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Geek Toys Plush - School and Educational Supplies

Geek Toys Plush - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Alien Chestburster Plush

"Yes, Newt. Mommy was wrong. There really are monsters, and here's one you can cuddle up with!" Straight from your friends at Better Worlds Toys(TM), a division of the Weyland-Yutani corporation, comes the rebirth of a classic plush replica. That's right, more...

Alien Facehugger Plush

Dont you wish there was someone, or something, at home that loved you unconditionally? The Alien Facehugger Plush can do just that! As soon as this little guy sees you hell try to jump up and give you a giant smooch. He loves you so much that he'll more...

Aliens Bishop Android Plush
On sale - now $14.99 - was $19.99

Because of her previous experience with synthetics, Ripley is loathe to embrace Bishop as a crew member, let alone embrace him literally, but you know better. Hang on to this plush as if he's sliding toward the airlock, and you're the only one who can sav more...

Aliens Xenomorph Plush
On sale - now $17.99 - was $29.99

Since Xenomorphs adopt the physical characteristics of their hosts, we have to assume this little guy developed inside a bunny rabbit or something equally adorable. Maybe it's part of a plot on the part of the aliens to get us to take them in because they more...

Axe Cop Plush

Q: Dear Axe Cop, How did you become a cop? Was the training hard?? - anonymous. A. No. There was no training. I just took my axe to a cop station. There was nobody there. There was free sign ups. So I signed up. I put on my suit. Then I sat down and waite more...

Balloonicorn Plush

Amongst the flames that torch the battlefield, through the glassy, black eyes that giggle with glee as friend and foe run, screaming in terror, from the enveloping destruction, the Pyro dances with delight. Through his eyes he's only spreading rainbows an more...

Beemo Plush

Adventure Time is a little hard to explain to people who haven't seen it yet. You could be like, "Well, it's the adventures of a boy and his dog," but that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. "A boy and his dog" describes things like Old Yeller, La more...

Blobfish Plush

It seems unfair to vote Blobfish as "the world's ugliest animal" based on what they look like when we dredge them up from their natural habitat, over 2,000 feet underwater. It doesn't look like this at its proper depth. Plus, if the blobfish took us down more...

Bloodpool Pillow

We've always wanted to get away with napping at our desks. We tried to get the ThinkGeek Powers That Be to invest in Google's nap pod technology to no avail. Heck, we've been in meetings where participants fell asleep, but somehow they never get in troubl more...

Canned Dragon Meat

Fans of Radiant Farms' Unicorn Meat are probably looking at this product and thinking, "Wait a minute, ThinkGeek! Isn't Radiant Farms in Ireland and don't the nuns believe in nonviolence and wait until the unicorns die of natural causes before processing more...

Canned Unicorn Meat
On sale - now $7.99 - was $9.99

Excellent source of sparkles! Unicorns, as we all know, frolic all over the world, pooping rainbows and marshmallows wherever they go. What you don't know is that when unicorns reach the end of their lifespan, they are drawn to County Meath, Ireland. The more...

Computer Virus Plush
On sale - now $6.99 - was $9.99

Every l33t haX0r has a favorite means of destruction, a signature style of infection that sets them apart from the other nub hackers. Most signatures are meant to fly under the radar and are rarely known until it's too late. But, for some of the l33ts, ha more...

Cute Dinosaur Plush

Who says that toys have to be complicated to be fun? Stuffed animals have been around for a long time, they are a classic. Know what else has been around a long time? (Or more accurately, what has not been around for a long time?) Dinosaurs! Feed your chi more...

DC Comics Batman Uglydoll

Presumably this version of Batman's archenemy is Mr. Freeze, since the body's Ice-Bat. Or maybe that means they're buddies. We don't know. We DO know that this version of Batman is the single most-huggable version evar created. For those of you who are go more...

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie
On sale - now $4.99 - was $12.99

What happens when you take old broken plush toys and bury them in the woods by the light of the full moon while whistling the theme song from "Halloween"? Unfortunately nothing...which is why the skillful design monkeys here at ThinkGeek were forced to co more...

