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Balls - School and Educational Supplies

Balls - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

4 Senso-Dot Balls - Set of 4

Colorful nubby balls are soft yet stimulating to touch. more...

7 Senso-Dot Ball

Colorful nubby 7 ball is soft yet very stimulating to the touch. more...

8 Beach Balls - Set of 3

Easy to toss and irresistible to play with! more...

Angeles Ball Cart

Store items of all sizes conveniently and safely! Measures 45-1/4L x 25W x 34-3/4H. more...

Astrojax Orbital Ball Toy Blue

"Explore orbital fun.Some toys seem like they would be easy to make. Take the Astrojax Orbital Ball Toy here. Invented by an American physicist, it seemed easy - but the mathematics behind it actually took two years and hundreds of prototypes to get just more...

Astronaut Ice Cream Balls Single Tube

"Space balls . . . you can eat!Before you die, you owe it to yourself to go to the moon. Sure, it's a little commercialized, but they do have a couple good rides there. And if you can get the "Whalers on the Moon" song out of your head, make your way to t more...

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

Play in pairs or go 1-on-1! more...

Authentic Sports Balls - Set of 4

Take your gameplay to the next level with this collection of sports balls that reflect the ones the pros use. more...

Autism ID Necklace

Our new Autism Awareness ID Necklace (military dog tag style) is made of nickel plated stainless steel and has hand applied enamel colors. The two sided design utilizes the familiar autism puzzle pattern on one side and the opposite side has a write on s more...


The ultimate infant ball! more...

Ball Cart

Storing playground balls and equipment has never been so easy. Cart easily fits through standard doorways. more...

Ball of Whacks Red

Whack Off at WorkYour boss wants a new proposal for the big presentation. The trouble is, she only told you about it two hours ago and the meeting is in twenty minutes! You open up a new window about ready to spill out brilliance, when you hear the sound more...

Ball with Feet - Green

These unique therapy balls have small feet on the bottom that prevent them from rolling when a child or adult is being positioned on them. Provides more stability and has all the benefits of the therapy ball. Green ball measures 24 Diameter. Latex free. more...

Ball with Feet - Orange

These unique therapy balls have small feet on the bottom that prevent them from rolling when a child or adult is being positioned on them. Provides more stability and has all the benefits of the therapy ball. Orange ball measures 22 Diameter. Latex free. more...

Ball with Feet - Yellow

These unique therapy balls have small feet on the bottom that prevent them from rolling when a child or adult is being positioned on them. Provides more stability and has all the benefits of the therapy ball. Yellow ball measures 18 Diameter. Latex free. more...

Ballad of Gales Fitted Ladies' Tee Green, L

You conducted the Ballad of Gales!How great would it be to vacation on Outset Island? No spas for your mani/pedi needs, but lots of quiet (or, well, softly-playing music) and time to think while you play with the gulls. And also selfies at Aryll's Lookout more...

Baseball Magnet *Buy 1 Get 1 Free*

Baseball Car Magnet in the shape of a baseball. Ultraviolet resistant high quality for outside or indoor use. Perfect for fundraisers and to display on your car to support your favorite sport! Buy 1 get 1 free of the same item! Discontinued Item - Limite more...

Baseball Medal

Award your top performers with award medals from PinMart. These die cast award medals feature a highly detailed 3D design and come in 3 finishes to recognize all levels of performance. Choose from Antique Gold, Antique Silver or Antique Bronze. Each meda more...

Basketball Medal

Award your top performers with award medals from PinMart. These die cast award medals feature a highly detailed 3D design and come in 3 finishes to recognize all levels of performance. Choose from Antique Gold, Antique Silver or Antique Bronze. Each meda more...

Batman Kids' Football Jersey Blue, 4 yrs

"Touchdown for Justice"They grow up so fast, don't they? One day he's playing hopscotch with Robin and passing notes to Poison Ivy, and then all of a sudden he's old enough to drive the Batmobile and take Catwoman to the prom. This Batman Kids' Football J more...

Beach Ball Lounger

Manufactured by Children's Factory. Perfect size for bigger children ages 3 to 10. Cotton poly chintz outer cover is removable with zipper and easily cleanable inner pocket is stain resistant polyurethane impregnated for liquid resistant use. Filled with more...

Best Quality Rubber Playground Balls

We've added even more bounce in a rainbow of colors with our new premium playground balls! Our most durable balls ever these are tough enough to withstand every pass dribble shoot kick and hit - day after day! more...

