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Hoodies Fleece - School and Educational Supplies

Hoodies Fleece - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Argyle Space Invaders Hoodie
On sale - now $53.99 - was $59.99

So these might not be the brightest aliens we're talking about here, but they're very determined. "You destroyed all our guys? Even the super-sneaky mystery ship??? Well, fine. We have a plan B. Which is... go faster." It may not be the most clever tactic more...

Battlestar Galactica Bomber Jacket

Apollo: Remember, just head away from the sound of gunfire. Roslin: What about you? Apollo: We're heading towards the gunfire. - "Valley of Darkness" We love screen-accurate prop replicas. Know what we love even more? Screen-accurate prop replicas that we more...

Big Bang Theory Atom Hoodie

Although this is an officially-licensed Big Bang Theory product, we can see this going over well with most any science geek. Now it might be the simplified version of the atom they teach us in high school chemistry, but let's face it. The thing your scann more...

Black Widow Ladies' Zip-Up Jacket

Maybe it's just us, but we have a thing for superheroes without supernatural powers. It probably doesn't hurt that our favorites all wear black and have awesome utility belts. Of course, we're talking about Batman and ... Black Widow! Okay, so Black Widow more...

Boba Fett Hoodie

So this Boba Fett hoodie ain't made of duraplast. And it doesn't have an armor liner. It is not going to protect you from blasts, fire, acid, poisons, or corrosive substances. However, it will protect you from chill in your standard movie theater or in th more...

Boba Fett Varsity Jacket

Boba Fett: I take it you have no love for the Empire. Luke Skywalker: I don't. Boba Fett: Well, neither do I. - The Star Wars Holiday Special, 1978 We don't know what high school you would have to attend to get this Boba Fett varsity jacket, but we imagin more...

Captain Jack Harkness Coat

Coat Check Guy: Love the vintage coat. Jack: Thanks. Maybe the three of us should have a drink sometime. Coat Check Guy: The three of us? Jack: You, me, and the coat. - Torchwood, "Miracle Day" Captain Jack's coat is arguably the coolest thing about him. more...

Deadpool Costume Hoodie

Little yellow box: Do I still think in those little yellow boxes? Yellow dialog bubble: I'm good. Little yellow box: Oooh, I missed you, little yellow boxes! What fun we shall have together! That fourth wall? Not broken. Totally gone. It's like Deadpool r more...

DeLorean Motor Company Jacket
On sale - now $99.99 - was $119.99

So this jacket may not have all the technology Marty McFly encountered in the future, but it does incorporate some technology that didn't exist in 1989. For instance, it's made with a 3-layer bonded fabric (polyester soft outer shell with microfleece lini more...

Doctor Who 10th Doctor's Coat

While we love Matt Smith, we'll always have a spot in our warm fuzzy secret hearts for David Tennant's Doctor. (And we're jealous of Rose. Incoming really old spoilers from 2008. If you're behind the times, don't read the invisible paragraph below.) After more...

Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Green Jacket

The thing about traveling all over time and space is that you can never be totally sure what the weather is going to be. The Doctor can't rotate between his Summer and Winter wardrobes like those of us who live in areas with predictable seasonal temperatu more...

Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Purple Coat

Fabulous frock coats were popular in early Doctor Who, so we're glad to see they're making a comeback with Matt Smith's Doctor. We've always thought frock coats were flattering, possibly partially because of the silhouette, which Wikipedia describes as in more...

Doctor Who Ladies' 10th Doctor's Coat

A ladies' version of the Tenth Doctor's coat seems only appropriate. After all, he originally obtained it from Janis Joplin. This is an officially-licensed women's version, a little shorter in length and with more space in the chest and hips than the men' more...

Doctor Who Ladies' 11th Doctor's Purple Coat

Fabulous frock coats were popular in early Doctor Who, so we're glad to see they're making a comeback with Matt Smith's Doctor. We've always thought frock coats were flattering, possibly partially because of the silhouette, which Wikipedia describes as in more...

