales rates and products frequently bought together and conversion rates an more...

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Here at ThinkGeek, we truly understand you have needs. Especially at work where minutes often last hours and hours become days. You need to be entertained, you don't want your neurons to prematurely atrophy. You crave stimulation. You crave a Carnivorous more...

Desktop Prism

Science is so pretty sometimes, even when it's raining. The ways that light interacts with water, crystal, or this desktop prism, makes that simple beauty all the more clear. This desktop prism is great as a cubicle reminder of the awesomeness of the worl more...

Discovering Arduino DIY Kit

The growing DIY movement is empowering people to take control of their products and environment. And not only do you want to take control over a product, you want to make it do what you want it to do. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a knowledge more...

DIY - I Love You Bean

People often talk about the "language of love" and the "hidden language and meaning of flowers and plants." Well the time has come to cram these two languages into one easy-to-grow, polyglot plant. We give you, the I Love You Bean. It's very simple to sho more...

DIY Instant Underpants Two Pack

If you know children or ever was one, you know that accidents happen. And some of those accidents happen in pants. Long story short: sometimes kids need new underwear in a hurry. For those children, there is now hope. And when those children grow up, ther more...

DIY Modern Mobile Kit

Alexander Calder was a ground breaking figure in the art world and the father of the mobile. And all by accident. See, his first workshop was in basement and one day that basement flooded. But Alex couldn't let all his stuff get wet, so he hung all his ar more...

DIY Nixie Tube Thermometer Kit

We offer a delicious caffeinated candy powder called Nixie Tubes. This kit does not contain anything edible. Seriously, don't eat any of this stuff, it will probably kill you. Real nixie tubes are the "LEDs" of yesteryear. They proudly displayed their dig more...

DIY Pen Kit

Many things in life are better when you build them yourself. Normally the parts are better quality and the sense of accomplishment you get when you complete the build connects you in a deeper way to the construction in question. We love DIY - and we love more...

DIY Pocket Knife Model Kit

When building that perfect con costume, many times weapons are needed. And many times, those weapons are knives. But knives are heavy and stabby and not safe in all hands or for all costume events. Well, have we got a little DIY kit for you, then. It's th more...

DIY Print Fabric with Light Kits

Shirt printing is a really complicated process. First, robots have to be built that can make fully printed shirts from assembling random atoms collected from the exhalations of amused tapirs. And second . . . well, that's about it. But what if you don't h more...

Do the Math
On sale - now $39.99 - was $59.96

Like shoes and shirts, math is rarely an elective in most learning establishments. But some folks take math for fun. These shirts are for those kinda folks. You know them. Heck, you might be them. This time around if you do the math, you save a bit of cas more...

Earth and Science Books - 4 Titles

Students learn about basic earth and space science topics. more...

Edge Robotic Arm Kit

In the future every home will have a sophisticated robot arm. You know... to do the dishes, walk the dog, and assemble Lego kits for us. But waiting for the future always takes so long, which is why we recommend you pick up this fine Edge Robotic Arm Kit more...

Edible Chemistry Kit

Science is hard work. We get hungry in the lab and after a while, flash-frozen bananas get boring. Why not do a little mish-mash of science and cuisine? Then you can fill your stomach and expand your mind simultaneously. Create over sixteen tasty experime more...

Electronics Advanced Circuits

Historically, parents aren't too keen on letting their kids play with electricity. Sticking your finger in the light socket is generally frowned upon, as is licking batteries. (We did it and turned out just fine, but the times, they are a-changin'. Althou more...

Element of Surprise

A new element is being added to the periodic table after its discovery was confirmed by a team of Russian and American scientists. The element, named Surprise, appears to point the way to still more elements with chemical properties no one can predict. Th more...

Excellerations Acrylic Butterfly Specimens - Set of 4

Provide a close-up view of real butterfly specimens encased in durable clear acrylic. more...

Excellerations Acrylic Garden Friends - Set of 4

Meet new friends from your garden! This set of 4 high-quality solid clear acrylic specimens handsomely presents a centipede a frog a grasshopper and a green beetle - all beneficial in the garden. Durable acrylic blocks withstand handling over time and can more...

Excellerations Acrylic Life Cycle Specimens - Set of 4

Set of 4 high quality clear acrylic specimens beautifully illustrate the life cycle of a butterfly. more...

Excellerations Acrylic Peanut Life Cycle - Set of 4

This set of 4 high-quality solid clear acrylic specimens beautifully illustrate the growth of a peanut. Includes: seed root flower and stem. more...