Best Value Playground Balls

A must-have for the playground! Our playground balls are: more...

Best Value Playground Balls - Set of 4

These beautiful bright balls are made of tough PVC with a textured surface for extra durability. more...

Biocolor Ornaments - 12 Clear Balls

Ideal for holiday crafting and making mini snow globes. Globes open to allow for inside decoration. Close up and attach string for hanging. 2 1/2 - 4. more...

Browncoat Baseball Cap

You know, your hat is kinda a brownish color....Baseball caps. They protect your eyes from the sun. They help you avoid bad hair days. They mark you as an insurgent. Wait, what? Well, this one does. It says you supported the Independent Faction. You're on more...

Captain America Kids' Football Jersey Black, 4 yrs

"American FootballThe trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier aired during the Super Bowl, but surprisingly, other than that, the Captain America and football Venn diagram don't have a large group in the intersection. There's a story from 1946 cal more...

Catch-a-Ball Cups - Set of 6

Let's have a catch! Set of 6 colorful balls and cups gets kids up and moving and promotes hand-eye coordination. Shorten or lengthen rope to adjust challenge. Activity guide included. more...

Classic Soccer Ball

This classic traditional club soccer ball is a great addition to any sports program. TPU cushioned cover has 32 machine-stitched panels. 2-ply butyl bladder offers excellent contact quality and maintains air retention. Ideal for club and practice play. Av more...

Colorations Clear Ball Ornaments - Set of 12

Add multiple colors (1-2 tsp.) of BioColor to each half of a Colorations Clear Ornament. Shake to completely coat the entire ornament. Open and allow to dry for 48-72 hours. Close up and attach string for hanging. Ornaments available in ball star or heart more...

Corral Ball Pool

Our ball pool for ages 3 to 6 has 4 thick foam walls 14h. and requires 53 square floor space. 280 balls 3+ in 3 colors provide multi-sensory tactile stimulation as preschoolers balance adjust and move through them. more...

Dart Ball Game

Hit the target! Dart game includes inflatable hook and loop target board and 3 balls. 24Dia. more...

Decorate Your Own Beach Ball - Set Of 12

Plastic beach balls you can decorate yourself! Perfect for use with our Colorations permanent markers. more...

Decorate Your Own Beach Ball - Set of 12

Plastic beach balls you can decorate yourself! more...

Deluxe Double Shootout Basketball Game

Arcade basketball action no quarters required! more...

Deluxe Volleyball Set

Bump set spike! Setup a game of volleyball on any open lawn with this complete set. more...

Doctor Who Glass Ball Ornament Glass Ball

"Made of Sand from MarinusTelevision specials aside, it's complicated to celebrate the holidays on the TARDIS. You never know when or where you're going to show up next. Could be Christmas Eve or the 7th day of Hanukkah one minute and the next minute you more...

Dragon Ball Z Hoodie Orange, L

Ka-me-ha-me-HA!You're generally going to get more use out of a hoodie than a dogi in your wardrobe. Show off the fact that you're a student of Master Roshi's training with the Turtle School Symbol (kame) on your chest and back just like his graduates. Ora more...

Dragon Ball Z Polo Orange, L

Suite (over) 9000No villain stands a chance of beating you in finding all the dragon balls when you've got this perfectly fitted and tailored polo shirt. Just watch them try to charge up and break into Super Saiyan with their t-shirts and flip flops. And more...

Dragonball Z Scouter

"Dragonball Z ScouterWe've been coveting Google Glass for quite a while now. At least since we saw Akira Toriyama's 1989 precursor - the scouter from Dragon Ball Z . We can measure people's power level before taking them on in the classroom or in a meetin more...

Electric Ball Pump

Keep those balls bouncing! Ball inflator with built-in gauge comes with plastic nozzles ball inflation needle and 8' power cord (inflates most types of balls). more...

Excellerations Classroom Hoop Ball Goal

This active play favorite just got better! Improved design features locking snaps for increased stability and better mobility. Perfect height for older preschoolers to develop their aiming and tossing skills. more...

Excellerations Junior Hoop Ball Goal

You won't miss with this hoop! more...

Excellerations Premium Rubber Playground Balls - Set of 6

The perfect indoor classroom or outdoor playground ball! more...