DOTA 2 Brewmaster Zip-Up Hoodie w/ Digital Unlock Code
On sale - now $19.99 - was $49.99

Officially-licensed DOTA 2 gear! Primal Split. This is Brewmaster's ultimate skill. Not only because it gives the ability to divide into three element-based specialized warriors (and survives as long as one of them make it through), but because he then ca more...

Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

You're generally going to get more use out of a hoodie than a dogi in your wardrobe. Show off the fact that you're a student of Master Roshi's training with the Turtle School Symbol (kame) on your chest and back just like his graduates. Orange, full-zip 5 more...

Firefly Zip-up Hoodie

Okay, so if you were in a situation in deep space with the engine down and life support on the fritz, this hoodie wouldn't really help you. But it wouldn't hurt noways neither. Best be warm while you can. Truth is, you ain't got a whole lot of options at more...

Half Life 2 - Black Mesa Hoodie

Dodging Marines, parasitic headcrabs, and building collapses is definitely a workout. There’s no doubt that the warzone is uncomfortably warm and you’ve spent days sweating profusely. But, what you don’t know is that when Xen is cold, it’s super, more...

Iron Man Costume Hoodie
On sale - now $59.99 - was $69.99

So we originally specced out this hoodie to be made of a new geodesic alloy with carbon nanotube-reinforced ceramic plates and coated with a kevlar-like polymer. But let's be realistic here. How likely are you to be attacked by HYDRA while at Starbucks? O more...

Lebowski Bowling Hoodie
On sale - now $44.99 - was $49.99

Are you one of those promising inner city children without the necessary means for higher education? If you are, we are totally not going to help you here. However, if you're looking for a shirt that proclaims your belief that true zen can be best achieve more...

Meh Hoodie

Writing these amusing and pithy product descriptions you see on is harder than it looks. Take our new 'meh' hoodie, for example. Writing copy shouldn't be as hard as coding a first-person shooter in assembly, but sometimes indifference wins more...

Men's Hooded Pullover Tee with Thumb Cuffs

When we launched our Ladies' Hooded Pullover with Thumb Cuffs, the gents in the audience said, "Hey! What about us?" This is the dudes' version of that same shirt. Well, there are a some differences: this is straight cut (with the waist and the chest the more...

Minecraft Enderman Hoodie
On sale - now $49.99 - was $69.99

We all like to think we're the protagonists, but sometimes you just have to be the bad guy and you know it. Got bad news to deliver to your friends? Wear this hoodie. Everybody's going to have to come in on Saturday? Wear this hoodie. Your favorite Minecr more...

Minecraft University Hoodie
On sale - now $49.99 - was $59.99

ThinkGeek is your source for officially-licensed Minecraft gear. Minecraft University, which celebrates its 0th anniversary in 2011, is the youngest institution of higher learning. But there's no reason we shouldn't look like we've been around forever. Ch more...

N7 Elite Armor Stripe Hoodie

You have graduated from an elite training program. You should show that off. But not in a "Hey look at me! I'm a big, famous, Marine" kinda way. That's not how you do that. Something subtle like this N7 jacket. It's understated. It's stylish. It's elegant more...

Nobody Cross Zip-up Hoodie
On sale - now $34.99 - was $44.99

It's not easy, being heartless. You'd think you can go on with just body and soul... but no, eventually you are going to want to create a Kingdom Heart and turn that "Nobody" symbol upside-down! This black sweatshirt from the Disney/Square Enix Kingdom He more...

Nyan Cat Hoodie
On sale - now $39.99 - was $49.99

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan ny.... Yeah. Okay. It doesn't seem right to use nothing but "nyans" for a product's copy. Again. So we'll say instead that this is the ultimate nyan costume. If you've ever wanted to pass for an 8-bit cat zooming through spac more...

Octopus Cardigan

What would you do with eight arms? At first, we thought, "FOUR LAPTOPS!" Then we realized that we still only had one pair of eyes. Now we're thinking two laptops, an iPod, some knitting, and one arm left for scratching any itches that arise. (Ever notice more...

Player 1 and Player 2 Hoodies

'In this box are two things I will show to you now. You will like these two things,' said the cat with a bow. - Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat On days when it was wet, wet, wet outside when we were kids, we had the best time. We always had something to do. more...