Excellerations Acrylic Scary Bug Specimens - Set of 4

Examine real bug specimens close-up. Lets children see all the incredible details on pincers antennae and exoskeletons. more...

Excellerations Acrylic Specimens - Set of 12

Discover the lifecycle of a butterfly the growing stages of a seed and learn which bugs are really good for your garden! This set of 12 solid clear acrylic specimens will delight and enrich your children! more...

Excellerations Acrylic Specimens Collection - Set of 12

Provide every child an up-close view of real specimens encased in high-quality clear acrylic. Exclusive sets target a variety of interests - an excellent value. more...

Excellerations Acrylic Under the Sea Specimens - Set of 4

Observe genuine sea life specimens surrounded by durable clear acrylic. See scales antennae and pincers up-close. more...

Excellerations Build A Healthy Plate - 28 Pieces

The Build a Healthy Plate Chart will teach children to categorize foods make wise choices and in turn build a healthy plate! Ideal for teaching children nutrition and how to eat healthy foods. more...

Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes - 100 Pieces

These dazzling magnetic shapes are irresistible to children! They're ideal for exploring spatial relations color and shape recognition. more...

Excellerations Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes - 48 Pieces

These dazzling magnetic shapes are irresistible to children! They're ideal for exploring spatial relations color and shape recognition. more...

Excellerations Fillable Wooden Kaleidoscopes - Set of 6

Investigate light! Easy to fill with various objects and secure with hook and loop closures. more...

Excellerations Iron Filing Cases - Set of 12

Magnet manipulation at its finest! more...

Excellerations Laminated Specimen Set - 28 Pieces

Bring the outdoors inside with an incredible and varied set of specimens for study! Safely encased for the classroom use. Use with light tables microscopes magnifying glasses or simple observation. more...

Excellerations Large Rock Specimens - Set of 15

This exclusive set contains 15 natural rocks and minerals to enhance your science curriculum. Some are polished. Includes illustrated guide to help identify each specimen. more...

Excellerations Mirror Observation Station

How many reflections do you see? Encourage children's natural fascination with reflections using this specially crafted observation station. View objects of all sorts from different angles and perspectives. Designed to provide learning experiences for ind more...

Excellerations My 5 Senses Magnet Activity Set

Discover the world through the 5 senses! The two-sided magnetic table chart colorfully illustrates how the 5 senses are used. On the back the senses are divided into groups by columns. Children sort the 50 magnets then place them on areas of the face and more...

Excellerations My Healthy Plate Magnet Activity Set

What's for dinner? This incredible set follows the new nutritional guidelines and teaches them in a variety of engaging ways. The set includes a two-sided magnetic table chart with a divided plate where kids can fill the sections with lots of healthy food more...

Excellerations My Science Journals - Set of 10

Provide children with these specialized journals to help them learn how to record data and make observations. more...

Excellerations Optical Discovery Trays - Set of 6

Use solid wood frame trays in various sizes to explore and discover. more...

Excellerations Organ Apron

What's inside me? This fabric apron features the outlines of 8 major internal organs. The matching plush organs attach to the apron using hook and loop. more...

Excellerations Science Lab Coat with Clipboard

Get ready and test your theories in this lab coat and clipboard! Beautifully made for the science center or dress-up closet this set lets children dream about careers in science. more...

Excellerations Tabletop Light Box

See things in a new light! Young scientists can explore color blending activities and concepts of reflection perspective and symmetry with our exclusive portable Tabletop Light Box! more...

Excellerations Wooden Color and Shape Viewers - Set of 3

See the world in shapes and colors! Each easy-to-hold solid wooden frame has a shape inset with colored translucent acrylic. Viewers can be used separately or held together to blend colors. 8-1/2W x 5-3/4H x 3/4D. more...

Exploring the Seasons Paperback Books - 4 Titles

What makes each season unique? more...

Extinction is Not an Option

Homo sapiens have been around for somewhere around 200,000 years. Fossil records indicate that even some of the shortest-lived dinosaur species existed longer than that, so there's no reason to think they didn't develop toasters and video games and rocket more...

Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

Ever find something that is so simple, but so fun that you lose track of time? That's how we feel about the CZ Ferrofluid Magnetic Display. At first, we were like, meh. Magnets in a bottle? Then we got our hands on it and it was already 6 o'clock and we h more...