Excellerations Whimsical Playground Balls - 5 Set of 4

Cheerful bright playground balls feature fun designs that will liven up play time. Easy for young children to hold toss and kick. more...

Excellerations Wooden Ball Run Block Set - 32 Pieces

A new twist for your block center! These large wooden blocks make it easy for children to make ramps and roadways. The bright colors and easy-to-build sizes invite endless open-ended building. Teacher's activity guide included. Ages 3 years and up. more...

Firefly Blue Sun Baseball Cap

Live life with Blue Sun!In this crazy 26th century, Blue Sun is the company you can depend on. You probably know us through some of the universe's favorite foods, including Blue Sun Cola and Fruity Oaty Bars, but we do more than that. Much more. We go whe more...

Flash Balls - Set of 3

A sensory delight! Soft spikey balls are ideal for a fun fidget activity hand and finger strengthening exercises plus gross motor exercise when tossed. Added fun is the lights that flash when the ball is bounced or caught just so! 2 1/2Dia. Ages 5 years a more...

Flower Petal Ball Pool

Six flower petals varying from 3H to 12H help teach color discrimination along with spatial relationships. Little ones climb up down and around the center ball pool which has a 28Dia. with 4 thick x 12H soft foam walls that enclose 120 blue balls. Six mon more...

Foam Balls 4 - Set of 6

Six soft foam balls are great for indoor or parachute play. Latex free. more...


Manufactured of tough durable vinyl. Football measures 10L. Ships deflated. Latex free. more...

Fun Gripper Ball

This 36Dia. super therapy ball has a special soft non-slip tacky surface that makes it easy to grip and lie on. more...

Gearball Geared Puzzle Sphere

"A whole ball of puzzle.You've struggled through the alien citadel. Sure it is dormant, but the security systems are still active. Finally, you are in the control room. If you can activate the citadel's main power system, the universe will experience some more...

Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls Version 2.0

"Great balls of fire!Oh how we loved red hots. And atomic fire balls. They sure were hot! Well, Dr. Timmy has been at it in his lab again. He was mixing some candy and some peppers and some electromagical radiation when his lab exploded! At the bottom of more...

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Fun in the sunIf you're the type of geek who isn't allergic to sunshine, read on! What do you like to do at the beach? We're always up for some swimming if the water is warm enough, followed by a long walk, maybe collecting some shells, throwing frisbees more...

Giant Mystery Ball Maze - 201 Pieces

Explore the concept of probability through hands-on experience! Drop all 6 balls at one time through tube and take note of where each ball exits the maze. Encourage children to explain what they see. more...

Giant Mystery Ball Maze - 402 Pieces

Explore the concept of probability through hands-on experience! Drop all the balls at one time through tube and take note of where each ball exits the maze. Encourage children to explain what they see. more...

Giant Plush Sports Balls - Set of 4

Kick-start play time! 4 plush sports balls are easy and safe to catch and toss. more...

Giant Solar Balloon

"Have fun with science in a big wayWe're geeks. We wear black a lot. Even in the summer. It makes us highly emmissive. Not permissive. Actually, we're probably less permissive in this situation, when we're uncomfortably hot. According to Wikipedia the day more...

Glo Nightlight with Glowing Balls

"Charge up the monster deterrent! Monsters are a real and serious threat to the sanity and sleep quality of parents everywhere. As long as our geeklings think that monsters present a real danger, they won't sleep. And if the geeklings don't sleep, nobody more...

Gumball Machine Fishbowl

"Dog Fishgumit!Both gumballs and fish take us back to our childhood. They were something our parents could trust us with when we were very small which fortunately had limited consequences if it turned out we weren't old enough yet to understand the concep more...

Hemp Ball - 400 Ft.

Make braided bracelets necklaces anklets rings and other adornments with this generous 400-ft. spool of naturally-colored hemp! Great for macrame projects too! Hemp is extremely strong and very durable. more...

High-Bounce Play Balls - Set of 6

High-Bounce Play Balls - Set of 6 more...

HighScope Excellerations Soft Crocheted Balls - Set of 10

Children of all ages can play safely and with confidence! more...

Infectious Disease Balls Bubonic Plague (blue)

"IMPORTANT!!! Inside each ball is liquid latex which makes the magic happen when you squeeze it. Be careful you don't pierce the ball with your fingernails or any other sharp object lest you be left with a puddle of neon colored goo. Gotcha?People deal wi more...