DNA Molecule Plush
On sale - now $19.99 - was $29.99

C-T-A-C-G-T-T-C G-G-T-T-A-A-C-G C-T-A-G-C T-A-G-C-C C-T-G-G-A-T-C-G! Ok, so we like these DNA Molecule Plush so much, we had to write a DNA limerick. Each set of DNA Molecule Plush gives you four little plushies: one of each nucleobase. Adenine is green a more...

Doctor Who Adipose Plush
On sale - now $19.99 - was $29.99

We're a society that loves instant feedback. We want to teleport to work. We want hot meals and hot Earl Grey tea delivered through a replicator. And for some squishy geeks, we want to lose weight... like, yesterday. There are lots of diets out there that more...

Doctor Who Talking Plush

The Doctor's made several trips to parallel universes over his 900+ years, including one in which the Roman Empire got tired of conquering just Earth and started expanding to other planets and universes. We'd like to hope there's a parallel universe out t more...

Doom Plush
On sale - now $11.99 - was $14.99

Confession time. The first time the ThinkGeek staffer writing this played Wolfenstein 3D, she screamed like a little girl. She was in college at the time, so there's really no excuse for that. First-person shooters were just catching on, and having your e more...

Exclusive Doctor Who TARDIS Pillow
On sale - now $11.99 - was $14.99

"Advice & assistance obtainable immediately." Such a reassuring statement. When you're traveling through time and space visiting who knows where and who knows when, it's probably good that every time you exit the TARDIS and come back to it, you read the c more...

Futurama Hypnotoad Plush
On sale - now $23.99 - was $29.99

ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD. In order to adequately glorify the hypnotoad, you are now instructed to add the Hypnotoad Plush to your cart and check out immediately. It's 10" tall and huggable. Who wou more...

Game of Thrones Direwolf Pup Plush

It was not until they were mounted and on their way that Bran allowed himself to taste the sweet air of victory. By then, his pup was snuggled inside his leathers, warm against him, safe for the long ride home. Bran was wondering what to name him. The dis more...

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Plush
On sale - now $39.99 - was $45.99

People like their eggs all sorts of ways. In an omelette. Scrambled. Fried. Poached. Boiled. And then there's Daenerys. She likes hers roasted in a funeral pyre. Illyrio's gift to Daenerys upon her wedding to Khal Drogo, these eggs are now yours to take h more...

Giant Futurama Plush
On sale - now $20.99 - was $29.99

Despite the huggable nature of these giant Futurama plush, we feel the need to warn you about the dangerous of overhugging. Remember the story of Malachi Jr., the son of Malachi and Malachi's wife. Man, did that boy love to hug! He loved hugging so much t more...

Giant Plush Microbes

Most folks never realize how cute microbes can be when expanded 1,000,000 times and then fashioned into cuddly plush. Until now, that is. Keep one on your desktop to remind yourself that there is an "invisible" universe out there filled with very small th more...

Gund Nyan Cat 6 inch Plush with Sound
On sale - now $8.99 - was $11.99

It's hard to predict what will be an internet sensation, but you're on the right path if your idea involves a cat. There's Grumpy Cat, Maru, Lil BUB, Happy Cat, Simon's Cat, Sockington, Keyboard Cat, Nora the Piano-Playing Cat, and of course Nyan Cat. Thi more...

Half-Life 2 Headcrab Plush

G'day! So what we have 'ere is a genuine plush headcrab, straight from the New Mexico desert. Called headhoppers by some, these beauts are one quarter size of the real thing. See the four legs underneath it? The front two are the business ends with the pl more...

Half-Life Headcrab Hat

Were you forced against your will to see footage of the royal wedding? Did you laugh your butt off at all the ridiculous hats? We thought the Cthulhu-esque one was pretty awesome (in a tentacly-kinda way). If you don't know, those wacky hats are called fa more...

Limited Edition Labyrinth Worm Plush

What a night. Her parents leave her to babysit her little brother, never bothering to ask if she had plans. Goblins come and take the poor boy away. And then, Sarah finds herself outside the Labyrinth, tasked with finding her way to the center or losing h more...

Minecraft 7" Plush

Minecraft is all edges and 90° angles, so although it's really popular with the kids, it's just never been very huggable. Until now. Hug your favorite Minecraft characters, both good guys and bad. Choose Creeper, Enderman, baby Pig, or baby Mooshroom. more...

