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Womens Clothing - Accessories Wallets

These Womens Clothing - Accessories Wallets are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Pendleton Zipper Wallet - Women's

Emerge from the fog of disorganization and haphazardly thrown change with the Pendleton Women's Zipper Wallet. Accordion pleats on the side help this streamlined wallet accommodate your cash, coins, and several cards. A zipper runs around three sides of this wallet for security when you've just come from the bank. Wool and cotton come together on the outside to present a bright design to add a splash of color to any outfit, any time. more...

RVCA Make Me Over Make Up Pouch - Women's

Whether you're stuffing it with your lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation, or simply lugging around cash, media players, and other accessories, the RVCA Women's Make Me Over Make Up Pouch is a chic way to carry your valuables. more...

DAKINE Mira Clutch - Women's
On sale - now $7.47
- was $14.95

Keep your essentials in order with the Dakine Mira women's clutch. This stylish organizer goes a long way to ensuring that your pockets aren't a disheveled mess. As for your room? Well, there's time to clean it later. more...

DAKINE Soho Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $8.97
- was $14.95

Cram your loot into the DAKINE Women's Soho Wallet, and wallow in the feeling of security that washes over you like cool mountain streams flow in beer commercials. The Soho proudly sports separate compartments for your credit cards and business cards so you can act like you're organized and show off at your next job interview. more...

Herschel Supply Network Small Pouch

Tired of losing your keys, cards, and other small items in your sea of a tote bag? Keep your everyday essentials in the Herschel Supply Network Small Pouch for easy access to smaller stuff. more...

Element Orsay Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.16
- was $16.45

Art up your everyday trading with the Element Women's Orsay Wallet. A clutch-style wallet sewn from printed viscose with a braided-tassele zipper-pull, it offers stylish storage for all your cards and currency. more...

DAKINE Lexi Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $10.17
- was $16.95

Drop the DAKINE Women's Lexi Wallet into your Havana-style tote and keep your ID, plastic, and cash-money-scrilla close at hand. Multiple slots hold your entire array of credit cards, a snap-closure coin purse keeps your parking meter coins in check, and a large billfold opens up to fit your boyfriend's entire bank account. Don't sweat over loosing anything either; the vinyl tab-and-snap closure stays tight as a drum so you can sprint through the airport and hop the next flight to a non-extradit more...

Frye Campus Large Wallet - Women's

Dakota leather makes the Frye Women's Campus Large Wallet classy, stylish, and a little rustic. 150 years of working with quality leather makes Frye an expert, and the Campus wallet is a classic masterpiece. 14 credit card pockets let you shop as much as you can handle, and a zippered interior pocket keeps everything secure. A snap closure keeps it all together in a nice, leathery bundle. more...

Kavu Wally Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.46
- was $17.95

The wee little Kavu Wally Wallet actually holds all your cash and cards and still has room for coins and keys. more...

Element Ondine Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.62
- was $19.45

A woven exterior and a bright tribal pattern give the Element Women's Ondine Wallet a cute look that's perfect for any casual occasion. more...

DAKINE Annie Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $9.97
- was $19.95

Your theme music plays as you rappel down the side of a European museum, crash through the third-story window, and stop the diamond thieves dead in their tracks. You have just enough time to make the airport, whip out your Dakine Annie Wallet, and flash your passport before heading off to the south of Italy for a well-deserved rest courtesy of your classified government employer. more...

Herschel Supply Charlie Print Wallet - Women's

Charlie Print Wallet - Women's more...

Kavu Big Spender Wallet - Women's

Big Spender Wallet - Women's more...

Kavu Westcott Wallet - Women's

The Kavu Women's Westcott Wallet is a double-sided wallet with a clear ID window on one side for quick security checks and a key ring so you don't lose your car keys in the corner of your bag. more...

Sherpani Zoe Shoulder Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.62
- was $20.95

Security might be back-logged, but it's not because of you. Toss the Sherpani Women's Zoe Shoulder Wallet in the plastic bin and breeze through. When you're on the other side, sling this wallet across your body and free your hands for more important things. more...

DAKINE Carina Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $10.97
- was $21.95

Keep everything you need for a night on the town stowed safely in the Dakine Carina Women's Wallet. Internal organizing slots and a zippered interior pocket keep your credit cards, ID, cash, and other essentials in order, and a magnetic closure secures your stuff. The vinyl trim and carrying strap add stylish touches to ensure your accessories look as good as your outfit. more...

DAKINE Lumen Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.17
- was $21.95

Lumen Wallet - Women's more...

DAKINE Margot Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $10.97
- was $21.95

It doesn't matter where you're headed, you can count on the Dakine Margot women's wallet to carry everything you need, and do it in style. The internal organizer holds your smart phone, as well as all the cards and cash you'll need for your excursion. The vinyl lid snaps shut to keep everything secure, and there's a removable wrist strap to keep your belongings at hand. In other words, the Margot is your new best friend. more...