Intermediate Size Composite Football

Kick a field goal make a pass and score a touchdown! more...

Jumbo Play Ball - 48

Take classic games to fresh jumbo heights with this colossal multicolored ball! Children can safely toss kick and roll it! Ships uninflated. Measures 48Dia. more...

Jumbo Soft Foam Balls - Set of 6

These foam balls are jumbo sized lightweight and super soft! Spongy texture makes them easy to hold and carry for even the youngest children. more...

Kaos Catapult 3 Person Water Balloon Slingshot

Drench thy neighbor When we were young, every 4th of July we'd have a whistler fireworks battle with our neighbors across the street. Or rather, our dads had a battle while we danced around the Safe Zone with sparklers. It was pretty awesome, at least unt more...

Kickball Kit

Get in the game! Kids can exercise and develop hand-eye coordination while they build social skills and practice teamwork. Cones are ideal for creating large or small playing spaces. more...

Kyocera Ceramic Tipped Ballpoint Pen Bronze

Space age materials and advanced fluid dynamicsAs nice as our tablets and stylii are, we still have to deal with basic pen and paper. It's delightfully analog! The crispness of the page, the vastness of the blank paper, full of potential! You can fill it more...

Light-Up Molecule Ball

Molecule balls move for fantastic tactile input and when squeezed just right the flashing light provides visual stimulation! Ages 5 years and up. Latex-Free. more...

Lightweight Plastic Balls - Set of 6

This set of lightweight plastic balls is ideal for tossing and catching. more...

Low Density Foam Balls - Set of 6

Lightweight durable low-bounce balls are gently textured for no sting and easy to grip for little hands! more...

Nanodots GYRO DUO: Magnetically Gyroscopic Balls

"Insert ball joke here.We're doing our best right now to avoid overused ball jokes. These Nanodots GYRO DUO: Magnetically Gyroscopic Balls are, in fact, spherical, but they are not silly at all. They are fun and fantastic. And all because of the power of more...

Official Size Basketball

Regulation size basketball manufactured of tough durable vinyl. more...

Official-Size Composite Basketball

Practice like the pros and go for the jump shot! more...

Official-Size Volleyball

Serve an ace! Synthetic leather volleyball is the official size and weight the pros use. Soft touch composite cover. Nylon wound 2-ply butyl bladder holds air in tight. 25-1/2Circ. more...

Orbit Ball - Set of 3

The colorful intertwined bands of this 2-3/4Dia. ball prompt fine motor exploration making this an exceptional manipulative fidget! The unique design also creates an unexpected bounce enhancing visual tracking and exercising motor skills. Set of 3. more...

Original Pezzi Compact Medicine Balls

Feel the weighted difference. These high-quality medicine balls add a new sensation to ball activities. Weight provides strong proprioceptive input. Easy-to-clean coating. more...

Original Pezzi Gymnastikball & Physioball

Buy the best! The Original Pezzi GymnastikBall and Physioball are high quality European therapy balls. more...

Pogo Bounce Ball

Pogo jumping action without a stick! more...

Pokeball Black, L

ThinkGeek added Pok?®mon Shirts! It was Super Effective!ThinkGeek added Pok?®mon Shirts! It was Super Effective! Ah, the Pok?®ball shirt! The sign of a skilled trainer. Just don't throw your shirt at a wild Pok?®mon. Unless you're on Bourbon Street in New more...

Polystyrene Craft Ball Jumbo Pack

Incorporate these polystyrene craft balls into your next project and discover worlds of possibilities! more...

Portable Adjustable Basketball Standard

No installation required! more...

Puncture-Proof Balls - Set of 5

These high-quality hard plastic puncture-proof balls are virtually indestructible and won't lose their shape. more...

Resistance Balls - Set of 5

Progressive resistance balls in 5 color-coded tension levels help develop finger hand and forearm strength. more...

RHINOskin Football

No-sting surface helps beginning players focus on the fundamentals. more...

Rubber Playground Ball - 16 Red

Children will have a blast when playing with this giant oversized playground ball. more...

Scoop Ball - 6 Sets in 6 Colors

Everyone loves a game of scoop ball and now a whole classroom can play with our set of 6 in 6 bright colors. more...

Sensory Balls - Set of 4

These balls are easy to catch and great for providing a bumpy squishy tactile experience. more...