Minecraft Creeper Plush With Sound
On sale - now $31.99 - was $39.99

Creepers. Sure, they're destructive. And annoying. And always show up right when you've finished your new, beautiful house. Have you ever thought, though, that Creepers might just be acting out because they really need a hug? Minecraft players of all ages more...

My Little Pony Plush

Since we've been carrying My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic products, bronies have been complaining. "Y U NO HAVE MORE [insert pony here] STUFF, THINKGEEK?" So we decided to get some data straight from the horse's mouth, as it were. Here we have all of more...

Ninja Kitty Plush

Black cats get a bum rap. Bad luck? Pshaw. You wanna know the real reason people keep away from black cats? It's because they know that black cats could kick their butts. Of course, there is only one cat brave enough to show his true nature (while also ke more...

Pam's Dolphin Puppet Plush

This 12" mediation tool (phrasing!) is going to help you make your point without actually having to come out and say it yourself. Need to talk to that one coworker about his or her lack of turtlenecks? Have to have a conversation about what is and isn't o more...

Plants vs. Zombies Deluxe Plush

Are you ready to ward off an attack by a group of crazy killer zombies? Do you have the proper plant seeds to protect your home? Have you been layering your garden full of lush green goodies? No? No?!?! Then you might be in deep crap. (Mental note: Crap c more...

Plush Unicorn Bouquet

We've never understood why tradition dictates that we give soon-to-be-dead flora to the person we hope to have around for a forever-and-ever relationship. It's really silly if you think about it. We'd much prefer a potted plant that we can see grow year a more...

Plushtography Camera Lens Pillows

Camera aficionados have to really have a passion for their equipment, but there are very few ways to demonstrate that passion outside the studio. Sometimes you can tell from the quality of their camera bag, but generally it's just that they spend a lot of more...

Pokemon Transforming Plush

At a certain point, society puts pressure on us to give up our childhood things. We here at ThinkGeek have done our best to help in the resistance against these forces of evil. We give you these same passions reimagined in a format deemed "acceptable" for more...

Portal 2 Plush Turret w/ Sound
On sale - now $19.99 - was $24.99

"Welcome to the Science Enrichment Center! Step right in and meet your new friend..." The Plush Portal Turret is the perfect companion to your Companion Cube. Just imagine how much fun you'll have setting up your own testing scenarios with teddy bears or more...

Portal 2 PotatOS Plush

No tricks. This potato only generates 1.1 volts of electricity. I literally do not have the energy to lie to you. She may not have the energy to lie to you (which we suspect is a lie), but she has the energy to insult you. Meet PotatOS, your new stuffed a more...

Portal Weighted Companion Cube Plush

Straight from the Vital Apparatus Vent comes the Weighted Companion Cube Plush. It will accompany you through the test chamber and generally be adorable and squishy. We expect you will take care of it while it is in your possession. The Enrichment Center more...

Rat Tailed Unicorn Plush

Everyone with a family knows that families can be a bit weird and a bit embarrassing. Relatives that look strange, act strange, say strange things. Everyone thinks theirs is the worst, until they meet a crazier family and truly appreciate how normal their more...

Screaming Flying Sock Monkey

Instantly recognizable, this classic sock monkey is sure to evoke fond memories of days gone by. Well, that is until you arm yourself with his cozy-wool covered simian body! Only then it will be too late... That's right, this is no normal sock monkey! The more...

Screaming Monkey Slingshot

Legend tells of a hero not born unto this world, but destined to change forever the course of human existence. A hero so grand that all past legends will turn to dust in the wake of his greatness. This is not that hero. This is, however, the next best thi more...

SD Star Wars Plush Vehicles

When Luke Skywalker was a kid, he wasn't allowed to fly his T-16. He was too small. So, he played with plush versions of spaceships and vehicles. They were safer, softer, and didn't have any blasters he could shoot his eye out with. After doing a lot of r more...

Soft Kitty Singing Plush
On sale - now $22.49 - was $29.99

We love "Soft Kitty," but there's a problem inherent with the song. In order to sing it properly, you have to be in the presence of a sick person (or, well, Shel-bot). A sick person with a highly-contagious illness. On the sickie's behalf, we'll also poin more...