Vans Adora Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $14.27
- was $21.95

Cuter than the world's biggest petting zoo, the Vans Adora Wallet locks down your cash, cards, and ID in a low-profile cotton and faux leather style so you're always prepared when you go to check out the bunnies and baby goats. more...

RVCA Velvet Eclipse Wallet - Women's

Keep your friends close and your money closer with the RVCA Velvet Eclipse Women's Wallet, which opens up, accordian-style, to hold your bills, cards, and coins in style. more...

Ambler Wristlet Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $11.97
- was $23.95

Wristlet Wallet - Women's more...

DAKINE Abigail Wallet - Women's

Need a simple, stylish storage solution for cash, cards, IDs, and even your phone? Look no further than the Dakine Women's Abigail Wallet. This clutch-style wallet eagerly holds all of your credit, shopping, and business cards within its multitude of interior card slots, also housing your ID within a clear plastic window. As a bonus, this wallet even fits an iPhone for added versatility. more...

DAKINE Penelope Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $18.71
- was $24.95

Sure, you can slip the Dakine Women's Penelope Wallet in your purse, but why would you want to limit this wallet's eye-catching style to the dark corners of your shoulder bag? The Penelope is as practical as can be, with multiple card slots, an ID slot, zippered coin pocket, and two full-length drop-in pockets for cash, receipts, or even your phone. Thanks to the wallet's carrying capacity and stylish features, it also doubles as a cute, small clutch during a fun night out or quick daytime jaunt more...

Kavu Cammi Clutch Wallet - Women's

Keep your cards and cash organized in the small, sleek Kavu Cammi Cluth Wallet. more...

Nixon Mint Small Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $11.23
- was $24.95

Sometimes, you don't want to lug your whole freaking purse when you head out. The Nixon Women's Mint Small Wallet keeps your cash and your cards together so you can get to what you need when you need it. This wallet is simple, small, and stylish--everything you need and nothing you don't. more...

Overland Equipment Small Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.72
- was $24.95

Slip your cards, cash, and ID into the Overland Equipment Women's Small Wallet to keep those crucial items neatly organized and secure in your purse or bag. Multiple card slots, a large bill slot, and clear ID window let you quickly access your means to pay, while a clip-able strap lets you attach it to your bag or hang it from your wrist. more...

Billabong Animal Paks Tri-Fold Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $15.57
- was $25.95

Animal Paks Tri-Fold Wallet - Women's more...

Vans Rosemont Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $12.97
- was $25.95

Rosemont Wallet - Women's more...

Sherpani Lucky Large Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $17.52
- was $26.95

Lucky enough to score front-row seats to the concert of the year? Leave your purse behind and take only what you need (cash, ID, and permanent marker for autographs) with the Sherpani Women's Lucky Large Wallet. more...

Sherpani Slip Shoulder Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.47
- was $26.95

Slide the Sherpani Women's Slip Shoulder Wallet on, and head out knowing you have the essentials with you at all times. Internal organization means your credit cards are handy for the must-have pair of shoes or workout-outfit you find. A separate passport holder gives you instant access to a widely accepted form of ID, sure to please TSAand bouncers alike. Remove the strap and throw the wallet into a bigger bag if your plans require backpacks or knapsacks or tote bags, oh my. more...

Volcom Armed N Ready Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $17.52
- was $26.95

That new surfer you just met bet you he could surf better than you. Good thing you brought your Volcom Armed N Ready Wallet with you to the beach. Made with cotton blend fabric, this bi-fold wallet is perfect for holding any extra cash you happen to acquire after encounters with foolish surfers who don't know who you are. more...

Billabong Animal Instinx Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $16.77
- was $27.95

Animal Instinx Wallet - Women's more...

DAKINE Jules Clutch - Women's
On sale - now $18.17
- was $27.95

Since your tablet device goes with you nearly everywhere you go, you'll love toting it around in the padded protection of the Dakine Women's Jules Clutch. This fun and funky tablet device holder has the look of a snazzy little purse, complete with vinyl trim and metal hardware, and seals closed with a turn-lock closure. Carry it like a clutch, or hang it from your wrist, and head to a nearby coffee shop for a mocha and some quality social (media) time. more...

Krochet Kids intl. Wendy Clutch Wallet - Women's

Made through Krochet Kids intl. empowerment program, the Women's Wendy Clutch Wallet helps provide women in Peru with a dependable job, and a better future. Natural viscose fibers from bamboo keep the environment in mind as well, so this clutch is an all-around win. more...

Vans Westerly Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $13.97
- was $27.95

Westerly Wallet - Women's more...

Billabong Luv Tides Clutch Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $23.16
- was $28.95

If you want a wallet that wows, look no further than the Billabong Women's Luv Tides Clutch Wallet. This cotton cash courier is big enough to go it alone but still skinny enough to slip inside your hobo purse. Currency stays safe with a full-length zipper and a fold-over flap that snaps shut. more...

