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Clever Kids Ages 4+ - School and Educational Supplies

Clever Kids Ages 4+ - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

0 to 9 Magnatab

Trace numbers with a magnetic wand to reveal each number.Repetition will help young brains learn their numbers quickly.Use your finger or the flat side of the wand to start with a clean slate.You're convinced that your preschooler is destined for mathemat more...

A to Z Magnatab Upper Case Letters

Trace letters with a magnetic want to reveal each letter.Repetition will help young brains learn their letters quickly.Use your finger or the flat side of the wand to start with a clean slate.True, cursive may be dead (much to the chagrin of schoolteacher more...

Alphabet Blocks

It's time to think outside the block with Areaware Alphabet Blocks. The set boasts 26 letters carved out of mahogany and pinewood in an array of intriguing fonts. Stack them. Make words with them. Teach a child the alphabet with them. Or simply leave them more...

AlphaBrains Bundle

With your genes, your little one is bound to be a bona fide genius, effortlessly mastering both language and math like a cross-cranial savant. But even Einstein and Dickens had to start somewhere. So why not start your clever kid on the path of pure brill more...


Anyone with a kid knows all too well just how easy it is to catch a virus - and how hard it is to get rid of one. Enter Anti-Virus, an award-winning game where players try to eradicate a sneaky bug. Here's how it works: Set up the game board according to more...

Boogie Board Writing Tablet [Blue]

Paper kills trees. Dry erase boards never truly erase no matter how hard you try. And chalkboards bring back repressed memories of having to stay after school and write "I will not chew gum in class" 500 times. Good thing there's the Boogie Board Writing more...

Brain Starters Bundle

In the real world, penguins and squirrels would never meet. But this is a magical world of games and brains where anything is possible, even finding two fun games that both parents and preschoolers will enjoy in one smart bundle. Both games in the Brain S more...


Okay, we admit it. These are kind of juvenile, and at first glance, they do very little for your brain cells. But these are Braindrops - chemistry wonders that are a major step up from the old-school kind! For starters, they grow up to 200 times their ori more...

Cheese Louise

Cheese Louise is a pattern recognition game that makes a nutritious snack for your noggin. Place 22 slices of foam Swiss cheese on the table and give each player a slice of bread with various toppings such as mustard, tomatoes, pickles and even a fly or t more...


Dates schmates. With Chronology, you can put your historical know-how to use without actually knowing the exact dates of an event. Here's how it works: On your turn, someone will read one of 858 historical events out loud. All you have to do is decide whe more...

Cook School [Hardcover]

Cook School teaches the core cooking skills for children of primary school age. Each skill is presented at the stage when a child's development, self-confidence and sense of independence are ready, with recipes grouped into three age groups: 3 - 5 years, more...

Dancing Eggs

If family game night has grown a little humdrum, then it's time to inject some boisterous fun with Dancing Eggs. The object of the game is to collect as many eggs as possible. But don't count your chickens before they've hatched, because the real challeng more...


If your brain cells are barreling towards oblivion, it might be time to give them a little love and attention. We recommend giving your frontal and occipital lobes workout with Dizios, a domino game with a psychedelic, dizzying twist. Just take turns plac more...

Glowing Putty Gels & Slime Kit

Explore states of matter, the chemistry behind gels, polymers, and phosphorescence. Make glow in the dark gel, a substance that flows and stretches, breaks and bounces, eco-foam fizzle, and much more. more...

GoldieBlox & the Parade Float

In this much-anticipated sequel to the GoldieBlox book and construction set series, girls don't just sit atop the parade float waving and looking pretty. They build it, too! GoldieBlox and the Parade Float starts with two of Goldie's friends, Katinka and more...

GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine

Move over, Barbie and fairytale damsels in distress. There's a new girl in town. And she's got a tool belt, a menagerie of friends and all the smarts she needs to build a world where women can solve problems, fend for themselves and drive off into the sun more...