Ferrous Wheel

As seen on Big Bang Theory! Right. If you're checking out this shirt, you probably like corny chemistry jokes, so here's another for you: Two atoms walk into a bar. One atom stops and says to the other, "I think I just lost an electron." The second atom a more...

FlipBooKit DIY Flipbook Machine

There's something about the flicker of an old movie and the click-click-click of the film that makes our brains go to a very happy place. We love everything about the experience. It's why we draw flipbooks in the margins of our notepads (and make our own more...

Floating Magnet Matching Set - 64 Pieces

Match magnetic rings to pattern cards; a fun and easy way to introduce magnetic polarity visual discrimination fine motor skills and pattern recognition. Includes 40 magnetic rings 4 sturdy stands and 20 double-sided 1:1 correspondence cards. more...

Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand
On sale - now $11.99 - was $19.99

"Todays magic is tomorrow's science"... as we always say here at ThinkGeek. Now you can get a bit of magic for yourself with this amazing Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand. This battery powered wand features a mini Van de Graaff generator inside. Pu more...

Fun Fruits and Veggies Nutrition Kit

LANA Garden Heroes are adorable plush fruit and vegetable beanbag characters that help educate and promote healthy eating. more...

Galaxy Quest Model Kits

"Galaxy Quest" is one of the greatest movies ever made. It somehow manages to celebrate and satire everything we know and love about Star Trek and sci-fi fandoms in general. The only thing really lacking was something Yogurt from "Spaceballs" knew all abo more...

Garden Gift Pack

Do you have a geek in your life whose blood may as well have been replaced by chlorophyll? If the answer is yes, then this is the gift pack for them. The Garden Geek is probably some sort of druid or something, because every green thing they touch grows s more...

Geodes Discovery Kit

Get crackin' with real geodes! more...

GeoSafari Tuff Scope

Inspect little things in a BIG way! more...

Giant Classroom Thermometer

Display the largest working thermometer available for the classroom! 30 wall mounted thermometer with temperature range from -40-50 degrees Celsius to -40-120 degrees Fahrenheit. 23 tube recessed into the sturdy wooden base. Ages 5-13 years. more...

Giant Solar Balloon

We're geeks. We wear black a lot. Even in the summer. It makes us highly emmissive. Not permissive. Actually, we're probably less permissive in this situation, when we're uncomfortably hot. According to Wikipedia the day we wrote this, "Black plastic migh more...

Go Home, Evolution

We all know the platypus is odd. It's an egg-laying mammal. It's generally described as having the characteristics of other animals: duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed. Indeed genome sequencing shows it has mammalian and reptilian DNA, "as well as t more...

Grow Your Own Coffee

We love drinking coffee. We love the taste, the smell, the warmth, and the zen imposed on us as we spend time grinding the beans ourselves. Such a lovely overall experience -from grinding the beans to brewing the coffee to savoring it as we check our soci more...

Grow Your Own Giant Sequoia

General William Tecumseh Sherman has been called "the first modern general." Not only was he a tremendous military commander, he also was very fertile (8 kids . . . dang). He was admired by many, including one of his lieutenants (and naturalist) James Wol more...

Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Terrarrium

There are so many reasons to drink tea, and it seems that science keeps finding more and more for us. We're fans of loose-leaf tea because it tastes amazing, and it's better for you than run-of-the-mill teabags. Did you know that antioxidant catechins in more...

Grow Your Own World's Hottest DIY Pepper

As confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records, the hottest peppers in the world are the Naga jolokia. LIAR - it was dethroned by a hotter pepper. However, this is still the hottest pepper you can grow yourself. DOUBLE LIAR! There's a new pepper on th more...

H2O Instant Water Candle Kit 2-Pack

Two packs per order for even more candle-ness!! Candles have been used for hundreds of years to spread light where there was dark, not just because no one had invented electricity yet, but because they were so beautiful. And ever since about 10 minutes af more...

Hand Boiler Science Toy

Geeks of a certain age may have gotten their love of science from Mr. Wizard, who demystified light refraction and heat conduction with simple experiments. Others were big fans of Beakman's World who learned, between pizza binging, that there can be as ma more...

Handheld Safety Mirrors - Set of 12

What you see is what you get! Sturdy handheld mirrors have clear reflection and resist scratching. 5L x 3W. more...

HanzMoto Genius Blocks

You remember when you'd get that cardboard tube of Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys out and pop the top? There wasn't any structure you were supposed to build with that set. You just free-formed your way into whatever architecture you felt like that day. Cars? more...