Sonic The Hedgehog Plush
On sale - now $9.99 - was $19.99

Prior to being captured by the evil Dr. Eggman, Sonic and Tails were normal, everyday creatures. But, through vast experimentation and genetic alterations, Sonic was rebirthed into the speed freak he is today. Running faster than the speed of sound, Sonic more...

Star Trek Enterprise Plush
On sale - now $9.99 - was $24.99

James T. Kirk never raised a child, but if he did, that baby would teethe on a type-2 phaser, learn to dive-roll before he could walk, and his teddy bear would be a plush Enterprise. Would you want your child to be anything less? But who are we kidding... more...

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles

In the 23rd century, an enterprising trader named Cyrano Jones procured an interesting and adorable little creature. These tiny furry beasties had a calming effect on the nervous systems of humanoids - well most humanoids, anyway. They were called tribble more...

Star Trek Romulan Bird-of-Prey Plush

Carrying this product was complicated. We knew off the bat that we'd have to get them to leave off the plasma torpedoes and nuclear weapons for safety reasons. But we didn't think to disable the cloaking devices, so the shipment arrived at the warehouse, more...

Star Wars Chewbacca Plush With Sound
On sale - now $39.99 - was $89.99

You have to wonder how much of what Chewie says is really horribly insulting things in Shyriiwook. After all, outside of Kashyyyk, you're not going to bump into too many who know the mother tongue. In fact, we're going to bet that all of the noises this C more...

Star Wars Creature Plush

There are some creatures from Star Wars that we at ThinkGeek think would be a good addition to the office. Tauntauns, for example what a convenient way to get around! Plus, if you get cold...well, it's best not to discuss that. Even the scariest of cr more...

Star Wars Plush Balls
On sale - now $5 - was $19.99

Remember dodge ball? If you were anything like us, you had a pretty keen sense of self-preservation. Dodging the ball? Not a problem (unless that kid Craig was throwing. He had the arm of a 30-year-old baseball pitcher). But to win at dodgeball, you neede more...

Star Wars Rag Doll Plush
On sale - now $34.99 - was $39.99

What's soft, fuzzy, and pilots the Millenium Falcon? Why, that's the Chewbacca rag doll from this collection of the cuddliest Star Wars toys you can find. Star Wars fans of all ages can nestle in for a re-watching of their favorite trilogy with these ador more...

Timmy The ThinkGeek Monkey

We don't want to go into a long story about the history of ThinkGeek's very own Timmy the Monkey; it involves far too many sub-plots, server closets, and time-space ripples. Suffice it to say that Timmy the Monkey, on this planet at least, would be catalo more...

Totoro Plush

Sometimes licensed properties make plush, and we have to wonder what they're thinking. We don't need cuddly Terminators or Borg cubes that have baby rattles inside (Actually, now that we think about it.... Oh, GeekLabs! We have a project for you!). But Ha more...

Tribble Plush Replica

Everyone has that year in their lives when it seems that every woman they know is pregnant. Is there something in the water? Was there a catastrophe several months back in which everyone lost power for a few days and had to entertain themselves the old fa more...

Trick R Treat Animated Sam Plush

"Daddy, I wanna carve a pumpkin." "Daddy, I wanna go to the festival." "Daddy, I wish mommy was still alive." - Principal Steven Wilkins, Trick 'r Treat Sam is awful dang cute for a horror movie icon. Maybe that's because he's not evil. He's just very pro more...

Valentines Day Costume Tribbles

RIP Hal Sutherland (Rest in Pink). We went to look up more details on Mr. Sutherland's life only to find out he's just recently passed. The pink Tribble is his legacy. He was the colorblind director of animated productions at Filmation who made the Tribbl more...

Valiant Comics Plush

valiant 2.a.) Having or possessing courage; esp. acting with or showing boldness or bravery in fight or on the field of battle; bold, brave, courageous, stout-hearted. - The Oxford English Dictionary Ah, Valiant. You were so appropriately named, and none more...

Zombie Pets Plush

There has been a bit of a zombie craze going on, in case you didn't notice. And the animal kingdom is up in arms about it. All this attention goes to humans and human zombies. What about your animal friends and their zombie problems? Sure there are werewo more...



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