Kim & Zozi Gia Clutch

It's not a feather in your cap, but the Kim & Zozi Gia Clutch is almost as good as a bird in hand. This perfectly proportioned clutch holds you phone and glitter-flecked lip gloss when you're off to the first night of a three-day music extravaganza. With the nifty zipper on top and a slick poly lining, this perky pouch is also a safe place to store make-up when traveling. An actual feather is attached to the zipper, so you can thank the birds for this stylish hand-held. more...

Billabong Campfire Soulz Wallet - Women's

The bear on the Billabong Campfire Soulz Women's Wallet protects your bills, cards, and secret supplies from sticky-fingered little brothers. more...

Billabong Floral Nod Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $20.61
- was $29.45

Even if you've never been anywhere near South Africa, it's easy to appreciate the vibrant prints on the Billabong Women's Floral Nod Wallet. The prints are inspired by the colorful creations of South African artisans and the region's wildlife. Their fun, worldly style lets you carry your cards and cash with jazzy flair, and a faux leather tassel zipper pull adds spicy sass. more...

Billabong Grounded Rays Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

Even though you've only a few crumpled dollars to your name right now and payday isn't until Friday, it's nicer to carry your cash in the Billabong Women's Grounded Rays Wallet than hastily crammed into a well-worn plastic bag. more...

Billabong Light Center Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $23.56
- was $29.45

There's nothing wrong with using a sandwich bag as a wallet, as long as you don't mind occasional pb&j stickiness on your bills. There's also nothing wrong with toting your ceramic shark-shaped piggy-bank around with you. But should you decide to step it up a bit (or slim it down, depending), give your cash and cards a home in the Billabong Women's Light Center Wallet. more...

Billabong Love Seas Lite Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $14.72
- was $29.45

Love Seas Lite Wallet - Women's more...

Billabong Sequin Spice Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

Okay, so the Billabong Sequin Spice Wallet won't exactly spice up your life for all eternity, but it's the small things that matter, like the tiny amount of money you have saved up, and this wallet that will hold it for you. more...

Billabong Serious Dough Bi-Fold Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $16.2
- was $29.45

Serious Dough Bi-Fold Wallet - Women's more...

Element Parade Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $14.72
- was $29.45

Parade Wallet - Women's more...

Vans Addie Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

The Vans Addie Wallet is made of soft faux leather, so no one will question why you've filled it full of faux money and pictures of '90s boy-band members. more...

Vans Mallery Check-Book Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $23.56
- was $29.45

The Vans Women's Mallery Check-Book Wallet secures your cash, credit cards, IDs, and checkbook in style with its bold color pops and floral print accents. The detachable chain allows you to sling this wallet over your shoulder or simply throw it in your purse. Three large slip pockets carry cash, nine card slots hold all of your credit and debit cards, and the zippered pocket stashes loose change. In addition, this wallet features a mesh ID window and a checkbook holder, should you still carry o more...

Vans Tatum Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $22.09
- was $29.45

You can't fit everything you own in the Vans Tatum Wallet, unless you all own is a stack of no-limit credit cards, a fat wad of cash, some lipstick, and a pen. more...

Vans X Della Clutch - Women's
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

Vans teamed with Della, a company that provides social programs for women in West Africa, to design the X Della Clutch. The patterns were designed by Ghanaian women and printed on sustainable cotton to make a unique clutch that everyone will want a piece of. more...

Volcom Sunday Funday Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.14
- was $29.45

Everything should be free but since it's not, ferry your funds in the Volcom Women's Sunday Funday Wallet. It opens like a book to reveal card slots a-plenty, a plastic-coated ID sleeve, and a zipped pocket to hold coins or lip balm or several sticks of gum. more...

Roxy Sunset Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $20.65
- was $29.5

Enjoy clean, classic style without breaking the bank with the Roxy Women's Sunset Wallet. The wallet's solid-color, faux-leather looks pair well with almost any printed purse, and add class without you having to fork out the cash for genuine leather. more...

Roxy Timeless Wallet - Women's

Exude a chic, sophisticated vibe every time you bust out the Roxy Women's Timeless Wallet. more...

Burton Tri-Fold Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.47
- was $29.95

The Burton Women's Tri-Fold Wallet has a pouch for coins, slots for credit cards, and a sleeve your ID so you can stay completely organized throughout the day. Made out of PU leather, this smart-looking wallet will last for years. more...

Fjallraven Zip Card Holder Wallet - Women's

Made with Fjalraven's G-1000 fabric the Women's Zip Card Holder Wallet is durable, and the fabric can easily be waterproofed by applying Fjallraven's Greenland wax. more...

Nixon Rite Coin Purse - Women's

Often you just don't want to get bogged down with unnecessary items. In those cases, snag the new Nixon Women's Rite Coin Purse. A metal zipper and magnetic closure ensure that you won't lose anything, other than the number of that guy who clearly couldn't take a hint. A removable leather handle gives you a couple options, and a hidden mirror makes sure you'll know about the piece of food stuck in your mouth before anyone else. more...

