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Bags - School and Educational Supplies

Bags - materials and rewards, resources for teachers and learners.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

1 Apples Reusable Bag

1 per unit, 13 x 10 x 15 inches. This ecofriendly bag features a popular design that every teacher will appreciate. more...

100 Multi Teeth Scatter Print Bag

100 per unit, 7 1/2 x 10 inches. These clear bags have an all over dental themed print that compliments your practice. more...

100 SCATTER Brush, Floss, Smile Bags

100 per unit, 7 1/2 x 10 inches. Exclusive color designs on a clear bag. Each sturdy bag has convenient carrying handles. more...

100 Smiley Guy Clear Bags

100 per unit, 2 sizes avail- 7 1/2 x 9 (SM) or 9 x 12 (LG). Take home bags with convenient handles. more...

Adventure Time Finn's Backpack
On sale - now $23.99 - was $39.99

When one goes adventuring, one never knows what one may encounter. Could be a train full of candy folk being killed off one by one by a serial killer. Or, mayhaps it's an undead creampuff. Or a pack of gladiator ghosts. Whatever. You need to be prepared f more...

Ammo Lunch box

This is my sandwich. There are many like it, but this one is mine. This lunch box says, "Don't mess with me." Well, not literally. Literally it says, "Ammo Lunch" on one side and has space for your name, rank, and squad on the opposite side. "Ammo lunch?" more...

Anti-Theft, Slash-Proof React Messenger Bag
On sale - now $69.99 - was $89.99

There's a lot to get to here, so we'll just jump in. You have some nice stuff: an awesome laptop, a cool tablet, other junk - and we want to make sure that stuff arrives safely with you where-so-ever you may roam. But there are folks out there who want to more...

Aperture Laboratories 80's Logo Messenger Bag

I've got a surprise for you after this next test. Not a fake, tragic surprise like last time. A real surprise, with tragic consequences. And real confetti this time. The good stuff. Our last bag. Part of me's going to miss it, I guess-but at the end of th more...

Bag of Holding - Con-Survival Edition

We designed this bag with the busy convention attendee with a hectic schedule and a crowded hall in mind. Why'd we do it? Because we attend cons, too, and we know how crazy it can get. You already know ThinkGeek has a booth at around 8 conventions a year, more...

Batman Replica Backpack

One of the things we love about Batman is that because he has no superpowers (and because Bruce Wayne is rich), he ends up with all sorts of awesome gadgets. That's what a utility belt is good for. However, the utility belt has only a limited amount of re more...

Batman Wings and Cowl Backpack

You know what the world needs? Batman School. As a first-year, you'd learn all the basics of traveling via rooftops and dark alleys. And then as a sophomore, you'd move to the real campus, where you'd have to use those skills to get to class. And if you f more...

Bean Bag Coordination Set - 13 Pieces

Groove to the music while developing coordination and building teamwork! CD contains 14 great songs for movement plus a set of 12 fabric beanbags. more...

Beanbag Fill - 2 Cubic ft.

Beanbag fill can be used with all Children's Factory beanbags. 2 cubic ft. of fill. more...

Bravest Warriors Messenger Bag

When it's time to go exploring in space and time, the Bravest Warriors are there. When it's time to fight back against things from the Firebugs to the Aeon Worm, there's only one bag you can trust to hold all your stuff. The Bravest Warriors Messenger Bag more...

Califone Personal Headphone in a Bag

These lightweight stereo headphones include a plastic bag that can be personalized with a student or teacher name classroom number or school name to minimize the spread of communicable diseases. more...

Canvas Lunch Bags - Set of 12

Help save the planet with your own reusable personalized lunch bag! more...

Canvas Pencil Bags - Set of 12

Customize and organize! White canvas pencil bags are great for stylish storage. Bags come with a handy plastic zipper and measure 9L x 4 3/4W. more...

Canvas Pencil Bags - Set of 12

White canvas pencil bags are great open-ended project for Vacation Bible School and Sunday school programs. Bags come with a handy plastic zipper and measure 9L x 4-3/4W. more...

Chewbacca Lunchbag

There's a story that during the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope) Chewbacca carried a bag which in the script reportedly contained tools and stuff for fixing the Falcon, but in actuality Peter Mayhew kept peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in it. We got more...

Cozy Woodland Beanbag - 26Dia.