Magformers 112 piece Challenger Set

There's something about building sets and magnets that makes our neurons do cartwheels. The Magformers Super Brain Set combines both, which means our neurons have upgraded from cartwheels to triple back handsprings. The set comes with 112 pieces total: 48 more...

Magformers 30 Piece Classic Set

We love building sets with magnets. But building sets with magnets that rotate to their position for an instant connection make our neurons downright giddy. Magformers comes with two colors (either yellow and blue or red and purple, colors will vary) and more...

Magformers 62 Piece Designer Set

There's something about building sets and magnets that makes our neurons do cartwheels. The Magformers 62 Piece Set combines both, which means our neurons have upgrade from cartwheels to triple back handsprings. The set comes with 20 triangles, 30 squares more...

Marbles Edition Tessarisis

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to crack a grid-style cube with a secret that has a numeric connection with something that is not an object and cannot be physically approached, but can be observed. Did that make you scratch your synap more...

Marbles Edition Titanium & Blue Copernisis

The third puzzle in the Isis Series, this titanium and blue edition of the mindbending marvel is made exclusively for Marbles, and is based on the heliocentric theory of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. If your Renaissance history is a little rusty, he's t more...

Marbles Edition Titanium & Blue Isis Puzzle

Brand new to the Isis collection, designed especially for Marbles. Made with trademark Isis Series precision engineering, and constructed in layers from aircraft grade aluminium, the Isis is renowned around the world as one of the most challenging puzzles more...

Marbles Edition Titanium & Blue Ramisis

Step right up, neurons. You're about to embark on a mind-blowing quest for hidden coins with Marbles Special Edition Titanium & Blue Ramisis. The second puzzle in the Isis Adventure series, Ramisis has four rotating layers filled with hidden chambers and more...

Memory Match 36
On sale - now $33.99 - was $39.99

Admittedly, you're a little biased. But you're fairly certain you've got the next child wonder on your hands. If only you could move things along a bit. Enter Memory Match 36, a high-quality memory game for ages five and up. The game features a natural wo more...

Mind Your Marbles
On sale - now $25.49 - was $29.99

The adult human brain contains between one hundred and five hundred trillion synapses - give or take a few. For the purposes of this game, let's call 'em Marbles. Put those trillions of brainy bad boys to use and collect twelve more… play Mind Your more...

MindSpring Software

Brain Training SoftwareMarbles MindSpring Software delivers a complete set of brain-stimulating exercises to keep your brain sharp. This program was carefully developed by neuroscience experts to improve your mental agility while having fun.22 Challenging more...


If you get invited to one more run-of-the-mill trivia game night, your know-it-all mind is going to blow a neuron. Let that Einstein-like mind of yours really shine with Mindstein. Rather than answering one measly little question to earn a point like some more...

Ogosport Mini Disks [12-inches]
On sale - now $25.49 - was $29.99

It been one of those days. You know the ones. Where you overslept, spilled coffee all over your carefully collated sales presentations and then dropped your not-so-smart smart phone down the garbage disposal—while it was on. Enter the Ogosport Disk: more...


We admit it. We're suckers for almost any game that uses the tetromino shapes of Tetris® in new, brain-boosting ways. So naturally, we love the combo of Tetris® and word search in PathWords. This single-player game has 40 challenge cards from beginn more...

On sale - now $25.49 - was $29.99

Pengoloo is as much fun as one of penguins' favorite pastimes: sliding down icy hills on their bellies! The best part? This charming game works your memory without you even realizing it. (The greatest brain health games are sneaky like that.) In Pengoloo, more...

Rush Hour Collector's Edition

The original bumper-to-bumper brain stumper by ThinkFun has won numerous awards and sold millions of copies worldwide. And if you ask us, a game that good deserves an heirloom-quality version that's worthy of adorning the coffee tables of generations of b more...

