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Clever Kids Ages 12+ - School and Educational Supplies

Clever Kids Ages 12+ - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Brain Smackdown Bundle (book 1)

Put some constructive energy into your kids' (little and grown-up) destructive tendencies with this super cool bundle. Create some harmless fun for warriors big and small. Warning: You may experience flying Braindrops. Includes:Mini Weapons of Mass Destru more...


Brainbows need 2-3 hours completely submerged in water to reach their full multi-colored potential as marble-sized spheres that are perfect for tossing, smashing, and anything else your child wonder can think of. more...


You want your kids to thrive in today's scientifically, techno-fabulous world. But you've been, shall we say, "science averse" ever since that Bunsen burner incident way back when. Enter BrainPack, a trio of polymer wonders sure to mesmerize, delight and more...

Chocolate Fix - Brain Fitness Edition

The owner of the candy shop put you in charge and the customers are very persnickety about how you assemble their chocolate assortment. It's up to you to decode the clues on the challenge card to figure out where each type of candy should be placed in ord more...

On sale - now $29.74 - was $39.99

ColorKu is a Sudoku-like game with color marbles instead of numbers that exercises all four lobes of your brain in one fell swoop. In other words, it's kind of like those "miraculous" machines they advertise on late-night infomercials claiming to exercise more...

Cubebot - Extra Large

Take Cubebot from a cube into various robot poses and then work him back into a cube.Playing with Cubebot helps relieve stress while engaging your brain's motor areas.Made from sustainably harvested cherry wood and elastic "muscles" so he can form poses.M more...


Players must remember and act out combinations of crazy commands without breaking the curse.A fun exercise for short-term memory.Can you speak like a pirate while convincing an opponent to switch their phone service?What would Scooby-Doo sound like with a more...

Edible Chemistry Kit

The chemistry experiment you can eat and drink! Make cabbages do your bidding, fizzy drinks, color changing foaming jelly, polymer pudding and much more. more...

Forbidden Desert

Game sequels can be tricky. You have to include familiar elements that enrich and build upon the original while offering up a fresh experience that will delight both existing fans and new players. The team behind the Mensa award-winning Forbidden Island g more...

Forbidden Island

Fire up your frontal cortex. You're going to need it on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures from Forbidden Island before this perilous paradise sinks and takes you and everyone else with it. But leave your competitive spirit at home becau more...

Gustav Klimt SmART Puzzle

So long, humdrum existence of snapping puzzle pieces into place for a brain workout. Hello, smART Puzzles, a clever spin on the jigsaw featuring overlapping cards that you have to angle just so to create a continuous image. Here's how it works: smART Puzz more...

JuggleFit Kit

Juggling in a Brain Store? Definitely! In fact, research shows that learning to three-ball cascade juggle increases gray matter in the occipito-temporal cortex in just a week. Translation: After seven days of tossing, catching, and yes, sometimes dropping more...


Pack a cooler, rally some friends and leave your BlueBerries and iThingamabobs at home. Because your brain needs a little electromagnetic vacay courtesy of KanJam. This easy-to-set-up flying disc game can be played in most outdoor spaces you bring it to. more...

Katamino Deluxe
On sale - now $42.49 - was $49.99

You've been on the lookout for that perfect puzzle to adorn your coffee table. Something that shows off your rare combo of brains and beauty while giving guests a healthy dose of coffee table envy. The multi-award winning Katamino Deluxe just might do the more...

Kendama Tribute - Blue

Good games get kids off the couch and away from the flashing lights and sounds of those play-box-station-thingamajigs. Great games do that and build hand-eye coordination, focus, balance and reflexes to boot. Kendama is one of those games. This wooden ski more...


This timeless game of Labyrinth is all about the balancing - like yoga for your hands! The idea is that, by using only the knobs on the sides of the board to tilt towards your direction, you must guide the steel ball along the black path, through the laby more...