Relax in soft and comfortable cozy woodland colors. more...

Cozy Woodland Beanbag - 35Dia.

Relax in soft and comfortable cozy woodland colors. more...

Craft Bags with Handle - Set of 24

Our sturdy white gift bags stand up to markers paints collage and more! Decorative nylon handles come in red blue yellow and green. Bags measure 8 3/4H x 7 1/2L with 3 1/4 gusset. more...

Deluxe Beanbag - 26Dia.

Shape it your way for comfort! more...

Deluxe Beanbag - 35Dia.

Shape it your way for comfort! more...

Doctor Who TARDIS Lunch Box

Can you imagine being like The Doctor and having to rediscover food every time you regenerate? It must be a bit like being a baby all over again. People say, "Here, try this!" You eye them suspiciously. You try the foodstuff and it's awful and you make hi more...

Dragonscale Bag of Holding

The concept of extra dimensions folded into smaller spaces is as old a milieu as SciFi/Fantasy itself. The good Doctor travels through spacetime in a phone box that's bigger on the inside. Spock, Kirk, and McCoy rocketboot their way through all 78 decks o more...

Excellerations Alphabet Bean Bags - Set of 26

Great for color and letter recognition sorting and movement this set of 26 beanbags features uppercase letters on one side and lowercase other on the other. more...

Excellerations Super Sensory Beanbags - Set of 12

Get your hands on this super sensory sensation! more...

Firefly Blue Sun Messenger Bag
On sale - now $15.99 - was $19.99

We're so glad you've decided to join the Blue Sun corporate family. As you know from your orientation materials, working for Blue Sun gives you unlimited options. We'd say the sky's the limit, but really, the universe is your limit now! From efficient man more...

Firefly Kaylee-Inspired Messenger Bag

Kaylee: You like ships. You don't seem to be lookin' at the destinations. What you care about is the ships, and mine's the nicest. Book: She don't look like much. Kaylee: Oh, she'll fool ya. Kaywinnit Lee Frye is one of our absolute favorite fictional wom more...

Geigerrig 1600 Hydration Engine Backpack

Water. American Express's catchphrase may have been "Don't leave home without it," but water is even more important than a credit card for your survival. After all, not all places take credit cards. For instance, the Appalachian Trail accepts neither Visa more...

Golf Bag Pin

Golf Bag Pin. This pin is 3-Dimensional, die cast and antique nickel plated. A modern version of a golf bag for today's sportsman or sportswoman. This pin is perfect for golf outings, the golf enthusiasts or the perfect golf instructor! Includes a standa more...

Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster

It's time to suit up for your next mission. Your gear is all arranged on your bed. You quietly slip into your modified ninja/superhero suit (quietly, so mom doesn't yell). You strap your Grab-It Pack Gadget Holster around your waist, then secure the leg s more...

Grid-It Ultimate Organizer

One of the best parts about having a Bag of Holding is that it fits EVERYTHING. (Sadly, it did not fit the awesome chair we wanted to steal from our hotel at GenCon.) But one of the worst parts about having a bag that fits everything is trying to find one more...

Hazard 4 Patrol Pack

It's a good thing Bilbo wasn't wearing this backpack when he met Gollum in the caves and asked what he had in his pocketses. Little Gollum would have hopped about for an additional five minutes declaring ""Not fair! Not fair!" This Hazard 4 Patrol Pack Ta more...

High-Back Beanbag Sofa

A comfy space for reading and learning activities. Larger and wider than the high-back beanbag chair this oversized plush sofa is designed for all ages children to adults! more...

Leather Executive Bag of Holding
On sale - now $119.99 - was $149.99

There comes a time in all geeks' lives when they have to take off their The Dice Are Trying to Kill Me tees, and put on the pinstripe shirt. Inside, you're a 28th level Drow Zephyr Blade - your mind crackling with Psionic energy, but on the outside, you'r more...

LEGO Lunchboxes

Lunch. You got your sandwich bag. You got your brown paper sack. Beverage of choice. It's just not very exciting. Build your lunch into something better with these LEGO® lunch boxes. Shaped like a traditional 8-stud, 2x4 LEGO® brick, this little b more...

Loopers - 16 oz. Jumbo Bag

Use colorful Loopers for loom or finger weaving. Approx. 700 pieces. more...