Nixon Tree Hugger Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $14.97
- was $29.95

Tree Hugger Wallet - Women's more...

Sherpani Lindsay Wallet - Women's

Lose some purse weight and start carrying just what you need with the Sherpani Lindsay Wallet for Women. This cross-body wallet is the perfect cross between a wallet and a purse. Designed to carry what you need, and nothing you don't, this bag keeps you from accumulating all that junk that's been weighing you down. Great for traveling or taking a stroll downtown, the Lindsay features a slim design and zippered main closure, as well as an interior floral lining. more...

Frye Campus Crossbody Clutch - Women's

The Frye Women's Campus Crossbody Clutch is a simple yet elegant purse made with a vintage, worn Dakota leather. The striped fabric lining provides a timeless feel to the bag, and the slim, adjustable strap makes for easy slinging everyday. more...

Hurley Tigress Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $22.37
- was $31.95

On the prowl for a perfect bargain? Get shopping with the Hurley Tigress Wallet. The durable canvas fabric and polyurethane lining are perfect for those all-day closeout hunting trips. The ten card slots are perfect for holding your big guns--your plastic with all their purchasing power--and the ID window is there just in case you have to prove that you're legal to carry all that ammunition. Best of all, the two zip coin pockets and snap closure make sure your ammo stays in place so the deals wo more...

Volcom Giddy Up Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

If only you'd lived in earlier era; you can totally see yourself as a pony-riding rabble-rouser in the Wild West. For now, you'll just have to settle for Made of faux leather, and featuring a buckle closure complete with a metal logo badge, this full-sized wallet exudes plenty of western flair. more...

On sale - now $20.77
- was $31.95

It's tough being a dangerous secret agent, but at least you have all the slots, sleeves, and pockets of the Volcom Hidden Agenda Women's Wallet to hide your multiple identities, foreign currency, and secret gadgets. more...

Volcom Lets Ride Hardcase Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $15.97
- was $31.95

Lets Ride Hardcase Wallet - Women's more...

Volcom Nothing Metals Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $15.98
- was $31.95

You can coordinate the Volcom Women's Nothing Metal Wallet with the same-named purse or mix n' match accessories when you're tired of presenting a unified front. A snap keeps this fold-over wallet closed so no one can see the full extent to which your coin pouch bulges. Card slots give you a chance at organization, but that doesn't mean you have to use them. more...

Volcom Revival Wallet - Women's

Keep your cards and cash together with the chic yet casual Women's Revival Wallet by Volcom. more...

Roxy Small Surprise Wallet - Girls'
On sale - now $17.6
- was $32

Small Surprise Wallet - Girls' more...

Roxy Sunny Wallet - Women's

The Roxy Women's Sunny Wallet just might put a smile on your face when you open it up to balance your checkbook. more...

Element Kassita Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $21.09
- was $32.45

Element made the Kassita Wallet to give you a snap of style that can dress up, chill out, go dancing, or grab dinner, no questions asked. more...

RVCA Stolen Wallet - Women's

Make sure the cops don't see you pull the RVCA Women's Stolen Wallet out of your purse. more...

Roxy Go On Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $22.1
- was $34

Slip the Roxy Women's Go On Wallet in your purse, and go about your daily business with stylish ease. The wallet's zip-around closure keeps your cards and cash secured inside, while decorative mixed-panel detailing complete with a metal logo plate spruces up the outside. more...

Roxy Hot Shot Wallet - Women's

Dress your cash, cards, and IDs in the swanky style of the Roxy Women's Hot Shot Wallet next time you go out for sushi or hit up happy hour. more...

Roxy On & On Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $27.2
- was $34

The Roxy Women's On & On Wallet has a zipper that makes sure everything that's in your wallet stays in there. This zip-around wallet has cache with a center-zipped coin pouch, credit card slots, and a special sleeve just for your ID. more...

Roxy Story Book Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $17
- was $34

Story Book Wallet - Women's more...

Billabong Grande Vibes Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $22.39
- was $34.45

The novelty embroidery that Billabong used to design the Grande Vibes Wallet must have been blessed by an ancient goddess filled with everlasting wisdom, because this wallet has some potential. Actually, the potential probably has more to do with the overall design. Since it closes with a zipper, the Grand Vibes has the potential to keep all your cash, cards, and small notes from sliding out. Now that's wise. more...

Vans Hi-jinks Snake Wallet - Women's

Feel like a million bucks when you carry the Vans Women's Hi-jinks Snake Wallet. This luxurious wallet is dressed in a snake print for eye-catching appeal. Its main zippered compartment easily stashes coins, IDs, and other important items, while four separate card slots hold your credit and business cards within easy access. more...

Kavu Clutchable Wallet - Women's

Clutchable Wallet - Women's more...

