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Geek Toys Science Toys - School and Educational Supplies

Geek Toys Science Toys - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

"These robots eat sunlight!The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, and it really wants to power robots. Good thing for all of us that robots are one of the things we love building most! But we don't want to just build one robot - we want the ability to bui more...

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen ABS Essentials Refill

"The world's first 3D printing pen.Drawing is a fun way to make art. But when you use pens to draw, it's so two-dimensional. Time to take your art to the next level with the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen . This is one of the coolest inventions to ever be inven more...

Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope

"Science at home As wee geeks, we loved our science classes. Science was always fun and hands-on and related to the things we interacted with in our daily lives. Getting to play with the microscopes fell in the category of Best. Day. Ever. Using a microsc more...

Aquafarm: Aquaponics Fish Garden

Just keep swimming!Growing pretty herb gardens inside your home is not only trendy and healthy, but a great way to start putting fresh home-grown ingredients back into your diet. There are lots of ways to grow herbs, inside or outside, but none that are q more...

Aquapod Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

"Prepare for liftoff.We drink a lot of soda. We can't help it, it's yummy. And we always, always, always recycle the bottles. But sometimes, the path from our desk to the recycle bin goes by way of SPACE!!! Ok, so not quite space, but definitely about 100 more...

Boskke Sky Planter

Turn your plants on their headsMost homes and offices have ceilings that are at least 8 feet high. They feature timeless decorating classics such as lights, ceiling fans and air conditioning return vents. Unless you are very tall or a member of the Na'vi more...

Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment

As Seen By Thousands!On February 15th, 2013 at 3:20 UTC, a hunk of chondrite the size of a double-decker bus slammed into the Earth's atmosphere at roughly Mach 60. No doubt you saw all the YouTube videos. The shockwave generated from the heat of entering more...

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Little Desktop Of Horrors...Here at ThinkGeek, we truly understand you have needs. Especially at work where minutes often last hours and hours become days. You need to be entertained, you don't want your neurons to prematurely atrophy. You crave stimulati more...

Desktop Prism

"What does it mean?Science is so pretty sometimes, even when it's raining. The ways that light interacts with water, crystal, or this desktop prism, makes that simple beauty all the more clear. This desktop prism is great as a cubicle reminder of the awes more...

Discovering Arduino DIY Kit

Arduino-rific!The growing DIY movement is empowering people to take control of their products and environment. And not only do you want to take control over a product, you want to make it do what you want it to do. The easiest way to accomplish this is wi more...

DIY - I Love You Bean

"Phyto-love People often talk about the "language of love" and the "hidden language and meaning of flowers and plants." Well the time has come to cram these two languages into one easy-to-grow, polyglot plant. We give you, the I Love You Bean . It's very more...

DIY Blood Typing Test Kit

Because Knowing is Half the Battle!How many times have you told your love that you would cut off an arm for them? Or give them a kidney or your own blood if they needed it to survive? Well, cutting off an arm is easy, but foolish. And giving blood or a ki more...

DIY Instant Underpants Two Pack Two Pack

"Re-hydrate for instant undies.If you know children or ever was one, you know that accidents happen. And some of those accidents happen in pants. Long story short: sometimes kids need new underwear in a hurry. For those children, there is now hope. And wh more...

DIY Modern Mobile Kit

"Do it yourself art!Alexander Calder was a ground breaking figure in the art world and the father of the mobile. And all by accident. See, his first workshop was in basement and one day that basement flooded. But Alex couldn't let all his stuff get wet, s more...

DIY Nixie Tube Thermometer Kit

"Surprisingly, not caffeinated!We offer a delicious caffeinated candy powder called Nixie Tubes. This kit does not contain anything edible. Seriously, don't eat any of this stuff, it will probably kill you. Real nixie tubes are the "LEDs" of yesteryear. T more...

DIY Pen Kit

"Just add heat Many things in life are better when you build them yourself. Normally the parts are better quality and the sense of accomplishment you get when you complete the build connects you in a deeper way to the construction in question. We love DIY more...

DIY Pocket Knife Model Kit Red

"Put it together; mix it up.When building that perfect con costume, many times weapons are needed. And many times, those weapons are knives. But knives are heavy and stabby and not safe in all hands or for all costume events. Well, have we got a little DI more...

DIY Print Fabric with Light Kits Blue

"Print with the power of the sun!Shirt printing is a really complicated process. First, robots have to be built that can make fully printed shirts from assembling random atoms collected from the exhalations of amused tapirs. And second . . . well, that's more...

Edge Robotic Arm Kit

Flesh Based Arms are so 2008In the future every home will have a sophisticated robot arm. You know... to do the dishes, walk the dog, and assemble Lego kits for us. But waiting for the future always takes so long, which is why we recommend you pick up thi more...

Edible Chemistry Kit

Eat your scienceScience is hard work. We get hungry in the lab and after a while, flash-frozen bananas get boring. Why not do a little mish-mash of science and cuisine? Then you can fill your stomach and expand your mind simultaneously. Create over sixtee more...

