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Gadgets - School and Educational Supplies

Gadgets - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

"Wash Is My Copilot" License Plate Frame
On sale - now $9.99 - was $14.99

Zoe: Proximity alert. Must be comin' up on somethin'... Wash: Oh, my god! What can it be? We're doomed! Who's flyin' this thing? *beat* Wash: Oh. Right. That'd be me. Back to work. - "Bushwacked" We love Wash. His dry sense of humor. His deadpan delivery. more...

10 ft. Cable for iPad & iPhone

Murphy's Law of Battery Life: No matter how long the battery lasts on your device, it will drain to nothing at the most inopportune time. Murphy's Law of Outlets: There will never be an outlet that is conveniently placed such that you can use your device more...

11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote
On sale - now $89.99 - was $99.99

The Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote lets you feel like a time lord while lounging on your couch eating fish fingers and custard. This Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver is specially created for Earth use. It's been simplified so as not to cause danger to more...

24 Port USB Monster Hub

We have this problem with hubs, a circle of fail type of problem. We notice we require a hub. We count the amount of things we want to plug into said hub, and then we buy a hub of approximately that size. Then two months later, we realize we've acquired a more...

3 in 1 Stubby USB Charging Cable Set
On sale - now $4.99 - was $9.99

One of the problems of having so many devices is the tangle of cables that ends up in our suitcases when we travel. We've got a charging cable for the phone, the tablet, the eReader, the laptop, the camera, the GPS, and when thrown in with a hair dryer or more...

5 Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter

You buy electronic accessories explicitly for your vehicle but sometimes you actually need to be able to use them inside your house. Like when you're updating maps on a GPS and can't find your wall charger for the GPS because you only need it once a year more...

8GB USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener
On sale - now $9.99 - was $12.99

There are so many things that a geek should carry around, but if you did manage to remember all of them, you'd look like you were ready to hike the Alps. So we settle. We carry things like Swiss Army Knives or multitools. And of course, the one tool we re more...

A380e Pocket Retro Game Emulator
On sale - now $99.99 - was $119.99

The Pocket Retro Game Emulator looks a bit like the GameBoy Micro but that's where the similarities end. Load on NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, or Neo Geo roms and play your old favorites in the palm of your hand. With 4GB of built-in storage and (a micro more...

Airbender Bluetooth Keyboard Case For iPad

Some of us here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ are avid supporters of the keyboard. The lack of one made us resist going to iPhamily, but eventually we bit the bullet and got an iPad for trade shows. But after using it for a few weeks, we settled in to more...

All Ur Bass Bluetooth Capsule Speaker
On sale - now $24.99 - was $39.99

Our simian sound scientists are smart monkeys. They figured out a way to create rich deep bass in a speaker no bigger than a tennis ball! When we asked them how it's done, they just glared at us with those dark great-ape eyes and told us it was one of tho more...

All Ur Bass Wired Capsule Speaker
On sale - now $12.99 - was $19.99

Our simian sound scientists are smart monkeys. They figured out a way to create rich deep bass in a speaker no bigger than a tennis ball! When we asked them how it's done, they just glared at us with those dark great-ape eyes and told us it was one of tho more...

Andru - Android Robot USB Device Charger

We Android geeks are an interesting bunch. For all our various reasons, we are avoiding buying an iPhone. Maybe we like to customize our devices. Maybe we like having access to our files. Maybe we like options in general. No matter what the reason, we lov more...

ArtBird iPad Sleeves
On sale - now $9.99 - was $24.99

There are so many flavors of ice cream out there. Although vanilla is a classic flavor, if presented with pistachio, black raspberry, rocky road, or rainbow sherbert, would you still just choose plain old vanilla? If you like a little more excitement in y more...

ArtBird Kindle Sleeves
On sale - now $9.99 - was $24.99

Tablet devices these days are getting better and better. Faster speeds, better picture and sound quality, more apps. It starts to make you wonder what you won't be able to do on these devices soon. Know what hasn't gotten much better though? The basic, bo more...

Astronaut USB Light

The film Gravity didn't make us want to travel into space real soon. It seems like a dangerous place that, problematically, doesn't seem to adhere that closely to the rules that keep our chaos orderly, like that convenient law of gravity (we're big fans o more...

Au Lightning Cable

Gold! It's shiny! Bling-y! Glitzy! With the new gold iPhone, Apple reminded us that sometimes having gold things is just fun. And classy. And gold. But don't stop with the phone or the case: you can have the simplest, most essential element of the iDevice more...

Avenger XBOX 360 Elite Controller
On sale - now $29.99 - was $49.99

We could wax on about how much fun/annoying it is playing games on the internet and the reasons why some of us have a Friends Only policy for online gaming. But that would take up room that we could use to say how friggin' awesome the Avenger is and why i more...

Bacon Scented Air Freshener
On sale - now $1.99 - was $3.99

Everyone talks about that "new car smell." But sometimes new cars smell kinda stinky. Now, that "new bacon smell" - freshly cooked and sizzling - now that's a smell we love every time it hits our olfactory receptors. It's like if you built a castle out of more...

BACtrack Keychain Digital Breathalyzer

Here at ThinkGeek we are definitely fond of the infamous Caffeine molecule but we also have another favorite. Alcohol is Caffeine's older, misbehaving brother. Both molecules can help us get through a rough day, but alcohol warrants the need for a higher more...

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer
On sale - now $119.99 - was $149.99

Until now, there were only a couple different types of alcohol geeks. Wine geeks can take one whiff of a glass and tell you where the grapes grew. Beer geeks can lecture you for hours on best practices for brewing a quality IPA. But what about those of us more...

Bberii Gemini Smart TV Stick

While the devices themselves keep shrinking, it seems like the screens on tablets just keep getting bigger. We've gotten used to streaming to our TVs now, but what if you read your mail and checked Facebook on a screen as big as your TV? It's all fun and more...

Bberii Hydra Multi-Function Wi-Fi Drive

Our gadgets may keep getting smaller, but we've ended up with an army of devices to keep them going. Backup battery. Car charger. Home charger. Wi-fi router for connectivity. When you think about them all together as a single entity supporting your device more...

Bberii Pegasus Screen Share

There's this great big TV screen in the middle of our living room, and yet when we get together, we pass around a single tiny smartphone screen that has a photo album on it so each person can see the pictures in turn. And although its screen is a little b more...

Bberii Taurus Smart TV Box

We're going to induce a flashback here in some of you. Remember when your computer hooked up to your TV? Your C64 or your Atari 800 or whatever? And you probably had an A/B splitter you'd flip for computer vs. television? Ahhh, yes. What would you say if more...