Kavu Fast Kash Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $22.72
- was $34.95

Fast Kash Wallet - Women's more...

KEEN Hazel Cross-Hatch Wristlet Wallet - Women's

KEEN combined the sleek good looks of a clutch with the convenience and versatility of a shoulder wallet to create the Women's Hazel Cross-Hatch Wristlet Wallet. This unique new creation features a clamshell design that opens up to reveal a multitude of pockets to hold your cash, credit cards, phone, lip balm, and keys. Whether you wear it over your shoulder with the removable webbing shoulder strap, use the wristlet strap, or drop it into your purse or backpack for extended outings, the Hazel's more...

KEEN Hazel Wristlet Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $22.72
- was $34.95

Hazel Wristlet Wallet - Women's more...

Volcom Manix Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.22
- was $34.95

Manix Wallet - Women's more...

Roxy Young Once Clutch Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $23.4
- was $36

Sling the Roxy Women's Young Once Clutch Wallet over your wrist and wear it with a little black evening dress, or everyday jeans and a T-shirt. Carry this versatile little number as a clutch, or stick it in your purse while using its multiple pockets to keep your cash and cards organized. more...

Roxy Far Out Wallet - Women's

With such a bold name, the Roxy Women's Far Out Wallet is a surprisingly simple clutch. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though. Its polyurethane fabrication stays sleek through sandy adventures on the boardwalks, and the adjustable wristlet turns into a shoulder strap for more versatility. more...

Roxy Looker Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19
- was $38

Looker Wallet - Women's more...

Roxy Lose Yourself Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $20.9
- was $38

Lose Yourself Wallet - Women's more...

Status Anxiety Phoebe Wallet - Women's

With its sleek leather exterior and floral lining, the Status Anxiety Women's Phoebe Wallet is more than qualified to hold your cash, cards, and phone. more...

Pendleton Card Case

When you don't need a purse but still need to carry currency and ID, try the Pendleton Card Case. Roughly the size of a playing card, this fold-open wallet holds credit cards and tidily folded cash but nothing else. An elastic band prevents the two sides from waving in the wind. Slip this tiny case into your back pocket and enjoy the weightless freedom of leaving your pack or purse at home. more...

Pendleton Electronic Cord Pouch
On sale - now $17.75
- was $39.45

Store all of your electrical cords in the Pendleton Electronic Cord Pouch instead of letting them snarl into unsolvable knots at the bottom of your bag. Wool on the outside is a clever decoy to all of the connections that lie within this sleek cord bag. more...

Pendleton Small Wallet

Pendleton's Small Wallet is made out of a soft but durable wool blend, and with proper care the colors will stay vibrant for many years to come. more...

Pendleton Three Pocket Keeper Wallet - Women's

Keep your essentials secure and experience the style and quality for which Pendleton is famous with the Women's Three Pocket Keeper Wallet. The top zipper opens to reveal two side pockets and one zippered security pocket, and a removable faux leather wrist strap makes for easy carrying. more...

RVCA Diamond Traveler Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $25.64
- was $39.45

Forged on a hand loom for unique decorative flair, the beautiful RVCA Women's Diamond Traveler Wallet brings worldly artisan looks to your purse. This cotton wallet features a distinctive woven polyester jacquard design with an ethnic feel that dresses up any outfit or purse, and if you aren't won over by looks alone, its functional features will seal the deal. An accordion-style main compartment holds cash and includes a zippered interior pocket and credit card slots. A hidden magnetic closure more...

Volcom Prizm Prizon Clutch - Women's
On sale - now $17.75
- was $39.45

Prizm Prizon Clutch - Women's more...

Roxy Rock Candy Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $21.73
- was $39.5

Rock Candy Wallet - Women's more...

Fjallraven Zip Wallet - Women's

The Fjallraven Women's Zip Wallet features a zip entry, and is built with the durable and water repellent G-1000 fabric, so you can keep your cash secure on your next adventure. more...

Herschel Supply Thomas Wallet - Women's

A wallet has to be useful, but it doesn't hurt if it looks as good as the Herschel Thomas Women's Wallet. This accordion-style beaut has a coated polyester lining, leather detailing, and an exposed brass zipper for looks, with multiple card slots, a phone slot, and a cash sleeve for practicality. more...

Kavu Cling-On Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $25.97
- was $39.95

The Kavu Women's Cling-On Wallet will be the one sticky thing in your life you actually like. Unlike other hangers-on, this bi-fold wallet snaps shut so no one sees your driver's license photo unless absolutely necessary. Your credit/debit cards and cash stay in line while a teeny exterior zipped pocket is the perfect place for your lucky half-dollar. more...

Kavu Tango Clutch Wallet - Women's

The Kavu Women's Tango Clutch Wallet is a bi-fold wallet with snap closure that has internal card, cash, and ID slots and an exterior zipper compartment for added storage and convenience. more...

