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"Nightmare Before Christmas Auto Coaster Set Nightmare Before Christmas "Bo"


"Life's no fun without a good scare!Doesn't it stink when you're driving along and you hit a bump causing your milkshake to spill out into your car's cup holder? Because you know how hard it is to clean the bottom of those things and how sticky it's going

Grippy Gadget Mat


"Stick! Stay!We all have a place that we like to put our phone when we drive. Some leave it in their pocket, secure but nearly impossible to get out. Some drop it in the cup holder (newsflash - it's not a cup). Some people tuck it in under their thigh so

HoneyDru - USB Car Power Adapter


"Can it bee any cuter?Quite a few of us here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ are allergic to bee stings. Not much of a surprise, since we're allergic to basically everything. We'd be allergic to our computers if it were possible. Fortunately, it's not. S

Powerall Deluxe - Portable Power Bank and Vehicle Jump-Starter


"YOU'LL HAVE THE POWER!!We love gadgets, and many of our gadgets love power. We want our gadgets to be happy, so we try and keep them well-charged. To keep them charged in the wild, there are many options. But we wanted to find the best - for us and for y

R2-D9 USB Car Charger


"Deenine!R2 units: is there anything those little guys can't do? While we don't yet have the technology in this quadrant of the galaxy for fully-automated repair droids like the R2 units from Star Wars, we can get a portion of the R2's versatility into so

Smart AC Automotive Power Strip


"Charge All The Things!There are never enough outlets. Even in modern houses, which have been designed knowing that humans today rely on electricity, we still end up with a power strip in every outlet. We're just glad the wiring was set up well so we don'

Zombie Plague Ribbon Magnet


"Show your support What's that old aphorism? Something like "April showers bring May devourers?" May is Zombie Awareness Month, but we here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ think every month should be Zombie Awareness Month. After all, you don't ever want