Beacon Audio BLAZAR - Portable Bluetooth Stereo Device

Crank up the tunes, watch a movie, or give a presentation with high-quality sound, now with just a tiny speaker, no cords attached. BLAZAR Bluetooth speakers work wirelessly, so you don't even need to plug them in, and they last approximately 12 hours in more...

Beacon Audio Orion Headphones w/ In Line Mic
On sale - now $19.99 - was $49.99

In addition to being a virtual necessity in cubicle-land, headphones are a fashion accessory. Your choice says something about who you are and how you take your music. And maybe you don't want to drop $200 on a pair of Beats by Dre headphones that'll you' more...

Beacon Audio PHOENIX 2 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If many of us could set our life to music, we probably would. A motivating song with a fast beat for our workouts, a romantic ballad during candlelight dinners, relaxing instrumentals on long hikes, the "Imperial March" for bad moods. It would be awesome. more...

Beanbag Cellphone Chair
On sale - now $7.99 - was $9.99

Your cellphone is a trusted friend. It has been there for you when you needed a ride, felt lonely, or just had to talk to your mom. All it has asked in return is the occasional charge. Your phone loves you, so it's about damn time you did something nice f more...

Big Bang Theory License Plate Frames
On sale - now $8.99 - was $12.99

Howard: Sheldon, why are you arguing with the DMV? Sheldon: How else are they going to learn? Look, question 2, when are roadways most slippery? Now, okay, there are three answers, none of which are correct. The correct answer is, when covered by a film o more...

Big Red Button - USB Powered Rage Relief Device

It's late and you're working on a project that never seems to end. Except that suddenly the project does come to a screeching halt because someone forgot to do something really important. Or maybe someone dropped a new requirement in at the last minute. O more...

Binocular Adapter For iPhone 5

In a classic scene from a classic movie, Kurt Russell (aka Dean Proffitt) and his three sons chase down their new "mom" Goldie Hawn on a Coast Guard boat to try to convince the rich heiress to return to her simple, if slightly fraudulent, life in Elk Cove more...

Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light With Laser Cannon Lane Markers

GUYS! GUYS GUYS GUYS... LASER CANNONS! Okay. We're taking a few deep cleansing breaths right now. Here's the deal: if you ride a bike or unicycle or a pogostick (sure, why not) and it's dark out, you need to have a light. If you need to have a light, it s more...

Bluetooth Handset Gloves
On sale - now $24.99 - was $99.99

There are a few fairly universal pantomimes that everybody in the civilized world understands, regardless of culture. Shake your head for 'no,' scribbling in mid-air for 'check-please,' thumb-and-pinky held up to the ear for 'call-me.' While we're not sur more...

Bobino Foldable Phone Holder

When you are really desperate to get your phone charged, you are willing to brave just about anything to find an outlet. You could crawl under a bench, move furniture, sit on sticky floors. It doesn't matter when you need more power! When you finally loca more...

Book Vault

Geeks are notorious for collecting small and expensive things. Usually electronic, but sometimes they are mineral in nature. The point is, they are valuable - either monetarily, or with emotional significance, and they need to be kept safe. Your stuff cou more...

Brain DIY MIDI Control Interface Kits

We're gonna keep this one brief, as there are a lot of tech specs to look at. If you're like us, you have a bad case of the "if only it did this" (also known as "if only these buttons were in a slightly different place"). We're especially like that with M more...

Brunton Torpedo 2800 Hybrid Mobile Battery & Charger

You already know we're geeks, but let us reveal just how geeky we are. When we first saw this image without any scale reference, we thought it was a lightsaber handle. And it does allow you to use the Force - a little force we like to call "electricity." more...

C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror

C himp H as I nvincible M onkey P owers When you are playing Quake on the local LAN against the support desk staff you need all the help you can get. C.H.I.M.P is an early warning system that will clue you in on when to Alt-Tab back to your spreadsheet wh more...

Cable O' 10 Tails
On sale - now $4.99 - was $8.99

You know you should recycle your old phones, but let's be honest with each other here for a minute. Like us, you also have a drawer full of old electronics, right? There's some chargers in there and some earbuds you kept "just in case," and lord knows whi more...

Capture SLR Camera Clip System
On sale - now $69.99 - was $79.99

It's hard being a photogeek. We have to choose between a heavy, bulky camera swinging on our necks if we want easy access, or packed in a bag if we don't want it getting in the way. This is especially troubling at conventions, when it gets tangled in our more...

CB Radio iPhone Handset
On sale - now $3.99 - was $19.99

Sometimes, when you're barreling down the highways of life, you just have to reach out your voice into the darkness and see who's there - to let the faceless void fill with your words and thoughts and peek into your soul for a time. Why? Because that's wh more...

ccPhone 1500mah Battery Case For iPhone

Our iPhones are our go-to device for everything, from tweeting our frustration in a traffic jam to settling arguments with friends over dinner. Keeping our Precious alive is top on our priority list, but there's not always a convenient place to snag a cha more...

Class IIIa Green Laser Pointer

Okay, just about everyone has a red laser pointer. But, we're pretty sure you want to be a superior geek - and doing it with a green laser is the way to go. This pointer is significantly brighter (about 50 times) than a red laser pointer and because of it more...

Classic Console USB Controllers

We aren't going to say anything bad about the video games of today. Modern video games are head-and-shoulders above old-school games in all respects - except for nostalgia. There's just something about those classic games. Sonic. Galaxian. Super Mario Bro more...

Clip-On LED Work Light

Back in the days prior to electricity it must have been hard to get anything done once the sun went down. Imagine trying to work by candlelight, sewing, reading, or fixing up the house. You'd wake up in the morning and be surprised at what you'd done. Luc more...

Coffee Cup Power Inverter V2.0
On sale - now $24.99 - was $34.99

When you start to feel a little low on energy you can turn to that terrific alkaloid, caffeine. Available from many sources like Bawls and, of course, that tried and true hot beverage, coffee. Reaching for your coffee cup to get an energy boost when you'r more...

Comrad Gaming Helmet

What's your franchise-of-choice? Medal of Honor? Call of Duty? Arma? Battlefield? No matter which is your thing, if you're a hardcore player of tactical shooters, you know how easy it is to get immersed in the game. Your knuckles are white after a big fir more...

Contort v2 Portable AC/USB Power Supply

The problem with having a billion devices is that each of them needs to be charged, and their chargers/converters/adapters frequently have large footprints that get in the way of the rest of the outlets, frequently rendering them unusable. Say hi to the C more...

Cord Taco Leather Cable Organizer

Some props for another retailer here: we love The Container Store. We're fans. We love their products. We love their customer service. We like everything they do, probably because we like putting things in other things. We're simple sometimes. But Contain more...