KEEN Hazel Washed Linen Wristlet - Women's
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

The Keen Women's Hazel Washed Linen Wristlet has enough room for your smartphone, keys, lip balm, credit cards, and currency. Its polyester body has a TPU coating to protect your valuables from rain, and the body has a variegated texture to give it a natural look. The durable nylon straps have a tulip woven design that also enhances the wristlet's beauty. There are organizers inside the zippered main compartment that separate your cash from your cards, and an external flat pocket offers even mor more...

Nixon Deed Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

Deed Wallet - Women's more...

Nixon Indeed Large Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $25.97
- was $39.95

Trips to the bathroom to touch up your makeup are so last year. The Nixon Indeed Wallet has a 'lil mirror tucked under the front flap, so you can get yourself all did up at a moment's notice, bathroom be damned. Just don't do it while you're driving. There are also multiple credit card slots and a mesh ID window, but who really cares about those? more...

Overland Equipment Amelia Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

You don't want to carry a big purse, but you do need a place to put your phone, cash, cards, and ID. Slide all into the Overland Equipment Amelia Wallet. This clutch has plenty of slots for your plastic, a cash sleeve, another sleeve for notes or your checkbook, and a zippered section for coins when you travel overseas or for a small cell phone when you're just going downtown. more...

prAna Little Seed Hip Pack - Women's
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

Sometimes your outfits have pockets, and sometimes they don't. When they don't and all you need to bring along is your wallet and keys, grab the Prana Little Seed Hip Pack. The adjustable strap can be worn over one shoulder or around your waist. more...

Eagle Creek Robyn Wallet

Eagle Creek Robyn Wallet Removable adjustable 50 in. strap can be worn as cross-body Organization for currency - credit cards - travel documents and receipts Interior zippered Passport and coin pockets Slip pocket with ID window Magnetic closure on main pocket Exterior zippered pocket SPECIFICATIONS of the Eagle Creek Robyn Wallet Weight: 7 oz / 0.2 kg Dimension: 7 x 4.5 x 1.5 in. / 18 x 12 x 4 cm 420D Helix Tela (Black) 1260D Helix Ballistic (Berry) 420D Helix Stratus (Stratus) Satin Lining Moo more...

Sherpani Women's Lima Wallet

Sherpani Women's Lima Wallet Sleek - low-profile design Four zippered pockets Center compartment with credit card slots Double closure on center compartment for added security (magnets and aluminum hardware) Adjustable shoulder strap Interior floral lining Nylon/cotton blend Contrast stitching and detailing Dimension: 7 in. x 7.5 in. x 1.5 in. more...

Sherpani Breeze Wallet

Featuring original art work by Cathy Nichols, the Sherpani Breeze Wallet incorporates art and nature to give you a wallet that can bring both into your daily life. A cotton canvas and burlap construction compliments Nichols' art work nicely, while a leather wrist strap gives the wallet an even more earthy feel. You may not be able to get out and appreciate art or nature everyday, but this wallet can remind you that both are always there. more...

Sherpani Xovia Wristlet Wallet - Women's

Put your valuables in the Sherpani Women's Xovia Wristlet Wallet before you head to the farmer's market, or roller derby tryouts, or the spa, or India, or the moon. Point is, the Xovia's so versatile, it's almost unfair. Multiple card slots keep your plastic organized, cash and checkbook pockets keep your paper (or passport) in place, a coin pocket secures your dimes, and you can even stash your writing utensil of choice in the pen holder for trans-Atlantic crossword sessions. more...

BAGGU Small Leather Clutch - Women's

The Baggu Women's Small Leather Clutch is a sleek choice to store your makeup in. more...

Sherpani Women's Milli Wallet

Sherpani Women's Milli Wallet Deep main zippered compartment Front flap magnetic closure Two external zippered pockets Exterior mesh pocket Key FOB Detachable change purse Pen holders E-reader compatible Adjustable shoulder strap Interior floral lining Nylon/cotton blend Contrast detailing Dimension: 9 in. x 8 in. x 4.5 in. more...

Nixon Coterie Fold-Over Wallet - Women's

An elegant leather outer paired with a stylish cotton twill inner makes the Nixon Women's Coterie Fold-Over Wallet ready for anything. ID? Check. Credit cards? Check. Zippered coin pouch to hold all your trinkets you can't afford to lose? Check. Sounds like you're ready for a night out on the town now that you've got the newest addition to your collection. more...

Timbuk2 Skinny Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $29.22
- was $44.95

If you like traveling light, turn to the Timbuk2 Women's Skinny Wallet. Carry your essentials around clutch-style when all you need is a wallet's worth of carrying capacity, and use the wrist strap for hands-free convenience. The Skinny includes multiple internal slots for cards, a clear ID pocket, and a dedicated coin pocket. Longer internal pockets are sized to hold cash or your smartphone. The wallet's magnetic flap closure keeps everything secured inside, and its low-profile width is easy to more...