Luggo - Robot Luggage
On sale - now $19.99 - was $39.99

The cost of air travel these days is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, with the addition of baggage fees, packing up a family can be even more challenging! But hey, if you are buying the kid a seat, you might as well take advantage of his or her free carry-on a more...

Marvel Comics Retro Backpack

This looks like the ultimate (lowercase U) Marvel team-up to us. The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, The Human Torch, Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Colossus, Cyclops, The Silver Surfer... and possibly more that we missed. As a group, they possess superhu more...

Minecraft Creeper Backpack

Minecraft is addictive, and as such it already eats kids' homework by distracting them for hours. But now kids can claim the Creeper ate their homework for real as they open up this backpack to reveal their books, assignments, lunch, and more. The Minecra more...

Mini Canvas Tote Bags - Set of 24

Hold snacks baseball cards special stones or any other keepsake in these mini white canvas tote bags. more...

Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar

And of course, we're talking about love = food. Also, being geeks, love = anything Japanese in origin. Bento in Japan is any sort of packed meal, usually the lunch one takes to work or school. Some bento boxes are flat with little dividers (like the kind more...

nom nom nom Lunchbag

In elementary school, everybody's favorite time was recess. 'Cept us. Ours was reading time. 'Cause recess far too frequently involved sunlight. Now that we're adults, our favorite time of the day is lunch. Or possibly going-home time. Lunch, for what it' more...

Nylon Pencil Bag

Let's get organized! Nylon pencil bag with clear top is just what you need. Measures 7-1/2L x 10W 3 grommets for attaching to notebook. Assorted colors. more...

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

Perhaps you've heard this story before? You spend the time to prepare an awesome lunch, and carry it with you to work only to find that, when the lunch whistle sounds, some filthy thief raided your tupperware and has stolen your juice-box. Sure, there are more...

Periodic Lunch Bag

It's been a long morning. You had to get in for an 8 o'clock status meeting followed by a 9 o'clock project rebaselining discussion followed by a 10:30 conference call with the auditors. By the time noon rolls around, you're ready for a break. How do you more...

Picture Pocket Tote Bags - Set of 12

Personalize your very own canvas tote bag with a photograph. more...

Plan-B Evac Sling Pack

As well-informed geeks, we can assume you have a plan for the zombie apocalypse. You've picked your safe house, collected up MREs, bottled water, and antibiotics, and you have a good idea where you're going to get your firepower for all that double-tappin more...

Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Messenger Bag

Among the thousands of scientific masterpieces created by acclaimed Aperture Labs, the Portal Aperture Lab Messenger Bag is not one of them. These bags were actually created to be part of a gift basket sent to the widows and widowers of those that died du more...

Portal 2 Companion Cube Tin Lunch Box

It happens often: you're running around with your portal gun, holding onto the companion cube for dear life while hundreds of rounds of bullets bounce off your friend as he protects you. You see your destination and realize there's a half dozen turrets po more...

Portal Companion Cube Lunch Tote

Unless you're looking to tote around raw chicken, it isn't wise to throw this Companion Cube into the incinerator. And, even if you were trying to cook some raw chicken, we still wouldn't suggest throwing this into the incinerator. After all, you wouldn't more...

Portal Companion Cube Messenger Bag

When we were in school, we looked forward to the days when we could break free and not have to do the bidding of our elders any more. And break free we did... and we found out college was much of the same. And when we broke free of professors, we had boss more...

Renown Premium Black 60 Gallon Trashbag Liners - Case of 100

Our Low Density Liners are ideal for heavy or wet trash that may contain sharp objects. Puncture and tear resistant. Good choice for applications where additional strength and stretch are required. 38 x 58 60 gallon capacity 1.7 mil 100 bags per case. more...

Renown Premium White 33 Gallon Trashbag Liners - Case of 200

Our Low Density Liners are ideal for heavy or wet trash that may contain sharp objects. Puncture and tear resistant. Good choice for applications where additional strength and stretch are required. 30 x 36 33 gallon capacity .74 mil 200 bags per case. more...

Rolling Organizer and Saddle Bag

Manufactured by Early Childhood Resources. This all-purpose mobile cart is made of durable lightweight plastic with a telescoping handle that extends up 23 and built-in hand-grips. more...