Cordies Cable Organizers
On sale - now $5.99 - was $9.99

We know things. Things that only geeks who have delved too greedily and too deep could ever discover. Unfortunately, we can't tell you all of them. But for now, one little revelation. It's a little known fact that cables left to tangle behind your desk wi more...

Crabble Folding iPhone Stand
On sale - now $3.99 - was $4.99

We don't know about you, but we hate the movies on airplanes. They know they have you imprisoned for hours, so they subject you to only the worst in American cinema. Sadists, those airline execs are. But you have a smartphone or other little device that p more...

Critical Hit D20 3D Window Decal
On sale - now $9.99 - was $12.99

Back with D&D 4e first came out, we were in a campaign with a guy named Robin. He was the wizard in the party and he could not hit anything. Seriously, there could have been a rat with no defenses and he'd roll a 1 and get bit in the toe. It became a runn more...

Das Keyboard

You wrote your first computer program when other kids were just learning to write. You hacked your first school terminal during recess. You dream in various programming languages. And you can type faster than most humans think. Finally, there is a keyboar more...

DC Comics Distressed Emblem Cases For iPhone 5
On sale - now $22.99 - was $29.99

Justice. League. Get it?! Okay, so of course these iPhone 5 cases are distressed. They've been out there fighting crime, being more powerful than a locomotive, and being angsty about the loss of their parents. You'd be distressed, too! These officially-li more...

Dice+ Bluetooth Multi-Function Gaming Controller

We live in a digital world most of the time, but when it comes to our tabletop games, there's just something special about the visceral feeling of rolling a die that we can't duplicate with an online tool. We really need to roll the dice, like the folks w more...

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Guitar picks are small, and we have to admit, sometimes we lose 'em. And sometimes, you just discover you need one at the strangest times (impromptu flashmob jam sessions, raucous children's parties, boring company meetings, etc.). Well, the good news is: more...

DM-100 Universal OLED Touch Screen Automotive Gauge
On sale - now $199.99 - was $249.99

Get all the data you need about your automobile right at your fingertips with the DM-100 Universal Organic LED Touch Screen Auto Gauge. This all-in-one kit include the SM-AFR main unit and the multi-gauge OBD II module. Hook up your gauge to the onboard d more...

Doctor Who 4GB TARDIS Flash Drive
On sale - now $20.99 - was $29.99

Have you ever considered how much data the TARDIS must have? That sexy blue box has been all over time and space with The Doctor and we can't even fathom how much data she has stored in her. That's probably why she didn't do so well in human form... too m more...

Doctor Who Cell Phone Alert Charms

If there is one thing the Doctor hates, it's missing a call on his cell phone. And sometimes, he's in a place where he has to be very quiet and sneak about so he doesn't get seen. Lucky for him, then, that whilst traveling the universe he found a little s more...

Doctor Who License Plate Frame
On sale - now $9.99 - was $14.99

Let's take a moment for safety: The Doctor Who License Plate Frame is a licensed Doctor Who collectible, which means that each frame comes primed with the biological imprint of a Time Lord. Thus, after affixing the frame to your otherwise standard vehicle more...

Doctor Who TARDIS 4 Port USB Hub
On sale - now $20.99 - was $29.99

I seek audience with the ThinkGeek Consciousness under peaceful contract, according to Convention Fifteen of the Shadow Proclamation. This is the vehicle of the Time Lord. TARDIS, or Time And Relative Dimension In Space has its chameleon circuit broken, s more...

Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Safe
On sale - now $29.99 - was $39.99

The Doctor has always used a key to secure the TARDIS, but it's changed shape and size over the course of his 900-ish years. It's gone from a standard Yale key (like a real police box would have) to a spade shaped silver key to a double helix and back to more...

Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe for iPhone & Android
On sale - now $39.99 - was $49.99

We don't exactly have a real TARDIS or a real sonic screwdriver yet -- at least we have the TV remote one! -- but we do have these magical devices known as smartphones. They do all sorts of fun things like tell us how to get places, read our text messages more...

E02i Headphone Amplifier W/ Mic For Smartphones

Generally iPhone accessories come in two flavors: utilitarian and ornamental. 10 ft. Cable for iPad & iPhone? Utilitarian. tokidoki Phonzies? Ornamental. The E02i Headphone Amplifier W/ Mic For Smartphones is special because it's both non-essential and am more...

Earhoox - The Earbud Cure
On sale - now $5 - was $7.99

Back in the day headphones were pretty big, and designed to fit over your head and over your whole ear, encasing you in your music listening experience. Eventually headphones started getting a bit smaller, but still had to go over your head, headband styl more...

Eastern Collective Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables
On sale - now $16.79 - was $23.99

If you're anything like us, you live in a house full of tiny electronic devices. And as a result, you live in a house full of power cords. If you're a Mac house, you probably have eleventy billion nearly identical white power cords. Is this the one for yo more...

Easy-Macro Universal Smart Phone Lens Band

Thanks to our Twitters and our Facebooks and our Vines and our Tumblrs and Instagrams, we're all able to share photos from our phones with each other at the quick click of a button. But those photos could be better... so much better, and this macro lens m more...

Epic - Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Remember when you were promised all those amazing future tech innovations? Just around the corner was supposed to be a shining technology utopia with flying cars, personal space travel to distant galaxies, and bio-implantable cell phones. It's almost disa more...

evoMouse - Virtual Mouse
On sale - now $49.99 - was $79.99

Our iPads and tablets have taught us to embrace gesture-based navigation. When we can't see something well, we do the zoom anti-pinch if there's even a chance that the surface might be a touch screen. It's only embarrassing in public. Now's the right time more...

F.R.E.D. Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk

Ever been at a concert or festival in the dark and had trouble meeting up with your friends? Everyone gives vague descriptions of where to meet: "By the guy with the cowboy hat and the glow sticks," or "to the left of the stage, halfway back," or "by the more...

FC Mobile II Portable NES System

FC Mobile has doomed us all. Any man, woman, or child that is capable of going outside, of playing in the streets and soaking up the sun's warming rays must run now. Once the FC Mobile was released, many of us were shackled to our homes, our faces glued t more...

Flips Hybrid HD Headphones

You pride yourself on your music collection. The more obscure the better! Currently, your jam is a weird South-Uruguayan Bangra-inspired gamelan-and-banjo hip-hop band... their early stuff, naturally - before they went all corporate. You're not stupid, th more...

Furry Plush Headphones

These days just about everybody is walking around with a classic set of white earbuds. Even just a few years ago these buds may have sent a message that you were cool, tech-savvy, and up on the latest technology, but now you are just part of the herd. Why more...

Game Console & Electronics Refurbishing Kit

Console game makers really give you a hard time when you try to open their goodies. We're geeks. We like to take things apart and see how they work (and make them better) and then put them back together. Shouldn't that be our prerogative on things we own? more...