Heavy Metal

Remember when you rocked? Yeah, I'm talking to you. Back in the day when music was so loud it made the fillings in your teeth rattle out? (Yeah! Those dang cheap fillings made from silver and mercury (symbols Ag and Hg (heh, didn't you always think hydrar more...

HighScope Science Kit

Like adult scientists preschoolers wonder how things work and what makes things happen. We've made it easy and put this pertinent science kit together for you! The curriculum supplements support Real Science in Preschool Here There and Everywhere. Exclusi more...

Holy Crap You Guys It's a Rock From Mars!

Sometimes, when a meteor and a celestial body love each other very much, they crash into each other, causing rocks to launch into space and eventually make their way to our beloved Earth. Until now, if you wanted a Mars baby, you had to be the first (FIRS more...

Holy Crap You Guys It's a Rock From The Moon!

Sometimes, when a meteor and a celestial body love each other very much, they crash into each other, causing rocks to launch into space and eventually make their way to our beloved Earth. Until now, if you wanted a Moon baby, you had to be the first (FIRS more...

Hydroponics Lab

Investigate the hidden magic of plant roots! more...

In the Science Lab Books - 6 Titles

Students learn about key scientific concepts through reading about high-interest characters such as pirates and monsters. more...

Insect In Amber

Let's say you're on the beautiful island of Isla Nublar near Costa Rica. You've spent a lot of time and effort and a lot of research to bring your project to fruition, a project to recreate extinct species from their DNA extracted from insects in amber. S more...

InSight Brain Training Software by PositScience

Visual processing is important for overall brain fitness because what we see defines many of our experiences and memories. With InSight Brain Training from Posit Science, you can improve the quality and quantity of the information your brain absorbs from more...

Insta-Snow - 16 ozs.

Insta-Snow is a compact super absorbent polymer that quickly drinks up plenty of water and instantly expands to 100 times its original size! The reaction is very fast and very visual. Kids of all ages will love it! This large bag makes approximately 8 gal more...

Interactive Whiteboard Activities: Science

Now with more activities these easy to implement hands-on activities are perfect for integrating interactive whiteboards into your early childhood instruction! The CD designed for Grades PreK-2 supports content-area lessons with standards-based science ac more...

Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

Engineer: Yes, sir, and that's what we're trying to do, but... honestly, it's impossible... Stane: TONY STARK WAS ABLE TO BUILD THIS IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! Engineer: Well, I'm sorry. I'm not Tony Stark. If you give an inquisitive wee geek a box more...

Japanese Soroban Style Abacus
On sale - now $9.99 - was $14.99

We bet you knew the abacus was an ancient calculator, but did you know that the tradition of using an abacus is still alive and well? It is especially true in Japan, where it is known as the soroban. The soroban is still widely used in elementary schools more...

Jumbo Magnetic Marbles - Set of 10

These colorful marbles really attract attention! Children are fascinated as they watch marbles roll toward and against each other. Ideal for use with magnetic wands. more...

Jumbo Marble Set - 13 Pieces

Explore the wonders of magnetism! Young adventurers will feel the pull as they experiment. Set features 2 mag wands 1 horseshoe magnet and 10 jumbo magnetic marbles. Ages 3 years and up. more...

Jump Into Science

Jump Into Science more...

Jurassic Twilight Mobile Kit
On sale - now $19.99 - was $24.99

The children were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of dinosaurs danced in their heads. That's how the poem goes, right? Well, that's how it would have gone if the kids in "Night Before Christmas" had been given this mobile-making kit. When com more...

Laser Research

Cats and laser pointers. It's like there's some sort of compulsion going on there. What they're actually doing is research for their grants in laser use in areas such as homeland security, medical imaging, and quantum physics. In an area of study long-dom more...

Laser Twilight Stars Projector

Caution: This product is more amazing in real life than on a two dimensional website As you should well know here at ThinkGeek we are constantly striving to find tools for you, our loyal customers, to aid in your quest for World Domination. But we also wa more...

Leonardo Da Vinci Wooden Invention Kits

Leonardo Da Vinci was a gifted artist. A look into his illustrations proves what a genius he was . . . a comic genius, that is. Scattered throughout his inventions and anatomical diagrams are caricatures of his students - exaggerating their features (espe more...

Life Cycle Books - 4 Titles

Witness the life cycles of a bean butterfly chicken and frog right in the classroom or at home! This set presents the facts with detailed descriptions and brilliantly colored photographs. Books are 9W x 6 1/2H. Set of 4. Grades K-3. more...