Portal 2 Aperture Test Subject Track Jacket
On sale - now $49.99 - was $54.99

The Enrichment Center promises to always provide a safe testing environment. In dangerous testing environments, the Enrichment Center promises to always provide useful advice. For instance, the floor here will kill you. Try to avoid it. We gathered all of more...

Portal 2 Test Candidate Hoodie
On sale - now $41.99 - was $59.99

Officially-licensed Portal gear! We've provided one end of this portal. The other end is up to you. Stuck in an endless meeting? Time to break out your handy dandy Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device and WOMPF yourself a way out. Elementary school con more...

Princess Leia Hoodie

Princess Leia's iconic gown from Star Wars is not terribly practical. Good for being Alderaan royalty. Not so good for climbing around in trash compactors. But, then again, when you get dressed in the morning, you're not generally thinking, "Hey. I wonder more...

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Hoodie

We'll be honest here. We hadn't heard of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock until that episode of The Big Bang Theory. You could say that prior to that day we were traditional roshamboists. When we heard Sheldon explain how it works and why it's superior to more...

SeV Alpha Jacket
On sale - now $149.99 - was $199.99

It's good to have a comfy jacket. It's better to have one that goes with most everything in your closet. And it's best to have one that allows you to hide all your gear securely. The SeV Alpha Jacket is all three of those. It features Personal Area Networ more...

SeV Chloe Ladies' Hooded Jacket
On sale - now $62.99 - was $89.99

Running and hiking geeks rejoice! The Chloe Hooded Jacket is the perfect companion for your exercise endeavors. It features a sporty cut and wicking, breathable fabric. Of course, it works just as well if you're only walking to the deli for a sandwich on more...

SeV Ladies' Cardigan
On sale - now $69.99 - was $74.99

Remember that totally awesome beaded handbag Hermione owned? The one that was tiny but fit a tent, food, the invisibility cloak, and basically everything a wizard or witch would need when on the run from Lord Voldemort? We always wanted one of those. Who more...

SeV Q.U.E.S.T Men's Vest

Ford Prefect tells us the only things you really need to bring with you for your jaunt around the universe are a towel, some peanuts, and your copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but he packs light. OH! And a Babelfish is useful, too. So imagine more...

SeV Revolution Plus Coat

You know what our Canadian customers kept saying? After "why is shipping so much?" (our palletmonkeys arranged it a few months back so that y'all have more options now, BTW). The other thing they kept saying was, "We need a warmer coat!" We listened. The more...

SeV Sterling Men's Jacket

We're just full of great advice, aren't we? Since clothing is something society dictates we gotta do, we should do it to the best of our geeky abilities! Enter our friends at ScotteVest. The Sterling Jacket is going to be your new wardrobe staple. Why? It more...

SeV Sterling Women's Jacket

We're just full of great advice, aren't we? Since clothing is something society dictates we gotta do, we should do it to the best of our geeky abilities! Enter our friends at ScotteVest. The Sterling Jacket is going to be your new wardrobe staple. Why? It more...

SeV Tropiformer Jacket

We love Scottevest's clothing so much that they decided to make an exclusive jacket just for us! The Tropiformer Jacket has the features you know and love if you're a fan of Scottevest outerwear, but it is made of a super lightweight material that's perfe more...

SeV Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece

Who is the wearer of the average hoodie? Hoodies are worn by preps, goths, jocks, party boys, and of course geeks (which is why we love them) - and just about every other style known to man. Even though its color, material and cut may vary wildly - any ga more...

Space Odyssey Astronaut Hoodie
On sale - now $39.99 - was $49.99

Time to suit up. Whether you need to go to the moon, or just down the hall to accounting, do it in style with this Astronaut Costume Hoodie. It's got all the goodness of a hoodie, with some extra "spacey" features. SPACE is embroidered across the chest in more...