Electronics Advanced Circuits

"Where wee mad scientists get electrifiedHistorically, parents aren't too keen on letting their kids play with electricity. Sticking your finger in the light socket is generally frowned upon, as is licking batteries. (We did it and turned out just fine, b more...

Exclusive Wooden Catapult Kit

"Fetchez la vache!Every office has them. Those folks who talk really loud in the hallways or on speaker phone with just one person or eat all your donuts or don't "collect 'em all" or steal your parking space when you just run to the store to get more don more...

Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

"Utterly addictive Ever find something that is so simple, but so fun that you lose track of time? That's how we feel about the CZ Ferrofluid Magnetic Display. At first, we were like, meh. Magnets in a bottle? Then we got our hands on it and it was already more...

FlipBooKit DIY Flipbook Machine

"Old school animated gif.There's something about the flicker of an old movie and the click-click-click of the film that makes our brains go to a very happy place. We love everything about the experience. It's why we draw flipbooks in the margins of our no more...

Galaxy Quest Model Kits Both Kits

"Never give up . . . never surrender! "Galaxy Quest" is one of the greatest movies ever made. It somehow manages to celebrate and satire everything we know and love about Star Trek and sci-fi fandoms in general. The only thing really lacking was something more...

Garden Gift Pack

Green thumbsDo you have a geek in your life whose blood may as well have been replaced by chlorophyll? If the answer is yes, then this is the gift pack for them. The Garden Geek is probably some sort of druid or something, because every green thing they t more...

Grow Your Own Coffee

"Enjoy coffee from seed to cup!We love drinking coffee. We love the taste, the smell, the warmth, and the zen imposed on us as we spend time grinding the beans ourselves. Such a lovely overall experience -from grinding the beans to brewing the coffee to s more...

Grow Your Own Giant Sequoia

"DIY World's Largest TreeGeneral William Tecumseh Sherman has been called "the first modern general." Not only was he a tremendous military commander, he also was very fertile (8 kids . . . dang). He was admired by many, including one of his lieutenants ( more...

H2O Instant Water Candle Kit 2-Pack Blue

"Simply elegant density experiment.Two packs per order for even more candle-ness!! Candles have been used for hundreds of years to spread light where there was dark, not just because no one had invented electricity yet, but because they were so beautiful. more...

Hand Boiler Science Toy

A classic science experiment in the palm of your handGeeks of a certain age may have gotten their love of science from Mr. Wizard, who demystified light refraction and heat conduction with simple experiments. Others were big fans of Beakman's World who le more...

Holy Crap You Guys It's a Rock From Mars! 2 milligrams

YA RLY!Sometimes, when a meteor and a celestial body love each other very much, they crash into each other, causing rocks to launch into space and eventually make their way to our beloved Earth. Until now, if you wanted a Mars baby, you had to be the firs more...

Holy Crap You Guys It's a Rock From The Moon! 2 milligrams

O RLY?Sometimes, when a meteor and a celestial body love each other very much, they crash into each other, causing rocks to launch into space and eventually make their way to our beloved Earth. Until now, if you wanted a Moon baby, you had to be the first more...

Insect In Amber

"Hold history in your handLet's say you're on the beautiful island of Isla Nublar near Costa Rica. You've spent a lot of time and effort and a lot of research to bring your project to fruition, a project to recreate extinct species from their DNA extracte more...

Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

A box of scraps Engineer: Yes, sir, and that's what we're trying to do, but... honestly, it's impossible...Stane: TONY STARK WAS ABLE TO BUILD THIS IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!Engineer: Well, I'm sorry. I'm not Tony Stark.If you give an inquisitive we more...

Japanese Soroban Style Abacus

It?s math, I reckonWe bet you knew the abacus was an ancient calculator, but did you know that the tradition of using an abacus is still alive and well? It is especially true in Japan, where it is known as the soroban. The soroban is still widely used in more...

Jurassic Twilight Mobile Kit

"Sleep under the soothing sight of dinosaursThe children were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of dinosaurs danced in their heads.That's how the poem goes, right? Well, that's how it would have gone if the kids in "Night Before Christmas" had more...

Laser Twilight Stars Projector

"My's full of stars...Caution: This product is more amazing in real life than on a two dimensional websiteAs you should well know here at ThinkGeek we are constantly striving to find tools for you, our loyal customers, to aid in your quest for Wo more...

Leonardo Da Vinci Wooden Invention Kits Bridge

"Leo's Fantabulous Inventions Leonardo Da Vinci was a gifted artist. A look into his illustrations proves what a genius he was . . . a comic genius, that is. Scattered throughout his inventions and anatomical diagrams are caricatures of his students - exa more...

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

Warfare ScienceFor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That's a cool saying by some old, dead scientist dude. What it means (for those of you without a background in the Physics) is: if you push a boring ball into a magnetic accelerator, more...

Makey Makey - An Invention Kit for Anyone

What do you want to makey today? There are dreamers out there who see a world of possibilities. Flying cars? Absolutely! Mind controlled remote controls? Can?t wait! Self-cleaning clothes? We wish! With the MaKey MaKey your thoughts and dreams can take o more...

Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit

Wave to the humans, robot!Muscle Wire is fun science in action! Made of nickel-titanium alloy, this wire contracts with heat and stays expanded when cool, which is exactly the opposite of what you'd expect of a metal. What do they use MuscleWire for in th more...

Nanodots GYRO DUO: Magnetically Gyroscopic Balls

"Insert ball joke here.We're doing our best right now to avoid overused ball jokes. These Nanodots GYRO DUO: Magnetically Gyroscopic Balls are, in fact, spherical, but they are not silly at all. They are fun and fantastic. And all because of the power of more...

Original Gyroscope

Viva la old-fashioned science The earliest gyroscope-style instrument was written about in 1817 and electric motors in the 1860s lead to the first indefinitely spinning gyroscopes and the gyrocompass. Nowawdays, we've harnessed the power of the gyroscope more...

Plynosaur Dromeosaurus Skull Model

"Your own personal Dromaeosaurus explanatusThis is actually probably a model of D. albertensis since we have more fossils of it, but humor us for a second and imagine this is D. explanatus. It works marvelously because the Latin explan?, explan?r? mean more...

Pocket Microscope

Makes small things look bigger!A microscope can be a pretty handy device, especially when looking at objects that are microscopic. They have been in use for nearly 400 years and have developed into some pretty sophisticated devices, such as the scanning e more...

Premium DIY Gramophone Kit

"DIY old school tunes.We love our high tech gadgets, but we also like to return to the past of our dreams - where springs and gears made everything possible. And there's nothing like old school technology making music. Yup, we're talking records. The fact more...

Rhinoceros Mini-Beest Kit

"Like old NES cartridges, you blow on itOn Holland's beaches you don't have to worry about getting your stuff nicked or sunburn as much as you have to worry about being trampled by a runaway Strandbeest. Okay, not really (but that would look awesome in an more...

Root Beer Brewing Kit

"Brew your own beer - ROOT beer, that is. Our favorite beer to drink during the daytime is root beer. Why? Because it is flavorful, frothy, delicious, and won't get us fired. But sometimes we just don't find the root beer we crave. The time has come to re more...

Root Vue Farm

An underground garden laboratoryMultiple Award Winner, including Dr. Toy and Oppenheim Gold! One unfortunate fact about gardening is that you don't see a lot of the magic because it's under the ground. It's all fine and dandy to plant seeds and then watch more...

Seed Bombs Throw and Grow Plants 2-Pack- One of Each

"Plant attack! Real bombs are sad. Real bombs hurt. Real bombs are for making things break. Seed Bombs are happy. Seed Bombs heal. Seed Bombs are for making thing more beautiful. Seed Bombs are a simple way to add smiles to the face of the planet. We adde more...

Space Rocks Master Collection

Start your own museum!The UN Outer Space Treaty of 1967 prevents any government from laying claim to any piece of property outside of our pale blue dot, but nothing says you can't own a piece of the stars! Indiana Jones famously criticized that historical more...

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

OMG It's full of starsOn a clear night, one has only to look up to realize how much wonder is still waiting for us in the universe. Out there, amongst the stars, are secrets and surprises beyond our wildest dreams. Well why not, while you're working on yo more...

Star Wars Miniature Metal DIY Model Kits All Four

"DIY long, long ago!Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some survivors in a war between two factions set out across the stars to find the speaker of a message they saw crawl across space. It was this message which started the entire conflict betwee more...

Stirling Engine Kit

Temperature activated motorThe intriguing design of this engine, invented and patented in 1816 by Dr. Robert Stirling, is still relevant today. Initially sought as a safer alternative to steam engines (whose boilers could explode), this engine never saw w more...

Strandbeest Kit

"Aw, it's a babyThe fantastic Theo Jansen is world-renowned for his creations consisting of PVC pipes, wood, and various plastics. The resulting concoctions spring to life with the slightest breeze and walks the earth on hundreds of tiny feet all on its o more...

The Classic Radiometer

Photon Pressure?Way back in 1873, some dude named Sir William Crookes noticed some weirdness in a scale he built. It appeared as though some samples weighed more or less depending on if sunlight was shining on the scale. Weird! He postulated that it was t more...

The Infamous Drinking Bird

"The Second Law of Thermodynamics Embodied in a Glass BirdThese "Dippy Birds" have been around for years, and you can't fool us - you've always wanted one. Now's your chance! But do you understand how it works? Do you get the complex relationship between more...

Useless Box Kit

"Turn it on, so it can turn itself off.Ok, so it's a black box, sort of shiny, with a switch on top. But what does the switch do? Does it launch a nuclear attack? Does it terminate someone you don't know somewhere in the world? Does it make bacon magicall more...

Wooden Trebuchet Kit

"Retro Ballistics!In the days before gunpowder (at least in the west), folks had to find new and intriguing ways to throw death and destruction at each other. They started by throwing rocks, then progressed to hurling giant stones, and then to flinging bo more...

Zombie Plant Growing Kit

"There's a zooombie on your lawwwnnnnnn...Usually the phrase "rapid plant movement" is only encountered in 70s B Movies. Or something you might catch in a double-header with Sharknado. This plant dies when you touch it. (That happens to us with most plant more...



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