Skyroll Wrinkle-free Luggage Carrier

Flying these days involves so much inconvenience. Would you take off your shoes, empty your water bottle, take out your laptop, go through a metal detector, and be frisked by a stranger to ride the subway to work? Oh! And risk your bags not arriving at yo more...

Space Odyssey Messenger Bag
On sale - now $34.99 - was $49.99

What do you leave your house with every day? Keys, wallet, book, medication. And if you're going away for the weekend? Add a change of clothes, second pair of shoes, toiletries, devices and their chargers. And if you're going into space? Wait. What? You'd more...

Sport Ball Bag

Generous sturdy storage for your sports balls and other outdoor equipment! more...

Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag

There are many things you should know about having a Wookiee as a friend. For starters, always, always, always let the Wookiee win. Put aside your pride. Take the fall in all games. Let him get into the bathroom first after a long road space trip. Let him more...

Star Wars Icon Backpacks

Hiding under the guise of a normal human citizen, your true identity has made dozens of attempts to break through. The fleshy prison you've housed this being in is growing weaker, more susceptible to suggestion, the desire to give in and allow the real yo more...

Star Wars R2-D2 Lunch Bag with Sound

In our secret fantasy universe, we are again wee geeks, but instead of the sons and daughters of business people, homemakers, accountants, and teachers, we're the offspring of powerful Jedi who just happen to be fabulously wealthy. When we go to school, w more...

Super Snow - 1 lb. Bag

Make snow instantly with this amazing polymer! The more you stir the more it shines and sparkles. Super Snow expands to over 100 times its size and lasts for weeks without rewetting. Reusable. more...

Switchback Laptop Sling Pack

It's no secret that we're preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Here at ThinkGeek HQ, we've stockpiled Tactical Bacon and caffeinated products so we'll be the most hopped-up and greasy zombie fighters ever! But then we wondered... how long is WiFi going to more...

Tactical Lunch Kit

When the zombies attack (ok, so we know it's always "when the zombies attack," but you know they're gonna, so hush), the last thing you need to worry about is hunger. Your growling stomach will give you away if you're hiding and it will make you lose conc more...

Teacher Stool and Saddle Bag Storage

Convenient Teacher Stool and Saddle Bag Storage unit includes sitting cushion and hanging storage bag with pockets. more...

The Bag of Holding

When the last d20 is rolled, and Tiamat's dying scream shakes the cavern walls, only two things remain: the distribution of experience points to the party, and loot. Your party's dwarf fighter, and that human paladin might be able to lug piles of gold and more...

The Original Chicken Bag

Women are always going on about their purses. Blah blah Coach blah blah Louis Vuitton blah blah Michael Kors blah blah Kate Spade blah blah. And we guess we'd probably go on about our handbag if it was that expensive, too. Generally we prefer to go on abo more...

Toddler High-Back Bean Bag Chair

A new take on the popular beanbag chair. These high-back chairs are made of durable flame-resistant vinyl for easy cleaning and disinfecting. more...

Tooth Scatter Print Bags

100 per unit, 7 1/2 x 10 inches, Exclusive color designs on a clear bag. Each sturdy bag has convenient carrying handles. more...

Travel Boy Carry On Luggage
On sale - now $48.99 - was $69.99

Packing is sometimes like Tetris, so it seems only appropriate that your suitcase should look like this classic handheld. Jeans go here, shoes go here, dress shirt goes... no, wait. That's not going to close. Clear the screen, and let's try again. Jacket more...

Weighted Snap Bags - Set of 6

Snap'em toss'em wear'em! These 6 linking beanbags snap together to form a weighted lap pad or shoulder weight. Use them for eye-hand coordination dressing skills fine-motor skills social skills and game opportunities. Activities book included. Set of 6. E more...

Yoda Plush Backpack

Ever since its release in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back has fueled the dreams of geeks across the world. Considered by many to be the best of the Star Wars saga, it was the first film where we really learned what it took to be a Jedi. Sure Obi Wan taught more...

Youth High-Back Bean Bag Chair

A new take on the popular beanbag chair. These high-back chairs are made of durable flame-resistant vinyl for easy cleaning and disinfecting. more...

Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box

Rule #1 of living in a land of zombies is Cardio. How do you fuel up for a lot of cardio? Carbohydrates. Gotta eat that pasta and those Twinkies if you're going to have the energy to stay on the run. And always remember, survival is a marathon, not a spri more...



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