Light Pad

Portable light exploration! more...

Living in a Biome Books - 8 Titles

Take a journey of the world's habitats and the animals that make them their homes with this set of 8 science books. more...

Mag-Wand - Set of 6

Perform numerous experiments and invent new games with these colorful magnetic wands. Mag-Wands also sold individually. Colors will vary. more...

Magna-Tiles Clear - 32 Pieces

Build three-dimensional designs or create patterns on a flat surface. Colorful translucent tiles come in bright visually stimulating colors - perfect for use on light table. 32 pc. Set Contains: 14 Small Squares 2 Large Squares 4 Isosceles Triangles 4 Rig more...

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors - 100 Pieces

Attract young minds to science and math with this creative magnetic set. Build 3-dimensional and flat surface designs and create patterns. Colorful translucent tiles are perfect for light exploration. more...

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That's a cool saying by some old, dead scientist dude. What it means (for those of you without a background in the Physics) is: if you push a boring ball into a magnetic accelerator, you will find more...

Makey Makey - An Invention Kit for Anyone
On sale - now $49.99 - was $59.99

There are dreamers out there who see a world of possibilities. Flying cars? Absolutely! Mind controlled remote controls? Can’t wait! Self-cleaning clothes? We wish! With the MaKey MaKey your thoughts and dreams can take one step closer to reality. Desig more...

Mirror Exploration Station

Young scientists can explore concepts of reflection perspective and symmetry as well as color blending activities with our Mirror Exploration Station! more...

Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit

Muscle Wire is fun science in action! Made of nickel-titanium alloy, this wire contracts with heat and stays expanded when cool, which is exactly the opposite of what you'd expect of a metal. What do they use MuscleWire for in the real world? Space missio more...

Nanodots GYRO DUO: Magnetically Gyroscopic Balls
On sale - now $19.99 - was $39.99

We're doing our best right now to avoid overused ball jokes. These Nanodots GYRO DUO: Magnetically Gyroscopic Balls are, in fact, spherical, but they are not silly at all. They are fun and fantastic. And all because of the power of magnets. Inside each GY more...

Nature Exploration Kit - 72 Pieces

Get your campers equipped to explore everything the great outdoors has to offer! more...

Original Gyroscope

The earliest gyroscope-style instrument was written about in 1817 and electric motors in the 1860s lead to the first indefinitely spinning gyroscopes and the gyrocompass. Nowawdays, we've harnessed the power of the gyroscope in our iPhones and gaming syst more...

Our Bodies Paperback Books - 8 Titles

Explore the function appearance and purpose of some of the important parts of the human body. more...

Our Physical World Books - 6 Titles

The perfect introduction to physical science. Easy to understand explanations of how basic physical principles of science relate to our world. Paperback. more...

Periodic BaCoN

Seems like everyone has a different way of eating these days. Just at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ we have the carnivores, the pescatarians, the vegetarians, the vegans, and then there's our copywriter monkey who claims to be 100% vegetarian 80% of the t more...

Periodic GeNiUS

Nothing is more humbling than discovering a situation in which your immense body of knowledge is completely useless. Just because you have a PhD in Chemistry doesn't mean you can bake a soufflé. And nobody wins at Trivial Pursuit without at least k more...

Periodic HArMoNY

Let's investigate the elements that make up this shirt, shall we? Hydrogen: Everyone remembers Hydrogen. How could you forget? There it is, right on the top of the periodic table. #1. It's so fabulous that you can find it everywhere you go. Argon: Known a more...

Phi by Numbers

We think this is the most beautiful shirt we've ever made, but you might say that's irrational. *rimshot* Hey -- you're still reading! Score. So, let's talk about Phi. Phi's a number with a lot of baggage. Lots of folks make claims about it that it doesn' more...

Physical Science Books - 4 Titles

Students learn interesting facts and basic physical science concepts. more...

Pi By Numbers

What is Pi? Some might define it as the ratio of a circle's circumference divided by its diameter. Others might think it's an irrational number that's impossible to know completely. Still others might think it's a mystical, transcendental, almighty number more...

Plastic Eyedroppers - Set of 12

Versatile tools for a variety of science lessons! Set of 12 eyedroppers can be used for experiments with liquid color placing liquids on microscope slides and experimenting with the properties of liquids. more...

Plastic Tweezers - Set of 12

These black plastic tweezers are excellent for science lessons in nature study and general exploration. more...