Magformers Super Brain 220 piece set

There's something about building sets and magnets that makes our neurons do cartwheels. The Magformers Super Brain Set combines both, which means our neurons have upgraded from cartwheels to triple back handsprings. The set comes with 220 pieces total, in more...

Marusenko Sphere

First, there was Rubik's. Then V-Cube. And now there's Marusenko Sphere, a 3D logic puzzle that will have you twisting and turning your way to brain game victory. Marusenko Sphere comes in a variety of difficulty levels ranging from a paltry 7,889,304 per more...

Mathable Classic

Technically, your kids may be right. They may never have to determine the slope and y-intercept or solve for "x" again. But the beauty of math is that even if they never use it in real life for anything other than calculating tips and making sure their bo more...

On sale - now $29.74 - was $34.99

Can you make a mitten out of a string? How about a butterfly from glass beads and wooden sticks? And more importantly, can you get your team to guess what your creation is in order to move forward on the game board and win the highly sought after title of more...

Moustache Game - Awful People

Magnum P.I. made millions swoon with his 'stache. Yosemite Sam rocked a red one. And Groucho Marx inspired a whole novelty costume industry with his. But how well do you know your famous moustaches? Find out with Ha! Ha! Moustache, Name That 'Stache Game. more...

Moustache Game - Dead People

Magnum P.I. made millions swoon with his 'stache. Yosemite Sam rocked a red one. And Groucho Marx inspired a whole novelty costume industry with his. But how well do you know your famous moustaches? Find out with Ha! Ha! Moustache, Name That 'Stache Game. more...

Moustache Game - Living People

Magnum P.I. made millions swoon with his 'stache. Yosemite Sam rocked a red one. And Groucho Marx inspired a whole novelty costume industry with his. But how well do you know your famous moustaches? Find out with Ha! Ha! Moustache, Name That 'Stache Game. more...

Ogo Ballooza

This OgoSport expansion pack is the perfect addition to OgoSport discs. The set comes with an Ogo Koosh ball, Micro Copter Dart and an Ogo Flux Ball. Flux Ball - A golf ball sized yellow ball with holes and adjustable ribbons that change how it flies.Micr more...

Ogosoft Ball

Popular 2.5" Tactile Ball, easy to catch, interesting to hold and soft enough to use indoors. Part of the Ogosport series.Get it in the value pack with two others - Check out Ogo Ballooza more...


Despite all our complex emotions and sophisticated neurotransmissions, humans can be truly simple creatures at times. As proven by the same smug sense of satisfaction people get from plugging a thick puzzle piece into a snug-fitting socket of Pajaggle. Th more...


Two things make a maze addictive. First, it has to be challenging enough to hold your interest. And second, it has to be possible to solve so you can experience the thrill of victory (and not go completely mad.) Perplexus meets both criteria. This 3-D lab more...

Playable Metal Infinity

Every brain needs a diversion. And even the most tricked-out desk could use another good-looking desk toy that's also good for the noggin. Enter Playable Metal. This modern building set is made of aluminum alloy and features 10 modular shapes and a patent more...

Rock 'n Roll Bundle

Get ready to rock, roll and rev up your hippocampus and frontal and parietal lobes with the Rock 'n Roll Bundle. This brainy bundle features two games of balance that you'll only find at Marbles: Rock Me Archimedes: Winner of the 2012 Marbles Game Design more...

Rush Hour - Brain Fitness Edition

This multi-award winner is one of our bestsellers. Perhaps it's the fun of setting up the game board based on pictures of traffic jams and then plotting your escape as you slide cars and trucks out of the way. Or maybe it's because Rush Hour looks like a more...

Smarty Party Bundle

If game night has become a little humdrum, it's time to spice up your next soiree with the Smarty Party Bundle. From creating a bowling alley out of everyday objects, to playing charades in reverse, to betting (or bluffing) your way through random and adm more...

