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Critical Thinking Games - School and Educational Supplies

Critical Thinking Games - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Abalone Board Game

Our hyper-connected world has made us mad multi-taskers. Which is all well and good except for one thing: it's given us human beings the attention spans of a gnat. That's where Abalone board game comes in. This strategic game helps players focus their att more...


Confession: We're a little picky when it comes to picking out puzzles to carry in our stores. But Back2Back passed with brain-teasing colors. This smart one-player game of logic and visual perception challenges you to fill up both sides of the grid simult more...

Brain Fitness Kit

We're excited to see this back in stock soon, too! Just click below and we'll email you as soon as it arrives.notify me. .  Rush Hour - Brain Fitness EditionThis multi-award winner is one of our bestsellers. Perhaps it's the fun of setting up the game more...

Chess Set Rosewood 12

Now while you give your brain a workout plotting strategy and executing tactical dexterity, you will reward your fingers with the feel and heft of exquisitely carved chess pieces. Elegant in simplicity - ¯just like your moves - ¯each hand-polished piece i more...

City Square Off

Your competitive side loves strategic territory games, but the confrontational aspect of stealing territory from your opponents makes your kinder, gentler side a little squeamish. Enter City Square Off: a tactical game of city planning where players have more...

Cube Quest

First and foremost, Cube Quest is a game of dexterity where your flicking powers reign supreme. But this two-player game also involves a fair amount of strategy, so your fingers will have to enlist the help of your frontal cortex. The object of the game i more...

Deluxe Rummikub

Our very own Chief Merchant (that the smart fellow who hand-picks each of our brainy products) is representing the U.S. at the 2012 World Rummikub Championships. So we thought it was high time we had an heirloom-quality edition of Rummikub that would be w more...

Dragon Face

Fast forward to the year 2527. The universe is divided into two ideological spheres and an epic battle of the minds is underway. Your mission? Capture your opponent's Emperor. To do this, you need to jump over your opponent's Ambassadors and Governors to more...


We're always on the lookout for gifts that cool and clever dads will covet. We knew we'd found one the second we spotted Eternas. This three-dimensional, two-player strategy game challenges players to be the first to get four of their colored beads in a r more...


Tic-tac-toe is all fine and dandy. But where's the ability to move your pieces around the board? Where's the fun of gobbling up your opponent's smaller piece? Where's the handsome wood storage box? They're all in Gobblet, an award-winning game of strategy more...


Lutso is a double-whammy, twofer of a brain game that lets you check both your frontal cortex and occipital lobe off your mental to-do list. That's a good thing, because those are the parts of your brain responsible for critical thinking and visual percep more...

Man Ray Chess Board

Brain game? Cubist sculpture? How about a little of both. This striking re-edition of the 1920 set designed by modern artist and avid chess player Man Ray will have you reveling in its clean, abstract lines as you ponder every move. Handcrafted in Germany more...

Man Ray Chess Pieces

Brain game? Cubist sculpture? How about a little of both. This striking re-edition of the 1920 set designed by modern artist and avid chess player Man Ray will have you reveling in its clean, abstract lines as you ponder every move. Handcrafted in Germany more...

Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game

A sure way to sharpen critical thinking skills! Stack pattern and match the multicolored shapes. more...


Your brain is begging you for a new strategy game to flex your frontal cortex. Your wallet is not-so-politely reminding you that you're on a budget. Good thing your mind just hit pay dirt with Modus so you can get three brain-boosting games in one value-p more...

Nowhere to Go

If designer Ray Eames and super spy James Bond met on a transcontinental Pan Am flight and had to entertain themselves over a few vesper martinis, we're pretty sure they would have come up with something like Nowhere to Go. This two-player strategy game b more...


We know what you're thinking: Another good-looking critical thinking game. But for a game to pass the muster of our marvelously discerning game buyer, it has to have more than just beauty and brains. It has to have that hard-to-find "aha!" moment where yo more...

On sale - now $13.99 - was $16.99

We love the folks at Blue Orange Games. Not only do they plant two trees for every one they use in the production of their games, they also create ridiculously fun, brain-boosting games like Sumoku that appeal to children and adults alike. Sumoku is a cro more...


Fast hands and keen eyes are the name of the game in Tenzi. Here's how it works: every player gets 10 dice, rolls as fast as they can at the same time and looks at their dice quickly to determine which number they're going for. So, if you roll more 6's th more...


We're suckers for games that take a familiar concept like a turnstile and turn it into an addictively fun way to exercise your noggin. Turnstile from ThinkFun is just such a game. Set up your tokens and turnstiles to match one of 40 challenge cards rangin more...



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