Plynosaur Dromeosaurus Skull Model
On sale - now $14.99 - was $24.99

This is actually probably a model of D. albertensis since we have more fossils of it, but humor us for a second and imagine this is D. explanatus. It works marvelously because the Latin explanō, explanārē means two things: to flatten and to more...

Pocket Microscope

A microscope can be a pretty handy device, especially when looking at objects that are microscopic. They have been in use for nearly 400 years and have developed into some pretty sophisticated devices, such as the scanning electron microscope or even a US more...

Premium DIY Gramophone Kit

We love our high tech gadgets, but we also like to return to the past of our dreams - where springs and gears made everything possible. And there's nothing like old school technology making music. Yup, we're talking records. The fact that records are stil more...

Rats! Space Shuttle Program Shirt

For one generation, the question was "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" All our customers remember the moment they found out about 9/11. But for a 10-15 year window of Americans in their 30s and 40s, the defining tragedy of our generation was the Cha more...

Real Science in Preschool: Here There and Everywhere HighScope Book

Wondering how to do science with preschoolers? This book shows you how authentic hands-on science learning takes place every day throughout the classroom as well as outdoors more...

Reduce Reuse Recycle Books - 5 Titles

Help children understand how they can make a difference to the environment by reducing waste and reusing and recycling materials. Collection introduces where resources come from how they're made used and if they are renewable. more...

resistance is futile

More of a Vulcan statement than a Borg one, we think you'll still find this t-shirt quite appetizing. Unless you've recently wired up your own M.A.M.E cabinet or added a modchip to your Xbox, chances are good that your voltmeter and ammeter are still hidi more...

Rhinoceros Mini-Beest Kit

On Holland's beaches you don't have to worry about getting your stuff nicked or sunburn as much as you have to worry about being trampled by a runaway Strandbeest. Okay, not really (but that would look awesome in an obituary). Although Theo Jansen's "new more...

Rocket Surgeon

Rocket scientist. Brain surgeon. Sometime in the 1980s this pair became the touchstone to represent challenging jobs that require a lot of focus and intelligence to master. That's been over 25 years now. Do we have a new set of "smart jobs" today? Maybe f more...

Root Beer Brewing Kit

Our favorite beer to drink during the daytime is root beer. Why? Because it is flavorful, frothy, delicious, and won't get us fired. But sometimes we just don't find the root beer we crave. The time has come to rebel against the can and the bottle pre-pac more...

Scents Sort Match Up Kit

Introduce children to the wonderful world of scents! Match up the 30 scent-filled numbered cups with the colorful picture cards. One side of the card has a picture and the other side is self-correcting with a picture plus the number of the matching scent. more...

School Pin - Science

Our academic and school pins including this Science lapel pin are a great addition to a letterman’s jacket or uniform. A great token of appreciation for elementary schools through college. A perfect reward or motivational tool for science fairs, sc more...

Schrödinger's Cat

Twisted up in Schrödinger's uncertainty thought experiment, this historical kitty has been put through a quantum ringer that nobody should have to experience. After all it's tough work being both alive and dead simultaneously. Every student of physic more...

Schrödinger's Cat vs. Pavlov's Dog

So Schrödinger's cat vs. Pavlov's dog. In a one vs. one fight who wins? Well, the first main difference is that Schrödinger's cat was a hypothetical experiment (or was it?), while Pavlov's dog was real. The loyalty. Real. The drool. Real. The ne more...

Science Activity Bowls - Set of 12

Versatile plastic bowls can be used for a variety of science activities including: more...

Science Activity Magnifiers - Set of 12

Unique 2-piece design makes observation easy! Can enclose the subject on a tabletop or be moved from side to side to change magnification. more...

Science Activity Table

Curious scientists can explore magnets magnifiers and mirrors at this six-sided table. Stow supplies in the exclusive blue tub which is included. Measures 25-1/2L x 30W x 21H. Lifetime warranty. more...

Science Exploration Tool Kit - 84 Pieces

All the basic tools for classroom science exploration in one complete kit! Children can explore optics measurement reflection and more. Includes: more...

Science File Folder Games - Grades 2-3

Simple file folders open to reveal a different science-based curriculum game inside. more...

Science File Folder Games - Grades K-1

Simple file folders open to reveal a different science-based curriculum game inside. more...

Science in Seconds (paperback)

Simple and accessible, Science in Seconds is a visually led introduction to 200 key scientific ideas. Each concept is readily absorbed through an easy-to-understand picture and a concise explanation. Concepts span all of the key scientific disciplines inc more...