Snake Oil

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We've got a must-have cure-all for your word woes and neuron malfunctions. It's called Snake Oil. And unlike the dubious elixirs of the same name sold in the Old West, this Snake Oil actually works to r more...

Solitaire Chess - Brain Fitness Edition

So you want to learn to play chess, but you hate to lose while mastering a new game. Enter Solitaire Chess, a clever game from ThinkFun that lets you learn the game or sharpen your skills without risking the aforementioned agony of defeat. Here's how it w more...

Sphero 2.0

Meet Sphero, the wonderfully waterproof, pet-proof, programmable robot ball that you control with your smartphone. This iOS and Android compatible device features over 20 free apps that will stimulate the synapses of kids, pets and gadget geeks alike. Rac more...

Splickety Lit

This game will wip your flig (flip your wig)!. Sometimes known as a spoonerism, we’ve renamed this clever wordplay exercise Splickety Lit. Each question has words or phrases that have their beginning fonsonants clipped (consonants flipped…you more...

Spy Alley

Watch out, James Bond, Jason Bourne and Austin Powers. There are some new spies in town and they're operating out of a dark, suspenseful place called Spy Alley. Named "Best Mind Game" by Mensa, Spy Alley will have you bluffing, deceiving and double-crossi more...

Stick Bombs

!--Sure, crafts made out of Popsicle sticks are cute. But where's the lesson in elastic energy? Where's the brilliantly explosive spring-loaded device? Where's the fun of watching your creation detonate with surprising force and speed? They're all right h more...


Gather your brainy friends, break out the party snacks and put on your very best hazmat suit. You're going to need it to play Strain - ťan infectiously fun game of viruses, toxins and cunning little microorganisms. In the race to create the strongest micr more...

The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math: 24 Death-Defying Challenges for Young Mathematicians [Hardcover]

Here are 24 do-or-die problems from a world where fantasy meets math and survival depends on finding a correct result. How many months would it take a single vampire to completely take over a town of 500,000 people? How long can a barrel of fresh water la more...

The Brain Cube

Are you ready to meet the ultimate puzzle-cube challenge? Without the help of those familiar colored squares, players must solve this puzzle by twisting the cube to line up folds in the brain, making it a real head-spinner. To help you get in a cerebral m more...

The GeekBox
On sale - now $29.74 - was $34.99

These puzzles may not have many pieces, but don't get too cocky as you take them apart, thoroughly convinced that you can reassemble them during the commercials of your favorite Star Trek (the original series) episode. Because if that televised geekfest h more...

V-Cube 5
On sale - now $33.99 - was $39.99

Warning: we are not responsible if you throw V-Cube 5 across the room in a fit of puzzle-solving fury. The smoothest and sturdiest five-layer cube on the market consists of 98 pieces called "cubies" and has a mind-blowing 283 duodecillion possible permuta more...

V-Cube 7

You are the Mayor of Puzzleville. You've mastered the classic Rubik's Cube a thousand times over. You think solving the Gordian's Knot is mere child's play. Come to think of it, there really should be a street named in honor of your puzzle-solving prowess more...

Van Gogh SmART Puzzle

So long, humdrum existence of snapping puzzle pieces into place for a brain workout. Hello, smART Puzzles, a clever spin on the jigsaw featuring overlapping cards that you have to angle just so to create a continuous image. Here's how it works: smART Puzz more...

Wits & Wagers Party Edition

In Wits & Wagers Party Edition, you don't need an encyclopedic knowledge of totally random and utterly useless facts. All you have to do is guess your way to game night victory. Say the question is "What percent of bank robberies are committed by women?" more...

Wordy Word

Do you possess that uncanny ability to come up with just the right word at just the right time? Tired of word games with a limited vocabulary? This fun, fastpaced word game will challenge you to work together creating a unique list of words that will stum more...


Use 16 tiles to create eight 4-letter words that fit together both vertically and horizontally.Activate word-processing centers as you form new words from existing templates.If you get stumped, just flip the flap to reveal a clue to help you out.If you as more...



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