Scrabble Pearl Edition

It's estimated that there are over a million missing Scrabble tiles stuffed under sofa cushions, lurking behind refrigerators and swimming in pipes all over the world. But you'll want to keep track of every last one of the beautiful white urea tiles in Sc more...

Skwooshi Activity Set

Skwooshi is a "non-Newtonian fluid" that you can mold, stretch and squish.Exercise parts of your fine motor coordination as you create unique shapes.Doesn't dry out or stick or stain to fabrics and carpets.Scientifically speaking, Skwooshi is a "non-Newto more...

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Winter is coming and those sneaky, snacky squirrels need your help storing some munchies for the months ahead. Spread the colorful acorns on the tree. Then, spin the spinner, pick up the designated acorn with the squirrel squeezers and place it in the mat more...

Split Decision
On sale - now $21.24 - was $24.99

Are you ready to be crowned the Ultimate Split Decision Maker? Get ready for the fastest, funniest trivia game on the block, where every choice is tempting and every decision matters! You'll have fun choosing between these unique pairings: Medieval Tortur more...

Spot 'n Learn Bundle

The original Spot it! is a multi-award winning party pleaser and customer favorite, so our neurons did cartwheels at the chance to carry an exclusive three pack of Spot it! Alphabet, Spot it! Basic English and Spot it! Numbers & Shapes. Here's how it work more...

Square Up

How's your visual acuity and attention to detail? Find out with the two-player tile-sliding game of Square Up. Just shake the cube to determine your puzzle and then let the fast and furious fun begin. Your neurons will be doing back handsprings as you rac more...

Squigz Deluxe set of 50

This set comes with 50 colorful pieces that stick to each other and any nonporous surface.Helps improve pattern recognition and spatial processing while paying attention to detail.Named "Best in Play" by Parenting magazine, Squigz will inspire hours of cr more...

Squigz Starter 24 piece set

Named "Best in Play" by Parenting Magazine, these fun, flexible little suckers come in eight different shapes and stick to each other and any flat, non-porous surface without leaving a mark. Just break out your creativity and fine motor skills to make any more...

On sale - now $24.99 - was $29.99

Created by a writing instructor, Storymatic contains 500 cards in a retro typewriter font and portable box. Draw two gold cards with an occupation or trait and one or two copper cards with a situation or object. Then combine them to tell a story. For exam more...

The Noodle

Sure, the Hula Hoop builds your brain's coordination centers, revs up your metabolism and makes your hips worthy of a grass skirt. But it's so….1958. Fast forward to the 21st Century and meet The Noodle, a hipper, cooler, swishier, hoopier hoop that more...

Touchy Feely

It's time to get in touch with your feelings. Not those feelings. The other kind. It's called "stereognosis," or the ability to recognize and perceive objects through texture, size, spatial properties, and temperature. Give yours a workout with a game of more...

Touchy Feely: ABC's (Expansion Pack)

Additional cards and letters to use with Touchy Feely Go on, cop a feel. You know you want to. Besides, it's high time you gave your old pal Touch a little love with a game of Touchy Feely: Alphabet. Just draw a card and then reach inside the Tube of Touc more...

Truth be Told

Truth be told, we're suckers for party games that let us learn more about our nearest and dearest. Stuff like what they have on their nightstand or their most dangerous experience. Each round, the host reads a statement such as, "Truth be told, one time i more...

Umbra Wobble Chess Set

Wait. Did you hear that? That's the sound of your coffee table desperately asking you to adorn it with a well-designed, sophisticated display worthy of your impeccable taste. And that? That was just the sound of your brain shouting, "Exercise me!" And thi more...


How well do you know your family and friends? Here's your chance to find out (and make your brain cells blush) with the provocative and revealing game of What? Players write down responses to questions such as "What sport should not be played at a nudist more...

Word Winder

Word Winder's creator is David L. Hoyt, who just happens to be the most syndicated daily game creator in the centers as you use strategy and world. You've probably seen his games like Jumble and vocabulary to outsmart your Word Roundup in newspapers such more...



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