GCW-ZERO - Open Source Gaming Console

Want to play all kinds of games on just one device? Look no further than the GCW-Zero. It's retro handheld gaming built for gamers, by gamers. Run games from NES, SNES, GBA, Sega, PlayStation, PC and a whole lot more too numerous to mention. The GCW-Zero more...

Gear Ties

Y'know those little black twist ties that come wrapped around most things electronic? Or the little yellow ones you might tie around the open end of your frozen bag of peas or sliced bread? Imagine those on steroids and you have Gear Ties. Gear Ties take more...

Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable Console With Built In Games

From Altered Beast to Golden Axe, from Golden Axe I, II, and III to Sonic the Hedgehog I and II, SEGA has been the gaming system standard for multiple generations. It was the first system that could truly contend with Nintendo and as a result, sparked the more...

Gotham Defender Anti-Theft LED Bicycle Light

Back in the days of the wild, wild west, no cowboy would leave home each day without his six shooter. You could never know what type of adventure... or trouble... you might get into. These days, no urban cowboy leaves home without a Defender Bike Light. I more...

Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster

It's time to suit up for your next mission. Your gear is all arranged on your bed. You quietly slip into your modified ninja/superhero suit (quietly, so mom doesn't yell). You strap your Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster around your waist, then secure the leg s more...

Guitar Player Gift Pack
On sale - now $49.99 - was $54.98

Got your amps and your cables and your guitar and your pedals and . . . so much to carry around if you want to rock. Well, we want to at least make life a little easier for you with this Guitar Player Gift Pack (or for someone wanting to buy a present for more...

Gunnar Computer Glasses

The human eye is a magnificent device. Refined over millions of years of evolution, it's a highly specialized and effective organ that helps us hunt prey, spot berries, and notice and dodge swinging clubs. As humanity continued to evolve, however, we reli more...

Hazard 4 Wedge Tactical Camera Bag
On sale - now $74.99 - was $99.99

A lot of moms and dads out there probably think that photographing their little ones' birthday parties or little league games is a lot like Combat Cam - requiring top-of-the-line gear, training, stamina, and tactics. But there are tons of photogs out ther more...

HD Video Camera Spy Pen

You have this nagging feeling that someone has been using your office while you're at lunch. There's no solid evidence, but your chair seems warm and there are some new crumbs on your keyboard. Hmmm, who is this cookie-eating chair warmer? To solve this m more...

HexBright FLEX - 500 Lumen Open Source Flashlight

Hello darkness, our old friend. We've come to talk with you again. You see, we're not so keen on you anymore. In fact, you've caused us quite a bit of angst, including: stubbed toes, tripping over lounging cats, getting lost in the woods, and more than a more...

Hi-Hat - Knit Hat With Built In Headphones
On sale - now $29.99 - was $49.99

Old-school headphones used to provide your ears with a little bit of warmth while you listened. Unfortunately, the earbuds that come with most devices these days leave your ears out in the cold. Wouldn't it be great if your hat, which is already doing a g more...

Hi-Koala Huggable Portable Speaker

You can hug this Koala stuffed animal, and it will hug your iPod or other mp3-playing device. In turn, the music coming out of the portable speakers inside the Koala's paws will hug your ears. It's the circle of musical hugs! And the best part about playi more...

Hide-A-Way Personal Safe
On sale - now $39.99 - was $49.99

You may not be in possession of the One Ring, but you're probably the proud owner of a few small trinkets that you'd like to keep away from prying eyes or sticky fingers. This is extra important if you live in a dorm, have roommates or children, or work i more...

HoneyDru - USB Car Power Adapter

Quite a few of us here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ are allergic to bee stings. Not much of a surprise, since we're allergic to basically everything. We'd be allergic to our computers if it were possible. Fortunately, it's not. So we have no fear of t more...

Hot Mess Kitchen Gadgets

If you're going to make a mess, you can hope that it'll be one that is quick and easy to clean up. Even better than that? A mess that's portable and dishwasher-safe! These "fake" messes are actually handy gadgets that protect your counters and tables from more...

Hurricane 2 Canless Air System

Canned air is fun, but it's not the most friendly or safe product on the market. It's full of things that are are hard to type, like difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, and tetrafluoroethane. It emits greenhouse gases and can give you frostbite if you're not more...

Hypnosquare LED Array
On sale - now $74.99 - was $99.99

We'd guess that this neat LED visualizer uses more lines of code than pretty much all of your normal desk toys. Not your computer, obviously, that would be crazy. But this 8 x 8 LED array uses over 20,000 lines of C to dynamically create and generate thou more...

iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Just when we got good at designing ergonomic controllers, smartphones got popular and we started gaming on uncomfortable rectangular blocks again. How could we take a step backwards like that? Gaming on a smartphone is just about as comfortable as gaming more...

iFrogz Boost Near-Field Audio Speaker
On sale - now $15.99 - was $39.99

Need to amp the volume on your device? The iFrogz Boost NearField Audio‘šů speaker is the simplest solution ever. Just put nearly any smartphone or digital media device on top of the Boost with the external speakers playing and the Boost magically amplifi more...

Impossible Instant Film

Kids today are used to seeing the output of their photography instantly. The idea of waiting several days to know whether or not the great shot you think you got came out is foreign to them. And they want you to take a series of shots, not just one. It's more...

Impossible Instant Lab

Do you miss the physicality of analog photography? You can take a bunch of pictures on your digital camera, but that's where they live, in 1s and 0s all over your memory card or your computer's hard drive. Sure, you can print them out. And while that give more...

Impossible Spectra First Edition Camera

Although kids today may not actually know what a Polaroid camera is, they can certainly appreciate the idea of instant photographs. Digital cameras and smartphones have made instant photos an everyday occurrence, but back when Polaroids came out, the idea more...

iMpulse - World's Smallest Gaming & Media Controller

There are some times where bigger is better. For instance, an epic sword. An ice cream sundae. The BFG. And then there are times when smaller is really what we need. Our entertainment center is already overrun with consoles and equipment. And we have a st more...

Inka Mobile Pen + Stylus

There are those who love to take notes on paper, and those who love to takes notes on the touchscreen device. Paper calendar vs. digital calendar. Paper to-do list vs. reminder to-do list. We could go on and on. No matter what your preference, this Inka M more...

iPhone Powered Personal Fan
On sale - now $4.99 - was $12.99

Are you a ‘«£fan‘«ō of Apple products? Do you enjoy a nice cool breeze whilst being super cool on your iPhone? Are you having a good, hearty laugh at these puns? Then get yourself an iPhone Fan and be the ultimate fanboy or girl. Flexible blade material, more...

iRecorder - Retro Cassette Player Styled Portable Speaker For iPhone

Remember carrying one of these around? You'd press it up to the radio, and create mix tapes. You'd play it until the tape stretched out. And then one day the tape player would eat your tape and that would be that. You knew a teen romance had gone sour whe more...