Science Interactive Books Set - Volume 1

Science level complexity steadily increases while students engage in nonfiction and fiction content instruction. more...

Science Interactive Books Set - Volume 2

Science level complexity steadily increases while students engage in nonfiction and fiction content instruction. more...

Science Interactive CDs - Volume 1

Science level complexity steadily increases while students engage in nonfiction and fiction content instruction. more...

Science Interactive CDs - Volume 2

Science level complexity steadily increases while students engage in nonfiction and fiction content instruction. more...

Science Investigations Books - 5 Titles

Students build nonfiction reading skills and vocabularies while learning how to apply the scientific method to a variety of topics. more...

Science Play Book

Divided into chapters about things around the home; water air sun wind rain plants and dirt Science Play makes science fun and easy to learn for youngsters. Jill Frankel Hauser. 143 pages. Paperback. more...

Science Readers - Life Cycles

Boost students' non-fiction reading skills and vocabularies with engaging topical science readers. more...

Science Rules!

There are a lot of rules in science. Safety goggles must be worn at all times. Never use electrical equipment around water. Eating and drinking are prohibited (unless that's what you're testing). Remember: hot glass looks identical to cold glass. Use cont more...

Science Sort Activity Set

Students can classify compare and analyze while they sort photo cards featuring science content and vocabulary. more...

Science Space Vocabulary Readers

Super-engaging readers are packed with facts and photography about various space topics. more...

Science Vocabulary Readers - Animal Groups

Boost students' nonfiction reading skills and vocabularies with engaging topical science readers. more...

Science Vocabulary Readers - The Human Body

Boost students' non-fiction reading skills and vocabularies with engaging topical science readers. more...

Science Vocabulary Readers - Wild Weather

Boost students' non-fiction reading skills and vocabularies with engaging topical science readers. more...

Science: It's Gotten Us This Far

If you can read this, thank a teacher, as the bumper sticker goes, or whomever taught you how to read. And then thank science. It's science that's making those photons strike your retina. It's science that's allowing the data to be transferred from our da more...

Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants

Real bombs are sad. Real bombs hurt. Real bombs are for making things break. Seed Bombs are happy. Seed Bombs heal. Seed Bombs are for making thing more beautiful. Seed Bombs are a simple way to add smiles to the face of the planet. We added a few more wo more...

Sensory Science Kit

Experiment and discover! This kit will excite the senses and introduce beginning science concepts! more...

Show Your Work

Oh, that phrase dreaded by math students everywhere: show your work. Once you get to a certain point in math, it's kind of like when someone asks you to give directions on how to tie a shoelace and suddenly you have no idea how you tie a shoelace. First y more...

Space Paperback Books - 6 Titles

An exciting introduction to the world of astronomy and outer space! more...

Space Rocks Master Collection
On sale - now $89.99 - was $109.97

The UN Outer Space Treaty of 1967 prevents any government from laying claim to any piece of property outside of our pale blue dot, but nothing says you can't own a piece of the stars! Indiana Jones famously criticized that historical artifacts belonged in more...

Squigz Starter Pack

Remember the Squorks? They were those little yellow things with suction cups on their faces. No, not the blue ones; those were the Snerfs. And not the ones with emotions or something on their tummies; those were the um . . . ok, we're just making all this more...

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

On a clear night, one has only to look up to realize how much wonder is still waiting for us in the universe. Out there, amongst the stars, are secrets and surprises beyond our wildest dreams. Well why not, while you're working on your own way of getting more...

Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some survivors in a war between two factions set out across the stars to find the speaker of a message they saw crawl across space. It was this message which started the entire conflict between these two sides, i more...

Stirling Engine Kit

The intriguing design of this engine, invented and patented in 1816 by Dr. Robert Stirling, is still relevant today. Initially sought as a safer alternative to steam engines (whose boilers could explode), this engine never saw wide spread use because it w more...

Strandbeest Kit

The fantastic Theo Jansen is world-renowned for his creations consisting of PVC pipes, wood, and various plastics. The resulting concoctions spring to life with the slightest breeze and walks the earth on hundreds of tiny feet all on its own. A beautiful more...

Super Snow - 1 lb. Bag

Make snow instantly with this amazing polymer! The more you stir the more it shines and sparkles. Super Snow expands to over 100 times its size and lasts for weeks without rewetting. Reusable. more...