Set of 3 Activity Balls

These tough durable vinyl playground balls are great for team sports. more...

Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set

This playground classic is ideal for children of all sizes! more...

Snowtime Anytime Snowballs

"No muss, no fuss, no slushThere's nothing that beats a good snowball fight... if you're on the winning side. Pelting your friends or family members with spheres of cold, packed snow. Hiding behind your snow fort with your stash of snow-ammo. Getting slus more...

Soccer Ball - 8

Manufactured of tough durable vinyl for the toughest soccer players. 8 ball ships deflated. Latex free. more...

Soft Kick Balls - Set of 3

Children will get a kick out of these soft multi-colored vinyl-covered mini balls! more...

Sound Balls - Set of 2

Hear the fun! Softly firm foam balls rattle when you hold them rattle when you throw them rattle when you catch them! Children with low vision will enjoy tracking the ball's location; all children will enjoy the multi-sensory experience! Set of two footba more...

Sphero Robotic Ball Nubby Blue Cover

"The ball. Evolved. All of our games are evolving. Just take a look at our Geek Kids section and you'll see the classic games you loved mixed in with amazing technologies that were the stuff of sci-fi when we were geeklings. Well, this little device is so more...

Spiral Tower Tracking Ball

Children will experience motion and sounds when balls froggie and penguin are dropped into the top and slide down from the tower of this set. Encourages cause and effect learning. Ages 18 months and up. Latex-Free. more...

Sport Ball Bag

Generous sturdy storage for your sports balls and other outdoor equipment! more...

Sport Ball Foam Shapes - 500 Pieces

Go team! Baseballs basketballs footballs volleyballs tennis balls and soccer balls in assorted sizes from 1 to 2. Does not contain latex. more...

Sport Ball Hoppers - Set of 3

Kids will have endless fun and exercise with these indoor/outdoor ball hoppers! more...

Squidgie Ball

Get a hold of this! Incredibly durable ball features a unique tactile feel. 3 1/2Dia. more...

Stormtrooper Basketball Jersey White/Black, L

Pump Fake: This is not the shot you are looking for. Sure, the Stormtroopers put a lot of shooters on the floor, but they never seem to hit the target. And their timing is all off. You gotta know when to take the shot. They probably need some intense one- more...

Swoosh Ball - Set of 6

This old favorite is back! Just grab the handles walk away from your partner til the ropes are taut and then swoosh the shuttle from one end to the other by moving your arms outward. more...

Tactile Sensory Ball

Large tactile ball has hundreds of sensory bumps for increaded tactile input. more...

Team Fortress Balloonicorn Vinyl Figure

"Municipal OmbudsmanIn Pyroland, where the cakes give health and the voices are real high.... In Pyroland, there's lots to see, including Balloonicorns in the sky! Hey, that rhymed. In Pyroland, there is no blood or death, just balloons and sleeping peopl more...

Therapist's Ball Stool

Therapists benefit from active sitting too! The 16-1/2Dia. air-filled ball sits on a 6-1/2H base with locking casters. more...

Tie Not Water Balloon Filler

Safe, super-fast, and easy! Summer is all about water balloon fights. If you have bad aim or didn't stockpile an adequate arsenal, soon you find yourself crouched by the hose, desperately trying to fill more balloons. That's when you realize that trying t more...

Toddler Tossables Ball Pack

An assortment of play balls especially for toddlers. more...

TOLO Double-Sided Roller Ball Run - 4 Pieces

Enchanting ball run features 3 brightly colored balls with black and white geometric tops. Turn the switch on and watch the balls roll down the ramps. Turn the switch off and the balls are locked in for safe keeping. more...

Ultimate Ball Kit - Set of 14

Bounce into outdoor play team sports and more! Extraordinary set includes 13 balls plus mesh storage bag. Balls ship deflated. more...

USB Plasma Ball

"A Cube Friendly Nikola Tesla ClassicWe are certain you've seen these plasma balls before. They've been around ever since bad hair bands from the eighties. Recently they've become available in tech friendly USB versions so we've decided to put this classi more...

Wiggly Giggly Ball

Children love the funny colorful Wiggly Giggly Ball! Its bright colors unpredictable wiggles and infectious giggles make it irresistible! No batteries required. more...


This is a fun way to exercise and develop team work and bilateral motor coordination. The 4-1/2L ball zips back and forth between players along the cord by moving the handles together then apart. more...



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