IRIS 9000 Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone
On sale - now $23.99 - was $39.99

Having an artificially intelligent computer at our beck and call has long been the fantasy of every green blooded sci-fi fan amongst us. Finally Siri on the iPhone has given us a tantalizing taste of this promised future... and we're lapping it up. Howeve more...

Jot Flip Stylus And Pen

This Jot Flip Stylus and Pen might make you feel a little bit like 007. It's a nifty tech gadget with a stylus on one side and a hidden pen on the other. Does it explode? No. Can it help you break out of a jail cell? Maybe. Can it help you write a note to more...

Jot Pro Stylus

It's funny how technological trends come full circle. First, there was the age of the Palm PDA, where we used a stylus to tap away at our busy schedules and we learned the single stroke gestures of Graffiti to be able to write notes quickly. Then we moved more...

Karma - 4G WiFi Hotspot

Each of us has been saved by an open wi-fi connection at some point. It's the unexpected they're good for. If you'd known you were going to need the Internet, you would have brought your connection, but luckily somebody else saved your bacon. Mmm. Bacon. more...

KGB Disappearing Ink Pen

Rule one of being a spy is never letting anyone know you are a spy. And part of that is never leaving evidence or incriminating documents behind. It sounds hard, but not if you have the right tools. And we're here to help you collect the right tools. With more...

Kicker Amphitheaterī?Ę BT2

For a long time, all the add-on speakers for smartphones were docks. Which meant one thing: they were made to fit one phone. Or maybe multiple phones, all the same brand. It meant iPhone folks got lots of options and Android users were left high and dry. more...

Kicker Cush - Ultra-Comfort Headphones

If you've worn any sort of headphones for an extended period of time, be they over-ear, ear-bud-style, or the good ol' call-center headset, you know that after a while they start to rub you the wrong way. Literally. Stop that from happening with these hea more...

Kiwi 2 Bluetooth Android Phone Car Diagnostic/ Performance Kit

If you're not a car geek, the light that says "CHECK ENGINE" might as well say "PC LOAD LETTER." Sure, we can open the hood and verify that indeed, the engine is still present, but beyond that, we're a little lost. Best we can do is drive it to the garage more...

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor For iPhone
On sale - now $179.99 - was $249.99

"I'm waking up to ash and dust. I wipe my brow but I sweat my rust. I'm breathing in the chemicals." - Imagine Dragons Hopefully your everyday environment is not as bad as these Imagine Dragons lyrics, but wouldn't you feel better knowing for sure? The La more...

Leaf Ultimate Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna

Getting free TV channels has been made easier with the Leaf Ultimate, the most powerful indoor antenna you can find. The original Leaf had some issues when you were too close to a signal source, but the Leaf Ultimate has conquered that weakness! It has a more...

Leash Customizable Camera Strap

The last thing any photographer wants to do is drop their camera ‘«Ų but having it on a strap can be clumsy, awkward and restrictive. The Leash is a quick-release, versatile camera strap that solves that problem. Attach the Leash's anchors to your camera, more...

LED Lightcubes Terrarium

This terrarium is the best computer accessory yet. That's right, you can grow plants in a little box that can be powered by USB! This small desktop terrarium includes two sets of powerful LEDs, which help the tiny jungle inside flourish through its phases more...

LensMag Magnetic 10x & 15x Macro Lenses For iPhone 5

Sometimes in life you need to share the details with people. This is especially true when sharing pictures with people on your phone. Let's say you try to email your exterminator a photo of a bug you find in your kitchen. Your typical blurry iPhone photo more...

Light Show Fountain Speakers
On sale - now $39.99 - was $49.99

As geeks, we find Las Vegas to be a fascinating city. For starters, we get to indulge our picky eating habits at giant buffets. Then we can observe legions of people at the slot machines, blissfully and willfully ignorant of the laws of probability. We ca more...

Luminum - Metal Wrapped Case For iPhone 5
On sale - now $9.99 - was $19.99

"Not Remotely Steampunk" was one of our favorite recurring features on Regretsy. Look, people: gluing a bunch of non-functioning gears and somebody's old house keys to your iPhone case doesn't make it steampunk. It just makes it unwieldy and ugly. For tho more...

LumiVolt - Ultra Portable Charger With Built In Flashlight

A geek's day is never done. There are long hours at work, including answering work emails via our smartphones while we're supposedly on our lunch hour. There are those websites we can't/shouldn't access at work that we visit on our phones instead. Once wo more...

LYNX Portable Bluetooth Sound System
On sale - now $19.99 - was $49.99

Bluetooth speakers tend to be small with a spherical or cube=shaped design. If that's not your aesthetic, you're often out of luck. This little LYNX, however, is a different form factor. It's just as light as its cube/sphere counterparts, but it has a lon more...

Magic Wand - Programmable TV Remote

You know you have always wanted to be a wizard. But not one of those swish and flick wizards from the movies. You want to be the Dungeons & Dragons wizard - the party's controller. See that word there? CONTROLLER. It means you control the battlefield; you more...

Manfrotto ML120 Hotshoe LED Panel + KLYP Case For iPhone
On sale - now $19.99 - was $69.99

Have you seen Apple's TV commercial with the claim that more photos are taken each day on iPhones than on any other device? They don't show any sort of hard evidence, but the claim is not too hard to believe. The ability to take pictures on our phones has more...

Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker

At 23 lbs., this speaker really isn't portable, but we can imagine how it'd feel to arrive someplace with it in tow, and start setting up for your "gig." Even better if it's some corporate thing. Everybody's eyeballs would get large when you unpacked this more...

Marshall Major FX Headphones
On sale - now $79.99 - was $99.99

Having your headphones on is one of the universal office signs for "don't bother me." While in-ear headphones are more subtle and folks behind you may not even realize you have them on, over-ear headphones leave no doubt and are perfect for introverts who more...

Marshall Minor FX In-Ear Headphones
On sale - now $49.99 - was $64.99

Over the last decade or two we've all gotten used to shedding the big, huge cans for smaller, more comfortable listening experiences. But it doesn't always work out well when you shove that earbud down into your ear canal. You get sore and you don't reall more...

Marvel Vintage Hero Cases For iPhone 5

Yeah, they're called Marvel Vintage Hero Cases for iPhone 5. They're cases. Check. For the iPhone 5. Check. They're even officially-licensed Marvel gear. Check. That "hero" thing though? That's up for a bit of debate. Venom? Really? And the Punisher? Well more...