Sriracha Zip-up Hoodie
On sale - now $31.49 - was $44.99

Some people proudly wear a sweatshirt featuring their favorite baseball team, others choose to display the name of their alma mater, but if your love of Sriracha trumps your love of all other things, then this is the sweat shirt for you. Now if there was more...

Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie

Troi: How do you do, Lal? Lal: I am functioning within normal parameters. Data: Lal, this is Geordi La Forge. Lal: Purpose for exterior drapings, Father? Wesley: (mouthed only) Father? Data: It is an accepted custom that we wear clothing. - "The Offspring more...

Star Wars Empire Leather Motorcycle Jacket
On sale - now $329.99 - was $499.99

You’ll understand the lure of the Dark Side when you see yourself in the latest Imperial style, the Empire Racing Jacket. Of course, putting Stormtroopers on motorcycles just seems dangerous. After all, they can barely aim their blasters while standing more...

StarCraft II Spectre Hoodie

Joining Project Shadowblade was a toss up for most of our prospective recruits. Most were concerned about how the terrazine would affect them both physically and mentally. All in all, the higher-ups came up with a pro/con list that seemed to put everyone more...

STFU University Hoodie
On sale - now $29.99 - was $33.99

Whether you went to college or not (or "university" as you Europeeps are wont to call it), you can appreciate the desire to show support for your school. It doesn't matter if you want to put a sticker on your car, paint your chest with funny letters, or w more...

Survey Corps Hoodie

Although the Survey Corps / Scouting Legion is limited to 300 members, they unfortunately always have positions open up after each raid. It's hard to convince folks to join up when their job will be to confront the horrific menace head-on. Basically, to b more...

TARDIS Pullover Hoodie

Doctor Who fans know that the Doctor's TARDIS is stuck as a police box due to a faulty chameleon circuit. What you may not know is that back in the day on Gallifrey, the Time Lords had a sport that was similar to NASCAR (they did involve "turn left, turn more...

Tauntaun Costume Hoodie
On sale - now $34.99 - was $49.99

You never know when you're going to be unexpectedly stranded out in the cold. That's why it's best to bring your trusty Tauntaun along. They're a source of both transportation and warmth. (Although after the warmth part, there's not so much transportation more...

Team Fortress Red Pyro Sweater
On sale - now $49.99 - was $84.99

You can't see his face and you can't understand what he's saying, but the Pyro is good at one thing: setting people on fire. And that, let's be honest, is a pretty useful skill, which is at least part of why Pyro is such an awesome character in Team Fortr more...

ThinkGeek Exclusive Boldly Go Zip-Up Hoodie

We're fans of hoodies. There are certain situations where no matter how many layers of clothes you have on, you feel like you could still use a hoodie. Movie theaters are an excellent example. While you're watching the latest J.J. Abrams take on the class more...

Vault 101 Hoodie
On sale - now $49.99 - was $57.99

Buck Rogers. Ender's Game. ST:TNG, at least the first two seasons before they came to their senses. Why is it exactly that the future contains so many jumpsuits? Is one fewer piece of clothing that tempting? And, if so, why aren't footie jumpsuits more po more...

Winter Is Coming Zip-up Hoodie

Oh, Summer Child. You think because it's warm out that you'll never need a hoodie. Of course, the clothiers who work in Winterfell know differently. It's never too early to be stockpiling warm clothing for the long months (or years!) of Winter. In a way, more...

Women's Trench Coat from SeV
On sale - now $129.99 - was $149.99

What's the problem with having a handful of digital gadgets at your every beck and call? You then have to find a place to stash them, which is not always convenient. All the adorable party clutches which we must have for special events? They don't really more...

Wonder Woman Hoodie

Back in the 1940s when Wonder Woman was created, women dressed much more conservatively in public. Skirts were longer, bathing suits covered more skin, and pants were a new sensation for women. But even then, Wonder Woman did her own thing sporting a stra more...

World of Warcraft Panda Zip-up Hoodie

MMOs and Pandas are a match made in heaven. Pandas and martial arts are a match made in heaven. To be honest, we'd be willing to wager that most things go well with pandas. Think about it! A panda eating ice cream? On a ferris wheel? Pandas - or Pandaren, more...



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