Eagle Creek Marian Zip Around Wallet

Eagle Creek Marian Zip Around Wallet Removable wristlet strap Organization for currency - credit cards - travel documents and receipts Interior zippered Passport and coin pockets - and stretch pockets Slip pocket with ID window Zip-around closure Exterior zippered pocket SPECIFICATIONS of the Eagle Creek Marian Zip Around Wallet Weight: 8 oz / 0.25 kg Dimension: 10.5 x 5.5 x 1 in. / 27 x 14 x 2 cm 420D Helix Tela (Black) 420D Helix Stratus (Stratus) Satin Lining Moosejaw CANNOT ship this product more...

Haiku Zip Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $31.17
- was $47.95

Not too big, not too small: the Haiku Women's Zip Wallet is sized just right if you're looking for a workhorse wallet that holds all your valuables in one place. Carry your cards, cash, coins, receipts, and even your passport and lip gloss in the Zip. Its twelve card slots and zippered coin pocket keep things organized, and the zippered closure keeps everything secure inside. Attach the wrist strap, and the Zip turns into a cute clutch for fun evenings out. more...

Pendleton Dual Zip Card Holder
On sale - now $23.98
- was $47.95

The Pendleton Dual Zip Card Holder is a wooly way to carry your phone and currency without having a bulky wallet fill out your back view. Two separate pockets are accessed with their own zippers so you can get to your phone on one side without showing off the thick stack of bills on the other side. Your ID is always within reach when you keep it safely stashed in the clear plastic ID slot. more...

Pendleton Media/Earbud Case
On sale - now $22.25
- was $49.45

Tote your tunes in style by stashing your portable dance party in the Pendleton Media/Earbud Case. The bigger pocket holds your phone or music player while the smaller pocket is perfect for earbuds. more...

Eagle Creek RFID Crossbody Organizer

Eagle Creek RFID Crossbody Organizer RFID Blocking Technology integrated into credit card pocket; helps protect personal information with a frequency range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz Removable adjustable 55 in (140 cm) shoulder strap for close-to-body security Organization for currency - credit cards - travel documents - receipts - and phone Exterior front zippered pocket and back slip pocket for quick grab items 2 Passport and multi-use slip pockets with 7 credit card pockets Interior zippered coin poc more...

Herschel Supply Grace Clutch Leather Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $26.99
- was $49.95

Grace Clutch Leather Wallet - Women's more...

Nixon Payton Clutch Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $32.47
- was $49.95

For a little package, the Nixon Payton Clutch Wallet packs a pocket-filled punch. Lined with printed cotton poplin, this faux-leather magician conceals multiple card holders, a zippered coin pocket, currency sleeve, mesh ID window, external slip pocket, and a chain strap that tucks away if you don't want it. We're dizzy just thinking about it. more...

BAGGU Leather Clutch - Women's

Slip a book, sunglasses, phone, keys, and wallet in the Baggu Women's Leather Clutch so your purse doesn't look like a post-tornado disaster. more...

Timbuk2 Paloma Clutch

Timbuk2 Paloma Clutch Wallet with multiple internal slots for cards - 2 large pockets for cash and a dedicated coin pocket Secure kissing clasp closure stores smartphone - keys and other small items Magnetic flap closure for ID - cash and card wallet Internal snap coin pocket Detachable wrist strap Hidden card or Muni ticket pocket SPECIFICATIONS of the Timbuk2 Paloma Clutch Weight: 0.46 lb 7 oz Dimension: 10 x 21.5 x 3 cm more...

Status Anxiety Molly Wallet - Women's

The Status Anxiety Women's Molly Wallet has two zippered pockets that keep your cards separate from your coins, leaving the main compartment free for your smartphone. more...

Timbuk2 Paloma Clutch Wallet - Women's

The Timbuk2 Women's Paloma Clutch Wallet is the perfect companion for a night out. This two-sided wristlet combines a wallet with a single pouch to carry the essentials of the evening. The wallet side has credit card slots, a see-through ID pocket, and a dedicated coin pouch to keep your monies manageable. A magnetic flap gives you easy access to cash but also hides your cards from the world. A kissing-clasp secures the pouch part, which is sufficiently sized for storing your smartphone (so long more...

Pendleton Checkbook Wallet - Women's

Get the same classic style and durability that has made Pendleton products legendary for over a hundred years with the Women's Checkbook Wallet. A leather binding and polyester and nylon lining accent this wool wallet. Cash and card pockets, pen holder, ID window, and checkbook holder keep everything organized. more...

Pendleton On A Strap Wallet - Women's

With the same care and quality that it uses in creating its legendary blankets, Pendleton created the Women's On A Strap Wallet. Nylon lines this wool wallet, and multiple cash and card pockets and other organizational features help you keep your essentials in order. The adjustable strap is detachable for ease of carrying. more...

