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African Bolga Market Basket and Set of 6 African Music Instruments


The African Bolga Market Basket and set of 6 African Music Instruments in one easy order!

African Music Instruments - Set of 6


Add a unique beat rattle and shake to your classroom! Set of 6 authentic African instruments includes:

Brain DIY MIDI Control Interface Kits Brain Jr. Starter Kit


"DIY MIDI!We're gonna keep this one brief, as there are a lot of tech specs to look at. If you're like us, you have a bad case of the "if only it did this" (also known as "if only these buttons were in a slightly different place"). We're especially like t

Instrument Organizer and 25 Piece Instrument Set


Create a music center in a small space with this easy-to-store organizing chart and 25-piece instrument set.

Maestro Baby Instruments - Set of 4


Stimulate early music development with these junior musical instruments. Babies will be fascinated as they shake rattle and discover the unique sounds each piece makes.

Otamatone Deluxe Touch-Sensitive Electronic Musical Instrument Black


"Rock out with your giant music note out! The band hits the stage. The drums are going. The keyboards and bass start pounding out the foundation. The horns come in, pumping out a jazz-fueled boogie. And then Perfect Tommy hits the stage. This time, his gu