Mega Man Air Freshener
On sale - now $0.99 - was $11.99

Ever wonder what video game characters smell like? Well, we do. We think Link smells like the forest and excitement. Peach smells like, well, peach. Mario and Luigi? Well, sadly they probably smell like burnt poo (from all those fireballs and sewer pipes) more...

Micro Spy Remote
On sale - now $6.99 - was $18

Welcome to your debriefing, Mr. Blond. This mission is especially delicate so we've had R devise a new gadget for you. Its code name is M-3904-DD920-8903B, but you may call it the Micro Spy Remote. This little universal remote is the newest (secret) weapo more...

MicroMax LED Pocket 100X Microscope For iPhone

So your dad likes to invent gadgets, all kinds, and he uses them all over the house, to make toast, deliver mail, and, he hopes someday, to shrink things. It's a good theory, you shrink things down and its easier to carry big loads of items across country more...

Minecraft Creeper Case

It would be a shame if you put any other case on it! This case is certified Creeper-proof since it's made from 100% post-explosion Creeper parts. It's like how Michonne had pet walkers to keep the regular ones at bay: simply snap the Minecraft Creeper Cas more...

Minecraft Grassy Block Case
On sale - now $15.99 - was $19.99

Whoever said that geeks aren't outdoorsy didn't know squat about geeks. We've got a whole freakin' forest with waterfalls and wildlife and everything that we walk around in every day! Of course, it's in Minecraft, so it's all square and pixelly, but that' more...

Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus

When even your dreams are made of pixels. When you talk about "building your dream house" and you mean in-game, not in real life. When your favorite dinner is pork chops. When any hissing sound makes you spin around looking for a Creeper. When you're play more...

MondoHub 28 Port USB 2.0/3.0 Hub

Is your menagerie of USB powered devices getting a little too big for the britches of your current hub? Never fear, MondoHub is here with 28 ports. Unlike many other USB hubs, the MondoHub features four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports and is great for charging y more...

Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal

It's commonly believed that dogs wag their tails when they're happy and cats wag their tails when they're pissed. But that's not all! Kitty tails swish to mesmerize their prey before they pounce. Kitties slowly wag their tails when they're pondering a dec more...

Mr. Ghost EMF Detector For iPhone
On sale - now $7.99 - was $19.99

We admit it. Ghost Adventures (aka Bros vs. Ghosts) is a guilty pleasure of ours. When we're not watching marathons of How It's Made or Mythbusters, Bros vs. Ghosts is an excellent source of entertainment. There's neat historical tidbits about the buildin more...

Muscle Wire USB-Powered Moving Butterfly
On sale - now $14.99 - was $19.99

Ever feel like your work life is something out of Joe Versus the Volcano? Demanding boss, bright fluorescent overhead lights, and an office in a basement. The work is joyless, your co-workers are annoying, and you are always one step away from storming ou more...

Music Modem
On sale - now $9.99 - was $29.99

In the olden days, before the wheel was invented, we connected our computers to each other using something called "dial up." Historians aren't sure anymore how this "dial up" worked, but they do know it produced a strange and screechy series of tones. And more...

N64 USB Controller
On sale - now $19.99 - was $24.99

It‘«÷s been almost 20 years since the release of Nintendo‘«÷s revolutionary console, the N64. With 64-Bit 3D mapping and games, it‘«÷s miraculous just how influential and relevant this magnificent console is today. But, as technology changes exponentially more...

Nebulophone Mini Arduino Synthesizer Kit

We love the sweet bleeping sound of electronic music. One of our favorite pioneers is Raymond Scott (and if that name doesn't mean anything to you, shame on you and look him up). Apart from his awesome musical output, his inventions reign supreme as some more...

NEOGEO X Gold System with Free Mega Pack Vol. 1

Neo Geo, with its out-of-reach price tag for most kids, was probably one of the single most coveted consoles ever released. Maybe you had a rich friend who had one and let you play or you played the iconic red arcade machines at your local Pizza Hut, enou more...

NES USB Controller
On sale - now $14.99 - was $17.99

Sometimes you don't mess with success. In the age of giant Atari joysticks the original D-Pad controller represented a streamlined approach to gaming input devices never seen before. The lowly "plus" has stood the test of time making it's way into many mo more...

NeuroSky Mindwave

Remember that episode of Firefly when the crew breaks into an Alliance hospital and Simon puts River in the brain scanning machine? Of course, it's all special effects. But that scene totally made us yearn for some brain scanning technology we could use a more...

NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile Myndplay Bundle

Just kidding! Using the NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile will not give you the supersoldier powers of River Tam, but it is crazy fun. Mindwave Mobile is the world's least expensive research-grade EEG headset available. It interfaces with mobile devices (iOS and A more...

Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer

On. Off. Volume Up. Volume Down. Channel Up. Channel Down. What is wrong with the TV? Only you will know it's the Ninja Remote! Annoy the crap out of friends and enemies by possessing their TV. Perfect for interrupting stupid sporting events, obnoxious vi more...

NiteCore Batteries And Charging Accessories

There are two things that frustrate us about rechargeable batteries. 1) The speed with which they become non-rechargeable batteries. And 2) the fact that we have to dig through our cabinet to find the right charger when they need recharging. Even if you d more...

NODE+ Wireless Sensor Platform

Ever walked into the hardware store and tried to pick out paint by holding up a not-terribly-accurate photo on your phone to the swatches? Or taken the chicken off the barbecue grill and cut it to see what temperature it is inside? NODE hopes to put all t more...

NT3 Black Ops 2 Throat Mic Communication System
On sale - now $71.99 - was $119.99

As you know if you've ever yelled into your phone in high wind, a standard microphone uses air as its conductive medium, hence "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" A throat mic, on the other hand, picks up the vibrations generated from within the wearer's neck, so ther more...

NuForce Cube Portable Speaker/Headphone Amp/DAC
On sale - now $69.99 - was $99.99

Everything these days is wireless, but sometimes you don't want to go through the rigamarole of syncing Bluetooth or getting all the devices to recognize each other just to listen to music. You wanna plug and play, literally, which is just what you can do more...

NVIDIA SHIELD AC Adapter & Micro USB Cable

Your SHIELD includes an AC Adapter and charging cable, but let's be honest. Especially with something that's intended to be portable, you're going to lose it or at least it's not going to be in the right place when you need it. Plan ahead. Get an extra. P more...


Because we know you want to. There's one thing about buying a gaming system, especially a portable one that other people are going to see: you want to make it your own. Have your little bit of uniqueness with custom Armor. The default Armor the SHIELD com more...


Sure, your NVIDIA SHIELD is portable. So is your laptop. How frequently do you venture out with that without a bag to protect it? Take your NVIDIA SHIELD wherever you go safely with this carrying case. Product Specifications Solid NVIDIA SHIELD Carrying C more...