Pendleton Smart Phone Wallet

Pendleton hasn't been making smart phone accessories for over a century, but it has been making superior-quality woolen goods for that long. The Pendleton Smart Phone Wallet uses the same wool and has the same lasting durability for which Pendleton has been famous for over one hundred years. A zip-around opening gives you easy access to your phone and other essentials, and interior card slots, ID window, and zippered coin pocket help keep things organized. Polyester microfiber lining keeps your more...

Herschel Supply Johnny Leather Wallet - Women's

Herschel Supply Co. made its Women's Johnny Wallet out of long-lasting leather so you won't have to get another wallet again. Unless you lose it or feed it to your younger brother, that is... more...

Nixon Mint Leather Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $29.98
- was $59.95

The Nixon Women's Mint Leather Wallet secures your credit cards, ID, and cash in timeless sophistication. This wallet contains five separate card slots and a mesh ID window; the snap closure keeps everything safe and secure. Choose between the classic looks of full-grain leather (black) or the bright, flashy persona of patent leather (bright pink patent). more...

Nixon Tribu Clutch - Women's

Stash your cash, coins, and daily accessories with style and swagger in the Nixon Women's Tribu Clutch. This clutch-style wallet can be folded-over to take up less space in your handbag, securely closing with its metal zip and magnetic snaps. The small strap handle helps you grab it out of your purse or sling it around your wrist when you're fishing for change, cards, and cash. In addition, there's an interior zip pocket for keeping change and small items secure. more...

Pendleton Mini Wallet/Cell Phone Case
On sale - now $31.98
- was $63.95

You're ready for a week of exploring the Big Apple and the last thing you want is to lug around a backpack that weighs more than you do. Take only what you need in the Pendleton Mini Wallet/Cell Phone Case. This nifty wristlet has room for your cell phone, slots for credit cards and ID, and zips shut for security. more...

Pendleton Travel Media Case
On sale - now $37.37
- was $67.95

With the Travel Media Case from Pendleton, you can tote your tunes and euros all in the same wristy package and without schlepping a bigger bag. Virgin wool puts a pattern on the outside, hiding the organizational awesomeness on the inside. Cards have their own space, your ID is front and center in a clear plastic sleeve, while your tunes and earbuds ride along on the opposite side. Perhaps the only thing missing from this tiny piece of luggage is a place to put your beer can. more...

Status Anxiety Dakota Wallet - Women's

The Status Anxiety Women's Dakota Wallet truly is at home in just about any situation. From the gym to a fancy night out with your new fling, this Italian leather piece adds a touch of class to whatever you end up doing. An exterior zippered pocket lets you stash notes or receipts and, with 14 interior card slots, you can flourish your plastic or show off your baseball-card collection. Hey, just because you have a grown-up wallet doesn't mean you always have to act the part. more...

Herschel Supply Thomas Leather Wallet - Women's

Herschel's Thomas Women's Leather Wallet has plenty of credit card slots, a slot for your phone, a sleeve for your cash, and style to match your look. more...

Nixon Moore Large Wallet - Women's
On sale - now $34.98
- was $69.95

Moore Large Wallet - Women's more...

Status Anxiety Ethel Wallet - Women's

There are very few things more frustrating than having to decide between a crazy-huge wallet and one that doesn't hold all your stuff. Queue the Status Anxiety Women's Ethel Wallet. 14 interior card slots mean you don't have to worry about what you left at home, while the convenient tri-fold style lets you slip this easily into a pocket or purse. Add the zippered exterior coin pouch and you have a recipe for success. more...

Status Anxiety Merl Wallet - Women's

Thankfully, there's no need to choose between functionality and style when it comes to choosing your wallet for your next night out. The Status Anxiety Women's Merl Wallet blends the lines so beautifully, you'll wonder how you managed to make do before it. 10 card slots, along with 2 zippered pockets, ensure plenty of organization. From now on, your only issue is going to be having to pay for your friends who didn't have the foresight to bring along such a stylish wallet. Mmm yeah, they might be more...

Status Anxiety Audrey Wallet - Women's

For those times when you need to carry more than a stick of gum, but don't want to lug around the kitchen sink, reach for the Status Anxiety Women's Audrey Wallet. Made from full grain Italian calf leather this sleek little number elegantly straddles the line between function and fashion. With this wallet's 14 interior card slots, you can leave the house assured that you'll have what you need for wherever your day takes you. A separate, zippered interior pocket ensures that your valuables won't more...

Status Anxiety Evelyn Wallet - Women's

The last thing you want to be thinking about when you leave the house for your big night is whether or not you brought the correct wallet. Given that your spontaneous lifestyle doesn't always lend itself to rigorous planning though, it can be tough. Luckily, the leather Status Anxiety Women's Evelyn Wallet lets you leave those little details until the very last minute. Even if you show up somewhere and realize you're overburdened, it's no big deal. Just remove the inner zippered purse, leave the more...




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