Superhero Math

We know it won't do any good to say this, but this is not an invitation for discussion. It's just an illustration of how the world works. Batman is mathematically superior to Superman. It's not like this is a surprise to anyone, so don't even start with u more...

Tabletop Tripod Magnifier

Get a closer look! more...

Take Care of Yourself Paperback Books - 6 Titles

Young readers learn about basic personal hygiene with simple easy-to-read text. more...

Tesla vs. Edison

Yeah, so they totally made up "Tesla-cize" above, but we're pitting the two inventors against each other in a strange fact-off.* They duke it out. A winner is you! Wait. What? Tesla believed that both voice and image could be transmitted through the air. more...

The Classic Radiometer

Way back in 1873, some dude named Sir William Crookes noticed some weirdness in a scale he built. It appeared as though some samples weighed more or less depending on if sunlight was shining on the scale. Weird! He postulated that it was the pressure of t more...

The Five Senses Paperback Books - 5 Titles

5 books 1 on each of the 5 senses introduce children to these senses and the associated sensory organs. more...

The Infamous Drinking Bird

These "Dippy Birds" have been around for years, and you can't fool us - you've always wanted one. Now's your chance! But do you understand how it works? Do you get the complex relationship between chemistry and physics that makes this simple heat engine o more...

The Power of Music: Pioneering Discoveries in the New Science of Song

As Elana Mannes makes clear in her eye-opening book, we are at a breakthrough moment in music research, for only recently has science sough in earnest to understand and explain the power of music and its connection to the body, the brain, and the world of more...

The Ultimate Inequation

There are countless formulas and maxims out there in the universe of math, physics and more -- The Pythagorean Theorem, a basic differential equation, E=mc2, and the definition of Pi are ones that many of us know (or at least knew at one point). Well, her more...

Thermometers - Set of 12

Teach basics of temperature differentiation and help students begin understanding measurement with this set of 12 plastic thermometers. 8L x 1-7/10W. more...

Two-Tiered Mini Greenhouse

Protect classroom planting projects from weather and pests in this portable two-tiered greenhouse. more...

Useless Box Kit

Ok, so it's a black box, sort of shiny, with a switch on top. But what does the switch do? Does it launch a nuclear attack? Does it terminate someone you don't know somewhere in the world? Does it make bacon magically appear? You stare at it over and over more...

Viva la Relativity!

Despite his good nature, Einstein was really a revolutionary thinker. Sure, he didn't use guerilla tactics and machine guns to make his point, but he did use some completely brain splattering math and abstract thought. A single day spent thinking the thou more...

Weather Watchers Paperback Books - 6 Titles

Young readers fascinated by the changing skies can focus on different types of weather and its causes. more...

What's Inside Animal X-Rays - Set of 16

Learn about animals from the inside out! These innovative cards allow children to see a picture of an animal and then see the skeleton when placed on a light table or held up to a light. The cards are 8-1/2W x 11H. Set includes 16 cards and teacher's acti more...

Wonder Eye Jumbo Magnifiers - Set of 3

See the world even closer! Our exclusive Wonder Eye Jumbo Magnifiers are truly wonderful for indoor or outdoor exploration. Perfect for your classroom science center and a great value! more...

Wooden Rulers - Set of 12

Introduce basic measuring in inches and metrics (cm/mm) with our solid wood rulers. more...

Wooden Specimen Kit

This fascinating collection of science specimens will help children begin or continue to develop their classifying and observational skills. Sliding clear acrylic removable lid separates sections and keeps the specimens safe from touching; slide open to t more...

Wooden Trebuchet Kit

In the days before gunpowder (at least in the west), folks had to find new and intriguing ways to throw death and destruction at each other. They started by throwing rocks, then progressed to hurling giant stones, and then to flinging boulders. The evolut more...

You Are Here

At a shopping mall, there's a giant color-coded map to tell us if we're next to the Frank-n-Stein or where one can find the local Chess King. We think that in the grand scheme of things, that whole mall is really just a microspeck in the universe; it's a more...

You Are Here Bell Curve

We find it's a rewarding habit to hang out with smart people like yourself. Face it. You tend to talk more about what you're reading and less about reality television. (Hey -- we have our personal addictions, too, but it's not our main topic of conversati more...

Zombie Plant Growing Kit

Usually the phrase "rapid plant movement" is only encountered in 70s B Movies. Or something you might catch in a double-header with Sharknado. This plant dies when you touch it. (That happens to us with most plants, but this is different.) Well, it doesn' more...



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