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Bison Airlighter


"Kill it with fireFor those of us who prefer the taste only charcoal grills can give, switching entirely to gas might have saved time but it was never a viable option. One of the most valuable skills our dads taught us was exactly how to stack the charcoa

Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light With Laser Cannon Lane Markers


Say it with us: LASER CANNON!GUYS! GUYS GUYS GUYS... LASER CANNONS! Okay. We're taking a few deep cleansing breaths right now. Here's the deal: if you ride a bike or unicycle or a pogostick (sure, why not) and it's dark out, you need to have a light. If y

Class IIIa Green Laser Pointer


"No, it's not red - it's greenOkay, just about everyone has a red laser pointer. But, we're pretty sure you want to be a superior geek - and doing it with a green laser is the way to go.This pointer is significantly brighter (about 50 times) than a red la

Lightsaber Keychain Flashlights Darth Vader


"SHED SOME LIGHT ON THE DARK SIDE.When a lightsaber's Adegan crystal breaks, you know what you got? A very fancy flashlight. But a very good flashlight, actually. So, we thought it would be fun to leave off the killing-y part and shrink down some sabers s

NiteCore Batteries And Charging Accessories 3400mAh Li-ion 18650 Battery


The final chargerThere are two things that frustrate us about rechargeable batteries. 1) The speed with which they become non-rechargeable batteries. And 2) the fact that we have to dig through our cabinet to find the right charger when they need rechargi

NiteCore Chameleon Series Multi-Function Flashlights CI6 - Infrared/RGB/440 Lum


"Things man was not meant to seeSometimes we have the need to see stuff that's really outside of our wheelhouse as Homo sapiens . That's when we employ tools. Tools like microscopes and telescopes, but also tools for seeing outside humans' visible spectru

Shark With Frickin' Laser Pointer


"A dream come true Once upon a time, there was a bald guy who had a dream. Actually, we should be nice to Ty, our GeekLabs leader. He's not entirely bald. (But he is evil at times.) Of course, someone beat us to attaching a real laser to a real shark . Bu

Star Trek TOS Phaser Laser Pointer


"Pew pew!The sad news is that we are still unable to join Starfleet and thus, will never get our hands on a real Starfleet issue phaser. Not even if we promise to only use it for stun and only on that guy in that other department who is a jerk. Darn. But