Nyko Power Kit for Xbox One

Our introduction to Nyko was when they made the 3DS's battery life bearable with their Power Pack. 3 hours may get you where you're going in D.C.'s public transit system, but it ain't likely to get you back also, and with Nyko's help the 3DS could be our more...

Olloclip iPhone Telephoto + Circular Polarizing lens system

Compatible with the iPhone 5/5S or 4/4S, the Olloclip is a quick-connect lens system that includes telephoto and circular polarizing lenses in a tiny and convenient package. Using Olloclip is easy! Slide it on over your iPhone's rear camera lens, and you' more...

Optimus Popularis Keyboard
On sale - now $1999.99 - was $2399.99

Just as all our screens are transitioning to touchscreens - watch a toddler interact with a desktop computer monitor and you'll know what we mean - Art Lebedev has turned the bits of the computer we're used to touching (the keyboard) into a screen. Well, more...

Otamatone Deluxe Touch-Sensitive Electronic Musical Instrument

The band hits the stage. The drums are going. The keyboards and bass start pounding out the foundation. The horns come in, pumping out a jazz-fueled boogie. And then Perfect Tommy hits the stage. This time, his guitar is waiting in the wings. He's got a n more...

over9000 Compact 2.1 Amp USB Car Power Adapter
On sale - now $8.99 - was $9.99

When cruising down the highway on your next road trip you're going to have more room for snacks and beverages. Why, you ask? Because we're gonna introduce you to the over9000. See, right now, if you want to charge everybody's gadgets in the car, you need more...

PadTab Tablet Wall Mounting System

Tired of propping your tablet up on your kitchen counter while you whip up your latest culinary masterpiece? (Or like us, after you eat your significant other‘«÷s culinary masterpiece, you want to re-re-re-watch Game of Thrones while you wash the dishes.) more...

PartyStarter Bluetooth Speaker With Synchronized Lights

Getting the right kind of party started is hard. You've got to have somebody who's going to be your Tank, somebody who's willing to heal everybody, somebody who can do some ranged damage, somebody who... what? Oh the OTHER kind of party? Well, heck, getti more...

Pegit - Customizable Case For iPhone 5
On sale - now $4.99 - was $19.99

On the theory that an iPhone case should be an accessory as well as a functional necessity for those of us who are clumsy, we've pondered having a stack of cases next to the door so we could pop on the one that we felt like that day. But 1) the our iPhone more...

PhoneSoap UV Smartphone Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become pretty common. Most of us walk by sanitizer dispensers at shops, hospitals, train stations, restaurants, or a myriad of other places. All these dispensers leave us hopeful that we're not catching or spreading diseases, but they c more...

Pivot Power - Articulated Power Strip
On sale - now $7.99 - was $19.99

Somewhere, in the grand history of electronic stuff, nobody bothered to set a standard for the size and shape of plugs and adapters. Thus, we have big square ones, long rectangular ones, semi-round ones, even oddly geometric ones. And trying to plug them more...

Pivot Power 2x3

A lot of the best work spaces, like a garage or basement, don't always have the most access to electrical outlets. Where are you supposed to plug in your drill batteries, saw, work light, radio, and variety of other essential gadgets? And if you have a lo more...

Pivot Power Genius - Wink App Enabled Power Supply
On sale - now $47.99 - was $79.99

What makes something a Wink product? They are not just more things for you to think about, but things that actually think about you. Products that are smarter because of the power of the Internet and the simplicity of mobile apps. The Pivot Power Genius b more...

Pivot Power Mini - Wall Plug/USB Combo

We assume that the homebuilders of the current age are adapting their designs to work better with our modern, electronics-fueled lives. But unfortunately, most of our abodes were built in the days of yore, when the idea of having to plug in more than a la more...

Pixel Art USB Classic Gaming Controller
On sale - now $11.99 - was $19.99

Video games were not always designed to look so real. Well, they were as real as they could get back then. When you're watching commercials for games now, it's hard to tell who's an actor and who's a digital construct. Back in the day Mario was so pixelat more...

Pli - Wood Veneer Slimline Case For iPhone 5
On sale - now $4.99 - was $24.99

Wood paneling is a weird thing. It either works or it doesn't. Remember back in the 80s when you could have a station wagon with wood paneling? Popular then, ugly as sin now. How about wood paneled living rooms? While they do make it easy to hang your art more...

Plush Toast Wireless Speaker
On sale - now $24.99 - was $39.99

Toast is a very versatile thing. You can eat it plain. You can pair it with eggs and bacon. It can be sandwiched with melty cheese, smashed into a tasty panini, buttered, and jammed. Speaking of jam, did you know that toast can also help you jam to your f more...

PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool
On sale - now $19.99 - was $29.99

If you play the guitar or have ever wanted to play the guitar, you need a PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool. It's that simple. You just need to get one of these. Why? If you want to shred like the guitar gods and goddesses on high, you need to p more...

Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera

There's something magical about instant photos - we're not talking about pictures that you snap on your phone or your digital camera where the image appears on a pixellated screen. We mean the old instant-photo camera from Polaroid. With a click, and a sn more...

Portal 2 Sentry Turret USB Desk Defender
On sale - now $29.99 - was $39.99

We have a soft spot for turrets... even though they riddled us with holes on many an occasion. They're just so cute with their little voices and their red eyes. Cute and deadly. That's why we have Plush Turrets, Flashlight Turrets, Inflatable Turrets, and more...

Portal Turret LED Flashlight w/ Sound
On sale - now $6.99 - was $9.99

"Cave Johnson here. Introducing the consumer version of our most popular military-grade product: the turret. We box 'em up and ship 'em straight to your doorstep. So you can protect the things that matter most. Just try and get close to that baby. Ha! You more...

Power Practical Meter and Fast Charge Cable
On sale - now $14.99 - was $24.99

Fifteen minutes before you have to leave the house, you realize your phone's battery is almost dead. You plug it up right away, but how do you know where to plug it to get the maximum juice in the minimum time? Laptop? Wall? USB hub? Instead of guessing, more...

Power Tap USB Wall Charger
On sale - now $10 - was $19.99

It's nice to live in a first-world country. Electricity flows out of our walls just like water. (And fortunately, there's no chance an electricity leak in our upstairs neighbors' apartment will cause ceiling damage in ours.) Tap into that electricity to c more...

PowerCurl Mini Earbud & Power Adapter Organizer For iPhone 5

Part of the reason smartphones are so amazing is because that functionality is always with you. But in order for that functionality to be with you at all times, you have to also carry along a bundle of accessories. Earbuds. Chargers. Battery backups. Cabl more...

PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Charger
On sale - now $49.99 - was $54.99

Geeks can be a forgetful bunch, but we always need our devices. Sometimes we just neglect the fact that their batteries generally need to be charged in order for them to work. That's one reason we carried an iGeek Portable Charger with us everywhere... bu more...

Pro Controller U For Wii & Wii U

Every new console tries to improve the form and function of its controller. But sometimes we want our trusty old friend in our hands, especially when we're rocking Super Mario 2 on our Virtual Console. The Pro Controller U combines a Wiimote and Wii Class more...

Programmable LED Message Board

If you've ever lived in a call-center or a warehouse environment, scrolling LED message boards may strike fear into your heart. But they don't have to. You can use them for your own nefarious purposes. This tiny programmable LED message board can share wh more...

Prop Power
On sale - now $14.99 - was $24.99

With electricity having been a mainstay of civilization for the last 100 years, you would think that houses would have an electrical socket everywhere you could possibly need one. Unfortunately, all of us know -- especially people with older houses -- tha more...

Q Card Wallet Case For Galaxy S4

While we could carry around a ruck and be prepared for anything the world can throw at us at any moment, it's much more pleasant to travel light. We abandoned desktops for laptops, laptops for netbooks, and now netbooks for tablets. Why are you still carr more...

Q Card Wallet Case For iPhone
On sale - now $24.99 - was $39.99

While we could carry around a ruck and be prepared for anything the world can throw at us at any moment, it's much more pleasant to travel light. We abandoned desktops for laptops, laptops for netbooks, and now netbooks for tablets. Why are you still carr more...

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

R2 units: is there anything those little guys can't do? While we don't yet have the technology in this quadrant of the galaxy for fully-automated repair droids like the R2 units from Star Wars, we can get a portion of the R2's versatility into something s more...

Razer Battlefield 4 Collectors Edition Gaming Peripherals
On sale - now $335.97 - was $419.96

Maybe it's the way your strategic brain thinks. Or maybe it's your reflexes or your hand-eye coordination. We don't know what your competitive edge is, but keep honing it. Check this out: EA says that more than 65 million people play Battlefield. 65 milli more...

Razer BlackShark Expert 2.0 Gaming Headset

The online gaming experience is immersive. Heck, when our copywriter monkey was deep in her WoW addiction, she was running around Ironforge in her dreams. But if you want to really experience your gaming, a pair of cheap speakers isn't going to do it. You more...

Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset for PC/Xbox 360

The senses are a gamer's greatest weapon and when any one of them is hindered, disaster strikes. We all know the sheer panic of a sibling or parent waltzing through our field of vision, the phone ringing, a knock at the door, even the sun dancing off the more...

Razer Deathstalker Ultimate Keyboard With LCD Touchpad

The ultimate gamer comes to understand the art of pwnage through the master: Death. For millennia, Death has roamed the earth pwning noobs and no man has ever discovered the secrets behind his billion to zero kill/death ratio, until now. It's taken decade more...

Razer Hammerhead Pro Analog Gaming & Music In-Ear Headset

If you don't think you need a set of dedicated headphones for gaming, you can move along. We don't need your kind here. Still here? Good. Check this out. The Razer Hammerhead Pro Analog Gaming & Music In-Ear Headset are the perfect in-ear monitor for mobi more...

Razer Manticor Elite Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad

Did we just call a mouse pad sexy? Yup, we sure did. Not only is the Manticor beautiful to behold, it offers performance in-game that will make you cry big giant sloppy tears of joy. (Don't worry, we won't be capturing evidence via your webcam or anything more...

Razer Orbweaver Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad

"But ThinkGeek," you say, "I have the Razer Nostromo and it's pretty badass. Why would I want this Orbweaver? Will it make me better, faster, sexier?" You want the Orbweaver because it boasts 20 fully programmable buttons (Nostromo only had 16) and has th more...

Razer Tartarus Expert Gaming Keypad

Power gamers: Do you have the Nostromo and love it but you're not quite ready to commit to the Orbweaver? Meet the next step in Razer's gaming keypad evolution, the Tartarus. The Tartarus boasts 16 more "buttons" than the Nostromo (taking advantage of the more...

Razer Vespula Double Sided Gaming Mouse Mat With Wrist Pad

We were originally going to edit that headline because it sounds like there's a gaming mouse somewhere. Then we started thinking about how adorable a gaming mouse would be... all cute with the beady eyes and the long tail. Would a gaming mouse use a mouse more...

Recoil Automatic Cable Management System

Have you ever noticed how all the home decorating magazines and decor blogs always portray perfectly decorated rooms, with TV stands and desks looking pristine? You know what is always missing from those pictures? CORDS! (And wrappers, and empty cups, and more...

Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks
On sale - now $1.99 - was $5.99

Ah, records - those musical discs from the past that so many children nowadays think are the stuff of fiction. The good news, however, is twofold. First, more and more artists are releasing music on records again. YAY. And second, a bunch of those old rec more...

Rescue Portable USB Battery Pack
On sale - now $29.99 - was $49.99

Just as coders always say they "don't anticipate any problems" before each release (would they release the code if they did anticipate problems?), we never think we're going to run out of juice on our smartphones or tablets until it happens. A conference more...

Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System

Yes, you're reading this right: a portable version of the Retro Duo NES/SNES system. So now you can take your 8-bit NES and 16-bit SNES games on the road! The Retro Duo Portable Game System is pretty much the dream configuration for any retro gamer. Not o more...

Retron 3 SNES/NES/Genesis Game System

Many of us are collectors, connoisseurs of retro gaming consoles that enjoy having vast libraries of game cartridges spanning generations of video game technology. We love to show off our collections and occasionally pull out a system to enjoy the nostalg more...

RetroSNES Cartridge Adapters

We're so spoiled these days. We expect HDTV quality out of everything. No static. No rolling. Not like the old days, when we'd stand touching the rabbit ears in order to get an image that was watchable, not clear, on one of our 15 channels. So we're going more...

ROCCAT Alumic - Double-Sided Gaming Mousepad

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs. If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. more...

ROCCAT Apuri - Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs. If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. more...

ROCCAT Isku FX - Multicolor Gaming Keyboard

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs. If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. more...

ROCCAT Kave 5.1 - Surround Sound Gaming Headset

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs. If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. more...

ROCCAT Kone Pure - Core Performance Gaming Mouse

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs. If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. more...

ROCCAT Kone XTD - Max Customization Gaming Mouse

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs. If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. more...

ROCCAT Kova+ - Max Performance Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

If you're a hardcore gamer, you already know ROCCAT. Scroll down for the specs. If ROCCAT is new to you, allow us. Guten tag. ROCCAT Studios out of Hamburg, Germany specializes in producing high-end gaming peripherals with incredible attention-to-detail. more...



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